Leeds Fans CBS, a fan initiative raising money with a view to purchasing a stake in Leeds United, today updated it’s shareholders with a progress report in which they revealed knowledge of interest from several groups who’ll be ready to move should Massimo Cellino decide to sell the club.

Among them, energy drink manufacturer Red Bull is said be interested, despite previously denying they were planning to purchase the club.

In the newsletter, Leeds Fans CBS claim Red Bull admitted to a journalist that Ralf Rangnick – the sporting director for Red Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig – has watched Leeds United five times since January.

It’s a rumour that just won’t go away and one that heavily divides Leeds United fans due to the rebranding job they’ve done on clubs elsewhere. Leeds Fans CBS said they understand Red Bull won’t alter the colours, name or location for three years should they takeover Leeds United, which suggests they recognise the strength of feeling towards their hypothetical rebranding of the club, but if a three-year guarantee is the best they can offer, it’s unlikely to sway those opposed.