I’ve argued many times with fans that a Leeds United home kit should be ALL white. No frilly bits, no trim, just pure white.

A common retort to that statement is that a totally white shirt with a Leeds United badge stitched on would cost about £5. Indeed, had a manufacturer simply stitched a Leeds badge onto a basic white t-shirt, I imagine there would be a bit of a backlash… Unless you’re willing to accept the cost of having a Leeds United badge stitched on is £34.25, that is.

When the very well-received new Leeds United home kit was launched last night, a new goalkeeper shirt came along with it, priced at a fairly standard £47 in the club shop. You can debate among yourselves as to whether any football shirt is worth £45-55, but when Leeds’ new kit supplier, Kappa, are selling what looks to be the exact same shirt minus a Leeds United badge for £12.75, someone’s clearly being conned.

Mark Whelan, an eagle-eyed Leeds United fan who runs theGelderdEnd.com memorabilia website, spotted the very cheaply priced shirt minus the Leeds badge and posted it to Twitter.

Quite how Kappa justify this, I have no idea, but the find has outraged Leeds United fans on Twitter. @simon_orourke responded with “that’s genuinely embarrassing. I said it looked “stock”, but didn’t think I was that close. Ridiculous really.” @_weareleeds (among others) agreed, adding  “that’s absolutely disgusting”

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  1. JJB

    The ‘keeper’s jerseys usually has padding on the elbows so not a true comparison!

  2. Paul Mcknockiter

    No it doesn’t blown out of proportion. So it must of done for every manufacture in past on the training wear which was plain with just a leeds badge and still is, people always have something to bring it down to ruin the good


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