The Year of The Hock draws nearer its end and as Leeds United fans celebrate Santa’s birthday, one can only imagine the kind of chaos our Massimo Cellino-led crisis club will embark on in 2015.

Approaching our seventh year following the ups and downs (mostly downs) of Leeds United, The Scratching Shed is perhaps lucky to be covering the most chaotic and unpredictable club in world football. I’d planned to write about my hopes for a calm and steady year of progress, but if I’m totally honest, we’d probably be bored with that by the end of January. It’s just not the Leeds United way.

So here’s to being Leeds United and all the drama and heartache that entails. To all you long-suffering Whites fans in every corner of the globe; here’s to the trials and tribulations, chaos and absurdity. And here’s to doing it all again next year.

Merry Christmas everyone. MOT. Merry Xmas

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  1. Mark Bull

    Key prediction for 2015 is for the big red one to be sacked as head coach and to return to academy in April. Replacement will be Pepe Mel. Because everyone else has been tried and found wanting. Super massivehadroncolliderego Cellino sacks COO and replaces him with none other than Massimo Cellino. His new job title is “President, Chairman,Chief Operating Officer, Head Ballboy, Catfeeder, Masseur, don’t mention the words import duty to me you #######dickhead have you resigned yet”

    • Pete

      Our status must change , let’s hope for a good second half of the season .
      Because for fuck sakes we deserve it

  2. foxy

    we keep pulling ourselfs down but in facf we have decent players. we have the coach that everybody wants and that includes the team and we have a guy at the top who was prepared to throw a fair few million in to a club that others promise only to find that when it comes to it they have mislaid their purse.
    We called them goal hangers at school now they call them poachers. we,ve got one. BILLY SHARP. The aim in football is to get the ball in the net not to just keep possesion. Billy is not a one man team and i dont mean to pull our other strikers down but i think if we use him as a target man in the box he,ll get the goals. it would have to be a team effort and the team is good enough. at the start of the season i had a tenner on leeds to go up. im not throwing the betting slip away yet

    • Irving08

      Forget Billy Sharp. He’s a big fish in a small pond type of player. He’s not good enough or big enough in personality to organise a team around.

      • Irving08

        A Leeds United team, that is. After yesterday’s show of petulance, I’d show him the door, anyway.

  3. Ev

    The majority of the “Chaos” at Leeds has been caused by others,
    *Ken Bates asset stripping the club and selling our future season ticket sales
    *GFH paying our overheads by supplying the club loans
    *The Football league trying to make an example (Yet again) of our football club despite the quite extraordinary hypocrisy involved
    *The subsequent block of our transfers during the summer again not related to Cellino
    *The current transfer embargo again not Cellinos fault
    It seems to me that even if its on a subconscious level you seem to be trying to blame Cellino for everything (The London based media would undoubtedly agree with it wholeheartedly)
    His handling of Hockaday and his own private issues have been a problem yes but if we are honest, if his face had fit with the FL the tax stuff wouldn’t have been a raised as an issue…….. many of the current past and previous chairman have done far worse.

  4. Irving08

    ‘Keep the Faith’ Redders ! Yesterday’s Men will lose you your job. Manage with style and conviction; if you fail, we’ll applaud you for your beliefs – we will be back. You must know that Cook needs the field in front of him to perform at his best; if Adryan needs a rest, then play Dawson in that position (a few months ago you were lauding him); Mowatt needs only one good sight of goal to put us level yet you bring on a player who shouldn’t even be playing football; seasoned pros like Tongue are expert at fooling Managers into believing that they have not lost whatever it is they had a decade or more ago.


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