Like console fanboys, Leeds fans are generally bickering among themselves about something and nothing draws deeper dividing lines than the ownership. As one of widest-reaching Leeds United sites, I felt it our duty to click-bait the angst and take a head count of how deeply loved/despised the current owner is, so one side can tell the other to STFU and point them in the direction of the below poll, proving they’re the troublesome minority. (We should probably add a donations tab for the important public service we provide here at The Scratching Shed).

On the stands, where any chants featuring our beloved/despised President are only ever heard in protest, there’s little evidence to suggest the pro-Cellino crowd form a majority, but they’d no doubt argue the ‘noisy minority’ angle Ken Bates was so fond of resulting in some endless and tiring cycle of persecution complex. It really is as tiring as it sounds.

To that end, and with fight to the death brawls being frowned upon, a poll seemed the only logical way to settle this. Happy voting.

Time to go, Massimo?

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  1. markman

    with all due respect is it not a rather pointless exercise?
    ok so 100% say go what next?

    If Cellino just walks or gives the club to oxfam do you think we are better off

    What is more interesting is what is the current trading position and are there any serious investors around with deep pockets.

  2. Lorimer Out

    50 of you!!
    Hang your heads in shame!
    Cellino is destroying our club. Unfit for purpose from before day one, this disgusting individual has lied, has destroyed the infrastructure, has signed some of the worse most gutless footballers I have ever seen, has appointed a succession of unsuitable managers, with Evans the worse and did nothing last season to stop the players strike at Charlton.
    With a playing wage bill of £13M which is due to reduce, we will NEVER EVER progress anywhere near the Play Offs let alone promotion.

    • markman

      Agree not a good track record
      but he has not put us into administration and has did stave off insolvency when he picked up
      bills when he failed to do proper due diligence when he bought the club.

      • henrymouni

        “he failed to do proper due diligence when he bought the club”.

        Only a complete, incompetent, idiot would do that.
        Even when you buy a ‘good’ business you ALWAYS send the auditors in.
        It does not take long.
        Buying our club, with our recent history, you would never be that stupid!!!
        His family business would NEVER allow it.
        He is bull….ing us, to cover for a lack of investment in the team.
        He knew EXACTLY what our financial situation was, and set out to sell our assets and spend as little as possible.
        He has spent NOTHING that did not improve his investment, and his only target is to keep us from dropping another division!
        For him to show that he has spent extra would be by buying ER & TA, and spending more money on players than we brought in.
        Clearly he has done neither of these things!!
        Don’t be fooled by this “he saved the club”.

        Bates and then Cellino moved in on a sinking ship, sensing an opportunity to turn a profit, at the expense of the supporters, and the future advancement of the club!!
        All the rest is propaganda!!

      • markman


        I dont have blinkers on and you make good points about lack of investment in decent players .you say he has only made investments to improve his position
        nothing wrong in that.he did not help himself saying the premiership in 2 years
        and buying back Elland Rd and Thorpe arch

        He was was impetuous when buying the club that he did NOT do proper due diligence,if you recall less than 10 days after completing HMRC presented an invoice for just over £500k for immediate payment.

        i would also add,back then,like now there is hardly a queue of serious buyers.

        when you say he set out to sell our assets i assume you mean the money from Mc cormack dont forget at the time the club was burning thru £1 million a month.

        i am not being his mouthpiece just playing devils advocate.

      • henrymouni

        I do not believe he did not know about the tax bill or any other bill.
        He may be shifty but he is surrounded by accountants and solicitors, and he could not go ahead without a full examination of the accounts.
        I have been involved in running businesses and takeovers, and buying an industrial manufacturer is far more complicated.
        He is not telling the truth!!
        Not new to him, I think you will agree?
        By getting people to believe he is pouring ‘unexpected’ money in to keep us afloat, gets sympathy, and an excuse to do nothing to advance the club towards promotion.
        The club was burning big money each month when he came in.
        He knew this and the purchase price reflected this.
        If we had been doing well he would not have been able to afford the club.
        Do you really believe him markman??
        Any ordinary fan who won the lottery and decided to buy the club, would not trust anything coming from GFH or Massimo or Bates before him – would they??
        He knew!!!

      • markman


        You are giving very plausible explanations for someone like yourself, who is a normal rational human being.

        However,i think we can both agree that Mr Cellino does not fall into that catagory.
        I am sure he has access to all the financial experts available but did either not take their advice or chose to ignore them rather like his ideas of who would be suitable managers for the club.

        I was recently on holiday and met someone who claimed to play golf with him on a regular basis,he is not a football man,but he quickly came to the conclusion that Cellino is just not quite the full ticket,not a mental case,just not a guy who behaves irationally and is very impulsive. A great shame that Adam Pearson left.

      • henrymouni

        Adam Pearson galvanised us for a short time, and it was a crushing blow when he left – and why??
        It is frightening how many crazy people rise to the top of the compost heap!!

  3. Matthew

    Cellino picking the team was common knowledge, the fact he continues to do it says a lot about the man. Anyway, the club will survive without Cellino, the club would crawl its way out of hell and back into the Premier League under an owner with ambition. When you consider the amount of money clubs earn just by being in the Premier League, it’s an utter shame we lack an owner with ambition.

  4. theseagullbus

    Cellino in and then work with him to sell the club if thats whats best all round.Does anyone know where I can get XXXXL underpants for a Valentines gift?


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