Like console fanboys, Leeds fans are generally bickering among themselves about something and nothing draws deeper dividing lines than the ownership. As one of widest-reaching Leeds United sites, I felt it our duty to click-bait the angst and take a head count of how deeply loved/despised the current owner is, so one side can tell the other to STFU and point them in the direction of the below poll, proving they’re the troublesome minority. (We should probably add a donations tab for the important public service we provide here at The Scratching Shed).

On the stands, where any chants featuring our beloved/despised President are only ever heard in protest, there’s little evidence to suggest the pro-Cellino crowd form a majority, but they’d no doubt argue the ‘noisy minority’ angle Ken Bates was so fond of resulting in some endless and tiring cycle of persecution complex. It really is as tiring as it sounds.

To that end, and with fight to the death brawls being frowned upon, a poll seemed the only logical way to settle this. Happy voting.

Time to go, Massimo?

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