“Opinions are like a***holes son, every person has one and they all think theirs smells the best.”

I remember a teacher saying that when I was at middle school to a cocky lad answering a question…cue stunned silence.

The ‘Who’s Next on the Treadmill’ rumours abound at Leeds United; the latest name put forward seems to be one grandly-named Brian Guillermo Montenegro Benitez – the club shop would make a killing putting his name on a shirt back. Benitez is a 21-year-old Paraguayan striker playing for Nacional Asuncion in Paraguay. In the past 4 seasons of football he has accrued 6785 minutes of football and scored 22 goals – an average of 1 goal per 308 minutes (or around 1 goal per 3.5 games). He was actually on West Ham United’s books for the 2011/12 Championship season but didn’t appear in the match day squad for the majority of the season, save for being on the bench for one game against Barnsley ; his only ‘game time’ coming in an F.A. Cup 3rd round game against Sheffield Wednesday when he replaced Joey O’Brien in a 1-0 loss for West Ham.

His most productive year was in 2013 whilst playing for Rubio Nu and Libertad in Paraguay’s ‘Division Profesional‘ where he made 31 appearances, scoring a combined total of 11 goals for both teams at an average strike rate of 1 goal per 174 minutes.

‘Rumour’ or ‘shred of truth’? Is the wonderfully named Brian Guillermo Montenegro Benitez what is potentially needed at Elland Road?

I refer you back to what my middle school teacher said to a stunned bunch of 12 year olds.

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  1. lufcboy

    Another non scoring striker that’s all we need – also been linked with Danny Graham (again)

    • Graham

      Looks a bit like Suarez don’t you think? Obviously non-scoring mean he lacks Suarez’s bite up front.

  2. Smallback

    Montenegro is a beautiful country with breathtaking vistas and stunning sights. Montenegro the player is….not. Lets add to our growing list of totally impotent strikers shall we? Can we really blame Hockaday if Cellino keeps throwing him these duds?

  3. Thommo

    After watching last nights performance, we need mid fielders who can run and harass the opposition. Also if we are to be a passing team, pass the ball to our own players is a good start then move into a position where we can receive the ball back. It would also be a good idea if we can finish a game with eleven men.

    • Graham

      I thought the midfielders ran enough last night; thought a coach/manager who makes changes might have helped them…

      • LincolnWhite

        They might have run a bit – though not a lot of it was forwards, and in the opposition half. A bit like every other match, then!

      • Thommo

        Regarding our so called latest player interest’s, what we need is a group of players who want to play together as a team. Here is a suggestion. Give each player a team sheet and ask them to place their name in their preferred position. Then ask them to name the other ten players who they would prefer in the team. Individual players are all well and good but team players are essential.
        It may sound a stupid idea but I have seen players even in the great teams of the past ignored on the pitch. Lets face it, we can’t get much worse that some of last seasons performances.


  4. markman

    Stating the obvious,but we wont get motoring until
    we get another Billy Bremner

      • markman

        In bad taste,but what about a bit of grave robbing to get some DNA

        A Bobby Collins,Giles.Strachan or even Bowyer will do

      • Tim

        True. They can do it now with animals so why not..They might all look like that cloned sheep though if they get it wrong! Seriously though we all have to look forwards now. It’s difficult I know, and I’ve been coming to ER since JC but I believe under Cellino the good times will be back.

      • markman

        yup,so do i

        Cellino is our saviour and unlike previous owners actually has cash.

        obviously everything is new to him and i am not sure if i was in his position i would have done anything differently,except his bold experiment with DH.that is trying to do something that has never been done before and i dont think it will have a happy ending.

      • Graham

        Victor Frankenstein did a bold experiment at one time; not that I am saying that Hock is the result of that…

  5. Tim

    There seem to be 3 or 4 more arrivals on the horizon but what are we going to do with them all when hardly any of them and the young guns don’t get a chance of game time already.
    All I can say putting the Hockaday debate aside is that it is a long hard season and any side looking for promotion needs a big squad of players that can seamlessly slot in. Not sure about Danny Graham though. January to May is the key to promotion and many teams including ourselves have fallen apart during this period.
    You have to hand it to Cellino as he is spending a lot of money plus options – probably more than the club has spent in the last 10 years in total and if two thirds of them work out then I am confident for the months ahead.
    There is a revolution going on at ER and we can’t deny seeing some green shoots of trying to play constructive football. Team selection will look a lot different come Birmingham after the break I am sure.
    If I was Cellino and wanted to change things I would keep Hockaday and bring in a foreign chief coach – Garcia for example – ? I say that as he is working his nuts off for the club, doesn’t winge and is a decent loyal guy and deserves our support. He has had a rough ride much not of his own making.
    Be brave on Saturday Hock please with team selection and lets give the Trotters a battering. MOallT

    • Graham

      Agree. We were 6th at Christmas last year and playing 5-3-2; after New Year’s Eve defeat we switched to 4-4-2 and went RAPIDLY downhill. Only the 5-3-2 saved us at the season’s end.

  6. markman

    i would not read to much into Benitez brief sojorn at west Ham,he was only 17 and was probably just being tought how to tie his shoelaces by himself

  7. GrenvilleHair

    He can go out and sign Bayern Munich but it’s not much help if he keeps fielding the likes of Tongie, Murphyie, Norrisy and Warnocky is it? Drop the whole bloody lot bar Silvestri, Bianchi and Sharp and play the youngsters and newbies. Can’t do any worse than two goals in five matches, can we. CAN WE?

    • Graham

      I agree that people need to be dropped; plenty not working that needs fixing. I’d agree with three of those that you mentioned for dropping; not Warnock though as who’s good enough to step up right at this moment?

  8. Tim

    Walk where Jesus walked?
    Sorry, you’re confusing this bloke with Joe Jordan.

  9. YorkistinCanada

    Club’s so hopeless that this is an article worth commenting on?
    Better let’s have a nostalgia piece on remember when’s:

    Viduka bagged four against the Scouse
    Goals from Butler, Blake, Healy and Miller brought us back from 3-0 down at Southampton
    Smithy scored 4 against Hapoel
    Bowyer and Woodgate roughed up future I.S. militants in the city center



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