91% of fans who voted on The Scratching Shed’s poll said they don’t believe David Hockaday is the right man for the job, a result close to the 85% against his appointment on a similar poll the Yorkshire Evening Post ran. Not since Brian Clough followed Don Revie has an appointment been so controversial, yet despite a fanbase largely against his presence, Hockaday believes he can succeed where more experienced men have failed.

To do so, Hockaday won’t just have to convince the fans he can take Leeds United forward, but he’ll also need to convince the players he’s qualified to lead them. The new Leeds United Head Coach does have experience of promotion as a player, winning four promotions from the three divisions below the Premiership with Stoke City, Swindon Town and Shrewsbury, on three occasions going up as champion.

But it’s a trend Hockaday hasn’t been able to repeat as a manager, failing miserably in his only management role to date with a well-funded (relevant to their level) Forest Green Rovers side who he relegated in his first season, narrowly missed out on relegation again in his second season, finished 10th in his third season and was sacked in his fourth after losing seven of the opening eight games. Those kind of statistics won’t inspire much confidence in the likes of Ross McCormack.

His role at Leeds United is a little different to his role at Forest Green insofar as he’ll act as Head Coach and have no power beyond the coaching, selection and the tactical approach of the first team, and it must be said, his career as a coach reads better than his career as manager. But this role falls somewhere between the two, Hockaday will still be the man in overall control of the first team, dictating tactics to players and highlighting their mistakes, for them to respond positively to that, he has to be able to command their respect.

I’d like to think our players are consummate pros and will give him every chance, but they’re looking at the same underwhelming record the majority of our fanbase has been concerned by and when Hockaday starts telling Sam Byram how to play football, I fear it’ll be a bit like the guitarist from McFly giving Slash instructions on his solos – if he can’t guide Conference players to success, what can Sam Byram learn from him?

It’s an uphill struggle Hockaday faces to earn the respect of players and fans alike, but in many ways, he’s in a no-lose situation. For Hockaday, this is the opportunity of a lifetime and no one will blame him for accepting the job. Expectations are incredibly low and the pressure isn’t on Hockaday so much as it is the man who hired him. While Leeds United’s new head coach will want to prove himself capable at a high level of football, the real test here is of Massimo Cellino’s judgement. Did he just hire the cheapest “yes man” he could find, or is there something special in Hockaday the majority of our fanbase have failed to see? Only time will tell.

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  1. whitesoldier

    How many managers have been succesful without or an obscure history in the game I’l name 2 Ferguson and Mourinho, A poor article and poor argument to suggest that alone will mean he will fail!

    • TSS

      A poor interpretation since no one suggested he’d fail. I state that a majority of fans are against his appointment and that it’s going to be hard to win them over but make no predictions as to his success. In fact, I finish with “only time will tell” with regards to how this all turns out.

      And as to Ferguson and Mourinho, Ferguson had already been successful with Aberdeen and Mourinho was groomed for a managers job, taking on coaching and Assistant Management roles at top clubs before catching his break. They’re nothing close to the same thing. Here we’ve plucked a failed conference manager out of thin air, not someone who’s succeeded elsewhere and worked his way up the ladder. Again, not saying he’ll fail, just pointing out Fergy and Mourinho didn’t get a dream ticket, both worked hard and made gradual progress on their rise to the top, learning from mistakes and gaining experience. That’s why they succeeded.

      • steve

        I watched Italy Costa Rica the other night a team effort one the game how often have we see that from the team we all love . this guy might not be the best manager but mc does not want that he wants a coach , he must see something in this guy I don’t but we have to trust him.to me mc is the first buyer we have had in the last 11 years that has the passon like our fans do. He states that his heart is now lufc lets cut him some slack and see what happens he needs to start getting players so this next few weeks should give us some idea

      • whitesoldier

        Yeah that Scottish league is high up there in European football and Mourhino only started out as a interpretor for Bobby Robson so Hockaday doesn’t deserve the chance those got toprove themselves because of people like you being judgemental before a ball is kicked, negativity thats what the Scratching Shed support!

      • TSS

        Ferguson won European honours in the Scottish league, that was some achievement, he also won the Scottish league several times with a team other than the Old Firm, which in itself, is quite something, but that’s beside the point. It’s a higher class than the Conference and Ferguson didn’t fail in it. He succeeded again and again to land bigger jobs. We’re the only club of our size in the history of the game to hire an unknown who failed miserably at a lower club.

        As to Mourinho, I really wish people would do their homework. He never started as a translator, he was a coach from being very young, he’s worked all his life at coaching and is known as “the translator” simply because he translated for Bobby Robson when he managed abroad. But the simply fact is, Mourinho didn’t fail when given the chance, he succeeded over and over and over again, progressing from one job to another. He didn’t fail in the Conference.

        I can’t even believe this comparison is being made, it’s an utter nonsense. If Hockaday had arrived with a CV showing constant success (like Mourniho’s and Ferguson’s) everywhere he’s been, then there wouldn’t be such opposition.

        PS. Head coach/manager, aside from transfers, they do the same job.

      • Dfooster

        I can’t believe someone has just compared the hock to mourinho and ferguson. Unbelievable!!

      • Irving08

        TSS how do you know what the majority of fans think ?

  2. Xell

    Short memories. Our wage bill was the issue of the day when MC first arrived, now everyone has forgotten that and wants big names with experience in management no doubt as well as players. Can’t trim the wages without trimming somewhere else.

    • TSS

      So we trim the football? Again!?

      The short memory belongs to those who’ve already forgotten that every new owner has repeated the same cycle. They come along promising (or heavily implying at least) they’ll spend and within a month are talking about balancing the books and getting costs in-line. The simple fact of the matter is – and always has been – Leeds United is unsustainable in this division. We’re a Prem club with large overheads and need promotion.

      Now, the reason fans wanted Cellino is because he (allegedly) had loads of money and was going to finance the club back to the promised land, yet here we are only a couple of months in already scraping the barrel. This club doesn’t move forward unless we start investing in the team – including the coaching staff. Bates did the cost-trimming stuff and we got what we paid for. We’re competing with clubs with much higher budgets thanks to parachute payments and owners willing to invest. Unless Cellino is willing to match that, it’s just going to be more of the same. We’ve been doing it for a decade now, Cellino was supposed to break that pattern, wasn’t he?

      We need to be investing in the football. I don’t understand why only a matter of months since Cellino took over, fans have already lost sight of the fact that that’s what he sold us on and why so many wanted him in the first place.

      • Xell

        There’s a difference between spending wisely and spending to keep fans happy. I agree there are promises that haven’t been kept on Cellinos part but GFH in the end didn’t have a clue and they ended up with a huge wage bill that MC had to foot.
        Its no use coming to a club implying you will spend, only to spend for the sake of fans acceptance. MC needs to spend sensibly because he can’t compete with the likes of QPR.
        Everyone wants more money. If only we had richer owners, if only they spent more. Money isn’t the only issue – and I don’t think its the most important issue this season either.
        Its too easy to say money would solve everything.

      • TSS

        As players go, I agree – we’ve had a lot of deadwood on the books for years. But skimping on the coaching staff is dangerous in my opinion. Also, we’ve paid high wages for players partly because we’ve been competing for frees. They also turn out to be of low quality and we end up bringing another player in and another and another. We need to spend on quality from the start. But it all comes down to cash, nothing changes unless someone starts spending some on the football.

      • Matthew

        I agree completely, the lack of investment in the team and consequent sale of most of the quality of the team over the years has got us where we are, we don’t have a massive wage bill, certainly when you compare to other clubs in this division, there are many that out spend us, if anything what money we did have hasn’t been spent on the right things. It just feels like we’re going backwards with this appointment, it’s frustrating to see as we consistently are basking in failure season after season. Cellino needs to prove he means business, and so far I’m not buying it.

      • TSS

        Yeah, that’s another false assertion people keep making – that our wagebill is high. As a percentage of turnover, it’s actually very low compared to every other team in the division. Even compared in £ terms, it’s pretty bang average.

      • Matthew

        That’s one of the things that concerns me, you need to invest and have a decent(Not high) wage bill to stand a decent chance of promotion, even if he sorts out the clubs finances, we need that quality in the side, and that costs money, and even if he goes foreign with some choices, there are a few areas in the squad that lacks depth. All the decent sides in the division all have some players on their bench who would walk into our first team, which says a lot actually.

  3. wayne

    tion. For Hockaday, this is the opportunity of a lifetime and no one will blame him for accepting the job. Expectations are incredibly low and the pressure isn’t on Hockaday so much as it is the man who hired him. While Leeds United’s new head coach will want to prove himself capable at a high level of football, the real test here is of Massimo Cellino’s judgement. Did he just hire the cheapest “yes man” he could find, or is there something special in Hockaday the majority of our f

  4. Bornawhite

    I am also very concerned about this appointment, it just does not make sense. Surely there was a coach with more pedigree out there. I quite like Cellino’s approach to running the club, but his ego is a real concern. I sense this is an extremely egotistical and self indulgent appointment. If he wants to put two fingers up at the established British football establishment I wish he would choose the football league chairman’s annual ball as his stage.

    Can really only see this ending one way, albeit I hope I am wrong, I really do.

  5. Jeremy Blackwell

    I don’t understand why people keep referring to him as a manager. He is a coach – which is exactly what Cellino was looking for and told everyone he would hire. He will build the players Cellino brings in. It’s not the typical English way but it seems like exactly what the lads need right now. I’m not surprised and am looking forward to this season.

    • TSS

      Because he’s the one leading the first team – setting tactics, selecting line-up and ultimately responsible for our season. That’s always been the “manager” in England, whether his powers extend to transfers and contracts or not, he’s still the one leading these players (and the other coaches)

  6. Matthew

    Sad thing is, unless Cellino invests in the squad, everyone is pretty much waiting for our season to fall apart again, it fell apart under Warnock, McDermott, and in some ways Grayson in recent years, managers that have the experience to gain promotion but they couldn’t with the tools they had. If they couldn’t do it, Hockaday has absolutely no chance. It’s a rebuilding job, in some ways McDermott was right that it would take time to get promotion, you need to gradually add quality to the side. We’re so far off being capable to get promotion that the next few months are vitally important and will show in how we finish. I just believe that Cellino needs to just step back, appoint a proper manager, give him a few million to add to the squad and see how things play out, I would be a hell of a lot more optimistic if he did this.

  7. Tare

    Matthew,sad things happen in this fragile life of ours. Crossing a street and you may be hit by drunken driver. Mr. Cellino has what we call guts or “sisu” (in Finnish folklore). It means only that bigger they are harder they fall. Next weeks we will hear and see a lot of player moves to ER.

    Jason Pearce needs Alessandro Nesta type of player. Goalkeeper is needed also. Wishing also Andrea Pirlo in MF to live and learn teacher for Chris Dawson.

    And finally in striking department some Italian flair to complement RM.


    • Irving08

      I agrtee. But RM needs to play for the the team not himself, as he often is inclined to do. In football, which is essentially a proletarian game, the collective is everything, just occasionally it is carried by one man (Marradona in 1986). Cricket, a more complete game, alone among team sports, both enables and requires the individual to flourish in a collective context. As the great West Indian Marxist recognised, cricket is the game of free men.

  8. David Lockwood

    I think that it unfair to say that Hochoday has little experience as a coach. He has coached successful sides in the Championship. He is just not experienced as a manager. If he was being compared as a manager it would be a fair comment, but he is not. So, when you look at the coached that we have they are quite an experienced bunch and should know what they are doing in training the players ans in tactics. The question is whether the can work successfully together? Anyone should thinks that Cellino is going to give the coached a few million to go out and buy players is deluded. Cellino is calling the shots now and with advice will decide who comes snd goes!

  9. Paul

    I’m sick and tired of all the sh*t being talked on the Leeds websites.
    Cellino has put his money where is mouth is. Back in January when Mcdemott was sacked people on the same websites were chanting his name on the Terraces and howling for him to be reinstated. We best Huddersfield with a coach in charge, after which cuddly Brian was reinstated, we went down the pan,and the same fans who were singing his name were baying for his blood. Cellino went with his instinct in January and was eventually proved right, so get off his back, he’s the best hope we’ve had in years to make us a successful top club again. The mans no shop egg and unlike the last shower and Bates before him, he’s an astute businessman and a football fan, two traits you don’t as a rule find together, so leave him and Hockaday to get on with the job, they can’t be any worse than the last few owners and the pile of tripe they appointed as Managers.

    • TSS

      “he’s an astute businessman and a football fan,”

      It’s funny, people used to say the same thing defending Bates.

      Cellino isn’t here out of the goodness of his heart and he’s being judged on actions by his customers. That’s their prerogative, whether you agree with them or not, it’s Cellino’s job to keep them happy as the owner of a business reliant upon them. This particular action hasn’t gone over well, so the fans are making that known. If tomorrow he does something they agree with, they’ll make that known too, but they don’t need to be in agreement with everything he does. In fact, they shouldn’t be in agreement with everything he does, it’s a blind cult-like following some people are exhibiting, all of our fans should think critically and redress their opinion as new evidence presents itself. Here they’re faced with a man who failed for four seasons in the conference running their team. Their concerns are hardly unreasonable.

      Fans don’t have to kiss Cellino’s arse just because he came in, paid a few bills and made some outlandish promises he’s yet to deliver on, they’re allowed to judge based on each individual action. Peter Ridsdale started with all the right intentions before being consumed by his own narcissism and fans were blinded to that too because everyone thought he was great – one of us, even.

      Cellino doesn’t say the things he does to the press out of love for you as a fan, he says them for the same reason Bates and every other football club owner did/does, because he understands the business fails when the fans stop turning up and he knows he has to keep the fans on-side. As he told one of the YEP’s journos upon arrival, he doesn’t want his arse kissed, he wants to be judged based on actions. That’s what fans are and should be doing, but it shouldn’t be tempered by what he did yesterday, that’s like defending Jimmy Saville because he made a show you liked watching years ago (OK, not quite, but you get my point…)

      • Michael H

        This bit I really do agree with

        “all of our fans should think critically and redress their opinion as new evidence presents itself.”

        Unfortunately I am not seeing a lot of evidence of this approach. What I keep reading (not from yourself) is outright hostility, which may prove to be founded, but let’s at least base our views on evidence not opinion.

        I will live in hope!

      • Matthew

        There’s no hostility there, after everything the club has been through, and the fact we were burned by GFH, scrutinising the actions of any new owner, and not blindly accepting everything you hear as truth is understandable.

    • umtakhati

      “they can’t be any worse than the last few owners and the pile of tripe they appointed as managers.” We’ll wait and see eh?

  10. henrymouni

    Massimo is not sure about Hockaday, and has said so.
    He ignored his past performances (32% career win record).
    He has admitted he has gone on gut feeling alone ( and a rumoured £3,000 a week salary). If Massimo gets everything in place, bringing in good players, purchasing ER, and slimming down the overheads we can be hopeful for the future.
    If Mr Hockaday fails, he will be gone quickly.
    He may not even make Christmas.
    We will have lost a coach, and brought in another.
    Our ‘manager’ Massimo will still be here, as will the players he, and maybe the new director of football, have brought in.
    It will be a small blip, and we can live with it.
    I am waiting to see what actually happens in the next few weeks.
    It has already been said that there will be foreign players coming in, as they are cheaper.
    Other clubs have been doing this for years.
    The squad will get their chance, but most will not be good enough.
    Massimo is a crazy man, but he seems really committed to our club, so lets get behind him and see where we go.

    Massimo, with our new physio:-
    £20,000 per week but she is worth it.

  11. PCWhite

    The Press Conference the other day told me all I need to know about MC. Sounds to me like he’s already living & breathing LUFC. He’s identified players with Premier League type skills from around Europe, and can get them for peanuts in comparison. His list of contacts is very impressive. He comes across as honest, and a little crazy/cheeky (in a good way). His assets reach into billions, and he doesn’t like to fail. So, he has my full support & trust. He could become our God. He wants that, and we would love that. Let’s be positive. Positive energy counts for a lot. ;)

    • TSS

      Firstly, he’s not worth billions (note how he doesn’t appear on Forbes’ rich list which lists all billionaires by net worth). Most his wealth is tied to the company which he doesn’t wholly own (it’s his wider family’s) and even that wouldn’t be valued at billions. Wealthy, sure, but nothing close to what some fans think, though that’s all rather trivial if he isn’t spending it on the club, isn’t it? I find it strange that people keep mentioning his wealth as a positive then in the next breath preemptively defend a lack of spending.

      “He’s identified players with Premier League type skills from around Europe, and can get them for peanuts in comparison”

      That’s a bold statement and one we’ve yet to see any evidence of. Do you really believe that the extremely wealthy elite with their vast and ludicrously expensive scouting networks can’t find the same players as Cellino and his little black book? The Premier League, La Liga etc aren’t oblivious to Europe, they spend an incredible amount of money scouring all corners of it – and the rest of the world – to find their next superstar.

      If these players are that good, they aren’t coming to Leeds – not for peanuts anyway. Freelancing scouts – which is what we’re talking about here – agree deals with these players to find them a club in exchange for percentages and are trying to facilitate a deal with clubs so they can take their cut They’re no better than agents really, they don’t care whether the player is top drawer, but they’ll definitely hype him up if they see a payday coming.

      I know this all sounds hyper-negative, but I feel you need to temper your expectations a little. We’re not going to be fielding a team of £200 per week Yaya Toures because if such players exist, the same scouts Cellino deals with will be talking to every other club to try and get the biggest fee possible. They don’t work for Cellino, they work for themselves. That’s not to say it isn’t a useful resource to have a wide-reaching network of contacts and it’s definitely best to be one of the first to speak with these players, but quality still costs money and if Leeds are ever to progress, we need to start spending.

      • Enrico Ferrante

        To be honest, Mr Cellino is not a “billion man” but a confirmed businessman in Wheat Trades whom his family society “Cellino Group” plays a rilevant role since decades: actually, their family holding has hundreds of millions value…but that doesn’t mean at all that Massimo Cellino will spend largely (and idiotly) his own money for Leeds United cause he has largely proved himself and his qualities in Cagliari management so you all Leeds supporters may be sure that he will be able to land the right players for Leeds United according the Club economically resources.
        In Cagliari he tried to invest a lot of money in a Training center to assure a long futur to Cagliari football team so, very probably, we will do the same thing in Leeds trying to build a real Football Society and team involved in the whole area (the actual training center rent is justeconomically ridicolous and unfair…).
        He is connected since decades to a lot of proved south american agents and if they work for themselves and their players, Cellino will work for himself and his own business, be sure! He has purchased and sold with big gain and plusvalue a lot, a lot of players and Cagliari Football has always had one of the best economically balance of Serie A.
        His Players agents in south america are between the best and serious ones, like Paco Casal and Daniel Fonseca (ancient Cagliari Player) and very well introduced especially in Uruguay, South Brazil and North Argentina market.
        Finally, you have just to be confident in Cellino’s qualities as businessman and be patient one season more cause he has found a “catastrofic” financial situation that needs a lot of energies (and money) to be solved definitly…Cellino has his own qualities in the business, don’t believe me just his life and results…
        Leeds United doesn’t need to start spending…Leeds terribly needs to start investing money to assure its own future and be able to run.

      • Irving08

        Burnley hardly spent a penny. They were just a strong collective with a definite pattern of play. We do not need to start spending. We need to be clever.

  12. Chareose

    TSS I thought you were the type that would give people a chance ??? Still a long way till the start of the season so perhaps reserve judgement until weve seen what the team will be like next season…….
    People have already shot Cellino and his staff down in flames, the press naturally have had a field day and that negativity wont help Cellino sign good british players, so he will have to resort to a market wheres hes already earnt respect and where he can pick up bargains, Italy

    • TSS

      Who hasn’t given who a chance? I haven’t made any predictions about whether he’ll succeed, merely shown the fans approval of the appointment and written about the uphill struggle that leaves him facing. My exact words were “time will tell” on Hockaday, and that his success or failure will speak to Cellino’s judgement – that IS giving him a chance!

      • Antony

        Really, why should he earn the respect of the players, the players all work for Leeds United football club, who have just brought in a new boss, the players are not bigger than our club and are paid very well to a job that some of them to be honest are not very good at.

      • Kevin Scorah

        Antony, imagine if British Airways appointed pilots because they had a bit of experience of hang gliding. Would you get on the plane?

      • Antony

        The players play for Leeds United Football Club, and should respect their boss and owner and if not, move them on and find players who can.

        Any place of work as somebody in charge and the work force follow company policy, why should football players be any different.

        And no I would not get on the plane ;)

      • Irving08

        The proper analogy is with the German model plane maker in ‘Flight of the Phoenix’. He rebuilt a real plane, based on
        a toy model. It flew. The new Head Coach’s lack of celebrity is a plus point for me.

  13. umtakhati

    How on earth is a no-mark going to succeed where better men have failed … get real. How’s a nobody going to attract decent players and how’s he going to get the best out of the journeymen we already have. After an embarrassing start to the season he’ll be gone in a few weeks. Then we get on the managerial roundabout that Cagliari have been on – it’s just not getting any better.

    • henrymouni

      If Mr Cellino and his new and very experienced Sporting Director Nicola Salerno bring in top players, he could succeed.
      He is not there to attract players.
      He is the coach.
      We must make the best of it and hope!

      • Kevin Scorah

        I fail to see how a dead Italian songwriter can bring the good times back to ER. Still, we’ve tried everything else I suppose!

      • henrymouni


        Did he write “Ooh-Hocka-Doo-Hocka-Day”?

  14. whiteblob

    Benito Carbone will be manager of leeds by the end of the season, Hockaday is just the fall guy for what ever reason. personally i think because Cellino doesn’t think we will except him straight off after the whole McDermott protests. it quite obvious McDermott got sacked with a pay off not to say any thing just good bye and god bless, so Cellino could say it was by mutual agreement or what ever.

    He is a strange fish Cellino, he would do well to get a PR guru or just take some advice from some besides his own impulsive emotions.

    • Chareose

      PR breeds liars, manipulators like our political class……..id rather Cellino avoid PR guru’s and just remain an eccentric open book. Leeds fans will just have to learn to ignore the negative press spin on everything he says and judge based on actions. A great example to the rest of the UK

      • PMH

        PR is a part of business, and there’s no getting around that. Keeping the fans and press on board just cannot be ignored; that’s where the money comes from. Cellino is now in the entertainment business, but it doesn’t look like he has the skills or judgement needed to run this kind of show. He really does need expert advice, but he won’t ask for it and he wouldn’t take it if he did. I do hope I am wrong.

      • henrymouni

        IF he brings some good players in, and IF the team performs well, that’s all the PR he needs just now.
        I am starting to get excited about the new season (AGAIN).
        Not sure why, but at least we are getting the shake up we have needed for 10 years.
        Can it be worse than last year? AAaaagh!

        “Nicola Salerno has confirmed that he has joined Massimo Cellino at Leeds United and is eyeing snapping up a number of young Italian gems for the Yorkshire giants.”

      • henrymouni

        Ken Bates.
        “I can only say my dealings with Gulf Finance House, particularly Salem Patel, but more importantly Hisham (Alrayes), who is his CEO, I found totally untrustworthy, totally unreliable, and totally liars,” the one-time Chelsea owner was quoted by The City Talking as telling Yorkshire Radio.
        Ken knows a liar when he hears one!
        ” totally untrustworthy, totally unreliable, and totally liars”
        and yet he still sold the club to them, after promising he would only sell to the right buyer, with the money to take us forward. POT & KETTLE!!!

  15. Leeeeeeeds

    Hockaday is a managerial (err sorry… coaching) disaster waiting to happen.

    However I think Salerno’s presence around the club has sparked new optimism certainly in me.

    Yes the coach might be shite, but even with Morinho as our manager we would never have done any business with Harvey at the helm.

    Mot with Salerno and the Leeds youth.

  16. Tare

    Paul I do not like to judge anyone here so Hockaday is still black horse to me. One thing is sure that news now from ER will be coming at lightning speed ….


  17. Chareose

    To be honest TSS I don’t get your point at all………neither your article nor comments about Bates in comparison to Cellino.

    The difference between Bates and Cellino is that Bates had his chance and was rightly judged for being a liar, manipulator and a crook BASED ON HIS ACTIONS. I supported Bates until I saw evidence to suggest he didn’t have Leeds United’s best interests at heart or the ability to run the club effectively.

    Cellino hasn’t had that chance yet, hes pumped a lot of money into the club already and I know you don’t agree (perhaps it depends what you view as decent money). Cellino was the only seriously player interested in Leeds and after all the SXXX hes been through getting hold of it I cant help feeling a little grateful that he stuck it out……..

    Im not going into the naively im just trying to give the bloke a fair crack of the whip !!

    As to his motivations….spending 20 years at Cagliari doesn’t give me the impression that Cellino is just in football for money……lol in fact that’s almost laughable when you consider how illogical it is……….Cagliari isnt exactly a cash cow is it ???

    Yes no doubt he could buy ER back off Bates for X amount and do it up, then sell it or the club for a profit of a few million but there will be quicker ways to make money, so that theory doesn’t really cut it with me. I think hes involved for a number of reasons, he wants the plaudits, he wants to own a top European club, he wants a challenge of rebuilding Leeds and seeing where the potential takes us and if he makes a profit then perfect….

    Bates talked like a salesman, it was obvious to anyone intelligent not longin to his reighn that he was ripping us off. Cellino is eccentric, he may talk rubbish and change his mind too quickly but I don’t get the impression hes fake at all….

    • PMH

      Of course Cellino is not Bates. He is a different kind of idiot. Not a sneaky manipulator, more like an impulsive control freak who thinks he can do anything. He has the self-control of a seven year old and LUFC is his new toy. Hockaday will be gone by Christmas, so let’s not worry about him too much.

      • Matthew

        I agree, though I’m concerned about the wage bill comments. The club does need to be a bit more ruthless with wages, we’ve given poor players decent wages and as such they’ll happily wait out their contract because they know full well they won’t get better elsewhere.
        He seems to be cutting a lot of jobs. Though he would save a lot of money buying the stadium and training ground outright like he originally promised. Perhaps some people who were fired would still be in the job if he did.

  18. Kevin Scorah

    To my mind, MC has already given up on this coming season. His priority is to wipe out the debts, dump TA, buy back ER and generally make LUFC a going concern. Football isn’t on his list of priorities – yet. As long as we don’t go down he will be happy. Fans will be fed some hope in the form of up-and-coming young foreign lads with dubious YouTube footage.
    Hockaday is a 16yr old virgin with a key to the Playboy mansion. Think how Nick Clegg must have felt when didn’t win the election and a week later he’s walking into No10. A classic case of circumstance over merit.
    Ever had a boss that hasn’t had the same experience or qualifications as you? It sucks and most people end up either changing jobs or do their best to undermine him. Footballers are the greatest exponents of this. McCormack and others will be gone before our trip to Millwall.
    However, I personally think we are in for a fun ride with MC. It won’t be boring, as long as you prefer soap operas to footy.

    • henrymouni

      I get a different vibe from Massimo, Kevin
      He is an impatient man, and will do everything he can to get us up ASAP.
      He can sort the finances out and build a strong squad for next season.
      All the problems he is sorting now, he knew about from his first day.

      • Kevin Scorah

        I hope you’re right Henry. But if so, what’s the logic behind Hockaday’s appointment? I know PE teachers with better credentials. Even if MC wants a ‘coach’ not a manager, at least get someone in with a CV that equates to a bit more than the equivalent of a footballing Cycling Proficiency and a Blue Peter Badge.

      • henrymouni

        I agree Kevin.
        It is the strangest appointment imaginable!
        However he is not the manager, and will not last very long with Massimo, unless he gets good results.
        Millwall away is not helping him!!

      • Matthew

        I can’t see us losing against Millwall, regardless of what happens.

  19. Jamie

    All I’ve got to say is that none of the options that have come before have worked, and people liked them. You never know.

  20. Mike

    Have to wonder how many would’ve opted for “undecided” had it been an option and just chose No because they weren’t sure

    • henrymouni

      I did not vote, as i had never heard of him Mike!
      How anyone could vote is beyond me, unless they were using ‘The Force’.
      Or Massimo’s ‘gut feeling’.

  21. Matthew

    Peltiers departure was a bit random and out of the blue. Best of luck to him, and if he didn’t want to be here, that’s his choice. We have been a bit of a shambles lately, some stability wouldn’t hurt, here’s hoping it comes.

  22. lufcboy

    Off topic – another great kit from that “Quality Maker” Macron. I wish Leeds would hook up with Puma, Nike or Adidas or Asics and produce quality kit and apparel. I loved our Strongbow kit and who could forget the Thisltle Hotels green and blue number

  23. dave

    I think we should give them time. It can’t be any worse than last couple of seasons

    • henrymouni

      I can be worse Dave.
      It is worse now.
      If Ross goes, the promise Massimo made that he would keep, is out the window.
      We have to wait and hope, but it is a real mess just now.
      We are the biggest ‘joke’ in the Championship, and if we do well it will be amazing.
      Let’s see who we bring in.
      Lean and mean?
      Paddy Kenny is ready for a move.

  24. Ian whiteheart

    Mr. Hockaday? I think we could do a lot worse. This man is a sensible guy with ambition and a great attitude…..he knows what a great club Leeds can be. We need to stop searching for the messiah. It’s easy to be a critic. Live in the moment. Let’s get behind the new manager, the owner and our great club!

  25. lufcboy

    This is the Leeds Squad that have gone out to Italy. Certainly does not inspire confidence. If MC does not bolster this squad with the money from the sale of RM (sorry but inevitable) then we’re pretty much fucked.

    Alex Cairns, Sam Byram, Jason Pearce, Tom Lees, Charlie Taylor, Stephen Warnock, Ross Killock, Aidy White, Jake Skelton, Luke Murphy, Michael Tonge, David Norris, Zac Thompson, Lewis Cook, Chris Dawson, Noel Hunt, Dominic Poleon, Steve Morison, Matt Smith, Lewis Walters, Andre Blackman.

    • henrymouni

      I think you have summed it up rather nicely lufcboy!!
      I expect/hope for at least 5 new quality players in soon, but who knows?

  26. Notlaw

    It says in The Bible that “There will be many false Messiahs. Well we have had a good many of them in the last ten years, but we all still keep on praying (OR IS IT PAYING)

    So give DH a chance. We are not going to get instance success, if he fails then our Vengeful Angel MC will remove him and try another.

    We will loose Mac, the money is too tempting and the squad we have had since Warnock has been piss poor. Then the money generated could be the start of finding our new path.

    I do not believe for one minute any of the Vengful Angels Cagliari money will come to our aid. As for ER if MC does not buy it whats the big deal. We have lived with that for the last ten years it will change nothing.

    If MC has lied, it again changes nothing except again it says in the bible that, “all lairs will be judged at the day of judgement.”

    I remain as always optimistic with me feet on my christian ground and keep paying my Season ticket, and pray.

    • henrymouni

      It makes financial sense for Massimo to buy Elland Road, and it will be an asset to his investment.
      He will probably buy land closer to ER to build training ground, and again it will add to the clubs value.
      He says it is our club, not his, but this is a lie.
      An old lie used by other owners in the past.
      We are customers & potential customer, who will not fall for any more ‘spin’.
      It is down to him now to stick or twist!
      We must expect the bullshit, but we don’t have to accept it!
      I am almost past caring!!

      • notlaw

        Ahhh but that is the point we do care and LUFC ltd know this and survive on our emotions and cash.

        Once hooked like we are then off we go

      • henrymouni

        Yes, the ‘almost’ gave me away!
        Massimo is the Italian Bates, and we will always be in ‘crisis’ with him.
        The only promise he said he would keep, he has broken.
        Ross is going.
        I am now typing in Italian:-
        ” McCormick (the Irish fella) will not be sold.
        Why should I sell.
        He has 3 year contract.
        I would only consider a sale to a top premier league club, or a top continental club”.
        He will say Ross wanted to go (vintage Bates).
        But why?
        Same as all the others = no confidence in the owner & coach.
        Add to that our crap England football team, England Rugby &
        England cricket team, and you will sense my frustration!

        They are laughing at us on ‘Talksport’ (more adverts than talk),
        about – bring your own sandwiches & wash your own kit!

  27. IgDonWhite

    To all you cynics out there that are Mighty whites through and through, hands up who thought that GFH capital were the best thing thats happened at Elland road when the announcement was made? I knew it was a total failure why? first off Ken Bates did absolute wonders at Leeds United we had a sound footing going into the Championship but then the likes of Johnny Howson leaving was the nail in the coffin. GFH did not have the finiancial capital to have a share in Leeds United let alone have full owner ship. Just because one Leeds(cough)fan David Haigh with his plastic smile would be the Darling of Leeds United for Decades to come.

    So let me ask you this… Just because David Hockaday is an unknown drifted here and there in coaching roles had a long spell at Forest Green, not had Experience in Championship set up and because of that Your assumption is He’s not the man… . I want to see what Tim Sherwood did at White Hart Lane, there was some muppet constantly gabbing in his ear lug all season so he Said “Theres the hot seat see if you can do better!” to all you 90%!

    We have to many “To big for your boots” players who needed putting down a peg or two, Dav id Hockaday is that man, He won’t crap from anyone and if that happens then ladies and gentleman we could have the best side since 89-90, thats why Hockaday is appointed.

    • henrymouni

      I looked at both the backgrounds of Bates & GFH and it was not good.
      I pointed out this on here and was ridiculed and lambasted, with “Give them chance” “They love the club” etc.
      While I always give everyone a chance, their history is relevant to what you may expect.
      Sadly in nearly every case history repeats.
      David Hockaday’s job now, makes him a small cog in a big wheel.
      He must be given every chance, but if he fails (history says he will) he can be replaced without too much fuss.
      His win rate is 32%, and this is where my doubts come from.
      I don’t care if he is lower league, if he is good.
      History says he is not.
      Massimo says he has no idea if he will succeed.
      History tells us Massimo is a bad judge of a good coach, anyway!
      We have too many poor players, and moving them on as quickly, as he has, is impressive.
      Now, can Massimo bring the right players in, and give us a tight, quality squad. Maybe he can – history says he and his oppo Nicola are good at that!!
      His PR stinks, and Ross has been badly handled.
      Mr Hockaday may have tried to take Ross down a peg or two? time will tell.

      Onward and upward!!

      I think Nicola Salerno will be a big plus for us!

      • IgDonWhite

        Thats what I mean Henry History,present,stats,percentages, experience means absolutley nothing in this day an age nor is it making decisions on which way the wind is blowing

        Massimo is football man and he knows McCormac is on big bucks as a few other wasters and he’ll want Hockaday to blood the young uns in and build a platform like what El Tel and George Graham did get the basics right and progress from there.

        The 90% think that we should be champions by March if we didn’t have Hockaday!

      • henrymouni

        Massimo is a disaster just now.
        Ross is worth every penny he gets.
        He is our captain, and without him we would have been relegated!!
        Massimo pulled out of a deal for an excellent coach for a small amount of money.
        Instead he appointed the cheapest coach he could find.
        Blooding ‘young guns’ will not work as they are not good enough.
        If we can add one new young player this season we will be doing very well.
        This is a tough league, where experience is vital.
        El Tel was a disaster, and George Graham left us in the lurch, with a very average team.
        Massimo needs help, to avoid a disaster.
        His penny pinching will never work!

      • IgDonWhite

        They may not be good enough but they are hungry and have a lot to give instead of loaning them out to lower teams they don’t get the experience of playing in front of large crowds and see who can and who can’t handle the expectations of the Whites army.

        Your missing my point on El Tel and George Graham they were specificaly brought in to have a sound basis for somone with high level managing expertise to improve the squad in the years to come. IF you want a disaster its DOL, with his reputation of bottomless pockets by Peter “GET RID” Re-stale.

        look at it this way you can’t buy a powerful sports car if a you don’t have the experience to drive it i.e how long you’ve had your licence for, afford the financial package and the insurance, tax and service.

        we are at the moment a teenager just past his test and got insurance of £3,000 for a £600 1.4L vauxhall astra that his admin job of £150 week cant cover so his Mum and dad pay the insurance while out of his wage he pays £70 week to his mum and dad so he can drive it. 5 years down the line he gets promoted 3 times has no points on his licence and hasn’t claimed insurance on his astra.

        He now earns £3000 a month, own home and is ownership of an Audi R8 GT Spyder and is managing his finances and paid Mum and Dad back in full.

        If only it was that simple.

      • henrymouni

        “They may not be good enough”.
        If they are not good enough, they are sent to lower clubs to get experience, rather than hanging around in the reserves.
        Most don’t make it at Leeds, sadly, and move on.
        I can see Dawson moving up this season, but that’s about it really.
        The ‘Ross McCormack saga’ rumbles on.
        If we are keeping him, why is he not with the squad.
        He is missing vital pre-season training!
        We must be holding out for a bigger offer?

      • IgDonWhite

        They are sent to lower clubs to get toughened up, they are either easily pushed off the ball or to small.
        well with the transfer embargo lifted maybe discussions are taking place its possible that he will leave at the end of the campaign just Like Beckford did,
        Don’t panic Henry he’ll be at thorp arch out of the spot light getting his fitness back for the first game in Santa Christina so the training camp are not distracted by the media attention.
        Very very clever, by Massimo or David Hockaday , I’m expecting great things for CharlieTayor this season.

      • henrymouni

        Yes, Charlie did well last year.
        If we sort out the centre back positions and midfield, it will help both Charlie and Sam to play under less pressure.
        Midfield will be interesting.
        I’m only panicking a little bit!!!


  28. lufcboy

    More cost cutting at Leeds as Cellino closes the player baths

    • IgDonWhite

      Staff: “Right Alex and Micheal you go in and retrieve Rudy’s phone from the river please”
      Staff: “what have we just discussed about the use of phones during work Rudy?”
      Rudy “mumble-mumble-mumble”

      • henrymouni

        Lad’s don’t seem to be getting in the spirit of it?
        Says a lot about their character on the pitch!

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