Redders’ youth revolution has given Leeds fans plenty to smile about in 2015. Results have been excellent, we’ve played some good football, defended well (for the most part) and given teams a long way ahead of us in the league some tough games.

Since the turn of the year, Leeds have won 7, drawn 3 and lost only 3 games. That’s an average of 1.84 points per game in 2015. To put that number into context, top of the table Bournemouth have averaged 1.86 points per game this season while 6th placed Brentford, the team occupying the last of the play-off places, have averaged 1.67 points per game.

It’s a remarkable statistic, yet it may leave you feeling somewhat depressed if you consider what might have been had Neil Redfearn taken the job before Darko Milanic arrived and tried to relegate us.

The impressive form also begs questions of contracts, chiefly those of our young stars and the man who’s guided them this far. It’d be an absolute disaster if we lost any of these people before they had chance to really make their mark on the club’s history and it’s imperative we get them tied down sooner rather than later.

Because what’s most depressing is how pointless the form they’re recording is now that we’re clear of danger. There’s no threat of Leeds going up or down, the best we can do is rise a few more places in the table to make our season look more respectable, but ultimately, what does it matter? No one remembers the team who finished 9th in England’s second tier. No one cares.

Seeing the raw potential of these players and knowing what they’re capable of achieving when we have 9 games to go and Leeds are 14 points from the play-offs and 14 points from relegation, smack-bang in the middle of nowhere with nothing left to play for, feels like we’re wasting their time and talent. It’s painfully frustrating because fans know these youngsters are destined to go far and if Leeds don’t secure promotion quickly, it won’t be with us.

That’s why despite the club’s and fans’ best efforts to put on a good show (30,000 v Forest was very impressive) the reality is, it’s the middle of March and we’re all just wishing our lives away desperate for August to roll around again so we can start fresh and give these youngsters something to play for – an opportunity to reach for the stars.

Assuming they’re still here at that point, of course. The scariest thing about our form is all the heads it has undoubtedly turned. There’s bound to be Premier League interest in Lewis Cook and Sam Byram, possibly Alex Mowatt and Charlie Taylor too and there’s every chance of offers coming in this summer. Cellino may be a better salesman than Ken Bates ever was, but he’s a salesman nonetheless and if/when big offers come in for our star players, his track record at Cagliari suggests he’s going to be listening to every one of them.

For now, I’m going to curl up in a corner and try to keep the bad thoughts away. Someone give me a nudge in August.

On and on…


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  1. yorxman

    I have been unlucky enough to witness the Birmingham, Millwall and Forest home games over the last 2 months and I’m yet to be convinced by the idea that the future is looking that rosy and we are going to glide to the Championship title next season with this current squad as is being predicted by a blinkered few. In the recent run we have rarely battered teams rather more scraping by with backs to the wall performance (Boro, Wigan) or sneaking wins by a single goal. I must admit to be left a bit gob-smacked by Redfearns claim we have the best midfield in the division, is that why they created literally nothing v Forest on Saturday? We need width and a proven scorer but where are these sort of players available?

    • paulwarrick3

      I partly agree with Yorxman but look at it another way. These youngsters & I include Murphy, Sylvestri in there too have played almost every game this year in a system which only works if you cover the ground back to front & left to right. Cook is knackered as was Byram & Mowatt at times. Murphy has put in 2 shifts as has Morison & now Taylor. We outplay teams for 30 or so minutes per game right now in what is really their 1st season at this level or at least in a settled side. With a summer off & 3-4 new quality faces these lads will dominate opposition midfields for 60+ minutes & create chances for real centre forwards & wingers to score the necessary goals. I don’t think Cook should be playing every game & Murphy needs a rest too but Redders has had no choice but to gamble with their health. I believe in this core of players more than I have for years so here’s to a stable summer, a productive transfer policy & a top 6 finish next season. I just pray new owners see it our way MOT

      • Irving08

        Two quality signings will do: a mobile frontman around 6 foot with good feet (if Watford don’t make it, Deeney ,please), and a versatile forward-looking two footed wide man (Snoddy, please). The McCormack money should be enough for the down payment.

  2. Mike

    We need to re-sign Redders, the “big 4″ as soon as possible and permanently sign Bamba once we can. Legitimate dangerous wide players and a striker or two would honestly be the only off season needs at that point which means instead of casting the wide net its a bit more focused. Imagine if we could drop Byram and Taylor back to their natural positions and have them overlapping talented wide players ahead of them? Redders has done almost everything right and I just really hope Cellino sees what needs to be done and does it.

    • Irving08

      Talented and effective wide players at this level are harder to come by than full backs that can play wide and get back to defend. Besides why waste the talents of Mr Berardi by relegating him to the bench ? No, I think Byram, at any rate, is best left where he is now.

  3. NottsWhite

    We have come a long way in the second half of the season but the Forest game was a bit of a reality check. We got a draw against an in form team but if we have any ambition of challenging for promotion then this is the type of team we need to be beating at home. Despite looking very solid we created very little.

  4. kelly hxwhite

    Wish I’d of not bothered just going for the rope now I’m that depressed my god I bet you drink alone, can’t wait to see the young lads get this season under their belt get rested n get started on a new season a full one,.just think we’re we’d av been if redders ad stayed on 1st time round n got the lads in,we’re perhaps forgetting that there’s a load of their best mates knocking on the door as well added to what redders keeps and brings in. Can’t wait m o t

  5. damo!

    Nothing will be done!! No contracts signed,no nothing until the club is sold by Cellino! This WK or next…hopefully but with that comes changes!! New owners,new manager(not coach!!),and new players!!! Deja vous lads!!

  6. PMH

    This article is funny. Reminds me of the kid who got all the presents on his list from Santa but then cried because he decided he wanted more. So let us count up our blessings here. 1. We are not going to get relegated. 2. We found some decent players who are actually worth watching. 3. Yes, it took league sanctions, but Cellino finally stopped sticking his oar in. 4.The team has stabilized under a solid manager. They know what they are trying to do. 5. The value of the team has increased with strong performances from promising young players.

    I suppose all the good work could evaporate with a few boneheaded ownership decisions. On the other hand, if some deep pockets in the Premier League wants to vastly overpay for one of our players, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Then we have to take the money and spend it wisely.That is how it has to be in the Championship: the fame and money is elsewhere.

    So stop worrying and get out there and enjoy the football, while you can. That is what it is all about.

  7. Irving08

    Au contraries TSS, the team that finishes 9th remembers it. Middlesborough – the best team in the Division, in my view – remembered it (I recall them being thereabouts). As for the youth revolution, the only significant post-Xmas change down the age scale, is Charlie Taylor, which is what one or two of us advocated anyway. Redders is to be congratulated, of course, for sticking with the other young players, while sensibly jettisoning, in my view, the Brazilian youngster, and adopting a harder-headed approach to the job of winning football matches, as well as combining the elements more effectively.

  8. spellz

    I don’t think it would have been much different if Redders took over earlier this late surge has not come after Darko was sacked, some questioned if Redders was the right man at all, as he took a good long while to find his feet but one thing I will say the transformation now is unbelievable, joyous and yet so depressing considering how late we have left it but hey we are Leeds United and have never done it the “easy way” if this team plays the way they are playing 2015-2016 I would have hopes of us going up automatically but how long does form last in this division?

    Away we are unstoppable atm, no surprise to me though considering every away game the 12th man must make the players feel like its ER, anyway good times ahead lets hope we win our last 8 and squeeze into the top 6, stranger things have happened.

    M.O.T AA.

  9. spellz

    Not been many articles on my favorite Leeds forum, you guys got writers block?.


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