It’s been a week since a single tweet from the ex-Bradford City hairmodel sent our fanbase into it’s usual opposing trenches, a single solitary sentence full of ellipsis wishing a good morning to all his followers and stating that he was at Linate airport heading to Leeds. Rumourmongers jumped on it to tell all & sundry that he was our new head coach while the rumoursnipers came out in force to tell everyone that he’s just flying over for a charity event.

I’ll admit, I was in the latter camp, (but silently, I’ve learnt picking a side when it comes to LUFC rumours leads to being wrong 50% of the time) until Phil Hay tweeted that the truth according to Cellino was somewhere in between.

The truth according to Cellino however, can sometimes be a distortion of the actual truth; starting back with his first interaction with the British press on these shores towards the end of January regarding LUFC when he informed them he was simply a good friend of GFH’s and stated “We are talking, checking the numbers, but I’m not a buyer, if anything, an adviser to the buyers.” It’s now known he was first shown round Thorp Arch in October with manager-in-waiting Gianluca Festa in tow.

Following the fan’s reaction to Fiasco Friday, Cellino attempted to quell the storm with a statement to the press, “Festa was not here to coach the club, just to make the translation with the players, Festa has never run a club before. I have never had him coach a team in Italy before, so why would I want him to coach a major club like Leeds?” but the truth is, before Massimo made this statement and Festa disappeared into the ether; the ex-Boro defender had picked a team to play against Huddersfield before the set-up was reverted back to the one McDermott had set out prior to being fired the night before.

Cellino has, as usual – for someone who once stated, “I don’t talk with television or radio” – spoke out on the matter asserting that Carbone “wants to be a coach in England so he came to me and we spoke about him coming here, coaching the Under-21s. I have known him since he was a boy” and that, “Benito will help me to rebuild the academy, to make it good, to make it better.” While also leaping to calm the rumours that McDermott was on his way out of the club, “the coach is my last problem here. There are much bigger problems.”

Feel free to call me a bitter cynic, but to my sceptical mind and based on the amount of Cellino’s statements which turn out to be true, that reads as goodbye Brian, hello Benny.

Carbone’s record as a head coach speaks for itself in his qualifications for running a team of Leeds’ stature and Premier League ambitions. His first foray into first-team management was stepping up from being the U-19’s Manager at Pavia of the old Serie C to lead them out of the relegation zone with 3 wins & 2 draws out of 8 matches. He then jumped ship to the bright lights of Varese in Serie B – a team the season before in the play-offs – and managing them to 1 win and 3 draws in 8, scoring a grand total of 2 goals on the way while also getting knocked out of the Coppa Italia in the 2nd Round to a Serie C team, before being fired after 2 months with Varese propping up the table.

Following on from being fired he was appointed head coach of the recently-promoted-to Serie C2 side Vallée d’Aoste where he lasted his longest time in management, notching up six months experience at a team who went on to get relegated at the end of the season with 35 points from 34 games.

Many times over this season, the question has been asked of whether McDermott has enough about him to be in charge of Leeds United, or whether we are indeed too big for him. My questioning of Carbone is much the same, is it a possibility that our first team is going to be coached by a man with less than 50 games under his managerial cap? To put it into perspective, the most fans Benito Carbone has managed a team in front of is less than half the capacity of Elland Road’s Kop, a paltry 3,379.

I’m not against the idea of a coach who has no experience in England leading our players from the dugout on a Saturday afternoon, Uwe Rosler & Mauricio Pochettino are shining examples that it can work out – but those oft mentioned coaches managed at the top-level in their respective countries for years, 6 in Rosler’s case, 3 in Pochettino’s. Frankly, in my view, appointing Carbone as leader of our first team would be nothing short of ridiculous.

But maybe I’m wrong, maybe Benny is coming in just as a youth coach and we have a world’s first of Cellino telling the whole truth to the press?

- Written by @LardyWhite.

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  1. Bluesman

    The poll shows thst most of believe Massimo. Let us see what happens next? Guile or gullibility?

    • TSS

      I think it’s hope personally. I reckon he’ll end up managing our team at some point, even if he only gets it on a temp basis after Cellino has fired his latest boss.

  2. Ew

    I think the article encapsulates why Benito should not be our new coach but given the unpredictable nature of Cellinos managerial appointments this doeant rule him out. Given Cellinos numerous comments around the delicate state of the clubs finances what will be the secondary actions of appointing Carbone ((with or without salary it wont be free) . It seems unlikely he will add cost to the headcount so who will Benito replace ??. Richard Naylor has lead the youngsters to the top of their league and apparently and unusually for a rugged defender has done it with them playing with style. Neil Redfearn doubles as a first team coach, Academy head coach and manages the ‘development squad’. Results have been mixed for this squad mainly being due to out of form first team members performing no better at reserve team level. So who will go ?? My money would be on McDermott with Redfearn becoming first team assistant as by all accounts Cellino has been impressed with his ideas on coaching. But on the LUFC merry go round, who knows

  3. markman

    At this stage i would not be to concerned about Benny being given a position at the academy.
    also his record is not really a big deal,all coach’s/managers have to start somewhere.
    if he can bring something to the party all well and good.If not,i suspect he will soon be out.
    i read somewhere is is working for six months for free.cant see much of a downside.

  4. Chareose

    My take on it is that hes doing what he does in Italy, he brings in youth coaches and when he sacks the first team coach he often promotes the youth team coach. TSS you also have to bear in mind that Pochettino is a “manager” isn’t he ?? Not a coach. Cellino wants people he can control and he likes to be involved with the first team so I don’t think Carbone’s experience is as big an issue, its more about his coaching ability.
    Cellino is a manager with 20 years experience…………sorry just trying to put a positive spin on our new reality……lol
    I want to try to wallow in positivity this summer as I know it likely wont be long before we are all nattering here on TSS over perceived problems…….Enjoy it while it lasts kind of attitude……..

    • Chareose

      By the way, personally I think Cellino will bring someone else to manage the first team…….not sure when though

      • Irving08

        I agree. I think as well as hope that it willl be sooner rather than later. How it will be done I am not sure. Possibly Cellino will tell Brian that he can’t have his Nigel or McDermott might even show some self-respect by resigning (how much does Cellino have to humiliate him, I wonder ?).

    • todgertownwhite

      It does stand to reason that Benny is coming here under some capacity,and it does make sense to employ some one who understands both the English way of playing, and given the fact he IS bringing Italian speaking players here,he’ se going to need somebody with knowledge of both camps to be the inbetweener?

  5. PMH

    Who knows what is going through the owner’s head? He may not even know himself. Based on a steady record of ownership, we will be dealing with many new managers in the upcoming couple of years. My suggested rule of thumb, which is ignored by 99% of desperate owners worldwide is: don’t fire your manager unless you have a better one lined up. BMcD hasn’t impressed but Carbone?? Please!

  6. NottsWhite

    I think that the “six months unpaid work” of Carbonne is a very clear indication that McDermott has the maximum of six months to deliver with the stinker being that performances on the pitch can only be demonstrated in August and September, therefore he has 2 playing months to deliver (circa 10 games). Carbonne will have the summer to understand the infrastructure of the club, influence transfer policy and will be available to step into Brian’s shoes if the team do not hit the deck running. Brian is still a dead man walking and the rumours of signing Yeovil defenders and league 2 wingers on frees do not fill me with confidence that it will be a flying start to the season

    • Ev

      Agree about the latest transfer rumours and they do sound like typically dour BM transfer targets I just hope these signings are interspersed with a couple of really classy players

      • NottsWhite

        I will give you Smith but has Murphy been a success ? Are these the type of players we can rely on to achieve promotion in the next 2 years?

      • markman

        both will only get better with experience, playing alongside better players
        and having had a proper pre season

  7. Hampshire White

    I find it hard to believe that any top coach would come to work for an owner who interferes so much in transfers, strategy and tactics. It stands to reason we’re going to be stuck with young hopefuls or haven’t quite got it ‘coaches’ (like Cagliari?).

    Carbone is the coach in waiting – undermining BMD even further.

    If you discount the results during the protracted buyout when Brian was being consistently undermined by GFH and Cellino, the rest of this season’s results would have put us in the play-off positions.

    I hope BMD gets at least half a season of stability to show what he can do.

    I’m not confident anyone will be given a big transfer budget, but a mixture of our academy products (who are pretty good for an academy that needs a huge overhaul – what more does Neil Redfearn have to do?), some of last years summer buys coming good (Matt Smith has had a good first season at this level – if he’d been picked as much as Ross, he’d probably have 15-18 goals and Luke Murphy has shown in flashes what a cultured player he could be) and a couple of good buys (probably from lower leagues again – we’ve still huge financial problems and Cellino has never been over-generous with Cagliari).

    We could start as well as this season and keep it going.

    The cynic in me expects BMD to get the push in September, Carbone will come in and we’ll all be told we need a complete overhaul of the squad and the depressingly familiar circle will begin again.

    • NottsWhite

      I love the optimism about our latest set of results post takeover but put into perspective we beat 3 teams in the bottom third of the league and convincingly lost to 2 teams who will not make the playoffs. Hardly playoff form…….

      • Hampshire Whilte

        Not just post-takeover – up to Christmas we were in the play-off positions. Lots of fans were still criticising how we were playing even then, but we are a championship side – we only have to compete at championship level. Too many of us have unhelpfully long memories of the glory days – we need to get back a step at a time.

        All we need to do is start next season as wells we played the first half of last and keep going!

      • NottsWhite

        We were 5th with inconsistent form, then the quality teams found another gear and we got left behind. History has repeated itself for the past 2 seasons, the best form this squad can deliver is inconsistency

  8. Ron

    Let’s all (including McDermott) get used to appointments and surprises whilst Cellino is setting out his kingdom. You can’t blame Cellino for making radical changes as any sane person can see our current system is not working. Given his comments about the excessive running costs of Leeds United, I actually believe that he won’t sack McDermott due to the costs involved, but will rather strangulate the man by imposing his regime. The first of these impositions will be made this week as the duo decide on the current squad and possible targets. Whatever happens, I hope Neil Redfearn and co. all find new jobs elsewhere and I wish them all the best. They, like the fans, have no doubt suffered throughout this incredible saga.

  9. spellz

    Even if Benito is not the next coach in waiting, someone needs to replace McD in my opinion we could give him another chance and another season and even if the board stick with him, will he deliver given the total dross we have been playing under him? we would at this rate need to revamp the whole squad to be challenging for promotion so many questions and so little answers, I think time is the medicine here once we know who will be coach next season it will be time to focus on what’s most important and that is the football but I think us fans are owed a normal season this year drama-free, so whoever takes control or indeed if McD is given a lifeline then it needs to be sorted by the end of this season so we can have a pre-season full of rebuilding the character that makes us Leeds United.

    M.O.T AA

  10. luke

    Sacked from managing a serie B team and now managing a serie D team says it all, absolute shite

  11. Thommohawk

    I think Cellino’s best COA over the summer and the coming year is to stem the bleeding, buy back Elland Road, he’ll probably end up with a similar wage bill or a more expensive one in the end but we should have an infinitely better team than the one we have now – AKA a wage bill that’s worth the cost. It’ll cost Cellino an arm and a leg in initial outlay but he’ll know this already. And he and the club will then be set longer term at least for the next couple of seasons regardless of promotion. He should know that too.

    I say give BMD good money, back him fully and give him next season – if we still don’t achieve promotion or at least the playoffs WITH a much stronger squad THEN sack him. We’ve already got a manager who’s proven he can do it at this level with backing – we had one in Neil Warnock too in truth but the playing squad is the issue really not the management staff.

    • Matthew

      I wonder if Fernandes at QPR thinks his 78 million wage bill is worth the cost considering they couldn’t beat Millwall recently lol. I mean surely for a team that pays more out on wages than Borussia Dortmund they should be walking this league.

      • Thommohawk

        That’s wage bills for you….Wouldn’t mind seeing Leicester and especially Burnley’s wage bill!

      • Matthew

        I can’t imagine it being that high to be honest. I think a 23-24 million pound wage bill is enough for a decent side to get promoted from this league. I take the view that outside of the Premier League you should live within your means. Southampton for example are 8th in the Premier League and their wage bill is roughly 66 percent of their total turnover now. That’s pretty good.

  12. Chareose

    I agree with Spellz……….we should clear out now, get a new coach in rather than wait till September before Cellino sacks BM. We need a stable year next season not constant up-heavel…………..

    • Matthew

      One things for sure, whoever the next manager is, be it McDermott or someone else. They will have a busy time clearing out deadwood and bringing in new players.

      • Matthew

        In recent years I would say our little cup runs in recent years were a positive. Not much of one but they were fun. We didn’t have one this year though.

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