The Italian press are starting to report what many Leeds United fans already suspected, that the club is- once again- up for sale.

It’s believed Massimo Cellino is looking to cash-out at Leeds and buy Italian side Parma. Cellino is currently banned from exerting any control over Leeds United after falling foul of Football League rules and seems to have reached the conclusion that his ownership of an English side is untenable with more courtcases in Italy still to come.

Meanwhile, Leeds Fans CBS (formerly Leeds Fans LLP), the fan-investment initiative which aims to buy a share in the club have revealed to the BBC’s Adam Pope that they’ve had approaches from six separate parties looking to buy Leeds United, all of whom were fully on-board with part fan ownership.

ThRed Bull football clubse group also revealed they’ve spoken to Red Bull but the soft drinks giant refused to give assurances there would be no change of kit, badge, stadium and club name. Red Bull recently denied they planned to takeover another football club just days after Massimo Cellino confirmed an approach from them.

It seems fairly obvious that after so many months of speculation, there’s definitely some truth to the Red Bull interest, but from their point of view, admitting it would only complicate matters. Red Bull already own half a dozen football clubs and massively divide opinion with the tacky rebranding job (pictured right) they do on them all.

At Salzburg in particular, Red Bull were met with fierce opposition from fans, many of whom eventually split off to create a new football club. By confirming their interest in taking over Leeds United, Red Bull would give fans the opportunity to get out in front of this thing and appeal against the takeover, so from a Red Bull perspective, it’s in their best interests to deny such a move in the hope that it’ll help them avoid another messy takeover.