115 goals in 771 appearances, Leeds United’s “captain of the crew” would have been 72-years old today.

Gone but never forgotten, a statue of the great Scotsman stands proudly outside Leeds’ Elland Road stadium, a lasting reminder of the enormous impact he had in helping the club to become a domestic and European force.

To say it was Billy Bremner who put Leeds United on the map would perhaps do a disservice to those who came before him, particularly his mentor and predecessor as captain, Bobby Collins. But there can be no question that Billy Bremner played a big hand in creating the Leeds United we know and love today, a club who’ve fallen on hard times but remain one of the biggest names in English football.

Today, Billy Bremner is a symbol of the fighting spirit and commitment we look for in every Leeds United player. At just 5 ft 5 inches tall, dismissed as “too small” by other clubs, Billy’s story is that of the defiant underdog conquering all, thanks in no small part to Don Revie who saw in Billy a determination and fight that would provide the foundation for everything that followed.

Billy’s statue not only reminds us of his legacy but symbolises what this club, against all the odds, can achieve.

Happy birthday to the King. MOT.


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  1. markman

    Great player.
    when will we get another midfielder like him?
    could teach todays youngsters what the white shirt means

    • Irving08

      Another player even – Billy was a whole outfield in one man. Remember his performance as a sweeper away to Hibs ? His prowess in midfield was recognised on a world level in 1974, when he was named in the team of the first round of that year’s World Cup Finals.

  2. Irving08

    Billy’s height – not unlike that of many titches – seems to have gone up and down (sic). Reading through some old programmes this weekend – the ads alone make it worthwhile – I noticed him listed as 5′ 4 1/4 ” in one away programme for 1970. When did they stop listing height and weight in programmes, by the way ?

  3. PMH

    Bremner was a key part of that great Leeds team. He had a great partnership with Johnny Giles, and I think the pair of them sum up exactly what you want in your midfield. One man who tackles fiercely and chases down every ball and another who is a great distributer: never flustered and always finding the best outlet. I have to say that my favorite was always Eddie Gray. I was a very frustrated fan, though, because Eddie was injury prone and missed most matches I went to see.


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