There’s no single reason Whites fans hold Hughesy in such high regard. He battled hard on the pitch, was proud to wear the shirt, is always entertaining in interviews and from the moment he signed, you sensed there was nowhere else on earth he’d rather be. Andy Hughes was living the dream at Elland Road and did so with a humility which quickly endeared him to the fans, fully aware of and brutally honest about his own limitations but never allowing them to excuse a bad performance. What he lacked in ability he more than made up for in hard graft.

In an interview with Radio Leeds, Hughesy talks about his time at Elland Road with great affection, commenting on how his decision to join the club was an immediate and resounding ‘yes’ despite having to take a pay cut and the difficult situation he’d be walking into. Leeds were set to start the season at the lowest point in their entire history and with a 15 point deduction for good measure, but that didn’t deter Andy Hughes for one second. To him, Dennis Wise’s call was the realisation of a dream.

The day Leeds United wiped clear the last of those 15 points and celebrated the bizarre milestone of reaching zero, Andy Hughes was made captain of Leeds United and jokes it’s a fact that’ll become a pub quiz question in years to come and something he’ll have carved into his gravestone.

His interview with Adam Pope is heartwarming to the extreme, Andy Hughes is what happens when the lad sat next to you in the Kop is given chance to pull on the famous white kit, his name forever etched into the history books as a representative of Leeds United. He doesn’t need any reminder of how much it means, he’s acutely aware that representing Leeds United is a great honour, something tens of thousands of us would give almost anything for.

I’ve written about cult heroes in the past in an article which featured Andy Hughes and while he’s right to point out that ‘legendary’ status should be reserved for the extremely talented high-achievers like Gordon Strachan and Billy Bremner, it follows that we can – and indeed should – hold other players in similarly high regard. Andy Hughes was never going to lead us to domestic and European glory, but when called upon he gave everything he could for the cause. That’s all Leeds United fans really ask of any player.

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  1. Ropey Wyla

    If only all our players had the same commitment and attitude of Andy Hughes, a true gent and a formidable player. Respect.

  2. Callum Martin

    Great bloke full of respect for andy elland rd will always welcome him back legend or not


    very accurate description about a proper man, as important skipper and player held in the highest regard! legendary for sure. LUFC4LIFE!!

  4. Philip Tate

    The picture taken just after the one in the article where Andys head is thrown back in absolute ecstasy is one of my favourite LUFC pictures.

  5. oldschoolbaby

    This isn`t even a football post. Humility, self awareness and an implacable commitment to something greater than yourself are exactly the qualities lacking in our politicians, bankers, captains of industry and heads of public services. It`s no wonder we revere these virtues when we do find them.
    Let`s vote Andy Hughes into parliament

  6. Helen LUFC

    Shows how far we’ve fallen as a club and how low the new generation of fans expectations are that they hold someone like Andy Hughes as some kind of hero. He was a very average player, nothing more. I would say it’s the equivalent of holding Jon Newsome from the early nineties as some kind of hero, another average player of limited ability. If we as a club are to move on we have to be realistic and not praise the likes of Hughes. The article above says it all when it calls him cult hero, only to then state he was never going to lead us to domestic or european glory! Imagine a player playing for Wilko or the Don being called a cult hero, but they weren’t expected to lead us to domestic or european glory!

    • Thommohawk

      You have to get real Helen the likes of the O’Leary era is now light years away from where we are now let alone the Revie era – put simply we are no longer the force we once were. We as a club aren’t as big as we think we are especially these days and we would all love for the club to return to being a force again – but so would Nottingham Forest fans for their club and they’ve been irrelevant for how long now ?

      As for us we are a mid table Championship team who as a club are damn lucky to still be in existence and operating business. And when you hit rock bottom you need graft and humility to make it through to better times than that…..we needed it then and we sure got it, now we need quality and consistency – will we get that ? Hopefully.

      • paz69lufc

        Excellent read tommohawk cudnt of put it better myself. Ild say you understand football and are a very intelligent man and a true leeds fan

      • Thommohawk

        Cheers dunno about understanding football or being a very intelligent man but I’m definitely a true Leeds fan – you had to have been to survive the Bates era lol

        In all seriousness though the ups and downs being a Leeds fan I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Sure it’d be nice to be a regular top 4 side in any league but being a Leeds United fan there’s always something happening it’s exciting if nothing else…. I’d hate to be a fan of a nothing club like say Middlesbrough where always average team and nothing ever happens. Boring.

    • Irving08

      Helen, you can’t be real. The interview should be mandatory listening in households throughout the land. Hughes gives us a philosophy of life and all you can do is sneer. Shame on you.

  7. Irving08

    We can’t sponsor Hughesy – he’s priceless – but we can get Chris Dawson and probably for half price too, from 1 January, which comes to about £700 (plus VAT), or £50 (maximum) each for TSS regulars, together with Helen, though it will mean tossing up for perks …….

  8. oldschoolbaby

    Didn`t you use your charm to negotiate a cash in hand, perks free price 08 ?
    £840 is a lot of money. Trying to get £50 from 17 bloggers would be a tall order. Are you going to post a proposal ?


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