Massimo Cellino has seemingly calmed down and decided to continue with David Hockaday for the time being.

Leeds United’s owner admitted he was planning to sack Hockaday, but has changed his mind following a meeting with Hockaday.

“Maybe he’s not a good coach but I can’t say yet” added Cellino, saying he’ll decided Hockaday’s future once the squad is complete.

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David ‘Pressure’ Hockaday’s spell as Leeds United boss is to be brought to an end by Massimo Cellino following another humiliating display away to Watford.

The Leeds United owner is said to be furious with a 4-1 defeat at Vicarage Road yesterday and only a shortage of staff able to step-up and take control of the first team is delaying what now appears to be inevitable.

Hockaday has managed just 1 win from Leeds’ four Championship fixtures so far, a somewhat fortuitous victory against Middlesbrough who fell to pieces following a harshly disallowed goal.

It was always going to be a difficult task for David Hockaday and most fans will agree that any blame falls on Massimo Cellino for the poor judgment he demonstrated in appointing a failed Conference manager to lead Leeds United.

While some still argue that his coaching experience at Championship level made him a suitable candidate, coaches operate in the background largely free from the pressure and scrutiny the man occupying the top spot is subjected to.

Elland Road isn’t the place to experiment with unknowns, the pressure and expectations here are unlike most other clubs and the man at the top needs to be able to manage that. That doesn’t necessarily rule out an inexperienced manager, but they have to be something special and a man who failed at the lowest professional level of English football wasn’t ticking many boxes.

It’s fair to say the fans never had much faith in Hockaday and that hasn’t made his life easier, but that’s something Massimo Cellino has to consider before making an appointment. Leeds United fans demand success and when you give them someone they believe is reducing that chance, a frosty reaction is to be expected.

There are other factors to consider in Leeds United’s poor start to the season of course, not least of which is the club’s failure to get players signed in time for pre-season to be more effective. But eleven players have now been added to a core of the same squad which was performing reasonably well before the chaos took hold midway through last season, and while this Leeds United side remain nowhere near good enough to win the league, the dreadful start and poor performances we’ve witnessed suggest no signs of improvement.

With the Hock experiment now coming to an end, attention turns to his replacement who’ll hopefully be someone the fans, media and players believe can take the club forward because getting everyone on the same page has always been half the battle at Elland Road. Leeds United isn’t a small town club in Italy, it’s an enormous club from England’s third largest city with a fanbase stretching to all corners of the world. This isn’t the place for bizarre experiments.

Is Cellino right to fire Hockaday?

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  1. mrbigwheels

    The only thought I have is.. What the hell is Cellino going to do next?. You just don’t know with this man. Has he taken the obvious on board, as per your comments or will he just go for another experiment?. Madman or Magician… appointments do not seem his forte’ at the moment…. Meanwhile there is actually a quiet riot going on. Beggars belief doesn’t it…

  2. Chareose

    TSS like I said earlier………Personally I don’t think Hockaday is right for Leeds but between the fans and Cellino he had no chance anyway even if he was good enough. At this moment in time we are a truly dysfunctional club complete with an understandably depressed, miserably , cynical fan base who still have high expectations

    All that simply adds huge pressure onto the players and staff

    Bottom line is we need some big, giant characters to take a grip of the team and coaching or we will carry on with this self destructive cycle indefinitely…..
    I have to read absolute drivel posted by depressed fans exaggerating negatives “all our players are from serie B”, “They are all rubbish”, “Cellinos in cahoots with Bates”……..blah blah blah……almost none of that is true. As a fan base we should take a good look at ourselves, we are supposed to be supporters but we don’t appear to be doing much supporting …
    Clubs always going to fail in those circumstances just like England always fail given the way the public and the media are waiting for any chance to slag them off and wallow in misery

    • TSS

      Yeah, think we’re on the same page here and the England comparison is spot on, but you can’t change the mindset of thousands, you have to use it instead. I’ve said for years we need a Mourinhoesque figure with supreme self-confidence who’ll come in and absorb all the pressure and use it to our advantage. Not someone who follows the match by telling the press his team isn’t good enough, how’s that supposed to inspire belief?

      All of the criticisms and naysayers can be channeled to our advantage. Fergie used to do it at Scum, Mourinho does it at Chelski. Rather ridiculously, the only manager in recent history who I think has properly done so at Leeds is Dennis Wise.

      • Chareose

        all true though id suggest Grayson was a pretty good motivator. His bad results only started appearing when Bates pulled the rug out from underneath him by selling his best players
        I agree the psychology isn’t there and our playing style is warped (zero shots on target) I mean its not rocket science…..4-5 passes shot on goal, 4-5 passes shot on goal……just like Leeds played under O’Leary or Man U played under Fergie should be the target for the team
        All that said I think we all need to take a step back and try as hard as it is to support the owner and the club because whether we like it or not we are stuck with each other. Embrace Cellinos way and tell him our feelings in a constructive way should reap better benefits in the long term??

    • Ron

      Will the players get a reprieve via the sacking of Hockaday? How many managers have we sacked now where the players get another chance to play in the great white shirt that is Leeds United? I don’t know if Hockaday is the man to stabilise this club, but a few things worth considering in his defence are 1. Watford will be in the top six come May 2 and we needed 11 on the pitch 2. Half the squad have never played together 3. Many of our new signings have never played in England, let alone the Championship. Given Cellino and Salerno are doing the recruiting, Hockaday can’t be held responsible for point 3. You may be right that Hockaday is toast, but when will we start blaming the players?

      • Chareose

        we have been blaming the players on and off the pitch for years… don’t think they know ? you don’t think the likes of Tonge and Murphy will read online forums or hear the boos or receive abusive tweets ? last years capitulation was down to a number of reasons, poor quality, poor management, the take over but it also didn’t help that BM forced the players to stand and be abused by leeds fans for 5 mins after Rochdale, it didn’t help that they heard their manager admit they weren’t good enough and it didn’t help when the fans bood them off every game……like I said its a self destructive cycle that we need to find a way to get out of. no ones to blame and everyones to blame

      • Ron

        How does Luke Muyrphy know he’s playing bad when he is picked every week? He’s had one good game since joining for a decent fee. Anyway, welcome to the Cellino era – constant managerial upheaval and amusing outbursts.

      • henrymouni

        Even players who play for us get salaries far above what most fans will ever see.
        The players do not need to read tweets & forums to know that their performances are bad.
        They are not good enough and fans have a right to boo if the performance is constantly bad but – each game they start afresh.
        At Watford yesterday the fans gave the players a standing ovation when they came off at half time.
        Did that inspire the players? No
        They fell apart in the second half.
        How can you cheer that???

      • Chareose

        My god……they fell apart due to a sending off and a penalty….did you miss that bit ???!!! Watford happen to be a pretty proficient team aswell.
        Anyway if you don’t agree carry on booing mate see how helpful it is……
        P.S Ive posted other comments too if you should feel the need to argue for the sake of arguing

      • henrymouni

        I don’t boo the team, but fans have that right.
        You do not need to be childish.
        I respect your opion but you think yours is the only one that counts.

  3. Thommohawk

    The season’s only just started and they’re on about sacking Hockaday already?! I wouldn’t have hired Hockaday in the first place but truth be told the players we have we aren’t anywhere near the level of half of most of the teams we have played so far, we are a mid table Championship team with a whole host of players who need to gel and a whole host of other players who aren’t good enough.

    Sacking Hockaday now would serve no purpose and other than Mourinho coming in nobody else is going to make a huge difference because Cellino is the one signing the players and we are just not where we want to be yet, give it til after Christmas at least. You brought Hock in and signed lots of players give them all something of a chance…..

    • The Peacocks

      I’d more than happily take a ‘mid table Championship’ place at the end of the season right now!
      (BTW, why did my 1st comment get deleted?)

  4. Gazza

    OK Watford analysis – 0 shots on target, 2 players sent off and here are the manager’s actual words: “I thought we came here and did a very, very good job and played some decent stuff which I’m very, very happy with.” Draw your own conclusions. Cellino is running the club as he runs a small Italian side, wake up buddy, this is The Championship and you are not cutting it. admit your mistake with Hock and lose your ego and listen to the people that care about the club

  5. Whitewolf

    The question is should Hockaday have been put in charge the answer NO but now he has he needs a fair chance and he’s not had one. What manager will come and play puppet to Cellino? Eleven new signings is never going to be easy to blend into the team BUT something has to change and we should start by going for clean sheets and grind out some points. Pick the team and play it dont tinker unless you have to. Once the defensive unit knows what its doing build from there- at present its like a load of strangers playing together.

    • TSS

      “The question is should Hockaday have been put in charge the answer NO but now he has he needs a fair chance and he’s not had one.”

      Heard a few people make the same argument and this makes no sense at all. We agree his appointment was a mistake, that he isn’t the right man for the job – you don’t compound that mistake by leaving him in place to make matters worse. You admit it, fix it, move on.

  6. Bornawhite

    Personally I hope we do get a foreign coach in, someone with a similar pedigree to Pottechini would be ideal. Before he arrived at Southampton how many people can claim to have known about him. However identifying such coaching pedigree is another matter.
    I suspect Cellino offers incentivised contracts which are strictly performance related. Hence his ability to wield the axe frequently. Is this approach a beacon for the best new coaching talent available?
    Unlikely, but I may be wrong. Worrying times……again.

    • JDC

      “However identifying such coaching pedigree is another matter”. I suspect that Cellino will know a number of coaches in the Pochettino mould in the Italian leagues, and if he sacks Hockaday, I suspect we’ll find out.

      • Bornawhite

        Thanks for the correct spelling of Pochettino, I suspected mine was off the mark. But I knew folk would know whom I meant.
        Not convinced locating such a coach will be easy, otherwise he would not have appointed Hockaday on the basis of his flair with a salt shaker.

  7. Bruce

    We all assume that any decent manager would not touch this club but I don’t buy that. We do not have the slightest idea what is happening. This is Cellinos first English club, even he admitted this is all new to him. He will learn that things are done different over here. You simply cannot heap pressure and responsibility on a manger or coach whilst at the same time treating him like a teaboy. He now knows how hard this is going to be and he is not crazy enough to get the fan base totally against him, I think that’s the last thing he wants.

  8. Matthew

    Cellino needs to appoint a proper manager, pay the going rate, and simply let them be the manager. We won’t have many problems attracting people if he did this, the promise of transfer money at the next window(Or even this one if the time is there) would be the icing on the cake.

    • mrbigwheels

      Well said Matthew but we all see an ownership ego problem here at the moment unless…… there is a side to Cellino that we don’t know.
      That is humility in the sense of… ‘I got it wrong and need to do what is the right way forward for Leeds United’.

      • Matthew

        I fully agree with you, I get that the man is passionate about the club but for the good of the club he needs to take a step back and simply let the manager be the manager, none of this head coach nonsense. He can still be the boss if his ego would allow him to work as an equal with any manager and not interfere for the good of the side if the manager is talking sense.

      • henrymouni

        The strangest thing about the set up is that Massimo is buying all the players.
        Then the coach has to work with people he knows nothing about.
        He is stuck with players he may not rate, and is pressured into picking them for the first team.

      • Matthew

        You just know it’s all going to blow up. It’s not really a matter of if, but when. Hocks replacement should tell us all we need to know, when it comes to survival or relegation. Or should I be saying replacements? Get another conference manager and by next month I’m sure we’ll be talking about head coach number 3.

  9. Gazza

    I hope I eat these words but we are all in for a long sad season and beyond with Cellino because his has the ego the size of a planet. I don’t see him understanding that the problem is when he looks in the mirror. His behaviors displayed so far are disrespecting the club. McDermott was good honest hard working guy with talent. His mistake was getting a new boss. Cellino is history already but he does not know it. Time for Div 1

    • LincolnWhite

      ‘Cellino is history’ you say. OK – what’s the future you’re going to map out for success. I get cheesed off with posters saying what they don’t want, but not giving alternatives to give us hope!

      • Gazza

        I do not have the choice or the power but I am commenting on the terrible behavior I am seeing. This is terrible leadership and in my vast experience as a Director/CEO/Chairman of a number of organisations it can only end in tears. I am sad to say I do not see a successful future under Cellino. I hope I am wrong as a passionate Leeds supporter since 1966.

      • LincolnWhite

        Sorry, i’m not being rude, I just want to see some positive suggestions, within any parameters, for possible ways to make progress. Some posters (since day one) seem to think that being offensive in terminology is supporting the club, though I genuinely fail to see how purely negative comments can be looked upon as offering anything positive.

      • Gazza

        No offence taken, I think we are all so disappointed with the current situation and we desperately want it to change. This is a place to let of steam a little. I would not be offensive but I say it how I see it, I really feel Cellino’s behavior is disgraceful and this is not the way to run a football club especially our beloved Leeds United

  10. Markman

    I understand that the current manager is only being paid ten percent of what the last one was. That mindset has to change.
    My feeling is that hockaday was never the right man. He can’t be blamed for being given players he knows nothing about or even heard of and being told to get on with it. Also players being sent off on there debuts does not help.

    Pulis would be the best of British but would he touch us with a barge pole.

    The press would have a field day if Malky
    Came in.

  11. henrymouni

    Having pondered our situation over-night I cannot blame The Hock for this mess.
    He played the best, fit, players he had.
    Lewis Cook cannot be thrown into these games just yet, and it is obvious that the new players are not good enough/fit enough
    to play.
    I do not think Serie B players are as good as Championship players.
    If we had gone for 3 top pro’s from the Championship or Prem’ they would have been playing yesterday.
    Even though Billy Sharpe is not 100% fit he plays. No one else could take his place.
    These old squad players have seen off Neil Warnock, Brian Mc & probably The Hock.
    This is all Massimo’s cock up I’m afraid, though I know many of you will not agree.
    No coach on earth can work with this squad, or Massimo, and be successful.
    I can see Massimo doing the coaching himself. LOL
    The Leeds fans have been fantastic and loyal, and it is ridiculous to blame them for pressure on the team.
    NO FANS in the country would put up with the rubbish we have had to endure, and still cheer the team every week.
    The fact that the team are, and continue to be crap, is the fault of the owner and the coaching staff.
    Motivation and intelligence is lacking in our boys, and all the activity in the transfer market has left us no better off.
    This ‘get behind the team’ nonsense is getting us nowhere.
    We deserve a team worth getting behind.

    • Chareose

      ………….Bellusci is Seria A, hes viewed as having enough ability to play for the Italian National team but being loyal to Catania has held him back. Berardi is from Sampdoria (not Serie A). Silvestri was loaned to Cagliari in Serie A……….its just getting boring having to correct people who keep stating this because it sounds more negative
      Watford are not a good comparison as they are owned by Udinese so they simply loan serie A players to them, we don’t have that route so we must attract top players to play for what they perceive to be an average championship side…….
      Doukara looks a solid player and I think Antenucci will do OK so all this negativity will in time be proven wrong
      Yes we need real quality but the owner is attempting to replace an entire squad so we haven’t got the luxury of spending 15 million on only 3 very high quality players

      • henrymouni

        “so all this negativity will in time be proven wrong”

        How do you know this?
        The truth is not negative or positive .
        You are guessing that these players will be good enough.
        Silvestri looks dodgy, and I don’t see him keeping his place in goal.
        Doukara looks OK but he is not a goalscorer, and I don’t see him being a great player for us.
        Bellusci, may be OK, but he has not got off to a very good start, and lost us the game yesterday.
        Bianchi has done his best but he cannot run midfield, and only lays the ball off, rather than running through the opposition to create chances.
        Berardi, did not last long, before getting sent off, so it is difficult to say how good he is.
        We have had 11 years of optimism, with no progress what so ever!!
        Give me facts not dreams.

      • Chareose

        The same thing can be argued back at you …………WE HAVE HAD 4 GAMES so how do you know they wont come good…….are you psychic ???? INFACT how do you know ANY player will come good because they are all a gamble just ask TORRES ! One of us being more open minded than the other, if you have FACTS at this stage then you should be in football management !

      • henrymouni

        Neither of us know anything.
        All can do is look at things now!
        Now we are a very poor team.
        The majority of the team we have seen over the years cannot come good because they are not good enough.
        Coaches have come and tried to work with them without success and have been sacked because of them.
        To expect them to come good is going against history and common sense.
        The new players may improve, but RIGHT NOW, it does not look to promising on what we have seen.
        Do you really see this squad moving into the top half of this league??
        Eddie Gray said on LUTV that this squad was not good enough for this league and are not intelligent enough to adapt in games.
        Sounds pretty accurate to me, if not you.

      • Chareose

        With a couple of midfielders added I would say yes we could finish in the top half but I don’t think the circumstances surrounding our club will help us sign players before Transfer window shuts
        Cellino has taken the blame for that so fair play, lets move on and support the team. If they can pull themselves together im confident they can avoid relegation
        By the way I respect your opinion too, i just get hept up and im very political

      • henrymouni

        I agree my friend.
        Midfield is the key to all our woes.
        Although we are trying to pass the ball, we are going round in circles and nobody can take on the opposition and get round them.
        I think we are all a bag of nerves just now Chareose.
        I wake up depressed by the whole thing, and it is no good for man nor beast!

      • Gazza

        I am commenting on the terrible behavior I am seeing. This is terrible leadership and in my vast experience as a Director/CEO/Chairman of a number of organisations it can only end in tears. This is not the way to treat people so this is your evidence. I am sad to say as a loyal Leeds supporter since 1966 I do not see a successful future under Cellino.

  12. Jimmy

    The DH question, was l believe, tounge in cheek TSS. MC when taking the club over with no prior experience of UK football was either badly advised or took no advice relying instead on his Italian football knowledge and unique management style alone when he appointed DH. I would imagine that in the intervening period MC will have been on a steep learning curve and hopefully will now be much better placed when a replacement is sought.

    I have no doubt the candidate will be from Europe, but as long as he can speak fluent English and comes with a good pedigree with the ability to motivate and employ innovative tactics there will be no complaints from this supporter.

    I have always expressed my concern that MC does not fully appreciate that managing the ambition and expectations of the Whites supporters is almost as important as selecting the right coach and player’s, they come as a package one indivisible from the other. Despite the very poor start, injuries and red cards we are only 5 points adrift of the league table top 6. However, with out some serious surgery the low points and relegation placing will become a mountain to climb instead of a vigerous uphill walk!

    Over to you MC, the supporters are doing their bit, time for you to set the team on the right track!

  13. alwaysleeds

    I think apart from the manager/coach situation is that the backbone of the team, that is the midfield, is not up to it ..They weren’t up to it last season and certainly not this one either. Why are we still playing Austin, Tonge and Murphy? Get the midfield sorted and we’ll get better cover for our defence and give our strikers more opertunities. I dont think a new manager is going to get any more out of this bunch.

  14. Stonemonkey

    Get Eddie Gray in now! If he wants a coach that can inspire our players, develop our youngsters and gain the respect of all then there is no one better. Look at his record with respect of this, it’s second to non. Wouldn’t want him getting grief of half of our so called supporters though whilst he turned things round. Everything takes time and it made me laugh out loud when people started talking about top two after Middlesbrough :-) MOT

    • henrymouni

      Eddie says the squad is not good enough, or smart enough.
      He is as disappointed as we are.

    • PMH

      If you were Eddie Gray why on earth would you want to work for Cellino? You don’t get authority to make decisions, Plus, It is a nine month gig at best, then you get fired.

  15. Nog

    It’s just shit so frustrating when are we ever going to get to that corner so we can turn

  16. Scally Lad

    What’s with the panic of disposing of The Hock when it’s still early days? We’re five points adrift of the top six. Give the manager a chance, not the sack. Contain the panic.

  17. todgertownwhite

    Everybody seems to have forgot,once the window closes and we’ve sorted out the in’s and out.s,weve got a 2 week international break, so that should be akin to an extra pre season where the players should have the opportunity to learn to play together as a team (hopefully)

  18. KevMo

    I hope that when The Hock goes that he is going to be given a huge severance payment for the humiliation that he has suffered from day one. He was never the man for the job, and should never have been offered it, but he was and you can’t blame The Hock for accepting that once in life time chance. I just wonder who it was that suggested him to Massimo in the first place, someone with a strange sense of humour.

    • Ron

      I’ll be shocked if Hockaday receives a penny on the way out. No point in Cellino’s strategy if the contract is not on his terms when it goes wrong. The greater shame about this all is that Hockday has arguably wasted a summer getting to know the players and like all transfer windows for Leeds, our signings are later on so it takes us a while to get going. Anyway, as a few on here have pointed out – our squad is not good enough for anything like what our fans want. Mid-table would be a good result as things stand. Therefore, the next manager will need to be Jesus Christ to do much better. We all wanted an Arab with billions and we ended up with Cellino.

  19. Jimmy

    Classic MC, a delaying tactic while he decides who the next coach will be! A holding action action until the end of the transfer window!
    Whatever you want to call it, it stinks! It costs me a £120 on average to travel to and from a home game, not on the current performance thank you MC!

  20. mrbigwheels

    Sacking Hockaday tonight doesn’t actually solve the problem for tomorrow… now I’ve thought about it. We’ve all discussed the problems and who is to blame

    There’s only one way and that is how Cellino gets out of the position he’s put himself in… never mind who the next Coach is… imo… for the moment. Looks like mid September before Cellino will be ‘comfortable’ with an answer to his experiment.

    • henrymouni

      If Massimo can accept The Hocks impossible task, he may not sack him yet.
      Our problems started with a diabolical pre-season, without many of the new recruits.
      It seems like we are in pre-season now.
      Players trying to get match fit and getting to know their teammates while the season rolls on.

      • PAUL W

        I totally agree, the pre-season and also the close season, was an absolute waste of valuable time, when all of the new players should have been signed, in time for the start of the season.
        Despite two whole weeks wasted in that stupid fitness camp in Italy at the start of the pre-season, most of the Leeds players still look slow and unfit and have NO team spirit.
        I honestly now think that Cellino is clueless about recruiting players, that are suitable to play in an extremely tough league like the Championship.
        Hockaday was always in an impossible job, but he has not been backed with the proper amount of players, to strengthen all of the weak areas in the team, such as the wide areas of midfield and central midfield, which is still extremely slow and very unproductive.

      • PMH

        Damn right. He is putting a team together during the season. That is the hardest way to build a team. I agree Cellino should have hired an experienced manager, but he couldn’t resist trying to do it all himself. From where we are I think it is best to let Hockaday hang in until we see what kind of team we have. When Cellino has learned his lesson he may be able to eat some humble pie and hire a manager and actually delegate to someone who knows WTF he is doing.
        No self-respecting manager would want to work for Cellino at the moment. Except maybe Malky is desperate enough to take the job.

    • Matthew

      I think the solution to all of our problems lies at the door of Cellino himself. His heart is clearly in the right place but his way isn’t working, and could get us relegated if he does another Hock appointment. I don’t want us in League 1 again, I don’t think we’re awful enough to deserve it either, as I said earlier, we need a proper manager, allow him to bring his own people in and really rebuild. Another conference manager will only end the same way.

  21. Gazza

    I just read that Cellino said publicly he was going to sack Hock and then spoke to him and decided not to….deja vu this is what happened to BM. This is the behavior that creates mistrust and alienation with the club and fans. This moron does is out of his depth and should never own such a historic legendary club. Unfortunately, money does not mean competency!!

    • LincolnWhite

      Why call him a moron? Does it make you feel big? It certainly adds nothing constructive to any discussion.

  22. henrymouni

    Just heard:-

    Cellino said: “Yes, I decided to sack him. I said ‘he’s finished.’ But I learned a long time ago to wait on a decision for 24 hours.

    “If I fire the coach I should fire myself because I haven’t signed enough good players. How can that be his fault.”

    He has admitted he has “not signed good enough players”!!
    I rest my case!

    • Matthew

      He can sign as many players as he wants, it won’t make a difference when the coach is shit.

      • henrymouni

        I don’t think so Grumpy, unless the good players are hidden at Thorpe Arch.
        He could also have added that he has signed players for the wrong positions!
        We are in need of Two good centre backs.
        Two Wingers.
        Another goal-scoring forward.
        A Midfield general and and attacking midfield player you can take on and beat defenders to create space for the attackers.
        A top goalkeeper who can dominate the box and give confidence to our defenders.
        That’s 8 players we need and only a few days to go!!!LOL

  23. spellz

    We are a joke at presesnt, I feel we are not doing well under Hockaday FACT, his system is to attempt to dominate posession with very little attacking prowess and yesterday in the first half was a perfect example of how to control a game and not create chances, we by far had more of the ball but yet not one shot on goal, its all a bit tame we are meant to be ferocious when playing, we are Leeds and it really is not good enough, Cellino really needs to wise up and rise up to the challenge of attempting a climb in the table, wether that means replacing the coach or even investing in one professional experienced battler of a midfielder or some wing players with pace we are going nowhere with the current system in place, drop the ego admit you underestimated the strength of the championship and make the changes.

  24. mrbigwheels

    Post Update…. It’s all my fault says Cellino.

    Right…. Stop effing about … go and buy TWO PROPER WINGERS!…

  25. bd

    Been to two games and generally player quality bought is poor, no player do i think “many teams will be after him next season”.

    Silvestri average at best.
    Bianchi average -takes way too much time on the ball
    Bellusci good but discipline terrible (20 games last season 2 sending offs 5 yellow cards,so i wasnt surprised when i saw him get straight red.)

    But the strikers look like they may be good.

    All theses players brought in and not one creative player.

    (if you dont believe me go to a game and see what ever the tactics are you can always spot a good player from his touch and pass tec.)

    In regards to Hock, when appointing a head coach, he will man manage and choose the tactics for the entire squad MC said he knew very little about Hock when he appointed him,but had a good feeling. unbelievable.

    Its Mc money so he has to live with these mistakes, but i dont think Nicola Salerno is great at recruiting and appointing a top coach should be number one priority.

    • LincolnWhite

      You may wish to review your ‘not one creative player’ comment since it appears that Sloth has signed. If, and that still might be a big IF, Adryan signs, then the comment will look even more out of place.

      • henrymouni

        Casper Sloth is very exciting.
        I think he might play against Bradford – I hope so!!
        Cook may get a start too which will be good!

  26. Helen LUFC

    I’ve told you time and time again, Cellino is bad news for LUFC. Some of you may wake up and get into the real world. The rest of you…zzzzzzzzzzz

    • theseagullbus

      Bad news? Early days yet and he’s done the dirty job(s) that needed to be done,although its fair to say he’s on a steep learning curve.Lots of positive things happening with the club but patience is needed.

    • LincolnWhite

      Your comments come across as being incredibly arrogant and conceited. Just because YOU have said something ‘time and time again’ does not make it true. It may or may not be true, but has nothing to do with you repeating it, and it’s further arrogance to then assume that yours is the opinion that counts in ‘the real world’………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. PAUL W

    Hockaday is no judge of a good player, if he thinks that the so called warrior defender Jason Pearce is captain material.
    I don’t know what everybody sees in Pearce, who is one of the worst and slowest central defenders to ever play for Leeds.
    Despite Pearce being first choice for the last two seasons and unbelievably still first choice for this season, Leeds are still conceding goals left right and centre. What does that tell you?
    Pearce was at his usual ball watching best against Watford and he was so slow that he looks like he is running in slow motion quicksand.

  28. PMH

    Dissection of Hockaday is completely pointless. He was not a good choice but he was hired, and the team is being assembled during the season. What you see is a bunch of strangers trying to play as a team. It is a fantasy to think that a team can be instantly formed, by anyone. To pick flaws in tactics and assess new players seen once under these conditions is absurd. Cellino is 100% responsible, but to give him his due he is working on getting better players.

    Just remember that a winning team always makes the players look better than they deserve. A losing team can make decent players look like crap.

  29. richie rich

    No one can make players play who only care about getting paid and 3 Sendings off already……Well that;s easy money to some
    Mercenaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Hockaday is given players then expected to do a job with last minute signings……Cellino is the manager remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Jimmy

    To my mind, this supports the theory that MC is busy trying to bring in new players, in what remains of the transfer window and doesn’t have the time or want to be distracted by replacing DH at present, or have to spend even more money at this time.

    l suspect the decision to hire a British coach was a smoke screen and the person already identified to be the long term coach (lf such a thing exists in MCs world) was already planned but the debacle with B McD threw a spanner in the works. DH will go before long and the MC plan will be put back in place.

    Wether it will improve things remains to be seen! Still a work in progress will have to suffice for now.

  31. John

    Leeds Utd’s pedigree as a top club are all distant memories now.
    Appointing someone who couldn’t even manage in conference was a cheapskate move . Hockaday is a joke and if truth be known does not have respect of the senior players.
    Cellino must understand bringing in 2nd & 3rd rate Italians is not going to be good enough in the championship.
    Being a maverick owner is great if you know what your doing but Cellino is a disaster and one word sums up his disastrous reign at Leeds –‘Hockaday’.

  32. Mike

    I don’t think Hockaday was the worst option MC could’ve chosen but I always thought Cellino hired him as a placeholder. I saw him as a “longer term” caretaker until Cellino found someone he actually wanted there i’d be willing to be once he pulls the trigger on DH there will be a replacement in 24 hours.


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