The loan signings of Dario Del Fabro from Cagliari and Brian Montenegro from Nacional takes Leeds United’s total arrivals to fifteen for the summer of 2014.

Leeds United arrivals, Summer 2014

Player Position Age From Fee
Casper Sloth CM 22 AGF 600,000
Mirco Antenucci FW 29 Ternana 500,000
Giuseppe Bellusci CB 24 Catania 1,600,000
Nicky Ajose FW 22 Peterborough 150,000
Stuart Taylor GK 33 Reading 0
Tomasso Bianchi CM 25 Sassuolo 0
Zan Benedicic CM 18 Milan Loan
Gaetano Berardi RB 25 Sampdoria 500,000
Souleymane Doukara FW 22 Catania 2,000,000
Billy Sharp FW 28 Southampton 600,000
Liam Cooper CB 23 Chesterfield 600,000
Marco Silvestri GK 23 Chievo 400,000
Adryan AM/FW 19 Flamengo Loan
Dario Del Fabro CB 19 Cagliari Loan
Brian Montenegro FW/WNG 21 Nacional Loan
    23.5 (avg.)   6,950,000

All figures are estimates based on press reports/best guesses and the total doesn’t include any fees paid for loan signings, which would arguably add an extra £1-2m.

Leeds United departures, Summer 2014


Player Position Age To Fee
Ross McCormack FW 27 Fulham 11,000,000
Dominic Poleon FW 20 Oldham 100,000
Matt Smith FW 25 Fulham 750,000
Paul Green CM 31 Rotherham 0
Jamie Ashdown GK 33 Crawley Town 0
Luke Varney FW 31 Blackburn 0
Lee Peltier RB 27 Huddersfield 0
Adam Drury LB 35 0
El-Hadji Diouf FW 33 0
Michael Brown CM 37 Port Vale 0
Danny Pugh LM 31 Coventry 0
Marius Zaliukas CB 30 Rangers 0
Tom Lees CB 23 Sheff Weds 0
Paddy Kenny GK 36 0
Nathan Turner CM 21 0
Lewis Turner RB 21 0
Gboly Ariyibi RM 19 0
Simon Lenighan CM 20 0
27.8   11,850,000


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  1. Berick Tomes

    Why the asterisk’s next to Berardi? Have you excluded that £500k from the total, because the figures shown actually add up to £4.95M

    • TSS

      Fixed that – struggled to find a figure for him, he was the “best guess” I mention below the table.

  2. johnbrookes4266

    Missing are Stewart Butland and Kebe outgoings. Two are loans but give a like for like comparison.

    • TSS

      They were all loans, none of them were ever Leeds United players. Could argue same with loans incoming of course, but they’re all season-long with view to permanent deals and it sounds like we paid a fee for their services, so they’re there for the benefit of seeing who we have to field.

    • TSS

      Wasn’t true. Someone duplicated an Italian journalists Twitter account (one who’s been on the money for several transfers so far) and it spread like wildfire.

      • Floripa

        Hunt, Morrison, Wootton, Norris, Smith( to fulham?) ..any bidders on these or set to be loaned/released ? Surely no future for them with all these signings..

  3. mrbigwheels

    Such good business…. Bates just keeled over coughing and spluttering, I’m sorry.

    • TSS

      True, but that was the fee they paid. A transfer fee is a transfer fee no matter how it’s split, the club will also have agents fees, tax and other stuff to come off that too, but no one ever complains they aren’t factored in – well, aside from Bates, he used to enjoy pointing that out.

  4. Peter

    Re Austin to Palace, please, and Norris and Tonge and Morrison and whoever else Warnock brought in. Pity McDermott hasn’t got a job yet – looks like we keep Hunt

  5. TonyJJ

    Think you should put a minus figure against Paddy as he cost us to get rid.
    Great summary though.

  6. djedjedje

    I take it that with the Italian transfer deadline falling at 10pm GMT, our Summer transfer business will be completed then!

  7. mrbigwheels

    What it does confirm is Cellino actually hasn’t messed about. It shows his love of forming his dream team squad and the positive approach of getting rid of the immediate unwanted. Am sure 4/5 others will ‘be off’ one way or another… pretty soon.

  8. Simondinho

    No matter which way you cut this, we’ve done some great business here. More investment in 6weeks than seen in over the last6 years. Not only youth and a touch of experience, i see this as a real statement of intent. Well done cellino and salerno. Now we just need a head coach to bring this all together.

    • spellz

      Cellino is believed to be buying back ER permanantely later this year, so I guess the rest would be put towards that.

  9. spellz

    Very good business indeed, I am happy with the comitment that Cellino has shown so far, phenomenal.

  10. mrbigwheels

    Setting it all out into the above form gives a fabulous big picture of Summer at the Club. Very meaningful and should bring us together to a greater degree.

    Well done man.

  11. djedjedje

    I’m not convinced Smith leaving for Fulham is in our interest. His height advantage brings us something that we don’t have in our squad at the moment.

    With McCormack bringing in £11m, we hardly need the transfer income – especially if it is only £1.5m for a player who is on a three-year contract.

    Mind, if Fulham wanted to do a swap deal of Smith for McCormack… ;)

      • djedjedje

        Sorry, I should have been a bit clearer in my language.

        I’ve not heard anything 100%, but it was getting press coverage on Sky/BBC etc a few hours ago.

        That and Fulham also after Beckford – who I’d have liked us to put in a cheeky bid for (he’s only got one year left on his contract), as much to replace Lucas the KopCat as a matchside crowd pleaser as a player!

        With such a love for players associated with Leeds United, perhaps Fulham are the new Norwich?

  12. Jack Montgomery

    Didn’t the club received a fee for Tom Lees? I’m fairly sure I read that it was an undisclosed fee but rumored to be around 300k

  13. leeds oldie

    Gone quiet about smith we need to keep him of off all those that are left from last season he has always given 100%
    About grayson i posted that he new nothing about leeds wanting him back last night now its confirmed he is staying at preston
    About mark cooper maybe as an assistant but manager not yet
    Have it on good authorty that when MC returns from america our new manager/coach will be announced .i cant get my friend to tell me who it is but i did ask if it was clarke he did not say no just smiled an shrugged his shoulders.
    MC said he would change the squad he has now lets see how the bus rolls along

      • djedjedje

        Ah, just seen it. Really hope that’s bollocks as it’d be a terrible bit of business and really take the shine of what otherwise has been a productive day/week/ month.

    • Floripa

      Fulham close to signing Leeds’ Matt Smith for £500,000
      Matt Barlow reports: ‘Fulham have been
      chasing strikers all day – at the same time as they were trying to
      offload some of their big earners from the Premier League years.

      ‘Attempts to sign Jason Beckford from Bolton appear to have
      failed but they are very close to confirming Matt Smith has signed for
      £500,000 from Leeds.’

      didnt he just sign a new contract ?

    • djedjedje

      Yep. Confirmed.

      All things currently known, it’s a truly ridiculous decision. A proven, improving Championship striker sold on the dirt cheap to a fellow promotion/mid-table/relegation rival! Why?

      It’s not even as if we have a manager who has decided that this is the right decision for Leeds United or Smith.


      • leeds oldie

        Should have given them morrison hunt pelion and paid them £500,000
        Smith for that price that i suspect will come back and bite them big style
        Anyway we still have the young irish lad McDaid coming through now waiting till january

      • Floripa

        hard to give away/sell/loan players that dont score goals…has Hunt even scored a goal yet in the Leeds shirt ? Im guessing they both will leave with a payoff since we have 9 attackers/wingers on the books..Hunt wearing number 10 is just not right

      • djedjedje

        True. But I’d imagine Hunt and Morison will be paid off tomorrow if no one has come in for them this evening – and if not they are hardly going to get a game anytime soon.

        Poleon has just gone to Oldham for an undisclosed fee (which I think was right for all concerned).

        So we currently have proven Championship strikers in Billy Sharp and at a stretch Doukara (one match is too soon to make a decision on the promising Antenucci). Then we have the utterly unknown prospect of Adryan, and potential of Walters and Ajose (if he can become more effective).

        With Doukara out for at least a month, we aren’t that sparkly upfront!

      • Chareose

        Look can you imagine Adryan trying to pass and move at speed with Smith ??? He doesn’t suit the way Cellino wants us to play.

      • djedjedje

        I’m yet to see Adryan play so I can’t comment on him.

        Smith formed a handy partnership with McCormack last year, so there’s reason to believe he could have done so with Sharp or Antenucci.

        Besides, you don’t play Smith from the start. He’s your sub to throw on in the last ten minutes when you are chasing a game and need someone to give you hope from a barrage of crosses, free-kicks and corners. It isn’t pretty tiki taka football (that’s possibly on the way out), but it’s effective, and above all it’s a Plan B. It might explain why the first striker in at Liverpool after Suaraz left for Barcelona was Rickie Lambert. We no longer have that Plan B. That is a needless loss.

      • mrbigwheels

        Think you will see Morrison taking over this roll when he comes back and is on the bench. I don’t see Morrison going anywhere else this half of the season…

      • Gustavo Alvarez

        Think that some of these forwards could be used as wingers (Montenegro, Antenucci, Doukhara)

      • henrymouni

        I don’t fancy our defence marking Smith when we play Fulham!!

  14. Ev

    Nicky ajose was 350k, Peterborough stated that
    Silvestri was rumoured to be 1.6million
    Bianchi also went for a fee but no one knows what.
    The loans all cost money, Adryan probably cost a fair wack to pacify Cagliari and Flamengo…..with wages included we must be well over 12 million

    • TSS

      Rumoured and reported are two different things, only reports of Silvestri figure had him at £400k so unless you can link me to otherwise, I’ll stick with that.

      Same with Ajose, only reported fee I could find is as above, but if you have a link I’ll adjust.

      Bianchi – not sure on him, he was here training before signing which suggests unattached and I’m almost certain that’s what I read at the time, but nothing concrete either way.

      Loans are mentioned beneath the table.

    • TSS

      Hmmm… That was all in before. I updated after Smith and Poleon and it seems to have erased it. Will add again tomorrow, had enough now LOL.

  15. oldschoolbaby

    The average age differential between the outgoings and incomings is the most pertinent statistic. It would be a real chasm if the youngsters who never made it were taken out. We simply have to be going in the right direction
    The loss of Smith is a positive in terms of a statement of intent as to the football we want to play. That said, it is a negative in terms of our capability in terms of defending free kicks and corners. Smith readily accepted his defensive duties. Doukara doesn`t seem that keen on that aspect of the game and Antenucci doesn`t have the stature. I suspect some opposing managers will perceive our lack of height as a potential weakness this season.
    Not that my opinion counts but I suggest a good old fashioned, full on, 90 minute game of probables v possibles at TA this morning. See who stands out and wants it most and take it from there

    • mrbigwheels

      Don’t forget Morrison. Don’t think he’s going anywhere at the moment.

      He scored two out of two then injury.

      He’s much more versatile than Smith, with respect to Smith.
      Smith, to me wouldn’t have started but Morrison has that ability with his feet and could, if required.

      Am very excited with the potential of the squad and I could see immediately after saturday if we don’t get a coach in that soon Redders is here and understands what should happen. I was impressed with the ‘bonding’ several of the new players had with him as they came on/off… Sloth (Slott) for example, has only just walked into the building.

      The one thing that is really sticking in my mind after the close of the window and the start of the new season is that McD didn’t actually do us too many favours on the pitch in some respects and we have wasted far too much time bringing in some of the Youth, Cook for example, His purchases of Wootten and Murphy were perhaps right for some future, at the time, but not what we needed to keep the fire stoked last season. Having said that…. none of us will know the full story to his reign. But now…..

      15 in with some talent… (yes you can see it’s there) and 20 out with a few more to go, one way or another… Bright times ahead.


  16. mrbigwheels

    Anyone know of other additions in coaching… Jason Blunt (u18s) and Adam Underwood (Academy Operations Manager)… while we’re at it…?

  17. PMH

    We have a whole new herd of players, but who will be the shepherd? I’m thinking it is a good idea to keep Redfearn on interim until the side settles down. He seems like a solid and seasoned coach, but he would have to be a fool to accept the job full time at the moment, given it is clearly a temporary position. I just don’t believe that any strong managerial candidate would relish LUFC given the general craziness of the club right now. The key to progress is that Cellino, an inexperienced and untalented amateur, has to back off and let professional football people run the show. That would suggest a maturity conspicuously lacking so far in his career, so I’m not holding my breath.


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