Try as you may to be patient and give him a fair crack of the whip, in the back of every Leeds United fans’ mind is the nagging fear David Hockaday is drowning at Elland Road.

However much the perpetually optimistic try to rewrite history and dismiss his failure at Forest Green Rovers by pointing to some ultimately trivial differences between his respective job titles, David Hockaday had never been appointed by a Football League club because David Hockaday failed when he got the chance to prove himself.

His job, like the job of every manager (or ‘head coach’) is to pick a starting XI and set tactics to overcome the opposition and it’s the result of those decisions which should determine how far you go in this game. At Forest Green Rovers, managing one of the most well-funded clubs in the Conference, he almost led them to relegation. Twice. On one occasion only avoiding it on a technicality.

And it doesn’t matter how much you want to paint over that fact and try to put a positive spin on his CV, the Forest Green Rovers part is his most relevant experience. No other club of Leeds United’s size is hiring a manager who was a perfectly good coach but ran a much smaller club into the ground when given the chance to step-up because that would be mental.

Hiring David Hockaday was mental.

I don’t blame David Hockaday for one second though. He hasn’t lied his way into the job or pretended to be something he’s not, Cellino got hold of his CV, spent a couple of hours with him moving salt shakers around a table and decided he’s the man for the job. Somehow failing to recognise that when it comes to football, we all talk a good game – because that’s the easy part! Producing a good game is where it gets tricky and in that respect, Hockaday was already known to be lacking.

So if you want to play blame games, it starts and ends with Cellino for he’s the one who bought a Ferrari and gave the keys to Maureen Rees.

What Leeds United have always needed is a Lewis Hamilton, albeit a much cheaper one. A Daniel Ricciardo if you will, someone whose ambition and self-confidence is matched by a proven record at lower levels and is deserving of the step-up. Someone who the press and fans won’t immediately raise doubts about due to his total failure elsewhere. Because however much some of you want to try to minimise that failure, it’s highly relevant, will be brought up constantly and does effect the players.

We’ve seen professional footballers lose confidence in experienced and successful managers quickly enough, but it’s a hell of a lot quicker when the players already have their doubts, the system isn’t working, we’re getting embarrassed on home soil by Brighton and the person leading them can’t point to previous successes to offer reassurance.

Hand-on-heart I’ve tried to give The Hock a fair chance, you need only look at how positive I was trying to be following the lucky win at the weekend, but he hasn’t made it easy with embarrassing displays against Millwall and Brighton and a very fortunate win against Middlesbrough who were running us off the park until a perfectly good goal was disallowed and they let their heads drop.

Why are any of us continuing with this charade when we know Hockaday has zero chance of lasting the season and is going to be replaced soon enough anyway?

My mate brought his young lad last night, who despite being about 40 years The Hock’s junior and having no experience (unless you count the Football Manager game), still managed to call the problems we’d have the second he saw the line-up – no width and a weak midfield too easy to dominate and overrun.

Little smartarse though he may be, he didn’t nail the prediction because he’s the next Jose Mourinho, he’s simply seen a few Leeds games and could spot the glaringly obvious flaws in The Hock’s masterplan – as could every other fan inside Elland Road. And that begs the question, why couldn’t David Hockaday?

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  1. leeds

    i know, he shouldnt have got the job. i would say most of the players dont have any confidence or respect for hockaday,knowing full well it will only be a short time before hes sacked anyway. i mean cellinos doing everything right so far,apart from appointing him hurry up get rid before its too late i was hoping last night might have sealed his fate

  2. colin gill

    For goodness sake, any man /coach has to be given a fair crack of the whip. What you are writing is pure hysteria. Just a question for you, When did you ever coach any sort of football team? What is your experience in managing any group of sportsmen? I agree that’s two questions.

    • ellamforengland

      Sorry Colin, I think you’ve missed the point of the headline. It’s not whether I’ve coached or you have or the writer has, it’s the fact that Hockaday has but to date it appears not that successful..So surely the question is whether Cellino really understands the magnitude of owning a club with the huge potential of Leeds United..We cannot spend more years in the doldrums. i’m starting to run out of time not patience!

      • spellz

        I do not think anyone in the world is unaware of the potential of Leeds United considering in recent history we have were in the semis of the champions league,none more so than Cellino who is a business man and I do not think he has come here naive of that fact but I for one am puzzled by the appointment of Hockaday then and now.

  3. Jay Suscenko

    He has to go now he is out of his depth !! and it really doesnt matter if you have managed a team or not as pointed out his team selection and formation were terrible !!!

  4. clockwork white

    dont fall for it

    the hock is a ‘patsy’ to divert our dopey fans from the real lack of spending going on at leeds – it should be quality not quantity

    a load of serie a and b reserves are just not cutting it

    i wonder why

    cellino has hired a pe teacher to take the flak

    • MaltaWhite

      How can we tell they aren’t cutting it? The team was virtually the same last night as it was all last season. Austin, Tonge, Murphy, Pearce, Warnock all need to go. If Byram doesn’t start to at least look interested in the foreseeable future I would add him to that list too. Hopefully come Saturday there will be at least 4 changes to that shower from last night, with 3 of those being from midfield.

      • Matthew

        Pearce is a good CB, the lack of a midfield last night left the defence completely exposed. Don’t blame him.

  5. Andy Cockayne

    It’s a fair reflection on the current state of our beloved club – in reality we should be played 3 lost 3 because ‘Boro were far superior all over the park on Saturday until the ‘disallowed’ goal and even when their ‘heads dropped’ they were still a big threat!

    When I first heard that MC wanted a continental style coach, one who would simply train and prepare the team, there was only one choice in my mind and he was right in front of MC’s eyes – Neil Redfearn knows the clubs, the players and he has a bit of tactical nous in my opinion…

    If Hockaday does go anytime soon then I would certainly look to promote ‘from within’ at least on a temporary basis…

    On the playing staff front, I’m confused – where are all of these forwards going to fit in and the same pretty much goes for ‘attacking midfielders’, we have a glut!

    I don’t necessarily agree that we need ‘out and out’ wingers because today’s game is more tactical than it used to be so players like Doukara will (should) give us width – Agard would have been a good option but he’s another example of today’s greedy footballer…

    One area we are definitely short of is the sitting holding midfielder, I honestly don’t see Austin in that role and so for me that has to be priority – we need a Joey Barton type in there, someone who knows the game, can slow things down and can string a pass together, sorry Rudy you’re not that man…

    To end I think that I (and pretty much all LUFC fans) need to put things into perspective, with the number of new faces in the squad it is going to take time and will probably be a case of ‘win one lose one’ this season – that would still give us more points than last season! :-)

    • don mawby

      Cook shud in my opinion be given a good run in that holding position,drop austin to the bench and just bring him on if Cook starts to tire as he will…..Drop Tonge to the bench and try the new guy Bene…..i would only bring eithe tonge or austin on when weve scored a couple if thats possible withe this garbage

  6. Mintman

    I agree that last night’s performance was awful but it would be unfair to write-off Hock just on that performance. Shouldn’t he be given at least a little credit for a great second half performance against Boro on Saturday?
    In my opinion, Doukara had a good game on Saturday and caused some trouble. Without him last night, Hock was forced to change things around. Yes, he could have done things differently but you can’t write sensationalist gibberish based on one performance.
    Let’s not excuse the players either. Murphy and Austin need to step up and find the form of which we saw glimpses last season. Give Hock a chance and get behind him before writing him off with over-dramatic nonsense like this.

  7. Colin

    So who do want to replace Hockaday with?
    Maybe a manager with experience of getting teams promoted?
    Maybe an ex Prem manager who knows how to get Championship teams promoted?

    Oh, right. That was Warnock & McDermott.
    If Hockaday is Maureen Rees, then what are those two? Because they delivered car crash results for Leeds United.

    One other point. I get REALLY annoyed when people say ‘Sack Hockaday’ but NEVER provide a name with who they want to replace him.

    One final point, I remember many on TSS gushing with praise upon Warnock’s arrival (not from me by the way). The same people then slated him not long after. One word. FICKLE.

    • Ron

      Especially when after the Boro game everyone on here was feeling good and rubbing their hands together. Give the guy until Xmas for God’s sake. He’s trying to work out the best system for a squad where half the players have never played either in England or together before. He mightn’t be the solution, but let’s wait and see.

      • Matthew

        The problem with giving the guy until Christmas is that we could very well be dead and buried with no hope of surviving in this league. Looking back, we were awful against Millwall, average against Accrington, better against Middlesbrough and pub level, if that, against Brighton. The season has barely just started and we’re playing at such a low standard. I want to be optimistic about Hock but really, on the back of last nights performance I’m genuinely concerned we could go down if changes aren’t made.

      • TSS

        Agreed. But honestly, the team could be bottom of the table with zero points after 45 games and I’d be surprised if someone didn’t moan about our fans’ negativity and insist the manager “needs time”.

        Sure, new managers do need time, but when you have no confidence in them to start with, expect them to fail and they do nothing to prove you wrong, there’s no point delaying the inevitable. And that’s the most irritating thing here – even the fans who urge patience and say he needs time know he’s a dead-man walking, no one honestly believes he can make it to Christmas so what’s the point waiting?

    • TSS

      Your argument is nonsensical. You don’t hire the guy from Burger King to run your Michelin star restaurant because the last two chef’s struggled.

      Only in football can the argument “the people qualified to do the job failed, so let’s hire a failed no-mark who isn’t” be taken seriously. Madness.

      As to replacements, Steve Evans would be a good choice. He’s mad enough to click with Cellino and didn’t fail when given the chance to prove himself.

      • Ron

        Cellino and Hockaday are the same person. Anyone silly enough to believe Hockaday is choosing the team without Cellino’s input is mad. This is exactly what he has done at Cagliari for nearly two decades. No genuine ‘manager’, least of all one gainfully employed will be at Leeds during his tenure. We have a trainer (who is costing peanuts) and a power-hungry owner. Get used to it.

      • Chareose

        Hockaday has stated he picks the team……….Personally though im sure Cellino questions things, overall its Hockaday that picks the team

      • TSS

        No way did Cellino pick the team last night, he’d have put more of the players he’d signed in it had he been responsible for the line-up.

      • Chareose

        I agree, teams crying out for Bellusci and its a shame Doukara and Berardi are not available

    • Chareose

      Gary McAlister wanted the job, he should of been the one we got regardless of how comfortable Cellino was with him. Gary never comes across as arrogant or pushy, I think it could have worked.
      I also remember Ross McCormack commenting on Gary being linked with the job very positively.
      Whilst im reluctant to jump on Hockadays back after so little time you have to question why we cant even do the basics….. Hypia was always going to pack the midfield once he knew Leeds formation. But its also what teams did to us last season. Didn’t Hockaday research last season ?
      Why did it take Hockaday so long to change things around ??
      Why cant he see that Tonge, Murphy and Bianchi are the same type of player so don’t work as a combination ?
      Why are the players not face to face with the opposition when they don’t have the ball ? Brighton had a ridiculous amount of space …….
      Positioning, formations that suit his players, having an action plan from the beginning and adapting your game quickly as you go are all basic for a coach right ?
      Why did it take Sam Byram to point out to Hockaday that Brightons left back had too much space ?
      There is no doubt Leeds are missing midfeilders who are mobile and Hockaday isn’t playing with a full pack but you can still make your team hard to beat if they are set out correctly

    • Rob

      This is the most ridiculous comment I’ve read for a long time.

      We’ve tried hiring football managers so why not try a PE teacher?

      • Colin

        Try actually reading my comment. That’s not what I’ve said. At what point have I defended Hockaday’s appointment?

        My point is that we’ve had ‘good managers’ in the past and they’ve failed.
        Because they were frauds and were not good managers? No.
        It’s because the squad wasn’t good enough. And it still isn’t good enough. Let’s first concentrate on building a squad, then a team.

        A shit manager can get a good team promoted.
        A good manager cannot get a shit team promoted.

        Perhaps Sean Dyche is an exception, but you put any average manager in charge of Leicester or QPR and they get promoted. Because they had the best players. It’s that simple.

      • TSS

        “A shit manager can get a good team promoted.
        A good manager cannot get a shit team promoted.”

        LOL, the manager doesn’t matter at all then? Just fluke I suppose that the likes of Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Don Revie, Howard Wilkinson succeeded while Brian Clough (at Leeds), David Moyes, Avram Grant and so many others failed? They not only have to be good enough and have a good team, but they also have to be a good fit for the players and club.

        You honestly think The Hock would have taken QPR and Leicester up? If so, I want some of what you’re taking mate.

      • Colin

        Let me clarify again, since you clearly misunderstand my comments. Firstly, I haven’t said anything about Hockaday or his ability.
        My point is this – you can shout and moan about the manager until you’re blue in the face. It makes no difference what manager you have (and this is the important bit) when a squad simply isn’t good enough and is lacking in quality.
        If players lose possession and can’t string 2 passes together (ie. the basic stuff), there is very little a manager can do.

        Your manager references were silly. Of course a manager’s quality makes a difference. But ONLY if they have a squad they can compete with.

        Leeds’ one aim is promotion. Simple. Leeds don’t have a squad capable of promotion. It’s not good enough. Let’s concentrate on getting that fixed. Until we do, there isn’t a platform for any manager to go on to achieve promotion

      • TSS

        I do get where you’re coming from, but “a shit manager can get a good team promoted” is ludicrous. Bad managers regularly sink good teams, they don’t take them up.

        And I agree The Hock is a stopgap, but I don’t agree a better manager can’t make a difference with these players. Nobody would line these players up in a 4-4-2 diamond with Rudy as the anchor man playing a position where you need someone who can spread the ball around. Nobody would play a formation so heavily reliant on full-backs getting forward with the options we have. He’s poor in every department.

        While you may think it doesn’t matter until we get a decent squad together, we’ve signed 11 players already who aren’t going to benefit from one humiliating display after the next. It’s stupid to sign players for one manager who has his own system and expect them to get their heads down and learn the ropes, knowing things are going to change and everything they’re currently learning and experiencing is trivial. We should be starting on that work now, with the right guy in place.

        I can’t believe people are genuinely advocating this time-wasting nonsense.

    • spellz

      In all fairness anyones C.V could be easier on the eye than Hocks, even though from the start I have wished him success the first 3 games have been worst than mediocre performances a real poor standard.

  8. Ryan Swift

    Before last night I really wanted to give the hock a chance, even if it was just ironic support. but last night was terrible. We looked like we could have conceded every time Brighton got the ball. The gaps in the midfield were astounding. Rudy seems to have completely lost his way and doesn’t seem to have confidence in the players around him. I still believe that he is more than good enough for this level. Tonge however is not and Bianchi just didn’t look like he could be bothered. We’re playing no better than we did under Warnock. We desperately need Mowatt back, and why not give cook a chance from the start.
    The formation last night was baffling.

  9. Cellinos Chumps

    Hit,nail, head, the,the, you’ve, on, Re-organise into the correct formation – probably beyond Hockady, but most Lufc will get it

  10. Tommo

    Pulls would be a disaster. My nephew works for Palace and from what he tells me he’s a control freak and a bully. And we can’t have 2 of them in charge at ER…

    • Timm

      Control freak & a bully eh? Sounds like that bloke they used to have at scum? Most players are arseholes, & most managers are control freaks. I’d take Pulis any day, but he’s way too good to come. Hocks day gets 150k a year, purely because that makes him easy to sack. I fear we’ll never have a top coach while MC’s in charge. What i’s give for Holloway to come, & then raid Stoke for his old Blackpool maestro Charlie Adam. That pair would get us up

  11. MD

    Hockaday simply doesn’t have the pedigree or credentials to coach at championship level. Forget whether he is good enough for Leeds, he isn’t good enough for a head coach/manager role anywhere in the football league. That’s why he was out of work after being sacked by a non league team after 4 seasons delivering mediocrity at best, abject failure at worst. There is no debate, the guy has no track record of delivering a successful team at any stage in his entire career. He is a drill instructor, nothing more and nothing less and whilst any calls for him to be “given time” are commendable they are equally short sighted and backed up by nothing more than blind optimism. Sorry boys and girls, we need more than that if we want to survive in this league.

    The problem unfortunately isn’t Hockaday, it’s our self appointed saviour MC. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy and I’ve been impressed with his passion and no nonsense approach to running our club. BUT. His appointment of Hockaday and Lewis was madness and only MC can put it right. I believe he wants to see a successful Leeds team back in the premiership, unfortunately he will need to find some humility along the way if he is to make that dream a reality. The starting point HAS TO BE bringing in a head coach deserving of the title and with the skills, experience and gravitas to coach and succeed to coach and succeed at this level.

    Before all the Hockaday apologists jump on the bandwagon and demand what are my credentials and what do I know. Good question. Sweet FA is the answer. What I do know is Hockadays team have been outplayed in all 3 league games so far this season, comprehensively outplayed in 2 of them. I know his diamond formation tactics don’t work. I know we have no width whatsoever in his team selection or tactics. I know that playing 4 central midfielders all lacking in any pace is stark staring madness. I may know sweet FA but it appears I know at little more than our head coach.

    If MC leaves the decision too long we will face a season scrapping to stay in the championship, and we may not make it.

    MC has done good things for our club but sentiment and blind faith have to be put to one side. The appointment of Hockaday isn’t one of them and the sooner it is remedied the better.

    I refuse to believe nobody of any pedigree would be prepared to work for MC. At least lets ask the question and find out. The answer can’t be any worse than Hockaday.

  12. realalemadras

    Why didn’t Cellino appoint Ranieri when he parted company with Monaco in the summer after leading them from French Division 2 to Champions League qualification within 3 years? Proven in the ‘Head Coach’ role with a proven track record of success he’s the perfect fit as well as speako Italiano. Perhaps Cellino simply can’t cohabit with someone of such self esteem and reputation? Ranieri is now coach of Greece but would be top of my wanted list for sure.

    There’s no point spending millions on improving the squad then appointing a second rate coach for peanuts to save a few quid on compensation when you sack him a few weeks down the line.

    On the plus side, Forest Green are at the top of the Conference!!!

  13. Matthew

    Last night, we played 45 minutes of what could only be described as non football. It was a performance so dire, not even a 1 out of 10 could describe it. We never played this bad under McDermott either. Taking off Sharp was just the icing on the cake for what was a clusterfuck of a night. If Gibbs were still here, I would suggest getting rid of Hock and putting him in charge.

  14. spellz

    I have seen a video of forest green fans booing him off the pitch, if he was some up and coming manager for a club that size he should be getting back to back promotions to be taking on the ‘momentus’ task of turning around Leeds fortunes so I have never agreed with the appointment regardless of how optimistic I have to remain when any changes at Leeds occurs, who is advising Cellino and gave his C.V to him anyway? the man who did ultimately is responsible for a risky aquisition at our club .

  15. PMH

    This article is ridiculous. We always knew that hiring Hockaday was a bad managerial decision. But three matches with new personnel each time is not a fair test for a coach nor even close to fair. There is no point blaming him for the Brighton performance when key players just showed up yesterday. Please let us get over the daily overreaction: a win means the second coming and a loss is a total disaster. Expect wild inconsistency and lots of losses for the next few moths. That is the result of ownership trying to do everything himself and taking too long to bring in new blood.

    • TSS

      Equally, your comment is ridiculous.

      “We always knew that hiring Hockaday was a bad managerial decision.”

      And then you go on to say he hasn’t had enough time?

      Which one is it? Because a bad decision remains a bad decision, adding time can only exasperate the problem. If it’s a bad decision, you fix it. Simple.

    • Tim

      If it’s a bad decision then time to put it right. He picked the team and set it up.

  16. Tim

    Iv’e tried to be positive but when I saw the team sheet and the subs last night I nearly walked out – wish I had actually. Hock now says Benedicic isn’t fit. Well he played half an hour a week ago so he must be fitter than that by now and he puts Norris on the bench.
    He had obviously not done ANY homework on Albion’s danger men and then blames the players! Why oh why are we picking the same old midfield that let us down all last season – no tactical nouse, no pace and no vision. If you don’t want to play hoofball then don’t play Smith if there is no intention to go wide and cross the ball. Where was Bellusci, Lewis and Ajose to start?
    All complete madness and not one meaningfull shot on goal.
    Hock said he would rather have a go and lose 2 – 0 while chasing an equaliser and then takes off Sharp. He can’t handle these better players. This was far more depressing that the Millwall defeat.
    Expectation is now turning to anger among the fans at the sheer waste of talent not playing and the clueless tactics.
    Come on Cellino and make a decision quickly before it’s too late.

    • PMH

      But he hasn’t learned anything so he will make an equally stupid decision if he hires a replacement for Hockaday. What is the plan here: new coach every week until the team wins?

  17. Jimmy

    Players moving out of and into Elland Road, a work in progress and still deciding on who, bar injury, the starting eleven on a regular basis may be factually correct but you can only use these excuses for so long. Last night’s football was a dismal 90+ minutes, with no real expectation of Leeds scoring. That aside, fitness, commitment and getting the player’s to gel as a team will take time and patience, but the match tactics do not need the same consideration and are down to one man alone.

    As well as my own thoughts, and l’m no coach, l could hear all around me last night, the same illustrated comments being made about shape, space, unmarked players etc. We were quite simply shamed last night and that is down to DH!

    Nothing will happen for now, but once the transfer window is closed, if Leeds isn’t on the up DH will be gone!

    • Tim

      Watford, Bradford and Bolton. I reckon he has at most three games left and then it’s the two week international break. Can’t believe that Cellino is not already looking at options. How would Di Canio suit for example?

      • Tim

        You may be right, but just getting a discussion going!
        Tim Sherwood?

      • TSS

        Rotherham’s boss. He’s slightly mad, which is a must, has been successful at smaller clubs and would be hungry and ready for the challenge.

      • Jimmy

        Mad President, mad manager/head coach it might work, stranger things have happend, indeed they have at Elland Road e.g. Getting sacked from Green Forest Rovers makes you ideal for Leeds United!

        It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic!

  18. Tyler75

    Completely and totally agree TSS. There was always going to be a settling in period with so many new players, probably accompanied by a few defeats – I think most of us could have coped with that if we were able to see evidence of improvement or potential. Its beyond logic that Massimo will let the investment and hard work he is committing elsewhere be ruined by a man who thinks a diamond formation without wing backs and with Austin the ‘playmaker’ at the base of it, is the way to win games in the Championship. Utterly clueless.

    • Tyler75

      What is even more disturbing are the Hock’s post-game comments and ‘analysis’ – ‘away with the fairies’ as my Irish in-laws would say.

    • PMH

      You are NOT going to see progress from one game to the next, that is not how it happens. A new team will click one game and be shambolic the next. That is reality.

  19. oldschoolbaby

    I`m not sure we need to be getting so animated. Cellino is nothing if not ruthless and devoid of sentimentality. The Hock has to shape up, and quickly, or be gone.
    The logic behind it all is difficult to guess at. I`m thinking he`s just a dispensible fall guy being used to reinforce the diktat that the coach will be the coach and nothing more. Cellino “shaping the battlefield” to ensure DH`s successors aren`t tempted to get too belligerent.

    • TSS

      Makes sense, and it’s as I said above, he’s a stopgap. A patsy to Cellino’s team building. But how long do we have to suffer his uselessness until we get someone fit to lead the team in?

      • oldschoolbaby

        How long ? I would guess Mr C will be happy to write this season off if that`s the price to be paid for totally imposing himself on the club.
        You can see the logic. At the start of next season we may have a credible coach. The wheat will have been sorted from the chaff in the foreign legion. The deadwood will be gone and the academy products will have been assessed.
        The problem being football is not entirely compatible with logic. On a more positive note I am convinced that 12 months hence we will have an improved, settled squad with a reasonably obvious 1st XI

  20. PMH

    Hockaday was a stupid hire but he has been in the job just a few weeks. He didn’t recruit the players and he probably doesn’t even know all the names yet. Plus, you and I have watched more Leeds matches than him. I don’t know if he has the ability to run a Championship team, but it is much too soon to make that judgement. Give him a month. We have a few games, then the international break, then it will be reasonable to make a judgement after a couple of matches. But this is a very minor issue in the great scheme of things.

    The big question here is whether Cellino will learn from his mistakes. He wants to make football decisions, but he will have to take the blame when things go wrong. He needs to find a football man who he can work with when he realizes that he does not have the technical competence to be the manager. Until that happens there is no point in firing and hiring. Once again, Hockaday is irrelevant, Cellino is responsible for the team, the football, and the results.

  21. Kevin Scorah

    Not one of us truly believes Hockaday is anything but a stopgap. The only talking point is when he will go; my personal feeling is that he will still be here come 2015 but will depart before the end of the January window.
    The problem isn’t necessarily his coaching (within the game he is well thought of) but his inexperience at managing (picking teams and tactics) is woefully inadequate. He failed at FGR miserably and there is absolutely no reason to think a miracle turnaround is forthcoming.
    The Hock is no more than ‘back room staff’. All managers employ coaches and right-hand men -even ‘Arry had McClaren and now Hoddle.
    The problem is Cellino. For all the good he’s doing, he wants to be the manager (buying/selling hiring and firing) but recognizes he doesn’t have the knowledge or credentials for the dugout. He therefore needs a patsy coach and that’s where Hock comes in.
    At some point though, Cellino will have to find a manager who has a track record AND, crucially, is willing to accept ‘managing’ in an unorthodox way.

    Here’s my list of potentials;
    Tony Pulis, Di Matteo, OLeary, John Toshak, Zola, Paul Sturrock, Gareth Southgate, John Sheridan, Stuart McCall.

  22. Colin

    Massimo Cellino tonight: “I was so pissed off with him (Hockaday) during the match (Brighton), but then afterwards I realised it wasn’t his fault, and the fans need to realise this,” he said.

    “He doesn’t have the players he needs to do what he wants. I would like to blame Hockaday – that would be the easy thing to do and might make me feel better – but the truth is he just doesn’t have the players at the moment.”

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to get across on this forum, but by most (mainly TSS), I got slated.

    I rest my case.

    • TSS

      Oh, my bad. I didn’t realise that when the guy who hired him says that’s the case, I can’t disagree and maintain my stance that it was a ridiculous appointment in the first place.

  23. Reiver

    After four games played we’ve already conceded 8 goals and, not including an own goal, we’ve scored just 1 and would be joint bottom of the league on goal average. This can’t go on. Cellino must hold up his hand and admit he was a first class idiot for appointing Hockaday. It worries me that we have such an hare-brained owner wanting to call all the shots – our misery looks set to go on.


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