Keeping hold of Ross McCormack is something Massimo Cellino said he desperately wanted to do and one of the things many Leeds United fans were planning to judge the early days of his Elland Road revolution on, but when Fulham tabled an offer said to be worth £11m, there was only going to be one outcome.

While his departure became inevitable as the offers reached eight figures – the highest fee Leeds United have received for a player since Rio Ferdinand joined Manchester United in 2002 – McCormack’s departure is nonetheless disappointing and leaves a quality void Leeds United will struggle to fill.

Our star striker joining a Championship rival is a worrying sign, one which highlights the imbalance caused by Premier League parachute payments and respective spending power of those with and without a bonus effectively awarded for failure. Once again, the cash awarded to the club’s coming down isn’t used as a parachute to soften the blow, but an opportunity to outspend their Championship rivals and secure promotion back to the Premiership at the first attempt.

But Leeds can’t afford to dwell on the loss of McCormack or the injustice of the Premier League’s ill-conceived fix to silence media pressure, attention now turns to our own rebuilding project and this kind of money could go a long way to balancing a squad which had weaknesses in several key areas last season and was effectively carried by McCormack’s high-scoring exploits.

The immediate concern will be where the goals come from, but of equal importance is fixing the incredibly poor defence and adding some width and creativity to a side which has desperately lacked in both since the days of Max Gradel and Robert Snodgrass.

There wasn’t a good time for McCormack to leave Elland Road, but it could have been much worse than this. Losing him at the start of the transfer window is like ripping off the sticky plaster – the immediate pain of hearing the news will be healed by a succession of exciting signings who’ll help lead us back to the promised land. Hopefully.

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  1. Jay

    Sad to see him go, but for £11milliom well played Cellino, if it’s invested wisely throughout the team then we can be a better team.

    After all one player doesn’t make a team!


    • Bert

      Exactly i hope he signs young talented players for the future not a bunch of cheap journey men to fill in for 2 seasons of going nowhere.
      This money can really be a turning point for the club.

  2. markman

    Simply to good an offer to turn down.
    amazing to think fulham would rather buy him
    when they could of got Lambert for 30% of what they are paying for MCcormack.

    • number1inyorkshire

      or why southampton didnt bid for him having lost lambert …lambert went to liverpool so wouldnt have come down to Fulhm unless the wages were mega but its a good point you make ,there are cheaper better strikers than Ross .

  3. Andy

    Good riddance he didn’t even have the balls to admit he handed in a transfare request. 11mil for an average striker with one good season under his belt.

  4. Banditsteve123

    Sad that he has gone but 11 mill is too good to turn down,wat needs to happen now is a sign of intent from leeds let’s try for gradel to start with.Wat gets me is how fast this went through yet when leeds buy a player it often takes weeks as with theses Italian players

  5. JB

    I must advise on a couple of points….

    1 – The whole handed in a transfer request is not as you
    expect. This means that the club would not have to pay out the remainder of his
    contract. It would have been done to smooth the way rather than force through a

    2 – There is no way the fee is £11million up front. My guess
    would be 6 + add ons for goals, appearances and promotion. Potentially rising
    to 11 but that money will not be there to spend.

  6. number1inyorkshire

    11 MILLION FOR ONE GOOD SEASON snap there hands off there will be some small print but do you know what i bet its is near to 9 with the small print addons not the 6 as some are saying ……
    either way 3 good playes could be got for that in this division .

    • Dr Zen

      Like you I’m delighted at the 11 mill, wouldn’t like to speculate about how much is upfront — it doesn’t really matter in the big picture. I doubt we’ll be buying three good players with it, sadly.

      I mean, I do hope Cellino succeeds. But I’m not getting out my party hat till he does something good. And so far, flogging off our best player is all he’s achieved.

  7. Chareose

    I suspect that a number of deals have been waiting until this sale of RM was completed….. Cellino has played it very well.
    I also suspect that all but a few of the players weve been linked with in the press are incorrect….. I quite like the fact that Cellino feels absolutely no compunction to “keep people informed”
    A few of them seem useful and would do a job for us but I would also like to see young talent coming to leeds with the RM money.

    • Dr Zen

      This happens every time we have someone new take over.

      We “suspect” there will be tons of really exciting deals done. We learn to love knowing fuck all about what’s going on. We get linked with all sorts of rubbish and sign some of it.

      I’d be very sceptical that much of the RM money gets spent on players, let alone “young talent”. We can probably expect some pisspoor Italian trash, which is what we’ve been linked with. I’m sure we’ll enjoy Ross’s replacement, Cacia, but only if he has one of those seasons where he finds his shooting boots and not a repeat of last season, where he left them at home.

      • markman

        Why is it in the ineterst of MC to bring in “piss poor italian trash”?

      • Chareose

        That’s a hyper negative take on it….. As said before fans like you tend to ASSUME the worst….I have done too in the past but I normally have to be lead to that point b
        y actions and evidence. So far there is no evidence to suggest Cellino is here to screw Leeds out of a few million. by the time hes paid for his purchase he will have spent far more on leeds than 11 million……………..
        You sarcastically use my word “suspect” but within a few hours of me saying I suspect deals will be done, we signed TWO players. so I was right……
        You are also making assumptions as to the quality of the players we will sign…… not to ASSUME anything until you see them actually play.

      • richard booth

        Why do the people see these Italians that have been linked with the club as rubbish signings before they’ve even seen them in action?! MC and Salerno are using their knowledge of Italian football to bring us talent at a sensible price. British footballers are overpriced so you could get £11m for Ross. Why are signings from abroad no good purely because they come from abroad? Fulham have signed players from abroad as well as Ross. Are they piss poor signings because they’re foreign? Why so negative. Give the club your support not your whining. MOT

  8. Helen LUFC

    It’s a bit weird how every time we sell our best player at the club, the latest obviously being Ross McCormack, that loads of people seem in the short term to think it’s a ‘good deal’ for the long term. History recently has shown that this is certainly not the case at Leeds. Snodgrass sold and people saying ‘if he wants to go let him go’! Gradel, Howson, Johnson, Becchio etc. Beckford before, none of these players ‘would be missed’ and then wind the clock forward a few years and we are talking about how we miss Gradel on the wing, Snodgrass unlocking defences etc. the same is happening with Ross, ‘we’ll replace him…’ etc. But with whom, exactly, and considering our most expensive signing for years has been a million for an average player in Murphy it doesn’t bode well for a club that isn’t keen on parting with money, but is happy accepting it, and as for attracting players why would some decent players and their agents sit down and think going to Leeds would be a good idea?! Considering the quality of the first team squad, which is very poor, the recent history of not paying players, and the joke around short term cost cutting at the club, fans that are expecting the £11 million will be reinvested back into the playing staff are sadly living in cloud cuckoo land! The money will be used elsewhere. Snodgrass etc. weren’t replaced, and neither will McCormack. I agree, we have kept our heads above water over the last few seasons, just, with the players we have, but where the goals will come from now is any ones guess. Not Poleon, and Smith relied on McCormack. Without McCormack last season we would have been relegated. This season is certainly feeling like a relegation season, sadly. I think Leeds fans should start to display some of the anger that was felt over the sales of Cantona and Ferdinand over the past few decades. That felt like a time when fans had high expectations and stopped being so ridiculously compliant every time our best players are sold. There was a time when the sale of our best players would have caused uproar, and as for the appointment of a non-league person in charge of the first team many fans of the past would have been furious. Sadly, the modern day fans of Leeds Utd have very low expectations since a lot of them know very little else having being brought up as Leeds fans when all they will have know is Leeds struggling and selling their best players. It is quite sad to read comments that accept that selling our best players is fine because of x, y and a and coming up with no other thoughts on a subject than, ‘things will get better’. I think the majority of younger Leeds fans are now fully brainwashed and the club taking full advantage of them and their low expectations.

    • markman

      The club gets around £9 million for a player that cost £350k
      and has had 1 good season.

      The player gets a large signing on fee and probably trebles his basic salary for a four year contract.

      who can say it is not a good deal all round.

      time will tell how MC spends the dosh.

      We should be thankful we have someone in charge who will extract the most value for any departing player

      • lowfields71

        MC has stated the money will be used to buy back ER. Good enough for me

      • lowfields71

        He also stated that a deal was don with barrdiff for 2m back in jan that he vetoed, fair play

    • Mike

      Alot of those players weren’t replaced because we got almost nothing for them and it was Bates who had not intention than the bottom line. This was actually good business and given the news of 2 signings from Phil Hay on twitter who’s spoken to Cellino it seems he will actually be signing people with it and not just pocketing it.

    • Chareose

      oh…….do we always sell our players on for 11 million then ?? Im pretty sure we haven’t in the past. Our faith in this deal is based on Cellino doing the business in the transfer market yes……. but to assume he wants to pocket the money doesn’t seem logical to me, I don’t think that’s why hes here….. Leeds have no real assets so the only way he can make money out of leeds is to get us promoted and buy back the stadium so we are a complete package…. Given his 20 year loyalty to Cagliari and the way Mr Cellino is given to speaking emotionally and openly I think hes here to OWN and RUN and FLAUNT a successful football club

  9. lufcboy

    At least its done, time to forget he is now history. Ross will never have another season as good as he has just had at Leeds. Now maybe we can get going in transfer terms. Apparently we have already signed Marco Silvestri and Tommaso Bianchi. Now for a couple of Strikers MOT

    • spellz

      Just seen the news of this pair, any idea on how good they are?

  10. mrbigwheels

    I’m sure we need to think about who else we can move on from last years desperate lot….

    Time for big changes and some decent football…. imo.

  11. Kevin Scorah

    We can’t begrudge Ross for going, same as we couldn’t begrudge Beckford, Howson, Becchio, Gradel, Snodgrass etc etc. Anyone in any profession wants to better themselves and all of the above realize Leeds are going nowhere so they had no choice but to leave.
    It still hurts though, and I do see the move as a statement of intent from MC. Imagine if he’d said no and meant no, just like Liverpool said to Arsenal over Suarez. Then we might start to think he was serious about getting us up. Instead, MC has shown he’s no different to Bates. LUFC is his new little toy.
    Don’t expect the 11m to be spent on anyone you’ve heard of. MC didn’t even appoint a coach we’ve heard of. The only signings will be promising Italian kids. He’ll trouser the dosh to use for buying back ER, hoping we will see that as a fair swap. Perhaps some people do.
    As I stated on this site 3 weeks ago, this season is all about making LUFC a going concern. Football and we fans are certainly not a concern. Anything but relegation will be seen as a successful 12 months.
    Sadly, no other players will be sold as they are so shit nobody wants them!

  12. spellz

    Hello all, Its slightly disappointing that he is gone but given the choice of a want away good championship quality striker or 11 million, providing 80% of it at least is re-invested back into the club, then it really is a no-brainer. Lets not forget the season before last in 32 appearances he managed 5 goals I think Fulhams purse strings are a little loose if I am honest but hey, 11mil richer who’s complaining.

    M.O.T AA

  13. Bramleywhite

    Who need RM when we can score 16 against the mighty FC Gherdeina, with Smith getting 6 after coming on at Half time, even Noel Hunt got a hat-trick…….


    • lufcboy

      The fact that NH got a hat-trick says a lot about the opposition – Italian pub team I think. I also read somewhere that our new keeper played in goal for them during the second half – That can’t be right though – can it?

  14. Matthew

    We do need another Striker. Doukara is a good addition, but he’s just a loan. We ideally need someone young and decent that can make a mark here. Kieran Agard is the right age, and he would be worth it for the right price/wage.


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