A dismal season for Leeds United ends at Elland Road tomorrow as The Whites take on a Derby County side who’ve already secured their place in the Championship play-offs.

Derby have won the last ten consecutive games against Leeds making them our ultimate bogey team, but Steve McClaren has one eye on the play-offs and has already spoke of resting key players for a largely insignificant trip to Elland Road.

Nevertheless, the bookies still have Derby County as favourites to beat Leeds. You can get odds of 7/5 on an away win, with Leeds’ odds of victory at 7/4. Rather unsurprisingly, the Championship’s top goalscorer Ross McCormack has the shortest first goalscorer odds at 7/2 followed by Chris Martin and Patrick Bamford at 5/1.

The last time Leeds United won this fixture was in September 2005. The result that day was 3-1 courtesy of a Rob Hulse hattrick who, incidentally, will be at Elland Road tomorrow as a team of staff and ex-players (including Richard Cresswell) prepare to row across the English channel to raise money for charity.

There’s not much team news to speak of for Leeds, Sam Byram and Alex Mowatt are out injured and Jimmy Kebe returned to Crystal Palace earlier this week. It’ll be interesting to see the starting eleven Brian McDermott goes with however as it could give some indication as to who’ll be here next season and who we’ll be trying to ship out in the summer.

It’s been a bizarre season for The Whites. Optimism was at an extreme high when Luke Murphy’s last minute winner clinched three points against Brighton on opening day, but the new era GFH ushered in proved to be a false dawn and from a fifth placed position in December, Leeds quickly crumbled as takeover chaos took hold.

There’s been highlights to this season, most notably the end of Ken Bates and the 5-1 hammering of Huddersfield Town, but there’s been plenty of lows to offset that. Transfer deadline day in January (or ‘Mad Friday’ as it’s now known) saw Brian McDermott sacked, Massimo Cellino’s taxi chased around Elland Road and Ross McCormack appear on Sky Sports News to issue a ‘come and get me plea’ to any managers watching on.

McDermott was reinstated, Massimo Cellino’s takeover took a few more months to complete and Ross McCormack remained at Elland Road, but the chaos continued and Leeds’ form suffered so badly that the Whites went from play-off chasers to genuine fears of a relegation battle.

Tomorrow won’t be a celebration of our achievements this season, but it will be a celebration that this season is finally at an end. When the final whistle blows at Elland Road, attention quickly turns to the transfer window Leeds’ new ownership is expected to be fairly active in and when August rolls around, we’ll get to do it all again with renewed optimism, unrealistic expectations and all the unpredictability of another season in England’s second tier.

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  1. Mike

    Good riddance I say. Really hope Brian gives Dawson/Walters a chance tomorrow, even if its coming on as a sub for 30 minutes.

  2. Donal

    Thank Lord this seasons over.

    Cant wait till we win the league next year ;)

  3. Matthew

    I want us to win tomorrow, I just can’t see where that will come from.

    • TSS

      We’ve won 3 of the last 4, but Derby are a bit tougher than the relegation dross we’ve managed to overcome.

      • Matthew

        I think a draw would be a good result, a win fantastic. I’m thinking it’ll probably be 2-2, or 2-3 by the final whistle.

      • Irving08

        The best result, Mathew, might be for us to lose and to ensure that Cellino has no second thoughts about sacking our ‘moaning minny’ of a Manager !

      • Matthew

        Whoevers in charge by the start is next season will have my support(For now..), if its McDermott, so be it. I think more than anything with stability we’ll finish a lot higher next season.

  4. derbyshire white

    Any chance we could play Hulse and Cresswell up front with McCormack?

  5. markman

    The epitome of a nothing game
    surely dawson and Poleon can get a game

    Our finances may have been a mess before Messimo,but look at Birmingham
    they have a player on £65k a week(£4 million a year) which is more
    than their total gate receipts.

  6. Lynda Proctor

    Thanks for keeping us posted all season and that must hsve taken some doing

  7. henrymouni

    “The party’s over
    It’s time to call it a day
    They’ve burst your pretty balloon
    And taken the moon away
    It’s time to wind up the masquerade
    Just make your mind up the piper must be paid”

    Thank you TSS for all your efforts in dreadful times!

    Massimo is waiting for this final game to end, before he springs into action.
    It is odd that we are committed to sign Stewart, and yet he is not good enough to get into this terrible team.
    Brian seems to be expecting the bullet, and it won’t surprise most of us.

  8. john palmer

    thanks for info 2013/14 The end of aman who is loosing his job because he picked Austin all season in vital position and stubbornly stuck with it through 21 defeats

    • TSS

      I knew about the Malaysian interest at the time (wasn’t worth publishing without a source I could cite IMO) but I always felt Cellino’s takeover would go through on appeal and worried the Malaysian’s were more interested in a land grab than building a successful football club. The interested party had plenty of cash (far more than Cellino) but Elland Road has a lot of land around it I’m always a little wary of being exploited when it comes to groups whose primary source of income is something like casinos.

  9. Irving08

    Tomorrow McDermott will probably insult us by rolling out some Academy products. Too late Brian, you have effectively wasted a season. If he was a school, McDermott by now would be in ‘special measures’. Somehow I don’t think he would cope with it very well. Over-promoted, yet possessed of a pretty conceit, McDermott has been found out.

    • oldschoolbaby

      Don`t compromise your blood pressure 08. Whether it`s a new manager ( most likely scenario ) or Cellino picking the team on behalf of McDermott as a puppet figure, someone else will be responsible for team selection for the first match of next season

      • Irving08

        Thank you for your good advice OS. I decided to garden today. It has to be a new Manager, Cellino and Holloway ?

  10. Tyler

    Another long and hard season being a Leeds fan. My final late night of following our lads here in Sydney.

    Can we hope for better next season? Who knows.

    My Top 5 Best Performers for this season is here:


  11. PMH

    What a year! At least it wasn’t boring. The team was never as good as we hoped or as bad as we feared. The current team could be a playoff contender if they could just sort out their issues. We definitely could use a defensive captain and a no nonsense goalkeeper to settle the back line. Then grab a couple of real quality players if they become available. Finally. we would want to try various options up front to see which ones bring the goals. Remember that the difference between play-offs and relegation trouble is very small in this division. It may not take a whole lot to turn things around. Blowing up the team and starting from scratch is not a good idea, or an affordable one.

  12. spellz

    Thank you Tss for all of your posts this season, it would be nice sometimes if they were more regular but what do I know, I am in no way or form a writer so I know a lot of time must go into writing a whole article.
    I am thankful this dismal second half of the season is over as the first half was not actually that bad until the Christmas period approached and some how it all catastrophically fell apart from there, McD could not stop the rot in the end.

    I am looking forward to the new season already and at least there will be some World cup action to pass the time, until then everybody who contributes to the site and the regular posters I hope you all have a great summer and I will see ya in August sometime to gloat in the triumph of our first game bringing our first win.

    Marching on together as always.

    • henrymouni

      You have a great break too spellz.
      We usually have a great preseason, then fall away when the serious games come along!
      Onward and upward!

      • spellz

        Well pre season is sheerly a fitness regime is it not? as our pre-season never reflects our main season that is for sure, it is pretty much always the opposite for us even when we was in the prem :)

        I wonder if McD will be here to hand out 50 euros for the next round this season, that is the question for me atm .

    • Matthew

      So you won’t be here in July for the pre season stuff spellz? :)
      And same to you, great sentiment.

      • spellz

        Oh of course, I will always check to see the latest and post accordingly, I did not think that there was going to be a pre season on TSS tbh due to another comment I read but sure anything Leeds I am there mate, onwards and upwards is the truth cannot wait (Henry.)

    • TSS

      Thank you Tss for all of your posts this season, it would be nice sometimes if they were more regular but what do I know, I am in no way or form a writer but I know a lot of time must go into writing a whole article.

      Cheers. It can take a while to write some posts, others take very little time at all. Mostly it just depends on how busy I am with work as to how often TSS gets updated, or how interesting the latest news is.

      • spellz

        Well thank you anyway, at least when you do post the articles are very detailed and informative and most of the time your opinions are universally shared with the rest of us and give us or certainly me a different outlook at a situation, for that I commend you and will continue to post here indefinitely, bring on 2014-2015 already :)

  13. Helen LUFC

    It would be good if the new season also brought about some more brighter comments about Leeds to comment on, Scratching Shed. Some of the writers on here are depressing and are writing to a level that only provokes negative comments about the manager and some of the players. McDermott responsible for another rubbish season? Yep! It’s all his fault! Just like it was a decade ago! It’s not helpful, and pointless. What I don’t understand about the scratching shed is that often this season you’ve said that Leeds fans are against McDermott. Having sat week in week out there the truth is they are not. So why say they are? South stand don’t call for his head, west stand don’t and east and north stand just don’t say anything anymore. To add, you’ve spent a lot of time recently backing Cellino. Why? Yes, he’s strengthened his own asset now he’s bought it, but will he take the club forward and us back to the Premiership? That takes money, something he wasn’t keen on spending at Cagliari. So why is there such blind faith in someone who will take on the legal system where money is concerned? Leeds fans are the very definition of gullible, or just plain thick.

    • henrymouni

      I am sure there will be bright comments next season if the team deserve them.
      Brian has has a terrible season.
      He has not been able to get the best out of a poor lot.
      If Mr Cellino supports him, so will I. Got no choice.
      As far as Mr Cellino is concerned, we live in hope that he can deliver.
      We don’t know if he will, but hope is all we have.
      Without him we would be heading for administration right now.
      Surely that alone is worth our gratitude?
      I have not spoken to one supporter who backs Brian.
      His team have humiliated us and him!
      You seem happy with failure Helen.
      We are tired of it.

    • TSS

      “often this season you’ve said that Leeds fans are against McDermott”

      Well that’s not true. I’ve said he should have been replaced for constant moaning and allowing the team to use takeover as an excuse instead of making them do the job they’re paid obscene amounts of money for, but I’ve never made such sweeping statements about our entire fanbase.

      “To add, you’ve spent a lot of time recently backing Cellino.”

      LOL, that one is just laughable. I was questioning why no one was criticising his failure to instantly repurchase Elland Road last week and moaned at for my negativity. I’ve said all along that Cellino should be judged on actions instead of idle promises and that I have reservations about him. Far from backing him, I’ve probably been the least convinced of his revolution – at least as far as the LUFC sites go anyway.

      I think you’ve been reading a different site to be honest with you.

      • Matthew

        I think a lot of people are apathetic to the whole thing now as the season in general has been so shit. If he were to be fired, I seriously doubt a huge amount of people would protest over it, a lot will acknowledge that after this season its time for him to move on. But yeah I don’t know where she has got the everyone is against McDermott thing from, I haven’t read that here, but he certainly doesn’t have everyone behind him either. People don’t need to be loud and obnoxious with their protests to want him gone, some people would rather just watch the football.

      • Tyler

        I’ve always found TSS to be pretty spot on in the assessment of the Matches, the Situation and the general consensus of the fans.

        Maybe this is just me? I do however often find myself nodding along as I read your articles. Well written and always imo spot on.

        Keep up the good work, try and have a great off-season and lets try and all stay off twitter and TOMA’s!


      • Matthew

        I agree with you, this is easily the best LUFC website/blog out there.

  14. Mike

    TSS > all, much less pretentious than other blogs like TSB(Amitai especially thinks he is a know it all wank imo) and always well written generally well thought out(other than the rants which are labeled as such). Thank you for another season always enjoy reading your page.

  15. Andy

    Best site for a good read by far. Always well written stuff-beats YEP easy. Hope next season is better but it might not bring such interesting comment if it is !!!

    • henrymouni

      Graffiti on a toilet wall, beats the YEP Andy!
      I was listening to TalkSport this morning, until the adverts came on!
      More adverts than ‘Talk':-
      Greg Dyke is about to announce a tightening up on bringing loanee foreign players to our shores!
      At the very time that we are hoping to bring loanees from Italy!
      Would you credit it?
      And where is Massimo?

      • Matthew

        He’ll be busy fixing up the club. Fact is we’re losing a shit ton of money every month, something he will urgently need to fix. I don’t see this affecting the summer transfer window a huge deal but I think we’ll have to get rid of a bunch of deadwood before bringing people in. Hopefully this is the end of giving shit players decent contracts and not playing them.

  16. Lufc79

    It’s just like the training ground empty….cellino has cut the cost on this site as well…….BMc has gone and not one comment ??????????

    • henrymouni

      I think we are all just waiting lufc79.
      What will mad Massimo do next?
      We knew BM was on his way, so no surprise there.
      Massimo said he would not sell Ross, or any of our good players.
      I wonder if he will keep that promise?
      No manager yet, and you can feel the transfer window slipping away again.
      If he has players lined up and gets Nicola Salerno to assist the new manager with talent spotting, we may have a chance.
      Massimo – Genius or egotistic crackpot?
      Time will tell!
      He is very similar to KB, in that he cares little for anyone else’s opinion, and
      says things without thinking of the consequences.


    It was only a matter of time that Cellino got BMc out, ”by mutual consent” – cant see it myself.


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