It’s been a while since I have dropped by, but I thought I would share some news.

The Football League are sticking up for us, so it seems, in face of criticism from those nice people in Westminster.

It’s all a bit strange really, Leeds United and the Football League have a hate-hate relationship – a bit like me and the Missus really. Finger-pointing comes from both sides and accusation and counter-accusation are hurled like confetti at a wedding. Until today so it appears, until the Football League came out slinging leather in our defence. Anyway, I digress.

Massimo Cellino doesn’t have to sell the 75% ownership in Leeds United because, well because, he doesn’t own those shares – they are not his to sell. In a classic move that Old Cap’n Birdseye Bates would have been proud of, it seems that the 75% share ownership of Leeds United is held in a ‘blind trust’ of which El Jefe Cellino and his family are the beneficiaries of the trust. The trust’s ‘owner’ (insomuch as it can be owned) is Eleonora Sports which purchased the 75% of Leeds United from previous sole owners GFH Capital.

Now one of the conditions of Cellino being found a not ‘fit and proper person’ with regard to the Football League’s ‘owners and directors test’ was that he quite possibly had to relinquish ownership of the club for the duration of his ban and also show that he wasn’t acting in a prominent position of influence regarding club running. However, Massimo’s lawyers have said that, as he doesn’t own the shares physically, then there are no shares to be sold in order that the Football League ban is upheld correctly.

Naturally, the Rt. Hon. Gentleman Damian Collins, who has proposed a Parliamentary Bill on football governance, is a smidgeon miffed to say the least. Calling it ‘unacceptable’ that Cellino can be banned yet still remain in control due to a trust where he is the beneficiary, he goes on to say,

“If the league is happy with this it calls into question whether they are fit to run their competition, and whether we can have confidence in Shaun Harvey as the chief executive, who said when he was at Leeds that he did not know who the owners were.”

Regarding that point about “have confidence in Shaun Harvey”, I guarantee that many Leeds fans would agree with the Rt. Hon. Member.

Then, like the 7th Cavalry against a backdrop of Montana hills, in come the Football League to the rescue with…wait for it, support for Leeds United. Responding to the criticism aimed at them, they [the Football League] responded with this shot across Damian Collins’ bows,

“It is for Leeds United to satisfy the Football League that Massimo Cellino is not acting as a relevant person [an owner or director] as defined by its regulations, rather than for the league to dictate how this is achieved”

Seems like Massimo has positioned the fan, turned it up to 11 and is leaving the Football League and MP Collins to throw the sh*t at it whilst he sits behind it with a grin on his face and smoking a big Cohiba. Maybe Cellino did learn something from Uncle Albert Bates before he sent the old goat packing.

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  1. whitesoldier

    I wouldn’t say that short FL statement was in anyway sticking up for LUFC it merely explains the way that particular rule is adhered to,

    • Graham

      I guess I meant ‘sticking up for’ as in sticking a middle finger up to the whinging MP

  2. Bluesman

    I still think that they all look stupid, including the said minister! Is Cellino fit to run a football club? Yes he is, amply so. He has invested his own money, not taken it out mind you, and is reducing risk and running things professionally So, who gives a tuppence halfpenny xxx if he had a Boat called Nellie, which was moored too long in Italy and he became liable for evading import tax. That is another matter entirely. The best owner we have had for years. The said Minister needs to get a proper job preferably innthe real world.

    • angsta

      He’s so different from all the other shitty owners we’ve had…like he’s all Italian, and he smokes, and he’s a liar (damm – that’s all of them). Anyone seen the scene from Blazing Saddles where he puts a gun to his head when they realise they have a black man as the new mayor? That’s MC and the crowd he talks about are Leeds Utd fans. You get what you deserve basically. Battered wife syndrome….this ones so different, honest.

  3. Stretch

    I knew it was only amatter of time before the words “Sean Harvey” and “right member” ended up in the same paragraph !!

    • Graham

      Stretch, I had a hard time not writing “MP” and “tool of the establishment”

  4. madman

    If Cellino took advice from Ken Bates on this matter then all I,ve got to say is Nice one Ken. Shaun Harvey must be shitting himself.

  5. LincolnWhite

    Just a thought —– how many MPs are suitable to be in positions of power? How many are ‘fit and proper?

  6. Kevo

    I doubt MC would need to take any advice from that crook Bates.
    Let’s be honest, you or I would’ve got round a permanent ban exactly the same way as we would’ve been advised to purchase a Ltd company to be able to operate within HM customs & excise parameters, so no masterly deeds uncovered here in afraid.
    Bit of a damp squid blog I’m afraid


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