Leeds United remain in limbo with regards to Massimo Cellino’s takeover after the QC chairing his appeals hearing reserved judgement on Monday.

No date was given as to when the decision will be announced, but best estimates put it towards the end of this week with journalist Simon Austin saying he’s been told not to expect a decision before Thursday.

There’s no telling what that decision will be either. The case hinges on interpretation of Massimo Cellino’s recent court case in Italy and while Cellino’s lawyers insist that under Italian law their client remains innocent until an appeal is heard, The Football League’s decision to reject the takeover was based on the outcome of that court case and they still believe it’s enough to disqualify the Italian from ownership.

If the independent QC sides with The Football League and upholds their original decision, that wouldn’t necessarily bring an end to Cellino’s attempts to take over the club as there are further stages of appeal he can consider including the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

But both parties will want to avoid that outcome, especially The Football League whose Owners’ & Directors’ test would face further scrutiny if it did reach that stage. Part of me hopes it does, just so I can hear them explain how Carson Yeung is an acceptable owner despite the fact he currently resides in a jail cell after being convicted for money laundering, but Leeds United can’t afford for this to drag on much longer.

In the meantime, The Whites take on Charlton Athletic tonight at Elland Road. Rodolph Austin will miss out through injury which should give Michael Tonge his first start for some time following an impressive appearance from the bench against Doncaster Rovers on Saturday.

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  1. Frostbittensock

    It is taking rather long but at least it looks like Cellino’s lawyers are putting up a fight.

  2. Bluesmsn

    It needs sorting very soon or next season won’t happen either. I am not in either camp because I can see that Cellino may go against the culture and there could be problems down the line. But, I don’t think that he has been treated fairly and the Leeds adversity side of me wants him to succeed! The one thing that I will say is that he doesn’t give or tale ant bull. I we sure he wasn’t born in Yorkshire? As long as GFH and abates are gone soon.

  3. markman

    I cant help thinking that the football league are creating a rod for their own backs
    if they block cellino for a bit of fraud.the precedent set will lead to terrific arguments in the future when the next prospective owner of a club turns up.

    what about the clubs that are as good as owned by sovereign states.?
    they often use bribery to get commercial contracts are they to be deemed not fit.

    If the glaziers were tomorrow found guilty of fraud are they to be deemed not fit and be made to sell the scum.is it a retrospective test.

    I think cellino and the bunga bunga italian should join forces,that would give the FL something to think about.

  4. henrymouni

    A QC can charge up to £2,000 per day, so he won’t be rushing! Precedents are important to them, but two wrongs don’t make a right.
    When Bates bought us twice, the Football authorities did nothing to protect the club.
    They knew his track record, yet they let us drown!
    Same with GFH – a long list of business struggles, plus they knew nothing about football – still don’t.
    Surely their investigations must cover more than just criminal offences?
    Limbo indeed TSS, and another match to agonise over tonight.

  5. Irving08

    And Aidy White too, the first wide player to run at defenders this season. Will McDermott, for once, jettison his caution and go for victory from the off ?

    • Chareose

      “Jettison his caution” translates as “jettison Rudy Austin”………
      For me that says everything about BM, how on earth can he stick with such a poor performing player for so long is completely beyond me……

  6. stelufc

    Appropriate Charlton coming tonight, where were the football league when their new owner came along and turned them into a feeder club for his Belgian side?

    its the match of the damned

  7. Richard Silverwood

    Sean socks off Harvey still hand in glove with BENT BATES .Trust these two as a pair of blood sucking vipers administration so Bates buy a cheap team to play at the ground he owns?????????

  8. Colin

    What an absolute mess. I don’t think there are any positive ways to move forward.

    We know Bates is supportive of Haigh, So I don’t like that option.
    GFH Capital just want to make money. They don’t care about the club. So I don’t like that option.
    Together Leeds seem to be a group of investors with money from loans and investments, but not the financial firepower to push the club forward, so may be looking to buy cheap and sell high. So I don’t like that option.

    Cellino has the cash, but I think it’s impossible for him to be passed under the owners and directors test, while the unpaid tax on Nelie exists. So I don’t think this is even an option.

    What’s left?

    Administration. And I really do not like that option.

    So no positive outs that I can see.

  9. Helen LUFC

    Can’t see why the FL would go back on its original position, so can’t now see why Cellino would take over. I don’t want any administration process, but I hope there’s more options than just Cellino. He’s a crook, convicted criminal and has no connections with our clubs why he’s so desperate to buy into a business loosing a million a month is baffling. His foul mouthed rant on the radio, and negative comments against the manager, show he’s not stable. He’s fired managers constantly at his previous club, and this is not what we want at Leeds. Performances have not been good under McDermott, but to blame him for everything is the reason why we’re never getting beyond mid-table.

    • henrymouni

      It is out of the FL’s hands now Helen.
      The QC is an independent who will decide for himself whether Mr C gets the club.
      Whatever we think does not matter, as we have no say in the matter.
      Performances have been terrible under BM for most of his reign.
      His tactics are questionable, and the team are do not seem to play for him.
      He is possibly the most unsuccessful manager we have ever had.
      The team is possibly one of the worst performing we have ever had.
      Even when we have won we have played badly, and should be lower down than we are.
      The fans have stayed incredibly loyal, and always will.
      Eddie Gray said on Saturday that once a team kicks off the only thoughts are on the game and nothing else.
      They are not thinking about takeovers, or other problems until the game is over.
      Blaming the takeover for their stumbling performances, is dishonest.

      • Helen LUFC

        If Cellino does come in he’ll clear the whole squad out, along with McDermott, that’s clear. Why would Cellino mention McCormack ‘s name with Cardiff? He’s played really well, and the only decent scorer we have. To drag him into anything is pointless. I would keep McDermott and let him build a team of his own. It’s pointless sacking him. He’s capable as any other manager given the right backing.

      • henrymouni

        It is hard to imagine what Mr C might do.
        It won’t be dull.
        I suspect that whoever takes over, Brian’s days are numbered.
        There is no doubt that the squad we have are capable of better, but Brian cannot seem to make them play.
        Luckily it will not be our decision.

    • stelufc

      It’s the “lesser evil”

      It’s either cellino, or stick with gfh , or the farnam bid supposedly bankrolled by a shady scouser or worst of all some dodgy consortium involving bates. there are no other interested parties.

      I kinda agree about mcdermot though, its hard to motivate players when a club is facing bankruptcy, they’re hardly going to go for 50/50 balls and risk injury if their contracts could be torn up in a matter of days. that said he’s made some decidedly bad team selections.

      • henrymouni

        That does not explain why our performances have been rubbish last season and this.
        When was the last time we gave a good performances for 90 minutes?
        Even against Huddersfield we could have been 4-0 down at half time.
        The takeover is an excuse, served up by the media.
        We have been outplayed and over run in nearly every game we’ve played, and had a few thrashings on the way.

    • stevethefish

      Cellino knows with his footballing experience (over 20 yrs) that Leeds United can reach the potential of champions league football within a few years.
      the FL isn’t changing their stance, cellino is appealing to an independent qc who is looking at both sides of the equation .Reading reason why he has been convicted before is interesting i.e building a stadium without permission as his team had no where to play .I have to be honest and say I think he’s the man for us its not as if he’ll make people hate us they do already lol

  10. MK_81

    We need a siege mentality installed in the players for tonight’s game- they can show their true character tonight and win, or indeed they can show their true character and get whooped again. It’s their choice. Not showing up until half time is not on- we need them coming out of the tunnel like a bunch of madmen from the start- Charlton will fancy their chances so we should give them a shock.

    Another bad defeat however and I can’t see BM being around at the weekend.

    • Chareose

      I can because I don’t think cellino will get to take over……..hope im wrong though

      • Irving08

        Same here. And if Cellino does not get the club, I genuinely fear for us. So far enough of us are turning up at home to keep the spirits up. But I can see us slowly, but surely fading away as a club, without the injection of both money and leadership. Leeds has never been a football city in the manner of Liverpool, Manchester or even Sheffield. Without our large travelling support, we would already be a bit like the proverbial Emperor.

  11. decky

    I forgot all about Tonge until saturday there. Hopefully he plays alongside mowatt in the middle with white and stewart on the wings! And for the love of god could we at least see Dawson on the bench tonight, he has been outstanding for the development squad this past few months. Tonight and the rest of the games this seasons are nothing games for Leeds, so lets just try the young ones Brian, you clueless useless out of your depth excuse-driven twat!

  12. McDermott Out.

    Another poor performance and defeat and some are still backing McDermott, WAKE UP before it is too late.
    Leeds will end up back in League One if administration happens.

    • decky

      i think it is now pretty obvious that he has lost the dressing room because there is no way they are as bad as what we are seeing. He is tactically inept, has had poor signings and is out of his depth. Been saying this for many weeks now. To lose at home to Donny and Charlton in 3 days is totally unacceptable. Worst season i can remember performance wise, far too many defeats. McDermott has now lost 22 of his 48 matches, pathetic. Worse than Warnock. Shambles of a club we are. No longer a big club, all we have is the fans, just as Cellion said, this is our only commodity.

    • Thommohawk

      Obviously we have far bigger problems than the manager. Hence why Warnock and BmD both failed (so far) despite achieving success in the same league with multiple other clubs. Same goes for Simon Grayson too so far our only manager to achieve something with this club since relegation from the Prem. He too got the axe in this league.

      Our problem has always been shit defence. Always. Ever since we sold Woodgate and Rio which is saying a lot and going back forever ago.

      Clearly the players we have now are under performing amidst all the uncertainty they’ve had their wages cut this week and they don’t know when they’re going to be paid next. In a way it’s not their fault at all but by the same token it’s entirely their fault as they’re the ones on the pitch nobody else.

  13. Irving08

    I would like to know McDermoot’s thinking in taking off Smith at half-time and replacing him with Hunt. Whatever it was, it didn’t work. We looked the poorer for it. The players looked heavy legged and desperately short on confidence, particularly after they scored. Warnock seems to have an atttitude problem, by the way.

  14. Andrew Grainger

    This situation typifies the attitudeof the modern footballer. Never mind t

  15. Matthew

    We won’t get relegated this season. I can’t see Barnsley getting 13 points to over take us in 8 games, I can’t see Millwall getting 15 to overtake us either. Yeovil too. While it’s clear McDermott won’t quit, first things first. We desperately need to get rid of GFH, and for this reason we can only hope Cellino is successful or someone with money steps up. I’m genuinely concerned what GFH will do in the upcoming transfer window.

    • Irving08

      You are right to be concerned Mathew. There are bound to be sales if Cellino doesn’t take over. This other crew don’t have much money and GFH need to turn a profit on their invesment. Selling McCormack, Byram or Pearce will pay off the debts, and precipitate McDermott’s resignation, which will avoid compensating him. I see us spiralling down. I know hope springs eternal, but our ageing support sadly isn’t. The replacement generations have been brought up on Sky football.

      • henrymouni

        Like old times Irv!
        Ross is in the same boat as Snoddy.
        Staying in the hope of better things.
        Promises from the manager and owners – unfulfilled.
        Our Chairman has gone very quiet?
        The support is ageing more rapidly with these performances.
        BM will not leave without his pay-off for a job badly done.
        It is relaxing watching footy on SKY, unless we are on!!

      • Irving08

        You may be right about Brian; he seems to be harbouring resentment. but like Mr Cellino, I am beginning to think I don’t understand him. All he needed to do at half time last night was to tell Wooton, Lees and Butland not to pump so many high balls to Smithy, but instead he takes him off and we lost any strength or power we had upfront. He tried to cover himself afterwards by saying that Hunt won a few headers, but he wasn’t fooling anyone who was there. We were facing the Kop too !

  16. lufcboy

    BMD out – Cellino in – and maybe my least favourite grinning idiot Billy Davies in??????

  17. mrbigwheels

    So…. minutes before the match last night, David Haigh walks into the Leeds dressing room to have a ‘conversation’ about why the players haven’t been paid and stresses ‘don’t worry you will be when we know who owns the Club’…

    What a total Pratt.

  18. PMH

    Another sad display. I am usually the last to give up on a manager, but BMcD has average players playing very poorly. He has managed to shred their confidence: well done Brian! We got fed up with Grayson and Warnock, but the truth is they performed much better than this one. But, there is no point in firing the manager right now, unless relegation threatens. We don’t want to pay, and can’t afford it, for two managers. Also, who in their right mind would take this job? Nobody with any serious credentials, for sure. Total makeover needed. New manager, new owner (not Cellino) and a group of players who can actually pass the football. I might say things can’t get worse, but with Leeds they usually do. So, I’ll be including LUFC in my nightly prayers.

    • Irvong08

      Why not Cellino ? He may have a temperament, but he talks (mostly) sense, even in broken English. He strikes me as an intelligent man, who is smart enough to adjust to English conditions. And he has run a successful big business. He seems to be better qualified to own Leeds than any of the other potential owners we’ve heard about.


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