I’ve argued many times with fans that a Leeds United home kit should be ALL white. No frilly bits, no trim, just pure white.

A common retort to that statement is that a totally white shirt with a Leeds United badge stitched on would cost about £5. Indeed, had a manufacturer simply stitched a Leeds badge onto a basic white t-shirt, I imagine there would be a bit of a backlash… Unless you’re willing to accept the cost of having a Leeds United badge stitched on is £34.25, that is.

When the very well-received new Leeds United home kit was launched last night, a new goalkeeper shirt came along with it, priced at a fairly standard £47 in the club shop. You can debate among yourselves as to whether any football shirt is worth £45-55, but when Leeds’ new kit supplier, Kappa, are selling what looks to be the exact same shirt minus a Leeds United badge for £12.75, someone’s clearly being conned.

Mark Whelan, an eagle-eyed Leeds United fan who runs theGelderdEnd.com memorabilia website, spotted the very cheaply priced shirt minus the Leeds badge and posted it to Twitter.

Quite how Kappa justify this, I have no idea, but the find has outraged Leeds United fans on Twitter. @simon_orourke responded with “that’s genuinely embarrassing. I said it looked “stock”, but didn’t think I was that close. Ridiculous really.” @_weareleeds (among others) agreed, adding  “that’s absolutely disgusting”