The only Tavares I knew were the US R&B/Disco group who sang ‘It Only Takes a Minute’ and appeared on Saturday Night Fever singing the Bee Gees classic ‘More than a Woman’.

Now there’s a new Tavares in town; Adryan Oliveira Tavares to be precise and he’s just completed his first appearance in the white of Leeds United, notching up around 80 minutes in a 3-2 loss whilst playing for the U21 team against Ipswich.

A lot has been made of the fact that Leeds have signed Adryan on a season long loan-to-buy from Flamengo. Every play-making midfield player from this illustrious Brazilian club is undoubtedly compared to their most famous son Zico; something that Adryan has battled with ever since breaking in to the Flamengo side as a 17 year old. I discuss Adryan in detail elsewhere but it is in this forum that I want to track his appearances for Leeds through the 2014/15 season. I mean, it’s not every season that a Leeds supporter actually gets a chance to be excited about the arrival of a Brazilian termed a “wonderkid” during the early part of his fledgling career when he first burst onto the footballing scene.

So, nigh on  80 minutes in the #8 shirt and what do we know about him now. Well, without actually seeing him ‘in the flesh’, very little really. The report of the game on the Official Leeds United website uses phrases to describe Adryan’s input such as “Adryan looked to thread Dawson through on goal”, “after more good build-up play from Adryan” and “an inviting Adryan corner”. On LUTV caretaker-Coach Redfearn said [of Adryan], “He’s done alright, yeah. He showed little glimpses of magic, little glimpses of skill and ability and turn of pace every now and again when he tried to leave people.” In Redders’ statement there are things mentioned that have been largely lacking from the Leeds’ midfield this season: magic, skill, ability and turn of pace. Of course, this doesn’t discount the improvements in the last game (against Bolton) where Leeds’ middle 4 looked a lot more solid and possessed a little more craft.

It will be interesting to see if Adryan does get some game time against Birmingham at the weekend and, paraphrasing the words of Tavares, that it ‘Only Takes 90 minutes’ to give the Brummies a Saturday Night Fever that will get Leeds’ fans purring with delight at the exploits of the best Samba star to land in LS11 since the heady days of Roque Junior.


  • Si

    He has been turned into the messiah without even playing a competitive game. Leeds fans putting him on a pedestal coz he is Brazilian and wears 10 and has been compared to zico and kaka. Watch them knock him of said pedestal after 3 games!
    He is gonna need time, hope we give him it

    • Graham

      Fully agree Si, I hope that he does show some of that 2011 promise but we have to be realistic. I really do hope tht he’s more Zico than Kaka to be honest :-)

  • Tykemaster

    I was at the U21 game at TA today. I don,t think we should expect too much too soon from Adryan,but a couple of times he went past their players like a hot knife through butter. He has an eye for a cute pass,Dawson nearly profited a few times and as blatant a penalty as you will see from an Adryan through ball was somehow missed by the ref. Once this guy is up to speed properly he will be a right handful.MOT

    • Graham

      “Through ball”; you’d better get him to show the rest of midfield as Leeds only tried 17 of those last season I think…

      I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that from more tactically adept passing from such as Adryan, Sloth et al that we do start asking questions of opposing teams and giving their defenders something to think about for a change.

  • Eddie

    Remember that little Brazilian that played for Boro Juninho was his name do you think we may have someone similar hopefully so!

  • The Club is missing a trick at the moment with LUTV… All the new players in, Academy boys steaming ahead, U18/U21 matches…. what do we subscibers get?… not a lot. A few minutes here, a few minutes there with blurred wobbley shots of, again, not a lot. Who is who and a few kicks on the ‘loop’…. Homeboy is obviously having to do the camera work as well, or perhaps he’s gone back to school and the tea lady is the stand in?.
    No wonder we are all judging our incomers on paper and sticking some, Tavares, etc, on the pedestal… Seems the Club think that it ‘only takes a minute’ and we’re satisfied or content to feel the Prem is… so close, with our new stars.

    We should be getting better contact with the squad for our subscription than is being offered. We could then see and feel what the New Leeds are all about.

    Can’t wait for the saturday game…

    • Graham

      Fully agree – the coverage on LUTV is a bit pants…I’m going to cash another Sky Sports Day Pass in to watch the Leeds game on Saturday…

    • JDC

      Agreed bigwheels … a couple of interviews with Marco Silvestri, Casper Sloth and a few video clips. Lutv should be taking the opportunity of showing off all the new players.

    • TSS

      I gave up on LUTV when they decided ‘tunnel cam’ was a feature they should be investing our subscription fees in.

      • Graham

        When I saw ‘tunnel cam’ I got excited but then found out my version was not fit for broadcast.

        Still – it’s £6 less that our lass can spend on make-up I guess

        • JDC

          Only £6 Graham? Count yourself as one of the lucky ones.

    • spellz

      I agree it is not an attractive prospect LUTV, I do not bother anymore and just watch most things off the net, nothing is really exclusive on there, like you said it would be great if you was able to get coverage of the game to give you a feel of how they are all playing pre-match day.

      Cannot wait for Saturday either, a win at the Brummies could really start some momentum going for the new faces.

    • henrymouni

      Here here Mr B!!
      No pre-match with Thom & Eddie before the last game.
      All those players and hardly any interviews.
      They promised us live coverage of U21 and junior games, but that did not last long.
      No reason not to show us these games live!
      The after match discussion lasts 10 minutes.
      No phone in, just a few ‘selected’ e-mails/texts. First game we did not get any commentary till half time, and Thom and Eddie were not aware of it.
      If they have a problem, all they need to do is put a message up on LUTV, so we don’t spend the time thinking it is our computer!

  • oldschoolbaby

    Cellino is enigmatic but we can say, with certainty, that he`s in charge and that he rates Adryan very highly. If he stays fit this boy will be starting this weekend and the first name on the teamsheet thereafter. Fingers crossed he`s what we hope he is

    • PMH

      If Cellino rates him highly that tells us … absolutely nothing. He also rated Hockaday highly, and is really just an amateur at football management. A season in the Championship is what it takes to judge a player’s true worth.

  • spellz

    I am excited about Adryan, I believe he will be magical and I think he will up the standard all round in training, this is all wishing atm but who knows he looks promising and if he can live up to the name “wonderkid” then we well might have a different threat going forward which we are desperate for considering the amount of strikers we have signed, at the end of the day if we have no creation in front of them how would they ever get goals?

    • Graham

      I’ll hold my horses until I see him play and then pass judgement – people I knew who were watching him at Thorp Arch said he stood out above our U21s. I’m just finger-crossing for an upgrade over Murphy.

      • spellz

        I agree cannot wait to see el wunderkid play, also at this point of time any charachters of the Wizard of Oz, would be an improvement over Murphy.

  • Markman

    Anyone know if the club gets any money from delph’s transfer to villa
    Now that he has pulled on an England shirt?

    • TSS

      No, Phil Hay looked it up a few weeks back and there’s no England clause. Standard Bates short-termism.

      • spellz

        More reasons to hate Bates, like there’s not enough already.

  • Irving08

    Chris Dawson must wish he was Brazilian.

  • lufcboy

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