Leeds United are today being linked with a move for Crystal Palace striker, Fraizer Campbell.

The 27-year-old, whose career began at Manchester United before spells with Sunderland and Cardiff City is being linked with a move to Elland Road by the usually reliable Italian journalist, Emanuele Giulianelli.

Campbell is also a full England international having made his one and only appearance in 2012, testament to the level of potential he’s struggled to fulfill since suffering a bad injury at Sunderland.

While Ema Giulianelli has excellent form when it comes to Leeds United transfer rumours, Campbell has scored 3 times in 9 appearances for Crystal Palace since joining them for around £900,000 at the beginning of this season and while he’s clearly not a regular and Palace have been subject to a recent manager change which could explain why he’s looking elsewhere, I doubt this will be anything more than a short-term loan deal to get him some games – which is all we can really offer anyway while under transfer embargo for failing to meet FFP requirements.

Campbell obviously has the ability to do well for any club, but I fear we’re in danger of crowding another position with numbers (like central midfield) and failing to address the areas in which we lack.

Leeds need someone who can lead the line – which is why Steve Morison is suddenly flavour of the month – and Campbell doesn’t fit that bill. With Antenucci and Sharp, I feel we’re well covered in the second-striker role and what we really need is a more powerful, physical presence they can play off and around.

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  1. NottsWhite

    Head says that we need a powerful striker to lead the line, heart says that Campbell is better quality than Sharp and Antenucci. Campbell can score goals in the Championship but would be most effective as part of a striking pair. Tough call……

    • Fred kibe

      Good striker with a lot of experience we need Campbell who can bang 20 goals.

  2. Counte Of Monte Fisto

    To be honest what we really need is great tall striker who can win headers, score goals and also hold the ball up and bring others into play.

    Someone like Matt Smith springs to mind oh wait, doh!

    Terrible decision to get rid of him and keep Morrison, really really stupid

    Morrison tries & good luck to him but Smith was proven for us

    • henrymouni

      Morison is more mobile and good at shutting defenders down.
      I liked Matt Smith though!
      What we really need is a speedy winger.

    • PMH

      The whole planet is looking for “a great tall striker who can win headers, score goals, and also hold the ball up well…” It’s not happening!

  3. oldschoolbaby

    No No No
    He may well be able to score goals in the Championship but the last thing our dressing room needs now is the distraction of someone flaunting the trappings of PL wealth.
    There is no great gulf between the top and bottom of the Championship. The right combination of our current squad with the right tactics and the right attitude should enable us to kick on and establish a platform for a very good showing next season.

    • Scally Lad

      Now that we have escaped the threat of relegation and can aim to finish the season near the top of the table, I think we actually need some players with a bit of swagger and brass to inspire the other lads with the dream of making the PL next year. Have we become so used to being a now-forgotten side, one that in the 20th century used to matter, that we now are afraid to embrace success?

      • oldschoolbaby

        Interesting point.
        Specifically, I would be more influenced by your argument if I thought Campbell`s swagger was justified and his brass well earned. Penis envy, particularly in the training ground car park, is causing massive problems in modern day football.
        Generally, I suspect that the best way to get out of the Championship is as a band of brothers with as many youngsters / foreign unknowns, with PL potential, as possible. It may feel like it but we`re certainly not forgotten. You can`t go far in this country, or on this planet, without finding a Leeds fan. On return to the Pl the money will roll in to recruit some genuine swagger.
        Of course I would abandon that argument if we could persuade a talismanic, Strachanlike figure ( where are you Milner ? ) to put Leeds before themselves and come on board.

  4. Irving08

    As a rule of thumb, I’d be reluctant to sign any player who was once apparently destined for great things, but for one reason or another hasn’t made it and particularly if that player had been infected early on with the unattractive arrogance which appears to found quite often across over the other side of the Pennines and, no, I don’t mean Burnley, Blackburn or Blackpool.

  5. spellz

    Campbell all day, whenever we play against him in the side I feel nervous knowing he is a clinical goalscorer, I don’t know why everyone is talking about no no no and his dressing room etiquette, he has experience is a proven goalscorer and clearly very underrated.


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