Give him a chance.

That was the cry from the majority, that is very quickly becoming the minority.

Who has ever been sacked after playing a whole, single, league game, not even getting the chance to prove their worth to the club they manage. This isn’t an ordinary appointment though, not an ordinary position, and certainly not an ordinary set of circumstances.

In any normal situation, the right thing to do would be to give Dave Hockaday, and his assistant Karl Junior ‘Senior’ Lewis a chance. Let them have their days in the sun leading the team from the dugout and having the backing of us, the fans. But this is not a normal situation, and the worm is turning so fast it’s becoming ouroboural.

Since even before his appointment Dave has been derided as not being able to be in charge of a club as big as LUFC. To be tactically inept when it came to Conference football, never mind stepping up to Championship football. To not having the required nous to control senior lower league players, nevermind the rampant ego’s of no-longer Premiership quality, but Premier League minded players. They’re all fair complaints.

Give him a chance they cry.

That chance is coming, and going very quickly. He’s getting his chance, whether some fans believed pre-season should count at all, he’s living and breathing that chance as I type. Although the ire and non-support of the majority of the fan base most likely won’t change the mind of the man in charge, considering what has been represented as resent for us following our support of Brian, (in his mind most likely to have been proven right over the affair, whether it was that he in fact weakened Brian’s position and standing with the squad or not), Dave is going to live and die by not only the results, but the performances his team musters – even when results don’t, or shouldn’t matter, and then do matter.

But the real problem is, whatever you think of Cellino, this is now splitting the fanbase. The disenchantment, the rage and the worry is being vented at each other. That’s not a new phenomenon mind, but the anger, the spittle and the insults over what we’re all really, technically in agreement about is. We’re all worried about where this club is heading, especially under the direction of our ‘Head Coach’. It may be at different levels, some being worried earlier, some being more angry, some saying ‘He’ll get fired soon anyway’ but we’re all in the same boat – the belief that in the most likely of events we are heading nowhere under a certain Dave Hockaday.

Possibly the anger being so directed at your fellow fan is a social media thing – knowing so much about another’s opinion rankles when it isn’t in line with your own. In days past you had a pint together, talked about the players, walked to the ground, stood next to each other and joined in the same chants without getting into the real nitty gritty if you didn’t want to; now you may know their every little opinion on things as complex as our youth coaching structure, and as simple as how many days – and when, the owner takes a holiday.

There is no way this can help. Everyone, simply, is worried for our future. No matter your opinion on Cellino in/out, Hockaday in/out or whether Salerno shakes it all about. As the bright light of having Viviani filling the void between defence and midfield died out, and then Sorenson doing the same; everyones fear for the future grows.

Some people make a point of making their fears known, and have for a while. Others have held their fears back and don’t let it be known. The point is we all fear for our future. Whatever division there is in the fan base, whether it’s to do with the owner, the coach, or the players; we all hold the same fear. Those that say they don’t fear for the future are simply hiding their worry, let them. For some people the glee is still there, akin to reading a programme as a child and holding the players aloft as heroes – free of cynicism. Free of fear. The club still a glorious sign of their optimism in life. I only wish we could all be so optimistic, especially myself.

To quote a phrase I hate to use, ‘All Leeds, aren’t we?’ We’re famed for our support, yet we’re so disunited we may as well be backing two wholly separate teams. Instead of taking our anger out on each others opinions, we should be pointing out to our President that this, just will not do. Whatever your opinion of him, he’s the one the anger and frustration should be focussed on if we wish to enact change, whether it’s now or after Dave & Junior have been ‘given a chance’. Not each other.

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  1. CARL


    • Tony Currie

      It’s a big difference taking on Millwall at the new Den compared to Dundee United in a Mickey Mouse friendly at Elland Road. This game went exactly the way I expected it would and in truth a five or six margin between the sides wouldn’t have flattered the London side, and Millwall are no earth shakers. Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail. I know I sound like a broken record. Hockaday is out of his depth but put the man to blame for this defeat is an Italian by the name of Massimo Cellino. Ross McCormack has not been replaced and no effort has been made to replace the Championship’s top scorer. Unforgivable ! The Viviani and Sorensen transfer/non transfer saga sums up our entire summer preparations for the Championship. Cellino has done everything on the cheap since he overpaid the Arab’s for Leeds United. His ego ended the last two transfers when he no doubt tried to be clever by changing the deals at the eleventh hour. So far he has delivered nothing on the pitch for Hockaday. Bianchi looks decent. The jury is out on Silvestri. Doukara won’t score goals but he will cause a little chaos as an impact sub. Berardi doesn’t look good enough and Benedicic we haven’t seen yet. We have a very poor squad. Tom Lees was sold (released) without a replacement in tow. Unforgivable ! At this point in time we have a bottom six team. I don’t blame The Hock. The man is reported to be on £80K a year, the same salary paid to an average civil servant. Forest Green Rovers best was offered the job of his dreams. Just like Steve Staunton at Ireland a few years back he is out of his depth in performing it. Only for in The Hock’s case his chairman will use him as a scape goat and cast him aside like a packet of used condoms when it all turns nasty, which it will, unless some real quality arrivals come through the doors at LS11 quickly. And I don’t see this happen any thime soon until this man loses his stubborn streak. If I hear any more talk abut his two year plan for promotion, I’ll scream. Why waste the first year ? This is not Italy. This is the Championship. Now wake up Massimo. Count to 17. Wear a purple jumper. Back the Hock or sack the Hock. I’ll leave you with a quote from our illustrious chairman : Hunt has the skills,” “He’s a good guy. Morison is a character – a bullet – but a bloody good player with skills also. If he wants, if he really wants, he can be a big player here. This is not mathematics. It’s football. And football is strange. Hunt, he never scored last year but maybe this year he will make 35 goals. You never know.” Absolute bull#### from our chairman. Spend some money. You promised £15M you promised. Why buy back Elland Road if we have no team to put into it ? Little Bournemouth sold their top striker to Norwich but spent 3M on a replacement. What have we spent on the replacement for the man who scored 28 league goals last season ? Will Byram be next to go ? Personally, I don’t think Hockaday is up to it and was a crazy appointment, but with this current group of players left to him by Cellino, Mourinho or Wenger would have no hope of promotion. Like I said Hocladay is the scapegoat. Cellino hasn’t done what it says on the tin!

  2. BRUCE


  3. Tim

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with the players we have bought in. The problem are the ones Hockaday is still selecting who should be through the exit door and Cellino’s intransigence in losing already two quality incomers. Huddersfield took the necessary action and nipped it in the bud so over to you Cellino to dismiss Hockaday and Junior NOW otherwise the relegation battle will be on come September.

  4. Tyler75

    Quote from The Hock: “This is what I am used to, this is where I think I belong and tactically I think we got it right.” The man is clearly deluded and with a statement like that, I would actually question his sanity.
    It wasn’t Cellino who picked Hunt yesterday and left Smith and Beradi on the bench – we all know Cellino is a maverick, famed for his left-field decisions and he obviously thought for whatever reason, that the Hock was worth a punt, but he’s also a pragmatist who knows his football and he can’t have been the least bit impressed with the performances in pre-season and yesterday and he’s got to know that this gamble won’t work.

    • Chareose

      Smith doesn’t suit the style of play and Berardi plays in Byrams position (who atleast as of today is still a leeds player)
      Cook and Dawson need more time and in my opinion a loan out somewhere to get them some experience
      Morrison was injured
      Bianchi suspended
      Benedicic has only just arrived.
      So as stated before where are all these magical players that Hockaday should be picking ?>??
      The problem is a poor summer in the transfer market. Yes Hockaday may well not be good enough but the real issue is that we still are relying on last years squad and Cellino wont pay the going rate for real talent

      • Dr Zen

        Yeah this. Smith is a donkey and everyone quickly forgets that when they’re screaming for us to buy a striker, it’s Smith they want replaced.

        Hard to play Berardi and Byram both in this system, and I don’t think the system is necessarily of Hock’s making.

        Hock’s brief is “do what I want”. That’s all. What you’re seeing is what Cellino wants. The buck stops there, not with Hock.

      • Tyler75

        Beradi at right-back and Byram at right-midfield were one of the plus points of pre-season. Bianchi was inelligible and he’s been the focal point in pre-season – so it needed changing. Even Holloway said that Smith’s a handful – he scored 13 goals in his first season last year in a desperately poor side – he caused more problems when he came on than we had all match. Charlie Taylor had an excellent season out on loan, has got pace that Warnock hasn’t and gets forward but doesn’t even make the first team squad. Stop making excuses. The Hock is out of his depth and hasn’t got a clue – he felt he got it ‘tactically right’ yesterday. Complete clown.

  5. bruce

    Next five games will determine where our season will b heading. Virtually guarantee a home defeat to Middlesborough! They are very strong this year.

  6. Reiver

    With his track record how on earth can he possibly believe he’ll succeed where Warnock and McDermott failed so miserably, given their track records? He was on a hiding to nothing from day one. The sooner he’s replaced the better for all concerned. It was a ridiculous appointment and must reflect on Cellino’s judgement, or should I say, lack of judgement.

  7. VikingTor

    Please get off Hocks back. What will it help no matter what abuses he gets from us fans. Massimo will def be kicking Hocks ass, that should be taken well care of and enough. The team we put out yesterday was not good enough, the Squad is not good enough, asking for Hocks head is not good enough. Even GaryMac, Strachan or other “top” managers would struggle. We need a few quality signings in the right places, fans backing the team, and things will be quite different. Even with Hock as Coach.
    Marching on…..

  8. Chris7286

    Just read Neil Lennon would “jump at the chance to manage in the Campionship”. Wonder how the Hock and Cellino’s meeting went today, something like Cellino saying “sit and stfu, pin your ears back no i don’t want your opinion, win the next game or your fired now get the fuck out”

    • mrbigwheels

      With respect to your wonder how it went words….

      If that be the case then Cellino isn’t fit to run a football club and lest we forget….. that point will raise its head fairly soon and the FL may well have its day. What pickle will that present to this historic church and its congregation?…

  9. PAUL W

    Hockaday should be given a chance, but he will not get it, due to Cellino not backing him with the large amount of quality players that the team still desperately needs to have even a reasonable season.
    The stale defence is still making the same mistakes as last season and the midfield is still as poor as ever and has absolutely no width to create crosses.
    On the subject of Morison, it was very strange and very convenient for him to suddenly get a last minute injury before the Millwall game and then be seen sitting on the bench with a silly smile on his face.
    I wonder weather it was because he didn’t have the heart to play for Leeds against his best mates at Millwall, because he certainly doesn’t have any mates at Leeds.

    • alwaysleeds

      That’s exactly what I was thinking – injury my a***! By doing that, Morison just proved he doesn’t give a monkeys for Leeds – if he did, there’d be no better place to show it than against his old pals. Probably one of B Macs only right calls last season, getting Morison away from the club.

  10. mrbigwheels

    There is no future for Leeds United as it’s being run… on the present basis, Hock or no Hock.
    There are far too few players in the squad at the moment anyway for any coach to work with, never mind the level of ability of many.

    Cellino will have to sort his head out and pay some wages to land some quality… end of.

    It really is that simple.

    Even if Hockaday is ‘clueless’ and given a chance, Cellinos present structure of player and coaching employment will not allow this Club to move forward at any acceptable pace but will no doubt in the long term bring large financial gain to the Cellino ownership.

    I’m beginning to wonder if Cellino is actually out of his depth with football played at Championship level.

  11. JDC

    Despite my disappointment when David Hockaday was given the job, I wanted Gary Mac / Nigel Gibbs in a partnership role with Beni Carbone, I was, and still am to a point, prepared to give him a chance, but he has to show that he’s “different” and, up to now he just hasn’t … his team selections have been dire, his interviews, press conferences are full of “sound bites” (BS) and how he could possibly say that he, they got the tactics right and we’re improving all the time is beyond me. Just come out and tell the truth … we’re bloody rubbish and with eight of last years duds in the team, it’s hardly surprising.

    However, I can’t totally agree with some of my fellow supporters …
    Tony Currie … how about, Silvestri – looks very good so far, even behind the same lax defence that conceded more than 70 goals last year… Berardi – not seen enough of him in his rightful position to make an assessment … Bianchi – looks very good so far, one of the few in the squad that can retain the ball, and pass to another player in a Leeds shirt, with both feet … Benedicic – unknown quantity as yet, give him a chance … Doukara – difficult to judge a forward player when the service from midfield is poor … Ajose – as Doukara.

    Maybe it’s a good thing that we have a cup game up next … over to you Mr Hockaday, it’s your chance to shine, and gamble. Select all the new signings, fill in with academy boys, play Austin as a CB in place of Wootton and let them off the leash.

  12. Lee S.

    Another reason for for the disillusionment with the appointment of Hockaday (apart from the bloody obvious) is the perception that is is just a stooge, a cheap option who does not have the balls to question Massimo too much. A simple analysis of the situation shows he won’t last long. Hockaday claims the matters on the grass are in his powers – if you don’t have a (real) say in the players you do not control the grass. I’m really disappointed with the squad size. The promise of the Elland Road buy back has been ‘floated’ again. Maybe that is the aim this year.

  13. NottsWhite

    It is clear that Hockaday is out of his depth but even Mourihno could not get this shower of shit to play, therefore the buck stops with Cellino. Having youth in the team is fine but you also need leadership on the pitch which we Currently lack. Cellino is underestimating this division with his penny pinching methods . I am not advocating getting ripped off but quality costs more than he is willing to pay. If he is as shrewd as some claim he will sign 2 quality centre backs, one dominant midfielder and a striker, I don’t think he will as he believes that the current crop can do the job they just need coaching properly. As for Hockaday, team selection yesterday was clueless. The formation and style of play during pre-season was replaced with last years shit offering with practically the same players. Hunt should not be near the first team and Austin should only sit in front of the back four. What is the point of bringing new players to the club and not using them ? Are we now a baby sitting service for AC Milán ? Hockaday embrace the little quality we do have or sod off. Cellino have the courage of your convictions and give Hockaday something to work with

  14. knaresboro11

    Sorry but improvements needed in grammar and punctuation. The article is difficult to follow because of some very very long sentences. By the time the end is reached you’ve forgotten the what was written at the beginning of the sentence.

  15. Matthew

    Cellino talks a big game, but if he doesn’t deliver, his credibility will be destroyed in the eyes of a lot of people. You can’t promise the world and then produce very little.

  16. theseagullbus

    What a difference a couple of wins makes-plenty of Leeds fans now warming to Hockaday and what Cellino is trying to do.


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