A deal to bring Brazilian whizzkid Adryan to Elland Road edges closer and the player will arrive on a permanent deal, according to Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio.

Writing on his own website, the Sky Italia journalist described the deal as “destined to go through.”

This follows days of talk about the deal being a complicated one with Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino describing the Brazilian as a “special talent” he hopes to bring to Elland Road.

In other news, Giuseppe Bellusci celebrated his 25th birthday today by signing a 4-year contract with Leeds United. The player arrived on loan earlier this month and has yet to make a single appearance, so a four year contract came as something of a surprise but speaks to the high regard in which Cellino holds him.

Finally, the Yorkshire Evening Post are linking us with Casper Sloth, a 22-year-old Danish International who’s already made 134 appearances for Aarhus Gymnastikforening and represented his country 7 times.

He also appeared in the rather bizarre advert you see below.

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  1. RoystonLUFC

    Sloth is, of course, one of the seven deadly sins. So will committing this man to LUFC bring thunder upon the head of the Great MC? Well no, actually. Several other cardinal sins have already been committed in LUFC’s hallowed name – one of them being LUST.

    Yes, those evil people who tried to bankrupt Leeds by telling loyal fans to stay at home while ever the bearded one was in charge. LUST did more damage to LUFC than the old master could even dream of.

    Then of course there’s Gluttony – over-indulgence. Goldfish , anyone? That’s right: Uncle Peter was guilty of this little faux pas. He left our club in the perilous state it’s in, not KB.

    But what about greed? Given that I’m a slave to wall Street mantra, this is a difficult one for me. But I still resent Judas Floyd.

    As for wrath:” …suicide was deemed as the ultimate, albeit tragic, expression of hatred directed inwardly, a final rejection of God’s gifts”. make your own judgment

    Envy: “Neither shall you desire… anything that belongs to your neighbour.” Cantona springs to mind.

    But finally, Pride. Really? How can anyone NOT be proud to be LUFC through and through?

    Maybe some vices are worth harbouring. Hopefully Sloth and Pride will combine to raise our sleeping giant from the ashes (apologies for what might seem to be a homage to the disgusting “activity” called cricket).

    Fortunately, our forebears seem to have omitted drunkenness in their list. Maybe they could only count to seven. So I don’t feel as though I’ve committed any kind of sinly behaviour in penning this “contribution”


  2. Dr Zen

    This is typical Cellino tbh. Acquire A LOT of lottery tickets basically and see what shakes out.

    You’d have to imagine that you’d play 4231 with the players we’ve acquired if we pick up Adryan too. Not that I think he’s actually been buying players with a plan in mind.

    • JDC

      Sorry Dr, I can’t go along with that. First of all, how do you determine what typical Cellino is? Do you know him, other than what’s been published by the media? Secondly, you don’t think that he’s actually buying players with a plan in mind? I can’t agree with that either … I think he saw the shambles that he’d bought in the final games of last season, but maybe give them an opportunity under a new coach before taking any action on contracted players, though he did make the decision not to offer new contracts to 13 players, 7 from the first team squad and the remainder from the academy. Since then, he’s moved out Lee Peltier and Paddy Kenny so far, though I suspect we will see a bit of an exodus of much of the dead wood when he’sgot the players in that he wants.

      So far he’s virtually replaced the GK section … except Alex Cairns, at 22 years of age, worth another shot, especially if he’s sent out on loan for a few months, possibly a season to gain first team competitive experience. We know have a quality up and coming 1st choice keeper who can grow into Leeds United and with a vastly experienced back-up in Stuart Taylor for a year … a far better situation than what we previously had.

      Defence … he’s signed two CB’s and one, up to now, versatile international full back who can play either side of the park. Can anyone really say they weren’t necessary and the players signed don’t offer significant improvement to what we previously had? He’s the first owner to attempt to “fix” that perennial problem … as I see it, his problem here is to decide which of the old guard to keep as squad players.

      Midfield … so far, he has signed two, Tomasso Bianchi, who technically, looks to be a vast improvement on anything we have on the books, except of course academy player Lewis Cook, Alex Mowatt and Chris Dawson, who all need to be nurtured through, and Zan Benedicic, who as yet remains an unknown quantity but his CV suggests that he has much to offer, having already represented his country. There are also another two / three on the radar. Again, his problem here is that he now has to decide which of the old guard are worth keeping as squad players.

      Forwards … anyone for managing with the remnants of last seasons strikers, minus of course the one who knew how to put the ball in the net? Thought not. Cellino’s brought in four … Ajose, Doukara, Antenucci and Billy Sharp, add Matt Smith and maybe one more to that and, in my opinion, gives us a far more potent striking force than we previously had and is an overall, vast
      improvement, McCormack aside. Again, his problem is farming out the rest … Hunt, Morison and Dom Poleon who could benefit from a loan spell.

      If Massimo Cellino’s plan is to give his team “a chance” then please continue with what you’ve started Massimo, and quickly please to give them an even better chance.

      • Dr Zen

        Well, let me check his history and see if there’s any evidence for what I said.

        Oh, wait a minute, turns out he was owner of another football club! Amazing. And guess what? He did exactly what I said there. This is how he operates. Buy cheap lotto tickets, loans and unheard-of youngsters and hope a few make the grade.

        I just skiimmed the rest of your post. It’s mostly wishful thinking of course. Take Benedicic. You have no idea how good or otherwise he is and nothing on his “CV” suggests he will be good. Big sides take on tons of youth players. Some turn out to be decent; some turn out to be just barely good enough for professional football; some never make the grade. I’ll give you a for instance. Scott Wootton was a ManUre product. Is he a star?

        And he played for his country’s youth side? He’s Slovenian, bro. We’ve just binned a player for free who played for ours. And Noel Hunt, much derided about these parts, played for both the U21 and full national side of his country.

        I’m all for changes. I don’t think we had a good enough squad. None of what I said affects that at all. But we’ll see whether the players brought in are good, bad or indifferent. Sharp was doubtless a good buy. Ajose and Doukara pretty certain to be bad ones. Antenucci, we’ll see. The defence the jury has to be out on because it takes time to grow partnerships and understanding. The midfield, meh. It certainly needed improvement but we’ll see whether we’ve actually bought any, or whether we go with our own younger players.

  3. Bousatet

    You obviously do not understand the ethos and aims of LUST. Anyone who even attempts to defend Bates has to be a total cabbage. Although we have had as bad a 10 years as your worst nightmare could produce, that man took the trophy for gross incompetence, greed and uwavering arrogance.

  4. bd

    Is this too many players too soon?Hope not,time will tell.

    Even with the squad as it stands MC has completely changed the spine of the team, so should be much better.

  5. spellz

    That free kick after he got his hair done was a bit poor, don’t think I will be purchasing id hair anymore, on a more serious note, adryan looks very tricky and clever and brings creativity we are lacking and a set peice element we are definitely missing, Wooton is the only person last season that put in some decent assists from set plays but this guy is a set peice specialist which since the likes of eddie lewis and Ian Harte we have really been missing.


    As for the great dane would also be a great addition, lets see how they all get on now and lets start with a win at Vicarage road does anyone know if Antenucci is cleared to play that game?


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