In what must easily be the most positive news to come out of Elland Road in months, Mike Farnan’s consortium and Massimo Cellino have joined forces in an attempt to end the ongoing takeover crisis at Leeds United.

Cellino broke the news in a live interview on Sky Sports News, during which he also described talk of admin as “madness” adding that he couldn’t understand why anyone would consider that option and feels bad for the fans.

Farnan described the ongoing talks as “very constructive” in a statement tweeted by the Yorkshire Evening Post’s Phil Hay

“Everyone should be excited by these discussions as they are in the best interests of all parties including the Football League, Leeds United, its players and staff and, most importantly, its loyal and enduring fans.”

These are early days so there are many questions still to be asked and answered. Will The Football League be satisfied by a compromise which removes Massimo Cellino from overall control? How will the share percentages be divided? And will GFH remain part-owner if this deal does come to fruition?

But for now, the two sides appear to have put aside their personal differences (Farnan et al were heavily critical of Cellino in the early days of this saga) to try and find an outcome which rescues Leeds United from this state of limbo and allows the football club to move forward.

It’s a compromise which not only gives the two parties involved what they want, but is also being well-received by fans.

I’ve been on the fence with regards to both options because there has always appeared to be pros and cons to each bid. However, if both of these parties join forces, combining the wealth and passion of Massimo Cellino with what I hope are sensible and reasonable businessmen from Together Leeds, maybe each party can mitigate the others’ faults.