Middlesbrough’s trip to Elland Road on Monday night is likely to be remembered for the £2,600 crowd-funded mystery stunt a group of Leeds United supporters protesting against Massimo Cellino’s ownership have planned, rather than the football that might break out around it.

It was only a matter of time before organised protests began. Massimo Cellino’s failure to deliver anything resembling a successful football club hasn’t helped his cause, but neither did the promise to repurchase Elland Road, his ongoing legal controversies, the £5 ‘pie tax’ surcharge he added to the South Stand, fan segregation, sales of our best players, an endless procession of managers and staff falling in and out of favour before being sacked or calling it quits… the list goes on and on… Our club is beyond parody.

Still, there are some… well, just Steve Evans and Paul Raynor (his assistant) really… who’d have you believe things aren’t that bad, that the season isn’t over yet and a couple of wins will solve everything. Really Paul? A couple of wins will miraculously turn average players into world-beaters and put us back in the promotion hunt, will it? Odds of 150/1 with Coral bookmakers suggests otherwise

The problems at Elland Road start at the top, but they don’t improve much at the coaching level. How many games do I have to witness poor Scott Wootton (and I genuinely mean to sound sympathetic because he’s a centre-back, not a full-back) attempt to play right-back before Steve Evans and his assistant accept he can’t play there? They’re not going to find out more than that, because there’s nothing else to it. He isn’t a right back. Case closed.

Then there’s the infuriating tendency to isolate our strikers, Silvestri’s inconsistencies, the total absence of Jordan Botaka, who, while probably not a world beater, can at least take a player on and looks to be exactly the sort of player we lack. I’ve never seen football this boring, we’re crying out for someone like Botaka to mix things up a bit.

I mean this with the greatest respect for a man who mastered the art of low-scoring fixtures, but George Graham would fall asleep watching this team. And yet we signed two defensive midfielders when what we REALLY need is an attacking threat.

We’ve reached that point of the season – the one we reach in the early part of every year unfortunately – where there’s nothing left to play for and despite having a season ticket, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find enough motivation to attend games.

That’s why the mystery stunt planned for tomorrow night has come as a blessing, for regardless of anyone’s views on Cellino, it’ll at least break-up the boredom of watching our crumbled wreck of a football club attempt to put on another 90 minutes of something Steve Evans insists is football and Massimo Cellino thinks some of you should pay an extra £5 to watch.

On and on…

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  1. David Lockwood

    Cellino has fought all the wrong battles, he has made his job impossible and his tenure resented. For God’s sake, all he had to do was get a good manager in and build a team. Instead he gphas wasted time, money and energy building, well – nothing. Keep it simple stupid!

  2. Matthew

    The lack of investment and ambition from Cellino reflects in the clubs league position. If you don’t invest and build a team you don’t get anywhere. If you sell your best assets and don’t replace them, you don’t get anywhere either. We’re just extremely fortunate that there are worse teams in this league than us.

  3. number1inyorkshire

    The Bit about Wooton is 100% correct and the lad from some sections is suffering abuse for that he is simply playing out of position my case closed .Arguably since his arrival Bridcutt has been one of our better players .I would have pushed Mc Cormack in a wheel barrow to Fulham for 11 mill and we doubled our money on Byram who wanted to leave, we would have got 2 mill compo at the end of the season .The manager ,his assistant and the chairman ALL need to go as your right from the top down to the over the white line lot are just not right …Its not their fault but some of them are not good enough too .And I know we have bailey doodah the young keeper .But if Silvestri gets crocked we are properly up it with no paddle..

  4. Joe Back

    Instead of writing about expensive stunts which bring nothing and will have no effect on the management why not comment on last night’s match. It seems to me the team are able to play a decent game of football and a manager who is tactically aware, and that against a top two side. Admittedly we do need someone who can score goals but all in all I would have thought Leeds fans would have been more impressed with the football last night than some stupid stunt.

  5. oldschoolbaby

    A clash was inevitable when Latin impulsivity met Yorkshire pragmatism. Whilst I`m hesitant to give Cellino to benefit of the doubt, and I don`t have a counter argument to the charge that he`s bonkers, I do wonder how great a millstone GFH are around his neck when he`s contemplating investment.
    Objectively, investment is a hugely tricky issue. No PL clubs have taken the plunge on McCormack and Rhodes yet Championship Chairmen have shelled out what almost equates to the cost of Leicester`s 1st XI on them. Investment needs to be smart not lavish.
    TSS is right the football isn`t enthralling. We`re too reliant on Woods up front. But he`s a case in point. If you invest £3,000,000 on a young striker you should have a little hope he may develop to PL standard. Woods won`t.
    We need another Salerno figure. Not all of his recruits were to my taste but they all had something to their game ( as opposed to Wootton who has nothing that I can discern and has to be played simply as an aerial presence – from the perspective of investing smartly he came from the same bric a brac stall, and for similar money, to Drinkwater at Leicester ). I`m starting to conclude he was unlucky in not finding us a real gem

  6. Scally Lad

    In truth, maybe no report was justified because it was such a (typically) dull, boring, lacklustre match with not a moment’s excitement. I can find more thrills in a pub match these days than at ER – and save a fistful of banknotes in the bargain.


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