The hours since The Football League announced the result of Cellino’s appeal have led Leeds United fans to speculate on the future of the club, some reasoning that the Italian’s position is becoming evermore untenable while others feel he can ride out the waves of turmoil and set The Whites back on the right course.

As tends to be the case in times of crisis (which is basically every other day at Elland Road), the fans are left to worry about what happens next – does Cellino accept his punishment and step aside until April? Will he pursue further appeals? Does the likelihood of further bans following his forthcoming court cases make ownership of Leeds United an impossible situation? As things stand, we don’t even know for sure who will run the show in his absence.

Cellino himself has recognised the destabilising effect his ongoing battles with The Football League are having on the club and while he still seems unsure as to what he’ll do next – one minute insisting he plans to fight on, the next sounding like he’s had enough and is ready to throw in the towel – the Italian knows there can be little progress while ever dark clouds hang over Elland Road.

Ultimately, it’s the well-being of the club that should matter most and while there’s no way to know for sure if a potential buyer is ready to step into the fray or what will happen if Cellino remains to fight on, which outcome do you think gives Leeds United the best chance of moving forwards?

Fight of flight for Cellino?

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    • Fan tasy

      Well Red Bull are interested with 60 million on offer ,and they mean business ! Massimo said the right things when he arrived and was a fantastic salesman to get nearly 11 mill for McCormack ,BUT to let Warnock go on a free and were pissing about with the equivalent of League 2 players ,we look vulnerable for the DROP !

      • Irving

        Warnock’s going releases money for increasing the wages of our fledgling stars – in any case, Charlie Taylor is a more than adequate replacement. Opinions will differ on their qualities, but the imports from Italy have brought things to the club, ball control and accuracy in passing, for example. Of course, the English winter may have found one or two of them out but, for my money, Silvesri, Antenucci and Behradi are every inch Championship quality, Bellusci being something of an enigma (personally I’d like to see him in front of a back four -he must be better at the job than Rudy Austin. But I do agree, we are vulnerable, although I think we will survive – I was very impressed by the team’s fighting spirit on Saturday. ‘Keep them out Leeds’.

  1. VikingTor1

    What do the TIME TO GO people expect will happen if the FL finally kicks Cellino out now? I think they, and I, can try to find the Chris Rea vinyl of 1989 and play the title track. Very loud. It is time to stand up!

  2. Tim

    If you want a club to support just hope and prey he stays otherwise prepare to watch football elsewhere as without him it will be liquidation and Leeds United will be a forgotten football club for years just like Accrington Stanley. I really can’t believe some of the crap I am reading.

    • Irving08

      Spot on Tim, I don’t see us coming back – in my lifetime – anyway, if we lose this fight. I think a lot of the older support will walk away, while younger ones, already spoilt by Sky, aren’t going to hang around whilst a rump of ambitious local businessmen and the politicos from LUST divvi up the club between them. It may be just a personal thing but, when it comes to my football club, I really don’t want to have to think about political stuff.

  3. Irving08

    It is only destabilising if we allow it to be – if we all get behind Cellino, there is only one outcome, he will stay. For me the well-being of the club and his continuing ownership are indistinguishable – at any rate, just now.

  4. Andrew Nattan

    Strange how the same arguments are repeated. Get behind Bates! Without him, the club would be liquidated! Get behind GFH! Without them, the club would be liquidated! Get behind Cellino! Without him, the club would be liquidated.

    It’s not a choice of fighting – the Football League will not let him own the club.

    • Irving08

      Andrew I think there is a bigger picture here – namely, the authority of the FL. Many of us do not acknowledge its moral right to judge us; it looks and feels like a an attempt to seen to be doing something in the face of its powerlessness to pursue money trails and objectively to appraise different jurisdictions.

      • Andrew Nattan

        It’s not about morals at all. They run the league. You want to be in their league, you abide by their rules.

        Yeah, the FL is run by corrupt arseholes, but Cellino knew that – AND the rules about convictions – when he bought Leeds while subject to a disqualifying conviction.

        Morality doesn’t come in to it. There’s a set of rules you need to abide by to be part of this private enterprise, and Cellino doesn’t abide by them.

      • Irving08

        The rules are supposed to work in the interests of clubs, not against them. The FL has chosen to abdicate power to a lawyer. This sort of thing has helped undermine the authority of politicians in Western democracies. Why have a FL authority at all, if it is not prepared to exercise judgement .

      • Chareose

        Andrew, why did they not act against some of Portsmouth Football clubs owners then ?? two of their previous owners actually pretended to be millionaires when they didn’t have any more money than me and you….. the FL passed con men fit for purpose….. you know what the FL did ??? they deducted points from Portsmouth….. the owners left and the fans had to pick up the pieces, same with Leeds United….
        They arent just corrupt, they represent the best interests of the other football clubs not the plaintiff in each case and our COMPETITORS WILL ALWAYS vote for the maximum punishment to be handed out in order to gain ground…….. ITS A SHAM organisation
        THE FL are ineffective and they know it and Leeds are their example to prove their worth…….who better than the hated Leeds United ?? Everyone else in the UK will nod to each other and say well done to the FL for “Rightly punishing horrible Leeds united”

  5. Tyler75

    He’s already said today that he’s going nowhere and is sorting out what happens in his absence – he’s also made reassurances about the finances of the club. In reality who the hell else would come in ? ‘Together Leeds’ may mean well but don’t have the financial resources and I don’t much fancy seeing Red Bull Leeds playing at the Red Bull Arena. For good and ill MC is our last best hope.

  6. Andrew

    There is an amazing amount of hypocrisy in the FL decision. Not long ago Shaun Harvey told a court that he had no idea who owned Leeds Utd. So who were those fit and proper people running or owning the Club? A judge told Ken Bates that in publishing Mr. Levi’s address he found this action “chilling” and yet no sanction from the FL. The sale or “flip” of the club to GFH and running the club financially into the ground (again) led to ‘er no action by the FL. and yet they still have a director on the board. Don’t get me wrong I am not a great fan of Cellino either but the double standards and the risk to the viability of the club as a result of this sanction are a joke.

  7. David Lockwood

    Cellino is King. The FL are wankers and Bates and Harvey are loathesome pieces of excrement. Simple – fight on!

  8. markman

    The man has put about £30 million on his own(not borrowed) money into the club.
    for that alone every fan should be grateful.
    He has made mistakes but he actually has money and has arranged a further £20million to be put in when his current ban is served.No other recent owner come close to far as I can see he has taken nothing out of the club.
    What is needed,stating the obvious,is stability and the Fl now to leave the club alone.
    The sense that the FL is picking on Leeds will carry on unless other club owners are treated
    to the same scrutiny. let the inquisitions begin.
    Starting with the financial fair play rules,if QPR are relegated.

  9. David Lockwood

    The fans have power. Get behind Cellino. Get behind the team, stick together, get out of the CHAMPIONSHIP ASAP.

  10. kene1972

    Say hello to administration! At least we have no more worries about relegation. The FL have decided. Where’s the common sense?

  11. Irving08

    To those who think it’s time for Cellino to vote , it’s not enough to vote, let’s hear your arguments.

  12. 1963 ONWARDS

    What ever happens from here on in, there will remain only one football club for me EVER;


  13. Chareose

    No he shouldn’t go………he was the only millionaire stupid enough to take on all the mess……… Farnon would have fainted if hed done due diligence………If Red Bull took us over they would destroy our identity and ring us dry for advertising, that’s all they care about, selling their brand
    I believe Cellino does give a damn, yes hes made errors but the fact that recently he seems to have loosened the reigns in Redfearns favour suggests he is learning
    The signings hes made are not all serie B as others suggest, Cooper is a decent player, Antenucci is a decent player, Silvestri is decent and hes not from Serie B, Berardi is not from Serie B hes from Serie A, Sharpe would be a good signing at this level in anyones book it just hasn’t happened,
    The other reason is sheer principal……despite peoples feelings on Cellino we ALL KNOW this is a witch hunt of Leeds United and a guy whose face does fit….
    There is the sheer hypocrisy of these bent A holes at the FL making an example of Cellino
    There is the fact that Harvey has had a vested interest in who buys the club (showing various millionaires around Leeds)
    Theres the fact that because they lost to Cellino previously they need to beat him in order to restore respectability irrigardless of how damaging it is to leeds united………

  14. oldschoolbaby

    I am astonished at the 32% thinking he should go.
    Of course it`s possible to construct an anti – Cellino argument but what, exactly, is the point if you don`t have a plan B.
    We can`t become the corporate whore of Red Bull. I`m attracted to the idea of a social model but you can`t possibly embark on that from a position of loss making indebtedness encumbered by the parasitic GFH.
    Cellino may be bonkers and avoidant of the taxman ( I would love to know how many of the 32% have never paid for a job cash in hand ) but he has a passion for football, a passion for our club and he gets his hand in his pocket. He is a well appointed life raft in a sea of barely floating flotsam. A sea that could well have engulfed us if it were not for his intervention. He has my gratitude and support.

    • Irving08

      For the metaphors alone, it was worth it OS. But if this doesn’t flush them out, nothing will. I would add – or rather specify – only that if Celino goes, so too, to pay the debits, will Byram, Mowatt and – the brightest of them all – Cook.

      • oldschoolbaby

        Quite. Byram, being older, could be forgiven for having his head turned. However, he needs to recognise that a partially obscured view of a PL manager`s arse from the second row of the dugout is completely over rated in comparison to regular football and being an ER hero.
        Cook has all the time in the world and, as you indicate, needs nailing down by any possible means, fair or foul.

    • spellz

      For all he has done so far, I don’t think you could construct an “anti – Cellino argument” he has ploughed money into the club and shown more faith in the club than we have seen in over a decade, he literally has saved us which people seem to easily forget, hence I agree with everything you have wrote.

      • oldschoolbaby

        If you have lived a blameless life you have every right to occupy the moral high ground and be critical of Cellino. From my experience though, not too many of the Leeds Utd faithful ( and definitely not 32% of them ) have lived an entirely blameless life.
        The FL would struggle to find their arsehole with both hands. They couldn`t find the moral high ground with a map, compass, GPS, clear visibility and Bear Grylls to lead the way.

      • Montreal White

        Maybe it’s just the depressingly cold weather over here that influenced my decision making in voting against Cellino but I’d like to at least justify my vote if I may. Like the vast majority of fans on this site, I’d agree that Cellino is probably
        the best owner we’ve had in years, in spite of his questionable managerial
        appointments. I’d also like to see him running our club for the foreseeable
        future, but something tells me that the Football League will do everything in
        their power to prevent that over the coming months. We the fans, have very
        little say in the running of our club, especially since the inception of the
        Premier League – in which corporate board room decision making comes way before the communities of whom these clubs are supposed to represent. I’d desperately like to see some stability at our club, though should the Football League successfully continue their witch hunt we won’t be seeing that any time soon. That said, I’d hate to see our club be poisoned by another round of Bates or lose its identity to Red Bull.
        I sincerely hope that Cellino beats the FL and brings us the stability we are all craving but I reckon the FL wiil stick the boot in if they want to. Alternatives must at least be considered but I doubt that any of them besides fan based ownership would provide us with anything like the commitment that Cellino has demonstrated, nor would they provide the financial backing and management.

      • oldschoolbaby

        I think you`re right the friction with the FL will continue. If Cellino was sensible he would quietly walk his Italian Trufflehound in Roundhay Park at 7 each morning and instruct Mr Child to bring his Yorkshire Terrier too. In that way he could run the operation from an unobtrusive distance and avoid ruffling feathers.
        He won`t though, he will continue to poke the FL tiger with a stick through his pasta making stunts. Do you know what, if I were Cellino I couldn`t resist it, I would do the same too. And that is why he has my full support

      • spellz

        Ha so true and even if somehow they found it, they still wouldn’t know what it is. :)

  15. spellz

    I don’t think he should leave, he should protect his investment, I am sure with Leeds he is in it for the long haul, is he really going to want to pour the money he has spent so far down the drain?…..I don’t think so Cellino to stay is my verdict both in reality and my choice, you have to admire the fellas passion for his and our club, he is Leeds all the way not only is he the board he is our assistant manager (most times) and fan you can even find him in the stands.

    M.O.T AA.

  16. PMH

    Cellino is far from an ideal owner of any football club, but the last thing Leeds need is another ownership crisis. Funnily enough, the ban probably works in our favor: we get the millionaire’s money without his irrational and destructive decision making. Having said that, if some moderately sane mega-billionaire showed an interest, the message to Cellino would be “don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

    • oldschoolbaby

      I can`t help feeling you are missing the point. If you care to watch BBC documentaries there are a good number of “super rich” and they are getting wealthier. However, they are extremely difficult to spot queueing outside ER with their chequebooks at the ready. That is the reality. That is why we need to show some appreciation for Cellino

  17. RichyM

    The football league are embarrassing themselves. Too much corruption in football and maybe this instalment of the Leeds Utd saga will help expose the FL for what it is; an self serving parasite that is not fit to pass judgement on clubs. Its the clubs and supporters that make the game what it is, not the FL.


  18. ronnierueLufc4e

    I HAVE bean a Leeds United fan since age 11 in 1963, & even
    sold the Tea & Coffee Around the pitch.
    LEEDS, LEEDS, LEEDS, !!!!!.
    Comeon Super LEEDS! !.


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