David Moyes’ era ended too soon and a desperate summer splurge may buy them a Champions League spot, but if Roy Keane’s autobiography has taught us anything, it’s that there’s plenty of laughs still to be weened from Manchester United.

Out next week, a new football comedy takes aim at our old foes and the result looks to be worth a trip to the cinema when it opens in selected venues (including Showcase Leeds) on October the 17th.

United We Fall is a mockumentary about 5 football mates who played for the biggest football club in Manchester – the team David Beckham played for – and had the incredible chance to become heroes and make history.  All they had to do was win the last 3 games of the 2010 season.  Olly Hunter is slightly more interested in his looks and brands than his football.  Danny Keegan is a vehement socialist despite earning 150,000 pounds a week. Stevo Keegan is a cheeky c***  – in his own words. A practical joker from Sunderland, he has absolutely no boundaries.  Kwasi “Modo” Amoako was brought in from Ghana to help the team win. He has a voracious sexual appetite. Until he converts to Islam just before the FA Cup Final. Kurtzie is a German goalkeeper who hates racism, loves extreme danger and has a 100% foolproof system for saving penalties.

Their story is helped along by the Prime Minister,  a possibly corrupt FIFA official and a foxy PR assistant who all shed light on what exactly happened in those 2 weeks. Homophobia, racism, adultery and plain old stupidity still haunt “the beautiful game”.

Could these five “ordinary lads” make history?  No they bloomin’ couldn’t.  So they re-unite over a formal lunch with their partners to work out what went wrong – and some very surprising secrets spill out.

Starring Jack Donnelly (Atlantis), Robert Portal (The Kings Speech) and a troupe of rising British comic stars, United We Fall is devised, directed and produced by Gary Sinyor (Leon the Pig Farmer, Stiff Upper Lips, The Bachelor, Retreat)


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  1. Irving08

    Everyone up here is talking about Chris Dawson, his leadership of the U21’s, his partnership with Adryan, and the 6-0 drubbing of Donnybrook Rovers. No-one gives a toss about Keane, Man.U or any other team. We are bloody Leeds, period. Really TSS.

      • Irving08

        Agreed but we have a lot of imports to accommodate too. Dawson is, in my opinion, the best midfielder on our books; and he knows his worth.

  2. Rebel White

    This is just abysmal. A week including top class U21’s, Haigh, Bates etc. and this is what TSS comes up with! What a joke. By the way if I want proper film reviews I’ll go to Empire.

    • Irving

      Ah Bates, there’s no escaping the old so-and-so. Still it will be a relief not to have to listen to the maudlin tones of the Radio Leeds crew and Andy Ritchie – mind, I quite like the Huddersfield buff (reminds me of Don Mosey).

  3. oldschoolbaby

    My homicidal urges mean I must “give a toss” about Keane. But I just can`t be arsed going to the cinema.


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