Is Leeds United’s very own Brazilian ‘starlet’ beginning to show the oft-quoted promise that fans have been clamouring for?

You know he might just well be. You hear phrases such as “not up to the speed of the Championship”, “not cut out for the Championship” and “the Championship is a very physical league” for a lot of new, especially foreign players. Warning is always given that they will need to acclimatise before becoming really accustomed to the hustle, bustle and pace of the Championship. Adryan has shown glimpses in previous games of his skills and all we are now waiting for is for this to become a more consistent effort across a full game. Saturday wasn’t that day, granted, but the signs were very encouraging.


Without going massively into detail here with an array of numbers, Adryan’s performance on Saturday was above that reflected by his season-so-far returns. On Saturday Adryan was much busier passing-wise than he has been all season; in the 90 minutes he played he attempted 49 passes (vs. 35 attempts for the season per 90 minutes average). Of these 49 pass attempts, 48 were classed as ‘short’ passes, 45 were played along the ground and 40 of them accurately found their intended target. Adryan’s passing accuracy for the game was 83% but he had a phenomenal accuracy of 94% at half time when Leeds were more in control.

Adryan has completed 127 passes this season (6 appearances and 416 minutes of play) in gaining his 79% accuracy rating. Of these 127 accurate passes, 10 have created chances (7.8% of total passes lead to opportunities for others); to put this into perspective, Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas has 894 successful passes and has created 37 chances (4.1% of total passes lead to chances for others). Now I am not saying that Adryan is better than Cesc Fabregas but, and there’s no doubting this one, in a struggling team like Leeds he is creating a higher proportion of chances than him [Fabregas].

Adryan vs Blackburn

As befitting an attacking midfield player, Adryan received just shy of 47% of his touches for the game in the central section of the Blackburn half. This consisted of touches in the central zone outside the Blackburn box (18.46% of total touches) and in the Blackburn part of the midfield zone (29.23% of total touches). Looking at the right hand side of the graphic, the ‘effectiveness’ of Adryan’s play, it shows that he is more effective on the left of the pitch when he is cutting back in field to let fly with his right foot as he did with one glorious shot in the first half after neat interplay with Tommasso Bianchi.

Adryan’s increased passing output, coupled with his willingness to play shorter passes along the ground, is something that Leeds ought to try and develop as their modus operandi for the passing game. How many times as fans have we criticised the polar of two extremes in ‘tiki taka toe poke’ passing and ‘lump it forrard’ passing? Movement, space and quick passing is the way to create chances similar to the one in the clip above. It needs the other midfield players such as Bianchi, Cook and Mowatt, who at least has shown some excellent phases of play in recent games,  to step up to the plate a little more and ensure that crisp passing is the ‘flavour of the day’ on every Saturday Menu.

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  1. spellz

    I think Adryan (Brazilian wise) is the real deal, granted he has not been outstanding in every game but our team is still newly assembled and he has only recently been given the opportunity to start but some of his technical play makes my jaw drop at times, just the little things, like against two closing Blackburn players he managed to back heel a clever flick to leave them standing still and when he runs with the ball it sticks to his feet like glue, he is very promising just hope he keeps his place.
    I think our team are playing well we just need a bit of luck now to get some momentum.

    M.O.T AA.

    • Tim

      Morning Spellz,
      You see him do stuff and say to yourself – ‘did he really just do that’ – it is so exciting. That faint on Saturday, the shot in the first half and the pass to Antenucci, quite outstanding. The best is yet to come and he improves game by game for me. I hope we get a Prem club in the FA Cup because there is so much more space and he and the other youngsters could take a team apart. I’m ready for Derby now but we must get on a run before Christmas to catch up and then blitz this league in the new year.

      • Irving08

        Yes, Adryan is showing a delicacy of touch, possibly not seen at Elland Road since the too brief days of Scott Sellars in the early 1980s. Very promising. As for blitzing this League, I’d be more than content if we attain last season’s position.

      • spellz

        Agree Irving in this league it just takes a run though, something our football atm is definitely worthy of.

      • Graham

        There’s plenty of the ‘runs’ on view every ‘Shat’urday

      • spellz

        Hello Tim,
        Yes it is very good to see and I also forgot to mention how important his set pieces could be for us, it is nice to see a bit of flair when we play and he seems intelligent when he pulls off his dinks and tricks, so long may it continue.

  2. oldschoolbaby

    There are hundreds of young Brazilians traded, like cattle, by unscrupulous agents adept at propaganda. However, Adryan`s CV always suggested there was a genuine fire generating the smoke.
    We readily forget Cellino has other business empires to run and his plate full sorting the behind the scenes crap at the club. He`s obviously hugely reliant on Salerno for recruitment. However, drafting in Adryan appeared to be a personal crusade. Prevailing was no easy task.
    Hopefully, the fact that Cellino can pick a player, and that he will move heaven and earth to deliver, does offer a promising “glimpse of the future”.

  3. Tyler75

    I think he’ll prosper against the better passing sides in the division because he’ll get more space – hopefully Saturday will show this. What impresses me most is that he’s always trying to get us on the front-foot and he does his fair share of harrying and tracking back – certainly no ‘luxury’ player. Yes he gives the ball away sometimes, but primarily because he’s always looking to do something positive. Joy to watch. Glad we have him.

  4. markman

    he is a good Brazilian maybe in time a very good player.
    he is not the next Kaka otherwise at the age of 20 he would not be playing in the championship.

    • Graham

      True, true but remember he did outscore Lucas Piazon (Chelsea) in the 2011 U17 World Cup.

    • spellz

      Was watching the football manager documentary yesterday (pc game) Alex McCleish was told by one of his sons that Messi would be the best player in the world, my point… they made enquiries at the time to get him to play in Scotland and Iniesta nearly moved also until he was told he would move from Barcelona B to the first team so that could not happen but close call, personally I believe the Championship is much more competitive than their premier, so why would Adryan have to be anywhere else, Leeds United have a lot of respect abroad and I am sure he would have been familiar with the history of our much decorated club, if he brings success to us we would be in the top flight and maybe then he would get his dream move elsewhere, once earned.

  5. Mike

    Definitely some promising stuff from him. Lets hope he can keep it up and keep improving because if he does he could become a game winner for us, especially if he finds his scoring touch(which he’s clearly been attempting). I really would love to see Montenegro too, he had a decent amount of hype behind him as well(albeit not as much as Adryan) but just hasn’t gotten a fair shake in the first team yet.

    • spellz

      Definitely Mike, hope to see Montenegro too, him and Adryan did look good for the unders when playing.

      • spellz

        That is something that needs touching on, sometimes his tricks are so good that not even his team mates are expecting it, they need to respect his play and ability and work off that a lot better and hopefully they will get better with the type of ‘telepathy’ football we need, if you understand what I mean. :)

      • Graham

        Telepathy would be preferable to telepathetic which is what we seem to get served up on a Saturday.

        We need to take that impetus nd get forward and I don’t think ‘wingers’ are the way forward.

      • Conceived-a-White

        I do. I remember Tony Currie doing ‘stuff’ in a game that team mates were not expecting. Boy he was gifted.

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