In the last hour, Carlos Queiroz, the former Assistant Manager to Alex Ferguson has been made favourite for the Leeds United job by bookmakers Coral (2/1) and second favourite (behind Neil Redfearn) by others.

Having recently completed a three-year term with the Iranian national side, Queiroz was expected to sign a new deal but now looks to be considering his options with Leeds United the first club he’s been linked to.

Previously unlisted by many bookies and considered a rank outsider by those who did have him listed, Queiroz’s odds fell sharply in the space of an hour to leave him favourite with Coral and second favourite with others.

At the time of writing, there’s been no explanation for the dive in odds, but the news comes only the day after Massimo Cellino suggested Neil Redfearn would remain in charge for the time being as he considered his options.

This all seems very unlikely when you consider Queiroz has also had spells as manager of Portugal, South Africa and Real Madrid, but stranger things tend to happen at this club every day.

In his autobiography, Alex Ferguson had this to say of his former assistant;

“Carlos Queiroz was brilliant. Just brilliant. Outstanding. An intelligent, meticulous man. He was good for me. He was a Rottweiler. He was the closest you could be to being the Manchester United manager without actually holding the title.”

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  1. Tyler75

    I thought The Hock would be the strangest LUFC ‘managerial’ appointment of all time but this would run it very close – Massimo’s just lunatic enough to think he can convince him to be ‘Head Coach’ in the Championship – question is whether Carlos is lunatic enough to consider it.

    • TSS

      Crazy isn’t it? My first reaction was to burst out laughing and then I thought, ‘you know what, stranger shit happens regularly at Leeds’

      I still don’t expect it to happen of course, but who really knows what to expect these days?

      • BigPants69

        Carlos may be a meticulous coach. This may be what we need.
        He also has a record of horrible defensive football which makes George Graham look positively cavalier. This may be an issue now we have a team full of strikers…

  2. Mike

    seems a longshot(despite what the odds say) but i think it’d be quite the coup for Cellino, we’d have a proper driver for the “Ferrari”

  3. Ropey Wyla

    My God that is infinitely worse than the Hock, Carless Queerass is an absolute joke and his scum connections mean there will be a fans revolt if this truly sickening news turns out to have a shred of validity to it which I sincerely doubt it does.

    • TSS

      Like the revolt when Bates hired Wise? Or when we signed Strachan? Fans don’t give a shit where they’ve come from.

      • Irving08

        Of course not; in fact, this obsession with Manchester United is rather comical. Those of our fans that affect to hate Man U. (and with many it is an affectation), in effect honour them. We didn’t ‘hate’ them when we were great. That said, I have not been impressed by his stewardship of Portugal.

    • JDC

      Massimo said that the fans shouldn’t expect a big name appointment … well, they don’t come much bigger than Carlos Queroz and despite your suggestion of a fans revolt Ropey, Massimo would really have shown his intent. Bring it on!

  4. Mike Durkin

    Jesus id put up with Fergusson to get out of this god forsaken league – its about getting back where we long and I can accept anyone now……… the last two years have been pain beyond belief

  5. RContini

    These odds have dropped very quickly, it must be a possibility, although how we’d pay for it I don’t know. If this comes off it will be Cellino’s greatest moment so far, he is an expert head coach that got blood out of a stone and covered the cracks at Man U for years. He’ll be more than familiar working with what he is given and experienced both in this country and having multiple nationalities to deal with (he can instruct Adryan in his mother tongue as a big bonus). Even his Iran side were good at the world cup, pushed Argentina very close if I recall.
    I will be very happy if this comes off.

  6. Bluesman

    Got it! Massimo is having a laugh at all of us, including tge bookies sndctge press. That is, unless hecis pissed off with all of this stuff and is demonstrating his pulling power withbtop coaches? Inwould hsve toght that Queiroz is far too big for sny club in the Championship, including us.

  7. Tyler75

    From the Mad Mullahs to Mad Massimo is not the greatest of leaps for Queiroz – couldn’t care less about the manure connections – all the better if he’s got Fergie on speed dial for advice. He could bring the Neville brothers with him as coaches for all I care ……actually that’s probably going too far……

    • mrbigwheels

      Is Massimo Mad?…. I’m leaning to the side of the Magician, actually.
      I just can’t complain…. at the moment. The future is bright. We’ve got Redders… if ‘they’ all go titus up.

      Neville brothers… go steady.

  8. henrymouni

    It has to be Neil Redfearn.
    He knows the club and the players AND Massimo.
    He works well with the younger players and it would be a smooth transition.
    The squad and the fans know and respect him.
    Oh, and he won’t be expensive.
    AND he is already doing the job as I type.

    • Luke19

      Redfearn was in charge against a very poor Bolton team and yes we did win but they completely played us off the park in the second half, not only that but what happens if redfearn then gets sacked within the same time period as hockaday? We’d be struggling. I say leave redfearn with the academy, a job which he is doing to a brilliant standard and get a proven manager at first team level in, just my opinion.

      • PMH

        Agree that the job would be a kiss of death to Redfearn. He deserves a steady gig. We need another sacrificial lamb.

    • spellz

      Personally I think the weight on his shoulders would be too much he is our stand in guy and does an amazing job with the academy, with Cellinos record of coaches I could not see him getting his job back at the academy if all went tits up, leave him in the club he is Leeds forever.

      • henrymouni

        I totally agree spellz!
        Where does that leave us?
        Who would want a job like that?
        Massimo does not but a big value on the coach.

      • spellz

        Exactly, in all honesty we need a coach that is just going to come in and put so many wins in that all Cellino can do is praise him rather than hand over a p45, when that day comes (hopefully the next one) we can move back to the prem but that is what I like about Cellino he has passion and I guarantee you this man will not stop improving us untill we reach his goal of promotion, I remain excited with him as our chairman as kooky as he is:) I just hope he signs us up with an experienced coach at a top flight level.

      • henrymouni

        I’m really excited about the season, and the quality of the squad.
        If we bring in quality loanee or two as well, my cup runneth over.
        It will take a while to gel, so we need the coach sorted ASAP.

      • spellz

        I am excited too, we got off to a rocky start, we all knew Hocks was not qualified to take on the task even though he had my support from the get – go, so hopefully we sign a coach with credentials we definitely have a team capable of challenging, there is no disputing that and also no room for excuses on that front,.
        The international breaks timing is superb for them to train train train and see how far we have come on our trip away next week.

  9. Ron

    Would love this to be half-true, but if you’ve ever tried to bet on managers with the bookies in anything north of a grand, the odds crumble/disappear pronto. Think about it now – someone close to the people making these decisions tell other people who the next guy is. Who wants to run big odds on that? No thanks.

  10. oldschoolbaby

    It`s incredibly difficult now that the money clubs cherry pick what they want but Cellino seems intent building up a young side. Perhaps we should look for a young manager who could grow with them.
    How about Eddie Howe

    • Snowjoke

      Eddie Howe would be a perfecr appointment. One very bright young man. And still at the start of his career. Yet already a top tactician, assured man manager, shrewd judge of young talent, excellent media performer and, icing on the cake, still a truly likeable bloke. Even friend Cellino would surely find it hard to pick a fight with him. Of course, it ain’t gonna happen. But chance really would be a fine thing….

  11. spellz

    Forget this guys Manchester Uniteds connections, he has just took Iran to the world cup finals and has managed the likes of Zizou, Ronaldo and Figo, this would sure be a shock for us but exactly what we need, I could imagine he would not be coming cheap though, I really hope he puts pen to paper.

    M.O.T as always.

  12. henrymouni

    Even if we don’t know the new coach by sight, he will be the one with a ‘bull’s eye’ on his tracksuit!

  13. spellz

    The latest odds appear to have my worst nightmare Ian Culverhouse as a sudden favourite whilst Carlos Q has drfted right out, Hughton has dropped in odds to 4/1 any thoughts on Hughton? I thought he was really badly treated at Newcastle by that idiot Mike Ashley.


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