Since Admiral first came up with the idea to sell replica shirts, I doubt there’s been many that haven’t divided opinion among the potential customer base of club fans.

Leeds have had their fair share of horrors, particularly the glow-in-the-dark and light brown away kits previous kit manufacturer Marcon lumbered us with. Kappa’s record has been fairly solid by comparison. The tonal badges they seem to favour aren’t to everyone’s taste, but on the whole, the shirts have been pretty popular, particularly last seasons white and gold home kit and the blue and yellow away kit from the season before.

The 2018/19 kit unveiled today is a bold design choice. One of the immediate reactions on social media compared it to a bus seat, while another opined that it wouldn’t have looked of place in an early 90s rave.

For all the negative reactions, the shirt isn’t without a few plaudits and while my immediate reaction wasn’t a positive one I do think it might grow on me over time and become something of a classic in years to come. One of the big plusses is that it’s bound to be popular with younger supporters and in a city where Man City and Chelsea shirts have become too common a sight in recent years, that’s no bad thing.

You can’t actually buy the shirt yet due to ongoing supply issues which have delayed the release. The club expects stock to arrive in the last week of this month, along with all the sizes of home shirt they’re also missing at present.

We’ve added a poll below to gauge wider opinion, but also let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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