Ah well, you had to expect it and it would come; plus you’d reckon it would be sooner rather than later.

Darko Milanic has been sacked even before the first sighting of the Coca Cola truck or the hint at what tosh advertisement John Lewis were going to haunt us with this coming Christmas.

6 games, that’s all it took. 3 points from a maximum 18; that’s the stick that is used to beat Darko with. Brentford 2-0 loss. Reading 0-0 draw. Sheffield Wednesday 1-1 draw. Rotherham 2-1 loss. Norwich 1-1 draw. Wolves 2-1 loss.

6 played, 0 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses, scored 4, conceded 8. A dismal run, a dismal end result for the man Milanic.

The thing is, who will really want the job? It seems that Adam Pope has concrete evidence that Redfearn is the new coach-designate as announced via his Twitter feed. The Facebook Brigade are happily slapping their backs in congratulatory flagellation and telling themselves “told you so” when attesting to the relative merits of Darko’s right to sit as the first foreign-born manager of Leeds United.

Whatever your views on this, whatever your views on Cellino being the ‘saviour’ of our club and being a ‘bit of a lad’ – this rashness to chop and change will have wider ramifications. If Redfearn does get the job, he’ll be looking over his shoulder nervous of any mishap or cock-up as his job will be on the line. Mark my words, unless Neil Redfearn raises the Titanic and moors in behind the South Stand, his time is already marked. A string of bad results will surely bring about his downfall.

It seems that Massimo Cellino doesnt like waiting for a ‘turn around in fortunes’ just like the man in the street doesn’t like waiting for the 08.15 train from Keighley to Skipton. That train is often late but at least it’s more reliable than Massimo Cellino’s rashness.

Leeds United manager variant 2014/15 – the true poisoned chalice.