Billy Sharp has left Leeds United for an undisclosed fee, moving to Sheffield United for the third time in his career.

The 29-year-old striker scored just 5 goals in 33 appearances for The Whites, admitting his time with the club hadn’t gone as hoped.

“It goes without saying a massive thank you to the Leeds fans who believed and supported me whenever I pulled the famous white shirt on. Sadly things haven’t gone how I would have liked them to.

“I’ve always wanted to play for Leeds and will have fond memories of my short time there.

“Good luck for the season and thank you.”

Despite a relatively small contribution of goals last season (which I’d argue was more about service than finishing), Sharp was a popular figure among Whites fans and his departure has drawn a lot of well wishes on social media.

It’s a departure that comes as no surprise however. £3m signing Chris Wood is likely to be Leeds’ first choice of front man this season, along with last season’s top goalscorer Mirco Antenucci. The pair will face competition from another new arrival in Lee Erwin, along with Souleymane Doukara and Steve Morison, although he too may be shipped out. There’s also the youngsters to consider with Lewis Walters likely to feature at some point during the campaign after injury blocked his progress last season.

Leeds are still on the hunt for a left-winger and possibly a full back to complete Uwe Rösler’s squad.

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  1. Spanky White

    Possibly a Full-Back, to add to Byram, Berardi, Taylor, Bellusci, Bamba, Cooper and Wootton…..
    Yeah…..Get Real……..

    • TSS

      LOL, I haven’t been told to ‘get real’ since the early 90s.

      Bamba, Wootton, Cooper, Bellusci are centre-backs for a start, but the trouble is our left-side. Even with a left-winger, it takes only one injury and we’re back to putting square pegs in round holes, as we have been in pre-season by playing Taylor further up the pitch.

      Taylor is versatile so could play both LM and LB, but he’s the only naturally left-sided player at the moment. So ideally we’d sign a LB and a LW and then have the necessary cover should someone get injured. Compared to the right side where you have a few options (including Walters and Doukara for RM and a few of the aforementioned CBs for RB), we’re very, very short on the left.

      • Chareose

        I agree, we need a young pup to back up taylor at left back.
        Im not convinced by Doukara, despite having skill, its application that takes you to thenext level and can see him going quiet when the going gets tough next season……..

      • henrymouni

        I have been waiting for 12 years Spanky! LOL
        My fear is for Mr Rosler having to work a miracle with the players he has.

      • TSS

        Doukara started last season really well but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player go downhill as much as he did so quickly. Sounds like he played well in Austria so maybe he’s pulling it back together?

      • Spanky White

        Everybody forgets, including all the Head Coaches we’ve had, up to now; “Douks” is a wide left in a front three, he’s isn’t, and never has been, an out and out Striker.
        He’s got the pace, power and skill for that left side. If/When a real Winger comes in, then watch us rip this Division to pieces……

      • Spanky White

        Yep, “All that and a Bag of Chips”; Saummat else we used to say in the 90’s.
        Basically let’s get that Left Wing covered, “Pronto”……TeeeHeeee…..

  2. henrymouni

    We have been connected with nearly 80 players in this close season!!LOL
    Where are they now?
    We don’t have any wingers, and Antennuci is our only natural goal scorer.
    Our defence is dodgy still.
    A lot has gone on this summer, with coaches and managers of various responsibilities.
    A new (second hand from Germany) sprinkler system.
    A new pitch and a clean stadium.
    Sadly the team has been put to the bottom of the list of priorities, apart from a big clear out of players
    Makes no sense at all.
    We are Leeds, so I suppose it does.

    • Chareose

      Agree……… was a good start to the transfer period in the summer but has now petered out as target after target has gone elsewhere……. We seem to have poured what little funds we had into a striker (wood) ……Adeymi is a decent player (loan) , Erwin will be around £300k , I assume Bamba may have cost close to a mill ? So 3 to 4 million out leigh and realistically it needed to be double that didn’t it, to have a crack at promotion….
      For me we have no pace, no one who can run at defenders, that’s our biggest problem and has been for years. We have ball players in Mowatt / Cook can both grow into dominating midfeilders, its the wide runners we are missing, very disappointing if im honest……….
      The long term problem with slow development is that it will inevitably one step forwards and then two back as the likes of Byram and Cook leave is in 1 to 2 years. Its clear Byram will definitely be off next year unless we get promotion so I ask wheres the urgency ? With another good season under his belt the Byram pressure will transfer to cook and we wont keep him for long

      • mrbigwheels

        Agree…. Everything would perhaps fit well to Cellinos 2 year plan with him getting out of Leeds with profit….. quite nicely, imo.

      • Spanky White

        My God………
        I bet you are one of the Old Flaskers (Flask and own sarnie, at Half-Time).
        F###. Me…….I don’t go to every game to analyse and study every nuance of every move…….
        I Go to ENJOY MYSELF……….

      • Chareose

        yeah I get that view your on life in general is a bit simpler…..good luck with that

  3. Bunga Bening

    We missed out big time by not signing up Ben Pringle on a free transfer a few weeks ago. He can play on the left wing and rarely has a bad game


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