Bridcutt, Bridcutt, Bridcutt.

Bridcutt Bridcuttery McBridcutt.

The man, the myth, the legend. The dependable central-defensive midfielder who served Leeds United so well in the 2015/16 season on loan from Sunderland, who was the one name fans wanted signed up for good this season, and still is. He’s the man who put teams in their place last term; the man who saved our defence from a beating several times.

£500,000. That’s what Sunderland are reported to want for him. However, sources suggest that two Leeds bids – one for £1m and one for £1.25m – have been rejected. Sunderland are, apparently, holding out for £1.5m to £2.0m, and they’ll get it. But maybe not from us.

For you see, the vultures at Aston Villa are circling. And those vultures have a Rolex on their wrist and lots of cash to burn. Our vultures, meanwhile, are comparatively pottless. Despite that £6 million cash injection from selling one of our best players, Lewis Cook. Cook has swanned off to Bournemouth to rep it in the Premier League (and fair play to the lad), but it has left us with a big gaping hole in our midfield which doesn’t look like it’s going to be filled anytime soon. The answer, of course, is Bridcutt.

But can we snap him up?

As time goes by, it looks increasingly unlikely. Sunderland are holding out for a deal which will net them a profit. We are holding out for a deal which is as cheap as chips. Meanwhile, Aston Villa are laughing. Heck, even Sunderland are laughing. It’s one big party. Ha, ha, ha. I doubt Bridcutt is laughing though. He’s got two teams after him, with Leeds United – the team he has come to enjoy playing for – not willing to pay a fair price for him. He’s worth it, he really is. Even his £20k+ a week wage is value for money. He’s an experienced midfielder with an eye for a pass. He’s a proven player at this level.

What’s the alternative, I ask? Diagouraga needs help. It looks increasingly likely that our default formation next season will be 4-2-3-1. Luke Murphy is simply not consistent enough to fill the hole, and even if he was, he can’t fill the hole for 46 Championship games and God knows how many FA Cup and Capital One Cup games.

The answer, I repeat, is Bridcutt. Even at £2m.

I just hope we bag him before it’s too late.