Eagle-eyed Leeds United fans this morning spotted news Steve Parkin has sold 4% of Clipper Logistics, the haulage firm he founded and built into a multi-million pound giant, for over £10m.

Parkin has been linked with Leeds United takeover and investment moves several times in the past and with Leeds continuing to struggle under controversial owner Massimo Cellino, it didn’t take long for fans to put two and two together.

There were reports of Steve Parkin preparing a move in November when Massimo Cellino described the Clipper Logistics owner as a ‘nice man’ he’d be happy to do business with, before asserting that a bond would be required before due diligence could take place. There’s also been reports of Parkin and Cellino spotted together at recent games, further fuelling speculation.

Parkin himself has remained fairly tight-lipped when speculation has linked him with the club, but he did confirm his interest back in 2013.

“I would love to be able one day to put something into Leeds United, whether that’s to own it or be a director or just a beneficiary. You can never say never.”

“I would like to think I could put something in to enable it to thrive again.”

Cellino has come in for increased criticism from fans recently after a surcharge was added to tickets in the South Stand, in a move angry Whites fans have dubbed ‘pie tax’. A disappointing transfer market did little to relieve the pressure on Leeds’ owner and with a potential ban still hanging over him (postponed until an FA arbitration panel make a ruling), Massimo is sure to be tempted by any exit opportunity.



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  1. markman

    I dont believe that Steve Parkin has the funds for a takeover plus the money needed to
    put into Leeds for the coming seasons to get us to the next level.An investment maybe.

    • Chareose

      Mark I think how much he has to invest in the long term is kind of irrelevant, what is relevant is whether Parkin could afford to buy Leeds out as a majority shareholder in the first place………..I doubt he could afford to do that without a consortium behind him
      Leeds can fund itself if its run properly……….. but Cellino has damaged the brand and driven fans away.
      What im trying to say is I don’t think you need to invest millions into leeds to get it moving but you just need to run it well without constant sackings of staff, court cases and alienation of the fan / customer base

      • Chareose

        by Run properly I mean not for a profit…………..the profit will come in the premiership. I don’t see how you can get promoted without having a large transfer / wage budget

      • markman

        Agree with the stability argument but decent investment over a number of seasons
        is what is patently needed unless a billionaire comes in and does a man city/chelsea

      • Chareose

        club doesn’t need a billionaire……….I agree that we need an initial injection of cash to push through some top transfers in order to lift the fan base and get bums on seats but FFP precludes any major investment on the scale of say of Man City

      • markman

        Does anyone know how FFP works
        on top of their other expenditure Middlesbrough have just spent £9million on Rhodes and put him on a reputed contract of £55k a week.
        And how did QPR seem to get away with it it?

      • Dr Zen

        You can lose 3m but punishment only really starts at 6m. There’s all sorts of ways to get round it and basically nothing really happens if you just get a big wodge of money from an investor.

        There are fines if you get promoted after breaching the rules but given the boost to income, you’d probably consider them worth it.

        The allowed losses were bigger when QPR did it.

        The thing to remember is that no Championship team is likely to require a licence for European competition so it’s all a bit nod and wink for them.

  2. mrbigwheels

    So Clipper is valued at £250M then.
    £10M doesn’t buy much in reality at that level but… other than SP buying his wife a trinket or two… he could do no worse than… march on together with Cellino into the Boardroom.
    LUFC needs about a £10M cash injection for a Prem challenge next season and Cellino won’t be in a position to commit to that requirement.
    £10M in to get a minimum £20M back if the Club went up, is quite a plan…
    Someone will come up with the money… there aren’t many other alternatives for Cellino to get out and not lose out… other than an investor… imo.

    Get in Steve Parkin and bring Moyes with you.

  3. bd

    You ve got to really Love Leeds or be a billionaire not a millionaire to buy Leeds because for 30 odd million you dont get any assets (dont own ER or Thorpe Arch) you get liabilities (massive loans to pay off), the squad are not worth anything and profit is poor if any, plus its a thankless task.
    I’m sure Parkin worked hard for his money and took massive risks, so if he buys Leeds i dont expect fire works. As long as his honest with a long term plan going forward then im happy with that.
    I feel Leeds struggle to get anyone willing to buy because we simply are not worth 30 million more like 5 or 10 million.

  4. Ron

    Gents, we are forgetting we are already owned by a billionaire. Cellino is worth over $1.2 billion. I think we all can see Parkin is a fan and we’d love to have him around the club, but money is not our problem. Cellino wants us to stay up this year and unfortunately tried to snare a few cheeky deals in January that did not come off. We are not scoring enough goals – that’s our problem and has been for some time. Money is not.


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