Massimo Cellino will chair a board meeting at Elland Road today in which the future of Steve Evans is finally set to be resolved.

Fans might be divided on whether Steve Evans deserves to keep his job after a disappointing season, but few could argue the state of limbo we’re currently in is serving the best interests of Leeds United Football Club.

As things stand, Leeds United have no plans for pre-season. When the players left for summer break, they weren’t given a date to return to training, only told that they’d receive a text in the coming weeks, which can’t possibly inspire confidence in the running of the club and will be a worrying sign to those already wondering if there’s a future worth sticking around for at Elland Road.

Bailey Peacock-Farrell, a young up and coming goalkeeper whose contract expired at the end of the season, has yet to sign a new deal because he wants assurances there’ll be a goalkeeping coach in place when he returns from summer break. At any other football club a goalkeeping coach would be taken for granted, but at Elland Road, it’s one of a growing number of vacancies the club don’t seem to be in any rush to fill.

The situation is a symptom of Cellino’s scattergun approach to club management. The turnover of staff hasn’t been this high at Elland Road since relegation from the Premier League forced fire sales, but even then, we found some semblance of stability quicker than the Italian owner has managed.

No sooner has a manager found his feet and started to organise the backroom staff than Cellino is axing them. While not the only reason staff have left the club, the departure of a manager always has a knock-on effect because his replacement generally wants to bring in people of his own.

To his credit, Steve Evans has been spotted at games all over the country, scouting players in preparation for the transfer window. Unfortunately, he seems to be the only person who’s looking that far ahead and since his future is unlikely to be at Leeds United, we’re not going to benefit from it.

Of course, no summer at Elland Road would be complete without a scandal or two and news that the club faces a fine by The FA, while Massimo Cellino could potentially be banned, surprised no one. Cellino’s latest offence relates to illegal agent fees paid during the transfer of Ross McCormack and adds to the number of ongoing legal problems Leeds United’s owner is dealing with.

Early days, but none of this inspires much belief. Steve Evans isn’t to everyone’s taste, but is replacing him really worthwhile when you consider Cellino’s abysmal hiring record? As Cellino himself has conceded, Evans did the job he was hired for – which presumably means we planned for another season of abject mediocrity.

Fact is, you can only do as much as the resources will allow. Leeds’ team isn’t good enough to be challenging any higher up the table. Evans was given a (lower) mid-table squad and we finished mid-table. Who’s to say that if he’s given a play-off squad, we won’t finish in the play-offs? Either way, the handling of this situation – like the running of the club in general – is beyond a joke. The club should be focused on preparations for next season at this point, not dragging their heels on a key issue like who’ll be managing us, all while fighting court cases and lurching for one calamity to the next.

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  1. John Sidney

    I’m hoping there’s no movement because Cellino is going to throw in the towel. You can’t sort contracts-New Players-Pre Season-New Coach or sacking Evans if you’re bailing ship and wanting to sell it to someone else. I really hope that’s the reason anyway.

    • Chareose

      agreed id take almost anything to be rid of cellino, I think you ALL know that if cellino sorts us out this summer it will only be temporary….the stagnation will continue until this nut job leaves………
      The other important point is about the refund offer………….. if he is looking to sell hes made us extremely unattractive with that refund because it obligates a new owner from an impossible position…………. imagine you take the club over in a few months time ?? no manager, no coaches, no academy director, no strategy, no transfers organised……… Unfortunately TSS is correct, if cellino is serious about selling or indeed the project in general hes better off letting Evans get on with it rather than searching for a new water melon………………

  2. mrbigwheels

    It just feels like Cellino is closing the place down.
    Todays meeting may well stir things up but I’m lost with the whole position.
    Is Cellino about to be locked up with the Italian Stadium trial on going?.
    He can’t afford to lose his investment but he’s not rational at the moment.
    Will GHF pull some sense into this?… They can’t afford to lose either.

    Total mess that seems to get worse on a weekly basis…

  3. Writers Holiday

    We need Stability, Stability, STABILITY.

    …and for the record, Steve Evans has OVER-ACHIEVED with what his remit was on appointment and with what he has got.

  4. henrymouni

    We should keep Steve.
    He has done well with the players he had to work with.
    He loves the club and the fans, unlike some previous managers.
    My concern is with Cellino and the board meeting.
    When does he care what the other board members think??
    We are in such a mess right now.
    Massimo brings in a fantastic season ticket offer, then shoots himself in the other foot!

  5. FRED

    This is no way to prepare for a promotion campaign and let’s hope that Steve Evans is kept on, just for some kind of stability.
    A foreign Coach would be a total disaster and would have to get to know the players again and probably give certain disruptive Leeds players, another chance to disrupt, make costly mistakes and fail once again, just like in the past two terrible seasons.
    Steve Evans has not had a proper chance to bring his own players in and 7 or 8 new players must be signed, just to have a decent sized squad, but Cellino’s presence is hanging over the club, just like a black cloud, so maybe Evans will be treat in the same disgraceful way as Redfearn was.

  6. henrymouni

    MC has put the board meeting back 24 hours!!!! AAaaagggh!!

  7. mrbigwheels

    Thought I had seen the Guardian reporting, Cellino had stepped down as Chairman of the Board and there is also a Director placing vacant… What is going on?.

  8. oldschoolbaby

    Cellino is supposedly worth £1.2 billion
    He is supposed to like football.
    His season ticket scheme looks like it`s designed to raise expectations
    We have some kids who need contracts.
    We desperately need stability
    Evans, for his faults, seems like a manager who can generate the team spirit necessary to get out of the Championship.
    Evans`s recruitment has been better than his predecessors and he`s a diligent scout
    We need some new recruits
    We have had far to much change and far too many dramas and upsets
    Is there anyone at tomorrows meeting who can put these factors together and formulate a sensible plan ? Real, lasting success is elusive and immensely difficult. Doing significantly better than we have been doing should be relatively easy

  9. APS

    Evans staying on with the backing of the owner would be the sensible option, but I can’t see it happening. I tend to have sympathy with owners as it’s their money on the line. But this one appear to be a clueless megalomaniac; constantly belittling his charges and throwing a dummy spit whenever he is criticised. Surely Leeds United must be an attractive proposition to some billionaire that wants to make anem for themselves in a positive way?

  10. Scally Lad

    Contrary to the nativist sentiment for an English manager, let me point out that Evans is a loser. He’s delivered losses two of every three matches and shows no strategic or tactical genius. I could care less the nationality of our manager as long as he’s competent. We are going nowhere under this loser, and with the likes of Rafa Benitez and Newcastle, as well as Norwich and Aston Villa invading the Championship with uptrend millions in parachute payments and vaults of cash, we need to focus on some serious restructuring and no more of the same old, same old.

  11. Matthew

    What’s happening to Steve Evans is quite cowardly. If you don’t want him as manager/head coach next season, just tell him straight up. His contract runs out soon, there’s absolutely no valid reason why this even needs to be dragged out. I feel sorry for him. He’s not the best manager out there, but he deserves a conclusive answer on his future.


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