Leeds United’s four months of horrendous form continued last night as The Whites slumped to another defeat on home soil to a team below us in the table.

While GFH Capital and David Haigh have played a hand in our demise, does ongoing chaos above Brian McDermott fully mitigate the Leeds United manager from blame?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Brian McDermott, neither of which deny the circumstances he’s working under are having an effect, but while some feel the situation at the club gives the team and manager carte blanche to perform however they like without any fear of repercussions, others would argue that they’re highly-paid professionals who should be able to put in better performances no matter what the circumstances.

From what Massimo Cellino said during a recorded phonecall with a Leeds United fan earlier this week, McDermott is almost certain to be fired if Cellino does complete his takeover, but that takeover could yet fall through and in the meantime, there doesn’t seem to be anyone at the club willing to make such a decision – and even if there was, who’d pay the compensation? And who’d pay for McDermott’s replacement?

But those are matters you can debate in the comments, here we simply ask whether you think Brian McDermott should be dismissed or whether you’re willing to accept the circumstances he’s working under give him a free pass.

Should McDermott be fired?

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  1. Thommohawk

    I voted no because while clearly the situation and form at the club is nowhere near good enough (in fact piss poor springs to mind!) the fact of the matter is that the manager A) isn’t the problem, and B) what would we achieve by sacking him right now?

    More to the point who’d want the job right now? There’s no hiding place everyone knows the shit LUFC is in at the moment it’s not like GFH can lie to anybody and bring them in under false pretences as in the past.

    IF Cellino gets the club (and I hope to hell he does) he will probably sack McDermott, he’ll buy back Elland Road, and he’ll certainly buy better players judging by his ‘worst team I’ve ever seen’ comment.

    I feel for McDermott he seems a nice guy, doesn’t deserve to be in this situation, but it is what it is. It would be nice for him to be given 1 season with some real money but I’ve said it before the manager isn’t the problem. Money is.

  2. Ted

    I voted yes because the team has little tactical identity. We’re hopeless defensively, have less possession than the opposition, recover/win the ball back less often than other teams and McDermott does not seem to have an established first 11. There are better managers out there and recent form supports his dismissal.

  3. Lynda

    You just would not keep your job with such poor performances in any other field

  4. Darren

    I voted no, because no matter what you think of McDermott, there’s simply no point in sacking him right now. What would it achieve? Who would replace him? Face it, who in their right mind would want to come into the job at present? We can;t even pay the players’ wages, how could we even afford to pay him off!

  5. Lufc forever

    He definitely needs sacking, the form has been disgraceful, the football is shocking and he’s clueless. The most irritating thing is that he blames anyone but himself, it’s never his fault, never accepts responsibility for anything. Obviously we’re skint so I wouldn’t be sacking him just yet because until we have new owners no one would want to be our manager, but if Cellino is successful with his appeal (which I don’t think he will, but hope so) then the first thing I would do is sack him, just when many players are out of contract at the end of the season they can start again.

  6. Greg

    It’d be foolish to sack Brian now, not because he doesn’t deserve to be fired (the team are awful and he should take the blame) and not because the ownership farce gives him a valid excuse (it doesn’t – the manager and players should be performing better irrespective of the ownership uncertainties). The reason Leeds should keep Brian is simply that no half decent manager in Europe would be willing to take the Leeds United manager’s job at this point in time, knowing that the club could be in administration any day, which may lead to relegation and more unpaid salaries. Simply because there is currently no better alternative who Leeds could install as manager we should stick with McD at least until the end of the season or until the ownership saga is resolved.

  7. Bluesman

    I would agree that he should go under any other circumstances, but BM is not on a level playing field. He gas been deceived just like Grayson, Warnock and Mc Callister before him. The poison chalice! He like the others have had to beg, steal and borrow to get even 3rd choice players for the positions he wanted filled. Then he has a large squad of players that the other managers begged, stealer or borrowed! On top of that total upheaval at the club and uncertainty. We have a lot of players out of contract soon and there contracts will not be renewed. Plus, negativity from the club and negativity from the fans breeds negativity in the team! Sad, but the whole thing needs rebuilding. Is BM the man to rebuild the team. I think that he probably is with proper finsncial support. The problem is that if he loses another couple of games we will need a new manager in to shake things up snd to try snd avoid relegation. So, the next few results will mean that someone will be forced to make that decision. Finally, BM is a good coach, but he has gad a terrible time of it recently. He is also a very loyal man. We really could not ask more of him. I hope it works out for him!

  8. SteveLeeds

    I think its hard to say. If cellinos takeover goes through and mcdermott has money to buy his own team as supposed to warnocks oap crap then maybe he should be given a chance. although mcdermotts signings (hunt smith kebe stewart) hardly fill one with confidence. But regardless of whats going on we should be better than our current embarrassingly awful form and as all managers know its a results business and I think its something like 3 wins since dec 21st is absolutely shocking. I think at the minute as another post said sacking mcdermott this season will achieve nothing. All we have to concentrate on is hopefully cellinos takeover being approved and if not finding another buyer. This season is a write off anyway. So im saying no AT THE MINUTE because mcdermott isnt totally to blame some of the players dont deserve to wear the white shirt the way they are playing and it wont change anything this season.

    • Weller1972

      He’s gotta go, and go now. New manager in and build for nxt season

  9. dean

    Absolutely he should be sacked but he remains immune whilst ever the saga drags on.
    The reasons for this are not just the bad form. If we were playing well but getting beat, we wouldn’t be happy but we would be able to see a vision for the future but the football has been terrible all season. Even when we were winning.

    Some will say McD hasn’t had the tools to work with but £2 million spent in the summer on Wootton and Murphy plus Additions of Zalukias, Hunt, Smith and in January Kebe and Stewart. Thats 7 additions that quite frankly have not worked. This from a former scout!! Thats highlights either McD is a terrible scout or a terrible manager. I believe these are in the main good players but McD lacks the ability to manage them. One promotion does not make a good manager. Look at Dowie, Keane and Di Canio.

    In the summer GFH DID back McD signings but they have not worked. No idea what the others are on but if you consider that Hunt and Murphy earn 2.4 million between them a year, its not hard to see why we are losing a million a month. Surely McD has to be accountable for the players he brings in. This doesn’t mean GFH are not to blame but that is a whole other subject.

    We need a young Martinez/Rodgers type who will insist on playing the right way so we can at least enjoy the football at ER even if we don’t get promoted. Who would come, who knows?

    • billyrevie4

      How refreshing to read a well considered, balanced and articulate post instead of the usual illiterate rantings on LUFC sites.

  10. pattayarag

    Although I like McD, I voted yes because a manager has to be able to sail his way through rough seas as well as smooth and it’s not enough to blame bad weather for not making progress in rough seas. Yes, McD has had to face ‘Noah’ level turbulence with little or no assistance from his crew, (motley), but that doesn’t detract from the fact that he’s the one held accountable for progress.

    Some managers take a Munich air crash, or a Heysal or a 15pts deduction on the chin and still take their clubs forward. Some crumble under the pressure and I’m starting to think Mcd is in the latter group.

    Added to that, half the team are players he’s signed so he can hardly blame it on Warock’s team. Bottom line, the team is now in worse shape than when he took over and I never thought I’d be in a position to say that.

  11. SteveLeeds

    I agree lynda just think its pointless til the end of the season. But despite bein sceptical at the start I think we are all or at least 90% of us hoping for cellino to get the club.

    • Chareose

      hmmmmm it isn’t pointless if sacking him now means we stay up !!!! its still possible to be relegated !

  12. henrymouni

    If and when the takeover is completed, Brian will have to be sacked, so the new manager can prepare for next season.
    It is inconceivable that BM will be our manager next season, and a big clear out will have to take place at the end of this season.

  13. Mick j

    He should go, his signings are at best poor, he plays players through loyalty and not form, he plays people out of position.
    Noël Hunt , Kebe, are just simply awful but he persists with them, thank god Kebe got a injury. Peltier was are best option at centre back but did he ever play there for McDermott , instead he loans him out and sticks with the 4 donkeys that he chops and changes.Austin clearly runs out of steam after 15 games but he refuses to drop him. Brown should have played more in his place.

    Mick J

  14. Frostbittensock

    Well he isn’t going to resign and walk away from a compensation payday and GFH won’t want to pay him off as they appear to be moneyless bank so it’s highly unlikely he will we be sacked.
    More worrying; How are GFH going to fund the club, pay off the Cellino debt with interest, should the F.L win their case?
    Stability is needed and we need as many points as poss from 7 games.

  15. henrymouni

    Brian says he won’t walk!
    We’ll have to make him an offer he can’t refuse!

  16. luke

    Blame the manager once again… Fucking wake up and have a look at what mc’s dealing with here, a bunch of shit league one at best players no backing from anyone financially, who was he going to sign In the summer with literally no money? The players go out there and play, their jobs, they need to pull their socks up and play to their ability which for most of them is still pretty poor

    • fed up leeds fan

      mcdermott has signed players…kebe, hunt, murphy, wootton, zaliukas, stewart. I am a fan of Mcdermott and feel for him under the circumstances the clowns have put him in. But I feel the excuse is fading thin in covering up what is ultimately Mcdermott’s ineptitude in adversity, some thrive under and some dont and unfortunately i have to say mcdermott clearly doesnt and neither do his signings which nobody can label anything other than poor. Could a better manager have made more astute signings? With that money used?

    • john palmer

      BMCD has signed about 12 of these shit players they are on MORE money than recent players ,he’s been given more backing than any recent manager,& made a complete shambles of it HIS bloody signings & his wages are some of the reason there is so much problem of the pitch financially & above all he thinks Austin can play???? Its you who need to WAKE UP

  17. PAUL W

    Even if the take-over happens, I very much doubt weather the clueless McDermott will suddenly start to motivate his unfit players to start winning games again.
    Once upon a time, if Leeds lost a rare game at Elland Road, you could guarantee a strong Leeds win in the next home game, but with this current bunch of spineless, cowardly players, wins at home now seem a thing of the past.
    From top to bottom the football club has no leader, with McDermott and his players constantly feeling sorry for themselves, when they should all grow a pair of balls and start performing for the long suffering fans.
    On the subject of Kebe, first he was ill and then he suddenly got a hamstring injury from no where, but why doesn’t McDermott be honest and just say that Kebe is being rested and protected from the fans deserved criticism.
    McDermott is tactically inept and has now lost control of his players, because the players are not following his instructions on the pitch any more, so he should resign as soon as possible.

  18. Irving08

    Brian will be sacked and so he should be. He’s been here a year and still can’t decide who or how he wants to play. Cellino is right: he’s a coach, not a Manager. And why on earth being ‘a nice guy’ is any kind of attribute for a Manager beats me. Of course Brian could pre-empt his sacking by offering his resignation now. It would be the courageous thing to do. It would be the winning thing to do as well. He would shed his victim appearance and demeanour in an instant. He would have seized the initiative. He should have done it two months ago. It could have been the making of him. And offering his resignation would have been and still is the best thing for the team – whatever the outcome. It might shock one or two of them to take some responsibility too. But it would have to be a public resignation.

  19. Robert Darlington

    A no vote is not just handing a free pass to McDermott. It can also be an acceptance that sacking the manager won’t solve most of the problems at the club. Plus, who in their right mind would want to come to Leeds at this point in time?

  20. Mr. McDermott Sr.

    I’m Brians dad, and I hope to fuck Cellino sacks him…

  21. lufcboy

    Used to have some respect for BMD and thought that his sacking was outrageous. Not now, to many defeats blamed on the take over saga, seems tactically inept and is simply not getting the best out of his players. TIME TO GO BRIAN. 4 Wins in 22 games NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

  22. Bod White

    No, I don’t think he should be sacked. Not right now, anyway. Firstly, there is clearly no way it could be afforded, given his reputed £700k pa and secondly, who of sound mind and any managerial quality would come to Leeds at this point in time? Answer, no one. So we’d end up again with some 3rd rate journeyman manager like Billy Davies as you’d have to be really desperate for a job. However, BMD has been exposed. Despite his basic decentness and intelligence, too many things have simply not worked and he obviously has no real idea of his best team, which is always a worrying sign. For me, endless hoofs from the back towards RM44 in the Bolton game were a telling indictment of his tactical nous. Just tell them not to do it; its pointless. Also, its very frustrating not to see Murphy played further forward – where he apparently played so well for Crewe. So, we keep him on till the takeover circus has reached a conclusion of some sort and then re-visit. This season has long been over and unless we get -15 points for admin [quite likely], we won’t go down. If we do get over the admin hurdle, then surely time to blood some kids?

    • john palmer

      Billy Davies would be great, passion &,,signs footballers not donkeys or mates

  23. Matt Tams

    Can’t believe so many of my fellow Leeds fans find it possible to be so naive. I know my opinion will be an unpopular one, but I’m getting very sick of this whole routine, both throughout football and at my own club. Poor run of games? Sack the manager. Okay, but we’ve been sacking managers since we got relegated from the Prem. Has it moved us forward at all? We look back on the last 10 years and curse our luck with owners, finance, even the players themselves. In another few years, we’ll look back on this whole saga and, again, we’ll remember it for what’s been happening in the boardroom. Am I tired of Brian delivering the same excuse after each resounding defeat? Very. But it would frustrate and play on the minds of anyone in any industry to not know what’s happening with your bosses, and who your employer will be tomorrow. We need to stick with him, get the club back on an even keel, then judge him. If the results don’t improve then (and ONLY then), that’s when we’ll be in a position to reasonably sack him for failing to deliver the expectations set out in his contract, and also be in a position to hire someone that we feel can actually do the job better. Sack BMcD tomorrow, and which manager in their right mind – who would be a definite improvement – would actually take the job? We all want the best for Leeds but we have to stop thinking only of the short-term.

    • Matt Tams

      Having said what I’ve said, I can’t defend his signings. To a man, they’ve been poor at best, with possibly – possibly – the exception of Murphy. I still don’t see anyone better (and affordable) being willing to take the role, though.

    • henrymouni

      Had the slump coincided with the takeover shambles, as you suggest, I would agree with you.
      The truth is the team has been dreadful all season, clawing in points against the run of play.
      They have continued to be appalling through our present crisis.
      Brian cannot motivate the players.
      He cannot seem to see and remedy the obvious.
      We are the WORST team in the league.
      Brian himself has said that, without this fiasco of the takeover, he would have been sacked.
      Eddie Gray said that once a pro footballer crosses the white line he thinks of nothing but the game.
      Problems at home or at there club disappear for 90 minutes, as you compete.
      He said a pro plays for himself/his family first.
      He has pride in his performance, to ensure his future, wherever he plays.
      If Brian were sacked today he would be SO relieved, as he is drowning in his own bullshit.
      It would be a kindness.
      Our squad of players are not half as bad as they look!

      • Matt Tams

        You make your point well :) I’ve got to agree, under normal circumstances he’d have to go. I’m just so tired of turmoil and instability at the club, and I don’t see us being able to hire a manager who’s genuinely better. We need some kind of stability in the dugout until we’re at least stable again upstairs (which hopefully will now be sooner rather than later!)

      • henrymouni

        The problem is once a manager gets on a slide like this and cannot lift/inspire his squad he is finished.
        You could probably leave it to Redders to see the season out.
        It boggles my mind that he cannot impose his instructions onto the team.
        He is with them all week.
        If Tom Lees or Pearcy have the ball and they don’t have anyone to pass to they are better putting out of play as far up the pitch as they can instead of playing it where defenders can intercept and counter attack.
        I saw Pugh do a back pass to Jack Butlands left side, so he had to kick it with his weaker foot.
        It went straight to the oppositions midfield player.
        They don’t track the runners, and have conceded so many goals this way.
        Coppinger was completely unmarked for his goal.
        Our midfield players try to pass through the opposition, so lose the ball almost every time.
        Why not work it round them like everyone else does?
        The triangle (not the one in Bermuda) is simple. but bamboozles us!!
        Play the ball to Ross’s chest or below. Also Matt Smith’s chest or below, unless there is a chance for him to head it on to Ross.
        If Ross is out wide why play it high to Matt??
        if the fullback goes forward cover him!!
        Only one person to go out to attack the ball, not three!!
        Create space so it is easy for a colleague to find you.
        From the first minute, in home games, you take control.

        I can start monday?

    • john palmer

      You only stick with someone if they show signs of knowing what they are doing Grayson did and McAllister did BUT this numpty does not and will quite rightly get sacked

  24. PMH

    I would like to sack McD, but now is not the time. First we have to get the top office sorted out. Then we have to decide if there is a decent prospect out there who would come to Leeds. Which sane and experienced manager would take the job at the moment?

  25. Clive

    The people who say he should keep his job are just repeating his words. He’s brainwashed them.

    Matt says we need stability in the dugout. The dugouts aren’t even stable under McDermott, he switched them round!

  26. john palmer


  27. LUFC-Srbski

    Anyone who insists on playing Austin the entire season – when anyone with eyes at ER can see he’s one of the worse and most inept players on the pitch – which is clear proof McD hasn’t got a clue.

    I can sympathise with other Leeds fans calling for stability within the club (we all want that) and the evidence that sacking your manager all the time isn’t good. However, lets look at the facts. His win ratio is currently 38.30% and that’s now v.nearly worst than Warnock’s 36.51%. Grayson was 49.70% :D

    You can argue that both Grayson and Warnock were given less money to spend than McD. He’s signings have been poor. Hunt – woeful (worse than Barn-door Billy), Wootton – never plays him – cost a fair bit to sign. Murphy – who I think under the right manager could be ok. Kebe & Stewart – words fail me how these two played in the premier league at one point. And Zalukias who I think was our best defender before the Sheff Wed game but he’s dropped him since and never brought him back.

    He hasn’t got a clue who his best side is and I’m annoyed he hasn’t give Poleon a run out or tried Chris Dawson. Especially, because of the poor form of senior players.

    Matt Smith is useful – yet hoofing balls up to him isn’t the answer. Takeover and politics aside – this is the worse football I’ve seen since some of our dark league one days pre-Grayson. And he’s the manager – he has to be responsible. I like the guy – I used to sing his name early on but I quickly saw he’s out of his depth here.

    Don’t forget the hammering we’ve taken to much lesser sides than us. His fault – no one else’s.

  28. Allan Shaw

    Ive followed Leeds Utd for fifty years and everywhere Ive been in the world Leeds are well known.Today they all wonder what has happened to Leeds,and so do I.Since the Ridsdale debacle,Leeds has struggled under various managers,and failed.They start the season well,fail in the middle ,may a weak comeback at the seasons end and don,t gain promotion.For me the current team and manager don,t sit well together.The players job is to play,regardless of what is going on off the field.They are highly paid professionals.The Managers job is to keep an umbrella over them so they are not affected by all the problems surrounding Leeds,and motivate the players by whatever means.McDermott is too weak and lacks presence.His predecessors no better.The team is beaten by anybody now.If Cellino gets in I hope he stirs Leeds up well and good.They need a strong hand and better players.

  29. Matthew

    Absolutely without a shadow of a doubt get rid. Beyond any reasonable doubt he has failed as a manager.

  30. henrymouni

    Brian was reprieved in january, but had he left at that time, could we have done any worse with anybody else?
    He said the team could not have given any more at Wigan.
    He should have gone to Spec Savers!
    He does not know ‘Huff & Puff’ when he sees it.

  31. DC_Lufc

    BM is a decent bloke and he should do the decent thing. He has to go as he is just out of his depth. Look at his signings! Hunt – on massive wages, yet hasn’t even had a shot on goal, no threat whatsoever. Kebbe – flatters to deceive but garbage. Stewart – average at best. Murphy – average but £1m. Wooton, Zalukas…. same story. And don’t forget, he wanted to build his team around Green and Verney before he discovered that they were garbage. How many formations have we played this season? How many players in and out. It all smacks of a manager who hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing. He simply has to be sacked.

    • henrymouni

      It’s all about opinions of course.
      I liked Green – 100% box to box.
      In fact I would prefer Green to Mowett, Murphy or Austin.
      I liked Varney -100% good in the air and fast on the ground.
      I would prefer Varney to Kebe, Stewart, Poleon or Hunt.
      Varney will score more goals than all of the above.
      Mr Cellino starts today.
      Will he leave BM until the seasons end?
      I don’t see the point myself.
      Brian says he feels a weight has been lifted from his shoulders.
      Headless manager.
      Headless team.


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