Leeds United have today completed a deal for Danish international midfielder Casper Sloth.

The 22-year-old, who has already made 134 league appearances for AGF Aarhus and represented Denmark eight times, arrives on a three-year contract for a fee believed to be in the region of £600,000.

Sloth becomes Leeds United’s 12th arrival this summer and is described by Danish fans as being a player with good pace, a good passer of the ball and someone who has the ability to provide the service Leeds United’s forwards are currently lacking.

However, it’s said that Sloth struggles to impose himself on games where the team aren’t performing well, which will be something of a concern considering how badly Leeds have performed at the start of this campaign.

There’s been no update on the Adryan situation yet, but with the transfer window coming to a close next week and Massimo Cellino still wanting to add several new players, it could be a busy week at Elland Road.

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  1. Lars

    I normally try to be positive but…

    It’s easy to play well when the team is playing well, this sounds like he’s mentally weak. We seem to be lacking some players that will pick up the team when we’re down, all of our guys seem to sink together.. Maybe its just a maturity issue at his age or something, but most players who are strong willed generally come up that way too and to be frank we have a team of spineless players on the pitch.

    • TSS

      I dunno, because some fans said the exact same thing about Howson (that he “went missing”) but the second he wasn’t in the team you could see the massive hole it left, no matter who replaced him. Sometimes you don’t notice the work of better players because they make it look so effortless, or their positioning restricts opposition space, or you just start to take for granted how well they’re doing things and that means they only stand-out when they add something exceptional.

      It’s the exact opposite of headless chicken players who our fans often love. Those who run around aimlessly, messing up the shape of the team, leaving gaps all over the place but sticking in the odd challenge fans can celebrate them for.

      • Lars

        Good point and I hope that’s the case for sure, I guess i’m just concerned is all. Team togetherness may be an issue contributing currently but there really just doesn’t seem to be much fight when things aren’t going well.

        I’m also getting to the point where i’m actually concerned that we’ve not sold anyone(I know ironic right?), if I’m not mistaken isn’t our squad now larger than it was before summers beginning?

    • Ian Bramley

      The same was true of Gary Macallister, and Gary Speed, along with many other top quality players. It’s a different type of player who can knuckle down when things are going badly – and this is the leader we currently lack

  2. Tyler75

    Has got pace and can pass…… that’s an improvement on what we’ve got in the midfield now. However I doubt even if we had Iniesta and Xavi in midfield, the hock would know what to do with them.

  3. spellz

    What is the point in buying a player when your not playing the right football to unlock the potential and ability, very good signing do not get me wrong I look forward to seeing him but we have to sort out our formation and tactics, after all a good coach is meant to be able to get a team playing no?

  4. Terry A

    I’m a fan of AGF Aarhus and therefore knows a great deal about Casper Sloth. He has all the abilities and potential that could make him a top player but he is very much a mood-player. If the team isn’t performing he isn’t either. He often falls out of games and seems uninterested. I think it’s a good and cheap signing for you guys if you can sort his head out.

  5. Jimmy

    MC got it wrong when he employed DH as coach, but all thing’s considered he is bringing renewed life to our sleeping giant LUFC! I am confident that the coaching staff will be fixed before long and we must wait till the transfer window closes to see the complete size and shape of the first team.

    Don’t for one minute think I haven’t been as critical as everybody else with Leeds languishing just outside the relegation zone after a very bad start to the season, but it’s time to give the new signings a chance to prove themselves. The Leeds fans loyal reputation speaks for it’s self but it must be one of the most intimidating atmosphere’s possible, if your a new signing especially if your not a natural english speaker.

    Not that much Queens English can be heard at Elland Road when things are going wrong!

    Sloth is a positive signing, let him get his boots on and settle in before our collective boots go in!

    Five points adrift of the top six, more signings to come, and the international break coming up to shake down and train. This time last year we complained again, that no money had been spent during the transfer window, can’t say that now even if not all the new signings are to everyone’s liking.

    Not holding my breath tonight, but if we do get knocked out of the league cup competition at least we can focus on building a squad and promotition opportunities in a slightly less crowded fixture year.


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