The Football League has today disqualified Massimo Cellino from ownership of Leeds United Football Club following the outcome of a tax case in his native Italy.

In a statement issued Monday lunchtime, The Football League said;

The Board considered detailed legal advice and agreed unanimously (with the exception of its Chief Executive, Shaun Harvey, who did not take part in the debate or vote having declared an interest*) that Mr. Cellino is subject to a disqualifying condition under the terms of the Test.

Cellino failed The Football League’s Owners & Directors’ Test before first taking over Leeds United but the decision was overturned by an independent appeals hearing clearing the way for the Italian to complete his takeover.

However, the appeals judge complicated matters by ruling that Cellino could still be disqualified if the written verdict of the Italian court case found that he’d acted dishonestly in failing to pay tax on a yacht.

While The Football League asks Cellino remove himself from his position at the club swiftly, Cellino is likely to stall for as long as possible. The Leeds United owner has two weeks to once again appeal to the Professional Conduct Committee and would almost certainly seek to pursue further legal challenges should a PPC appeal prove unsuccessful.

Such appeals would inch Cellino towards March of 2015 when the disqualifying condition The Football League have based this decision on will be considered spent under UK Law meaning it can no longer prevent him from ownership.

Unfortunately, Cellino has two similar tax cases hanging over his head which could yet add to the chaos.

Just when you thought we were turning a corner…