Are you not entertained, Leeds fans?

Elland Road, often the maddest place in English football could get even crazier if Russell ‘Maximus’ Crowe joins Massimo Cellino in the coliseum of football’s most bonkers club.

The Gladiator star, a lifelong Leeds United fan, asked his Twitter followers if they think he should get involved with the club earlier today before giving advice to Leeds Fans LLP, a group looking to buy GFH’s share in the club.


It’d sound too far-fetched to be taken seriously at any other club, but at Leeds, where reality is so often stranger than fiction, this is just another Wednesday.

And it’s not like Russell Crowe doesn’t have the credentials. Money is the obvious one, which he clearly has, but he also co-owns an Australian rugby league side so has some experience of running a club; even if it does play a different sport, that’s more experience than 90% of the people investing in football clubs these days have.

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9 Responses

  1. Azr

    couldnt be a bad thing. He’s taken the Sout Sydney Rabbitohs from nothing to the NRL Champions, Auckland 9’s champions, World Club Challenge Champions. He’s got passion, money and a level head!! get in Rusty!

  2. Dr Zen

    What he did at the Rabbitohs is amazing and fans should welcome his interest with open arms. He’s a bit of a prick but he’s the kind of prick you want on your side and not someone else’s.

  3. oldschoolbaby

    It would be foolish to guess what`s going to happen at ER but a fool and his opinions are easily parted.
    I would think Cellino considers he has done too much of the donkey work required to turn around the floundering supertanker to readily handover the reins, and potentially the credit, to someone else.
    I would think GFH will hang on as a silent, parasitic appendage hoping that promotion will allow them to sell, to anybody waving a chequebook, for an immense profit – having contributed nothing.
    I think we need to differentiate between wealth and liquidity. You may be super rich but, given the state of the banks, you would have to be pretty dim to keep much of your wealth on account. We need to be a lot more astute in assessing who, exactly, has the money to buy out Cellino. We absolutely DO NOT want a financed takeover.
    Finally, given the state our club has been in it is arrogant to think we have nothing to learn from the likes of RL. I would say the South Sydney business model would be well worth studying and Crowe`s experience and knowledge well worth tapping into.

  4. Irving08

    Had our ex-gladiator, JP, not been foolishly sold, Redders would have had a defensive option during Saturday’s match. Had Chris Dawson been on the bench, he would have had a proper midfield one too. Anyone know what’s happened to him ?

  5. Mike

    Hey TSS where’d you go? Its been a few weeks and we need an article to comment on!


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