The hours since The Football League announced the result of Cellino’s appeal have led Leeds United fans to speculate on the future of the club, some reasoning that the Italian’s position is becoming evermore untenable while others feel he can ride out the waves of turmoil and set The Whites back on the right course.

As tends to be the case in times of crisis (which is basically every other day at Elland Road), the fans are left to worry about what happens next – does Cellino accept his punishment and step aside until April? Will he pursue further appeals? Does the likelihood of further bans following his forthcoming court cases make ownership of Leeds United an impossible situation? As things stand, we don’t even know for sure who will run the show in his absence.

Cellino himself has recognised the destabilising effect his ongoing battles with The Football League are having on the club and while he still seems unsure as to what he’ll do next – one minute insisting he plans to fight on, the next sounding like he’s had enough and is ready to throw in the towel – the Italian knows there can be little progress while ever dark clouds hang over Elland Road.

Ultimately, it’s the well-being of the club that should matter most and while there’s no way to know for sure if a potential buyer is ready to step into the fray or what will happen if Cellino remains to fight on, which outcome do you think gives Leeds United the best chance of moving forwards?

Fight of flight for Cellino?

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