It’s been a busy couple of days for Leeds United as the club welcomes three new players, Giuseppe Bellusci joining on a year long loan deal yesterday followed by deals for Liam Cooper from Chesterfield and Billy Sharp from Southampton, both arriving today.

Such is the age we live in, all three players took to Twitter to announce themselves to fans.

Highly-rated centre-back Liam Cooper said he was ‘delighted’ to have signed for Leeds and hoped ‘to be part of a very successful team’.

Elsewhere, Billy Sharp said it was a ‘dream’ to reach the Premier League with Southampton but admitted disappointment after a two year spell which has seen him loaned out on 3 separate occasions. He went on to add how excited he was to be joining Leeds, a club he’s been linked with numerous times in the past.

Finally, Giuseppe Bellusci instantly won the Leeds United fans over by promising to give his heart for the shirt, before signing off with a ‘Leeds, Leeds, Leeds.’

Known as The Warrior at his former club, this guy has the potential to become a real fans’ favourite.

Assuming Bellusci has international clearance, all three will be available for selection when Leeds host Middlesbrough at Elland Road on Saturday.

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  1. Tim

    What a change four days can make in expectation! Three good players in and I guess Cellino and Salerno are not finished yet. It should be a big crowd on Saturday despite the live viewing and a good atmosphere. Lets hope we can shoot down all the pundits and doom mongers.

    • tonyga

      think they’re crawling back under their rocks after this news even the bookies are upping the odds on Leeds potential this season. MOT.

      • Thommohawk

        In all fairness 1 week ago as things were then you could understand it from their point of view, they were still wrong and jumping the gun, but still…

        Now we have a proper goalscorer up front and hopefully Bellusci and Cooper will be our main center halves because surely they’ve got to be better than Wootton and Pearce.

        Will be an interesting game on Saturday, and we can stuff the Boro! :D

    • TSS

      You say “doom mongers” but they were genuine concerns that proved accurate., Leeds weren’t ready and the squad wasn’t good enough, blind faith wasn’t going to change that. Cellino has pulled his finger out now and thank God he has, but it should have happened sooner – MIllwall surprised no one.

      • Tim

        We were marked off for relegation but Cellino was always going to strengthen and these things don’t happen overnight so have been ongoing long before the Millwall debacle. If we get two or three more in then come Christmas we could be looking down at the rest and putting a finger up to the pundits! From where we were in May, Cellino had done wonders on all fronts.

      • TSS

        Think it’ll take them time to gel and we should temper expectations as not to apply unfair pressure on them, but the pundits can only base their assessment on what we have at the time. The optimists applied blind faith, the “doom mongers” are scarred by experience, the pundits just looked at what we were lining up with and concluded it wasn’t good enough. Rightly so.

        Cellino’s urgency came in the wake of MIllwall, a match we simply weren’t ready for. You may have expected him to act eventually but it was based on faith and left too many questions – what kind of players he would sign key amongst them – and we still have to find out how they click together because all the quality in the world doesn’t guarantee a great team.

        Don’t think we’ll have a good idea where we stand until end of September, until then it’s all just guesswork and hope.

  2. Dr Zen

    Very excited by Bellusci. Passion, grit and a willingness to bite legs. It’s the Leeds’ way!

    Could certainly see Sharp rejuvenated by being wanted and certainly we have wanted him long enough.

    Great that Cellino has made some moves and it’s looking quite a lot more promising. Phil Hay says we are hot on the heels of Agard too. He should be a good signing imo.

    Huge turnaround. Now let’s see what the Hock can do with that bunch. I think it will take time but there’s a lot more promise there now.

  3. tonyga

    what do you all think of Hockaday’s position now after a few games, I know a lot are saying that he was crap at Forest Green but that was as manager which he isn’t but his CV as a coach is very good at all clubs I remember him being at and with us should be no different which I personally think is showing with on the ground Hockerball we are now playing.

    • Matthew

      Aside from one of his sub choices at the Accrington game, I’m alright with him. I felt he should have put Byram on instead of Hunt. The final moments of the game after the Berardi sending off were shocking. But he’s clearly learning and deserves a chance.

    • Thommohawk

      He is basically manager here too don’t kid yourself, the job description he is serving now IS manager.

      Having said that I like his attitude, he’s got that working man mentality and I don’t know if it’s the accent or what but reminds me a bit of Revie and Clough…yeah it’s got to be the accent! :P

  4. lufcboy

    Some great signings I feel a lot better than I did as I left the Den on Saturday head down walking along the piss stench rat-run to get my train. Just want the news that Noel Khunt is leaving now to make it a better week. MOT

  5. Pissedoffpacifist

    Looking like the Millwall shambles was a blessing in disguise, Cellino saw how bad we really are! Less than a week later and 3 new signings. I can’t be the only one thinking that with some natural width in the squad we’d have a really decent top half team! Wingers who can run with it don’t only attack, they can hold onto it when your defense needs a break and thats something we lack. Keiran Agard anyone?

      • Pissedoffpacifist

        Didn’t do a great deal in the friendly but is still quality. Someone the other day mentioned David Templeton from Rangers who I thought was a good shout

  6. Tyler75

    Delighted with Massimo’s response to last week’s shambles – for once we have an owner who is putting his money where his mouth is and in reality because of FFP he couldn’t plough multi-millions into the team even if he wanted to. It will definitely take time to gel but the beauty of the Championship is it allows teams to grow into the season; its happened to us on more than one occasion when we’ve done well up until Christmas then fallen away horribly – hopefully we’ll get stronger as the season progresses this time around. My major concern is The Hock, nothing he has done or said so far has convinced me that he is up to the task of getting our club challenging at the top end of the table – I’m hoping he proves me wrong.

  7. Wayne Wellwood

    Superb work in the transfer market and doubtful we are finished. It’s good to see positive comments rather than the woe is Leeds comments we had to put up with for months. Maybe we can expect a few more positive articles from some of the Bloggers who where trying to convince fans Cellino was the actual devil in January? I did understand why some where wary of Cellino or any new owner but some of the scaremongering that went on was truly ridiculous. He sold his beloved Cagliari and bought us and we are very lucky to have such a passionate and football savvy owner, he’s trying to build a squad that not only can get out of this division but is capable of competing in the premier league too. Given time some of these younger signings will no doubt flourish, yes maybe some will fall by the wayside but that’s football they’ll be replaced by other players who will improve the squad again. Maybe now all our fans are starting to see just how lucky we actually are?


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