Leeds United’s four months of horrendous form continued last night as The Whites slumped to another defeat on home soil to a team below us in the table.

While GFH Capital and David Haigh have played a hand in our demise, does ongoing chaos above Brian McDermott fully mitigate the Leeds United manager from blame?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Brian McDermott, neither of which deny the circumstances he’s working under are having an effect, but while some feel the situation at the club gives the team and manager carte blanche to perform however they like without any fear of repercussions, others would argue that they’re highly-paid professionals who should be able to put in better performances no matter what the circumstances.

From what Massimo Cellino said during a recorded phonecall with a Leeds United fan earlier this week, McDermott is almost certain to be fired if Cellino does complete his takeover, but that takeover could yet fall through and in the meantime, there doesn’t seem to be anyone at the club willing to make such a decision – and even if there was, who’d pay the compensation? And who’d pay for McDermott’s replacement?

But those are matters you can debate in the comments, here we simply ask whether you think Brian McDermott should be dismissed or whether you’re willing to accept the circumstances he’s working under give him a free pass.

Should McDermott be fired?

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