Ladies and Gentlemen, strap yourself into your saddles and get your eyes glued on the TV; the next round in the Post-Hockaday Stakes is about to be run. New front-runners have emerged over the weekend in what is assured to be an interesting race.

Odds quoted are from SkyBet and valid as of Sunday 31st August 22.10

Simon Grayson – English (preferred formation 4-4-2): current odds evens

Young colt Grayson, from Leeds out of Blackpool, has rapidly become the new ‘bookies’ favourite’ to recapture the vacant Leeds United managerial post. Over his managerial career he has the following %age returns: 42.6% wins, 29% draws and 28.4% losses.

Team Games goals p/g for goals p/g against points p/g
2012/14 Preston North End 77 1.42 0.92 1.71
2011/12 Huddersfield Town 49 1.35 1.55 1.39
2008/11 Leeds United 165 1.70 1.25 1.70
2006/08 Blackpool City 146 1.37 1.24 1.44

Giuseppe Sannino – Italian (preferred formation 3-5-2): current odds 3/1

Coming up fast on the outside and only a head behind currently-projected leader Grayson, is Italian Giuseppe Sannino. Over his managerial career he has the following %age returns: 36.2% wins, 30.5% draws and 33.5% losses.

Team Games goals p/g for goals p/g against points p/g
2013/– Watford FC 34 1.65 1.35 1.41
2013/13 Chievo Verona 13 0.69 1.38 0.69
2012/12 US Palermo 10 1.10 1.30 1.10
2011/12 Robur Siena 44 1.32 1.20 1.34
2008/11 AS Varese 1910 69 1.51. 1.12 1.61

Neil Aspin – English (preferred formation 4-4-2): current odds 16/1

Following in a couple of lengths behind Guiseppe ‘Italian Stallion’ Sannino is local favourite Neil Aspin. Currently employed ‘up road’ at Halifax Town, Aspin has edged out Gary Megson who has fallen to 33/1 from 20/1. Over his managerial career he has the following %age returns: 50.9% wins, 20% draws and 29.1% losses.

Team Games goals p/g for goals p/g against points p/g
2013/– Halifax Town FC 55 1.82 1.29 1.73

Other notable odds:

  • Neil Redfearn moves in to 3rd favourite position at 7/1
  • Rolando Maran falls to 16/1 from 11/10
  • Oscar Garciá falls slightly to 12/1 from 11/1
  • Steve Clark falls from 5/2 to 9/1
  • Tony Pulis remains unmoved at 18/1
  • Roberto di Matteo falls from 25/1 to 40/1
  • David Moyes drastically shortened odds 66/1 from 100/1

A shortened fiield but one that will probably change once the starting gate is raised and the runners and riders cross the finishing line. Whoever the winner, there’s sure to be some grumbling; it wouldn’t be Leeds United if it was all ‘agreement and plain-sailing’.

10 Responses

  1. mrbigwheels

    Just makes you wonder why the Watford Manager has resigned… doesn’t it?.
    I’m not a betting man but, as sure as…. we may very well get nothing we expect or that follows logic, (to us). with this next appointment.

    • TSS

      It does seem odd, doesn’t it? I know he had to address speculation about player unrest in his last pre-match press conference for Watford, but I can’t imagine there’s a club in the country where every player is happy – only 11 of them are going to get picked after all.

      • mrbigwheels

        Exactly true…
        MC is a character. I have this constant feeling that he is establishing the english branch of the Cellino mafia family… in bloody Leeds.
        I don’t think he’ll risk Redders as he won’t want to sack him eventually, he’s well respected by MC. Steve Clarke will be too football savvy and invade Mr C’s godfather like territory and the choice will be limited to a very much upgraded Hock who will maintain the pyramid management MC operates by… We will see shortly… No doubt with an 18 minuter from ‘the boss’…

      • Jimmy

        Haven’t they recently completed the new West Yorkshire Police Headquarters and Park and Ride car park opposite the South and West Stands of Elland Road!!

        Hope your comments keep appearing Mr B, if they stop suddenly we’ll check the latest road repairs around the ground!

        I have no idea what MC will do regarding DH’s replacement but one things for sure, life at LS11 isn’t dull anymore.

      • spellz

        In all fairness he has appeared to undermine and belittle the players pretty much since he has been there and it has built up a player revolt, so I am not too sure if it just co-incidence with the timing.

  2. oldschoolbaby

    Neil Aspin`s footballing limitations used to irritate me. However, my late father would never have a word said against him as he so very, very obviously gave his all every time he pulled on the shirt. In time you become your father. The appointment of Aspin would give me some sentimental satisfaction.

  3. spellz

    Having looked at the colts, I actually like the form of Aspin that win percentage is pretty incredible and if you was going to back somebody that was from a lower grade it should have been him rather than hock in the first place. In all honesty I really hope favorite backers get paid as that colt Grayson is from a fine yard with a strong pedigree and should pip them to the post. Bring back Grayson my heart cries and when your backing someone always go with your first instinct.

  4. PMH

    Guardian has Garcia as the choice of Leeds, but turning them down to go to Watford. As Garcia has never held a job for more than a year, and Cellino can’t keep a manager for 6 months, that wouldn’t have lasted long anyway. Betting on what is going through this owner’s head has got to be the mug’s game to end all of them.


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