5-2 in 2010, 4-1 in 2011, 2-0 last season. Oakwell hasn’t been a happy hunting ground for Leeds United in recent years, but if The Whites can record their first win at Barnsley since November 1997, it could relegate our neighbours to the division below.

A 2-1 win over 21st-placed Charlton in midweek restored Barnsley’s chance of survival, leaving them just 2 points behind the Addicks and 3 points behind 20th placed Blackpool, but they’ll still need a couple more wins to stand a chance of survival and need other results to go in their favour.

If I was a Tykes fan, it’s the Seasiders I’d be pinning my hopes on. Beaten 2-0 by Leeds United last week, Blackpool are one of the worst teams we’ve played this season and their fixture list won’t be doing them any favours.

Blackpool’s final four games start with a visit from promotion-chasing Burnley (2nd) this weekend before tough away fixtures against play-off hopefuls Brighton (7th) and Wigan (5th). They’ll finish on home soil with Charlton (21st) the visitors, a match they both might need to win to survive the drop.

Barnsley have it a little easier. After the visit from Leeds this weekend, they’ll face Derby County (3rd) who should have secured a play-off place by then and will (in all likelihood) be too far behind the top two to challenge for the automatic spots. QPR (4th) will be in a similar position by the time Barnsley meet them on the final day too. They’ll both want to win to build momentum for the play-offs, but there are no real consequences to defeat and that’s bound to affect their performance.

But Barnsley’s best chance of scoring points comes at home to Leeds United and away to Middlesbrough (12th) since neither team has any hopes of promotion or fears of relegation.

Barnsley need little encouragement to psych themselves up for a game against Leeds at the best of times, but with the added motivation a relegation battle provides, they’ll be more fired up than ever on Saturday.

Leeds on the other hand have struggled to motivate themselves for the last four months and since Oakwell is a place where we usually fail to turn up, if I was to bet my savings on this fixture, I wouldn’t be backing Leeds.

The only thing travelling Whites fans can pin their hopes to is the slim chance our players will want to fight for their contracts and start to make amends for the pathetic performances they’ve put in these last few months. Massimo Cellino sounds like he’s willing to give them all a chance, but they have just four more games to prove their worth before the summer cull begins.

If Leeds can pull off the unthinkable at Barnsley, contributing to the relegation of our neighbours would be the perfect revenge for the humiliations we’ve suffered at Oakwell in recent years. More importantly, a win could leave us one less “bogey team” to worry about next season.

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  1. Craig

    So there still is something to play for this season!!!! Stomp the Gypos sweet revenge.

  2. Lee

    I Live Barnsley and I wud love it to see the Barn-chester fans with them eating humble pie. send them down MOT

  3. stew

    if thats the highlight of your season sending us down, then times must be hard!!

    • Sir Oscar de Loides

      “……times must be hard” Hard doesn’t come close to describing this season.

    • TSS

      Things are so boring at the minute, I almost envy your position – at least you have something to play for.

      • Alex T

        Boring….I’m happy with boring after the last 4 months! At least we’ve now got a club to play for, we were skirting around winding up petitions and administration only a few weeks ago. It wasn’t until we got points at Blackpool that we could finally breath rather than getting sucked in to a relegation fight. And breath…..

  4. Aron Rodriguez

    I’ll come back here at 5pm Saturday to start my mocking comments :) #COYR

    • Matthew

      If we do lose, and by a huge margin, can we expect another DVD from your Cup final? We all know that times are tough at Barnsley FC and a tinpot gesture like a DVD of your cup final win(If it happens) might add a few pounds to your clubs bank balance ;)

  5. Matthew

    Method here is to think happy thoughts before the game, perhaps we will relegate Barnsley. We have to hope somewhat that Millwall stay up, they might take Morrison for another season if they do.

  6. Scally Lad

    There something kind of sad about celebrating the chance to relegate a small town bottom-dwelling side when we’ve barely escaped relegation ourselves and are settling in to yet another season in the world of forgotten footballing sides.

  7. PMH

    Two solid wins and clean sheets. Yes, against weak teams but you have to start somewhere. Forest should be a good game … unless the whites decide to do one of their periodic implosions. As for Barnsley, they’re a Yorkshire team so I hope they stay up – and we can beat them a couple of times next season.

    • Matthew

      6 point gap between us and Huddersfield, 10 point gap between us and the relegation fodder. While not fantastic to be so low in the table, its something. I’m happy.

      • Scally Lad

        A whole 6 points up on Huddersfield. And a narrow win over Barnsley. We’re the only side in Leeds and have barely escaped collapsing again into League One. Who outside our city knows us after all these years? Manchester has two sides, both in the Prem and consistently are winners and contenders for the highest footballing honours. Both of Liverpool’s sides are likely to be in the Champions League next year, and Liverpool FC is likely to win the Premiership this year. And we’re thrilled to get a goal past Barnsley and survive at the bottom of a league to which no one pays attention? Lads, we need to deflate some swelled heads. Our Lancashire neighbor sides are making us look like a pub side.

      • Matthew

        Although you have a good point, I think considering how badly our season has gone, it seems fitting to celebrate the small victories, maybe next season they will turn into big ones.

  8. spellz

    Even though it is a rival club and a bogey one for that matter, especially at Oakwell I still take no pleasure in sending a small time team down, we all know the feeling of recent relegation and it feels devastating its not like Barnsley will be ever challenging our honour list in the near future so it dont feel satisfying at all, really.

  9. PMH

    So that’s pretty much the story of the season. Defensive panics – two nil down, then we dominate the game without scoring. 70% possession! Now we have to offload defenders who can’t defend and forwards who can’t score. Apart from that we have a fine team.

    • Matthew

      Hoofball lost us the game, also the tactics too. Also the defending, also Noel Hunt being on the pitch so long. McDermott needs to stop stubbornly starting him in a desperate hope he’ll score and prove the doubters wrong. A better side would have got a few against that Forest team. Says a lot really.


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