Taking my seat in The Kop a couple of minutes before kick-off Tuesday night, I wondered if I’d arrived much earlier than I thought as I panned around to see sections of empty seats in a stand which is usually close to capacity no matter how badly the team are doing or how poor the opposition.

As the teams prepared to kick-off, it was evident I’d not arrived prematurely, our fans simply hadn’t bothered to turn up. And who can blame them? With no end to the four months of half-arsed displays of football and nonsensical line-ups in sight, I’d considered giving this one a miss myself.

The effort made by our fanbase is starting to sync-up with that of the team. Save for the section of South Stand supporters who either A) haven’t had to endure as many years of this rubbish as the rest of us so are still capable of feigning some degree of enthusiasm or B) have a healthy supply of class A’s tucked away in the concourse behind them, the whole crowd had given up the fight.

Most of the fans who did turn up seemed to have done so out of habit and have started to consider it something of a chore, instead of the two hours entertainment the club is supposed to be providing us.

As the game got underway, fans quickly settled in to endure another night of dismal football, some turning their attention to their phones to help stave off boredom, others deep in conversation with friends about almost anything non-Leeds United related. One fan used the opportunity to learn how to bet on sports, receiving a crash-course in accumulators from his father who seemed happy for the distraction, while another gave an in-depth review of his new TV to anyone within earshot. Me, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to reply to a few emails for work.

I did glance up a few times between emails though and sufficed to say, nothing has changed. The football remains terrible, the team looks about as enthusiastic as deathrow inmates making their way to the electric chair and Brian McDermott has totally run out of ideas.

I’m sure some will say the crowd are partly responsible, but the crowd aren’t paid ludicrous sums of money to kick a football around, we’re the ones paying them for the privilege to do so, and having endured 4 months of performances worse than any I witnessed under Neil Warnock (or any other manager for that matter), I don’t feel like offering encouragement to those responsible.

The closest Leeds came to causing an upset (and at this stage, scraping a draw against a team near the bottom of the table, even on home soil, IS an upset) was when Ross McCormack’s effort was tipped onto the crossbar by Charlton’s keeper.

As those of us who’d stuck it out for the duration screamed abuse at the sadistic fourth official for mercilessly adding 5 (FIVE) minutes of extra time, The Whites won a penalty giving us a chance to rescue a draw.

That’s right, a chance to rescue a draw. At home. Against Charlton.

McCormack missed it though, perfectly rounding off what had been another depressing night at Elland Road.

For their part, Charlton were distinctly average. Just as bad as us on the ball, possessing no real attacking threat (not that that prevented them from scoring against Leeds’ defence, of course) and lucky to escape with 3 points.

Two incredibly poor sides, playing terrible football on a dismal Tuesday night at Elland Road. Thankfully, we only have to endure seven more games before this nightmare season comes to an end. On and on…

Stray observations

– The stewards in The Kop prevented fans from raising a banner in memory of Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight (the Leeds United fans killed in Turkey). Apparently, this was because it would block the view of fans behind the banner, which, rather remarkably, they didn’t see as a bonus.

– “Leeds United fiasco” (to the tune of Leeds United Calypso) was the perfect chant to sum up this season.

– If Noel Hunt on for Smith at half time wasn’t a change forced by injury, I demand McDermott’s resignation be handed in at once.

– Eleven men, six defenders (Byram, White, Lees, Wooton, Warnock, Pearce) and yet we still concede to poor opposition.

– The battery life on iPhone’s is criminal.

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  1. Matthew

    It’s painfully clear to me that whoever is the manager come the end of the season has a huge task ahead of them, but with enough backing we should see a Leeds United 2.0 come next season. If things work out on the takeover front. Because let’s be honest here, this is a huge rebuilding job, we’re not good enough.

    • TSS

      What annoys me is, we were good enough. And since Christmas, McDermott has only added to his squad. Yes, the circumstances have been ridiculous, but they just have to kick a ball to each other. They’re highly-paid professionals, it winds me up the excuses they’ve been allowed to get away.with

      • Oxford White

        Last night might be my last visit to Elland Road.

        I’ve been doing the 320 mile round trip 7 or 8 times a season for the past 30 years, but last night for the first time ever I contemplated leaving before the final whistle, why, because I just didn’t care. I couldn’t get angry or excited and it seems 95% of the crowd felt the same. It was like visiting sick elderly relative you once knew as a vibrant talented youth, I just felt sad.

        OK I’m not a season ticket holder or a super fan so may not be missed but the trouble is it seems there are 10,000 people like me.

      • TSS

        Anyone making a 320 mile round trip to suffer through that display on a Tuesday night is a superfan in my eyes. I live in the city centre and that was bad enough.

      • pompey white

        can beat that 514 mile round trip from Portsmouth, with two sons all season ticket holders home and away worst leeds team ever and manager still be there at wigan sat leeds for 50 years on on on mot up the mighty whites we will get back to the promised land but we will follow are team forever & ever

      • Matthew

        In some ways we weren’t though, we had a bunch of average players punching above their own weight this season and now said players have lost that ability. I don’t buy the excuses either, some of these players never should be playing weekly, this is why I personally am hoping for an overhaul in the next transfer window, keep the quality, eject the shit. I would say our midfield and defense need some quality added.

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