Following a 2-1 defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt in Austria last week, a match marred by violence between German and English fans, Leeds completed their overseas pre-season tour with another 2-1 defeat against Hoffenheim in Norway.

New arrival, Tom Adeyemi got on the scoresheet for Leeds, but his goal was sandwiched between two from a strong German side who finished 8th in Bundesliga last season. Nevertheless, Leeds boss Uwe Rösler will be pleased by the club’s pre-season preparations against a much higher standard of opposition than the club faced last year. While a draw, or even a win, would have been nice, there was a danger Leeds could be totally overwhelmed by the opposition we’ve faced, but instead, it seems the squad gave a good account of themselves and can return home happy with their performance.

There was some bad news for The Whites however as Lewis Cook limped off injured in the first half. No news yet on his condition, but after becoming such a key part of the squad last season, fans across the world will be crossing their fingers and praying it’s nothing too serious. (Update – Leeds United have since tweeted to say he’s OK and was removed only as a precaution).

Norway is home to a large number of Leeds United supporters and the game was very well-attended by pre-season standards. I’ve included some of the many photos circulating Twitter from our fans below.

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  1. henrymouni

    Did anyone get the LUTV commentary??
    I could not get anything!

    • mrbigwheels

      There was a problem with that ‘supply’ and as per the usual non pro service was available if you clicked ‘click here’ on the non match day page. Total variable sound from poor old Tom via a stream on lufc/official…?.

      We lost.

      • henrymouni

        Where is this ‘click here’ and which ‘non match day’ page?
        We should be used to losing by now Mr B.
        We will need 2/3 goals every game to make progress next season.
        Our defence is still dodgy.
        Top 12 finish??

  2. Paul Mcknockiter

    Time for uwe to go the twat couldn’t beat Harrogate or york for a start it’s borderline embarrassing. The wop at the helm has made another boo boo in his manager choice as per last season. Same ream same dross tactics bare a couple of new additions. Same season outcome predicted.

    • henrymouni

      Our managers are beaten before they start Paul.
      The 4/5 top players he was promised, have been reduced to two strikers, neither of which are prolific goal scorers.
      We are still shedding players, with no new recruits in sight.
      Our rivals have snapped up the best players, and we are treading water – again.
      Before the season starts, anything is possible, but we have to be realistic.

    • spellz

      Pre season don’t mean nothing, do you remember our pre season form when we won the last div 1?… because it don’t mean jack, he deserves a shot like anyone does when they arrive it’s like our own fan base enjoys the doom and gloom, he certainly looks more of a manager than Hockaday did, both image (professionalism) and record and he was given the chance and thankfully terminated at the right time, if Rosler does not perform he will be gone have no fear of that as a Leeds supporter just hope he does pal.


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