The football may be finished for another season but at a club where the big dramas tend to play out away from the pitch, there’s little rest for the fans.

While the players enjoy holidays in Tenerife, Massimo is back in town and- rather predictably- controversy soon followed. The latest scandal to hit Leeds United involves an alleged bung made to an unlicensed agent who helped to facilitate McCormack’s big-money transfer last summer, the second transfer-related issue to hit Leeds United in as many days following quickly on from revelations The FA are investigating the transfer of Adryan amid suspicions of third-party ownership.

Cellino offered little reassurance to fans worried about the potential punishment coming Leeds United’s way, choosing to plead ignorance as his defence.

“If I did something wrong, I didn’t do it on purpose” claimed the Leeds United owner, but as true and regrettable as that may well be, ignorance isn’t innocence. As owner of an English football club it’s the responsibility of Cellino to know the rules and ensure everything is above-board – especially when he insists on being at the centre of everything, instead of hiring the right people with the right experience to run key areas of the club.

There’s a certain hypocrisy to Cellino’s comments too. Days after claiming the club’s in a mess because Andrew Umbers didn’t know what he was doing, the actions of Cellino once again land us in crisis.

But Andrew Umbers, whose job performance Cellino described as ‘hopeless’ after assessing the situation on his return to Elland Road remains a member of the Leeds United board. Meanwhile, the future of Neil Redfearn, the only person who’s done any real good for the club this season, hangs in the balance.

Answers will come though, or so an unusual post on the Leeds United Official Site claims.

If those ‘answers’ come in the form of more promises, he may as well follow in the footsteps of Ed Miliband and carve them into an 8ft slab of stone for all the effect it’s going to have on this fanbase. Actions are what’s important, not pie-in-the-sky promises Cellino will probably be banned again before having chance to deliver.

There has been some potentially good news though. Lewis Cook’s new contract has been delivered to his parents and needs only his signature to secure him for another 3 years. Whether he feels like signing an extended contract at a club clambering from one crisis to the next however, remains to be seen.

On and on…