UPDATE: Phil Hay has revealed that further delays now mean the decision won’t be made today.

“Very frustrating news. I’m told that there’ll be no announcement on Cellino’s appeal today. Something has changed overnight. As of late yesterday afternoon, everybody was prepared for a 6pm decision today. No explanation for why that’s been delayed.”

Original article

It’s understood that Massimo Cellino will find out the verdict of his appeal against The Football League’s Owners’ & Directors’ test at 6pm today.

There’s been no official confirmation from the QC who’ll make the decision or either party involved, but Phil Hay of the Yorkshire Evening Post and freelance journalist Simon Austin are both reporting news of a decision to be made tonight, though Leeds United fans may have to wait a little longer to find out the result.

It seems there may be an additional 24 hour period between The Football League and Cellino receiving the decision and the result being released to the public. This is presumably a measure to allow those involved time to consider their next move and prepare statements.

However, I find it inconceivable that any decision will remain private for 24 hours. There’s too many people involved and too much press attention for this to remain under-wraps, but on the off-chance that the decision doesn’t leak, it could be another frustrating 24 hours for Whites fans.

In the meantime, Brian McDermott’s side prepare for the trip to play-off chasers Wigan Athletic tomorrow. The players are still waiting for full payment of last month’s salaries but did receive an extra 15% yesterday, leaving 35% still unpaid.

Aside from confirmation that Rodolph Austin will miss out again, McDermott’s pre-match press conference contained little in the way of team news but the Leeds United manager did reveal he’s been the target of late-night abusive phonecalls from individuals calling for his resignation.

While I agree the four months of dreadful football and disastrous form aren’t fully excused by what’s going on above McDermott’s head and believe he should be replaced, no one deserves to be the victim of abusive phonecalls.

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  1. JonnyCodFish

    Well, here`s hoping some more because that is all we seem to have been doing for the past 10 years!!

    I`m sure there is a Plan B, there always is – onwards MOT

    • todgertownwhite

      There will be a planB,the FL know this but they have to put us through the grinder first so that we will be made to feel grateful for the YES decision.Then and only then will they feel THEY have won!!

  2. henrymouni

    It must be a lot more complicated than just the Yacht problem?
    Has the QC been to look at the Yacht? Nah!
    Yacht is going on?
    Has it got some thing to do with his cat?

    • Irving08

      Hey Henri, can you do a montage of Frankie ‘Two Humps’ and Chilly ?

      • henrymouni

        Got me there Irv!
        I can do Raquel ‘Two Humps’ if that will do?
        This was taken on the set of “The Hunchfront Of Notre Dame”.

      • Irving08

        ‘Two Lumps or One’, I shoud have said, but you’re a genius, Henri.

      • henrymouni

        If Raquel was manager of LU, I would not care what league we were in, or how badly we were playing!

      • mrbigwheels

        Good crop of hair Henry… Outstanding candidate.

      • Irving08

        Remember Frank Worthington, Henri ? Looks a bit Sardinian (minus sun tan), don’t you think ?

      • henrymouni

        Oh Yes!
        He fancied himself as a bit of a musician also!!

  3. Paul Stringer

    And why Friday at 6? So the cowards at the Football League have closed the office and gone home for the weekend? I hope Cellino get’s a Yes, but I don’t hold out much hope. Still dreaming for now though MOT !!!

    • TSS

      Football League aren’t making the decision, a QC is. They have no say in when decision is given.

  4. Bluesman

    If this is true it is bollocks! Why do they need 24hours before ther make a public statement. Totally unnecessary in the modern world. The fans have as much right to know the outcome as ANYONE else! It will result in another FL gaff if it happens. Who do thes people think they are? Are they so full of their own shit that they believe they stand above the genuine supporter? If that is the case they are total pillocks! And why at 6pm on a Friday! When the outcome of the general election is known or when the counting of ballot papers is completed by the returning officer the result is broadcast snd the politicians, winner and loser, say their piece. Statements can be prepared in advance. Again, the ZfL are about to make further fools of themselves.

  5. Ropey Wyla

    yacht a load of bollock$, they are gonna make wait till we don’t care anymore so they can say “computer said no” without fear of being lynched as they rightly should be.

  6. bd

    Why the long delay ??and why would Cellino but talking with together Leeds??

    Stab in the dark guess they will reject Cellino but accept the joint bid

    • henrymouni

      My understanding is that part of Mr C’s agreement with GFH is that if he is not allowed to buy the club, he can sell his 75% to someone of his choosing – like Together Leeds.

      • bd

        A mate gave to me Simon Jordon autobiography (ex crystal palace owner).in the book is takeover,administration,the FA,agents etc. You would not think football is actually a business, anyone who loves footy has to read it.

    • Topbannana

      If Cellino fails then he can’t own the club outright or with anyone else, but he can sell his share hold to Farnan or who the hell he wants but this would need to be done quickly.
      The Q.C is on 7K a day for this, wouldn’t you stretch out a simple decision.

  7. Irving08

    For once Brian could have kept something to himself. He could have reported it quietly to the police, change his ‘phone and left it there. Why further dramatise the situation ? Brian – for goodness sake, snap out of this victim state you seem to be in, you can’t imagine how much we wanted you to succeed, it may not be too late either for you, if you can just get some wins.

  8. Chareose

    Looks like HM Revenue Bill is due on April 14th…………. My cynical side cant help thinking that this could be Harvey’s Plan to push Leeds into ADMIN so that Haigh can buy the club out of admin for a fiver.

  9. scottish leeds

    PAYE/NI doesnt have to be paid till the 22nd of each month.

    Although i usually pay my clients around the 19th or 20th of the month just so it clears in time.

    HMRC will give you a bit of leeway if you contact them and are struggling to pay as long as they get some payment and a date roughly when you can pay the balance.

    Hopefully by the time the 22nd comes around this saga will be over

  10. Helen LUFC

    I think the ‘sack the manager’ brigade must be linked to the social media sites that want people to comment on. To blame one person for all this mess, the manager, is ridiculous. People need to wake up. If he’s managing players that aren’t happy, not getting payed, not his type of player etc. then why not blame them? If Brian McDermott is saying the club is in a state behind the scenes, and the worst he’s seen in 30 years, we as fans have got to listen to him. He’s telling the truth. He’s right. Leeds Utd are very good at sacking managers, year in year out. Where’s it got us playing wise? Nowhere. I for one am proud of Brian for standing up for the sake of football. Does he need the money? No, course he doesn’t. He’s taking the job on, the rubbish behind the scenes and is determined to stick up for Leeds fans that on the whole do support him. He’s a good man that has principles. He could walk away from Leeds tomorrow, leave the hassle, and the,compensation, he won’t need, and start again elsewhere. He’s sticking around because of what he says, Leeds sack managers every season – he’s not a quitter.

    • mrbigwheels

      Helen, this is not an easy situation for anyone… Brian I’m sure has many attributes, a skill set and vision that is right for Leeds. The main problem is the environment he finds himself in. This is not the time to change the manager but it will no doubt will happen due to the circumstances he finds himself in. I am personally confused as to his tactics and a plan that offers nothing more than an inconsistent performance on the pitch.The squad are not helping him and need to man up to their task. What is exactly happening… I’m at a loss.
      Brian is a man under pressure, totally let down in his original mandate from his superiors and as most of us fans see him… a shadow of his former self, hence his nervousness, his repetition and being the the sole representative of this Club vocally, a man lost in the middle of a raging sea.
      Results are the name of the game and this is not being achieved. Anyone who doesn’t achieve is always going to fall sideways. The Leeds fan base are similar to the fan base of any other Club but after the roller coaster years of pain and broken promises the fan of this Club today has very little patience, lives in hope of a saviour, many clinging to an immediate return to glory and a past that can realistically never be replicated. Many are clouded in judgement of where we are really heading, nervous like Brian of falling off the edge and failing in where we would like to be.
      I support your points reference Brian but realistically he is possibly just in the wrong place at the wrong time and certainly with the wrong people. Unless a regime of ownership with a long term vision enter into the structure of this Club…. Brian is better out of it and should seek a position that benefits him, enhances the reputation he came to this Club with and maintains a position that doesn’t detract from the undoubted talent he has to be a very successful, complete manager.
      We at Leeds want it now. Brian could give it to us but many will not give him the time to do that…

      • henrymouni

        Even after all the mess and confusion and Brian’s lack of impact from day one, he has had a reprieve that he did not expect or, maybe, deserve.
        This turmoil has kept him in a job, but he seems powerless to stop the run-away train.
        However if we were to win today (unlikely, I know) and the team were to pick up, he could still save himself.
        I suppose we know in our hearts and minds that this will not happen – sadly.
        It is all about the players now, but do they have the courage and character to stop this slide?
        Our fans have shown immense patients over the last 10 years, and even now are desperate to cheer the team on.
        You feel that perhaps crowds will fall away quickly now, if this slide continues, and this will be the final nail for BM.
        Looking at the whole ineptness, Brian has had more support than any other manager in this situation.
        BM needs a performance today!
        So do we!

  11. Lufc79

    MC finally gets green light to take control of our GREAT club……now what for leeds united….!

  12. Irving08

    Oh Brian, oh why, why …..? How many different teams have you now picked this season ?
    Will Massimo be merciful ?

    • henrymouni

      If Massimo wants to be merciful, he will put Brian out of our misery Irv.
      It is the first time we have had real hope since Leslie Silver.
      I am sure Massimo has a plan in place, but as the season is done, he has time to make his moves.
      It will be interesting to see what happens with ‘Together Leeds’.
      Maybe they will buy the other 25%?
      That would be the sensible outcome.

      • Irving08

        Having read and pondered the QC’s judgement, I have to say that Massimo is one fortunate man. Some checks and balances would be in everyone’s interest. Then we may be one fortunate club. As for the long-sufferring Brian, I think Cellino will offer him something.

    • Matthew

      I suspect McDermott will be saying hello to his little friend. The friend being a P45.

  13. Leedsandy

    Cellino wooahhh, Cellino wooahhh, he comesfrom Italy, he doesnt pay VAT…………….

  14. lufcboy

    Okay BMD – 6 games and you can’t blame it the takeover saga anymore. 6 games to save your sorry arse

    • henrymouni

      Oh I think he can!
      “The lads are too excited and relaxed to concentrate on playing football”.

    • Matthew

      Personally I think going forward he shouldn’t be given 6 games, but most likely will. He’s a nice guy but he’s not compatible with the job here. His record speaks for itself, nothing against the man personally but I don’t think he will be the guy to get us promoted, with or without funds. We need someone with both experience and the no nonsense approach to management. Someone to tell it straight and isn’t afraid to cut underperforming players.

      • Shez 87

        Couldn’t agree more and I personally hope that Cellino recruits a top quality foreign coach with a real good understanding of the european leagues scene and the rest of the world, so he can attract some decent,technically proficient players,because its pretty evident that the majority of players that we seem to attract or rather….our recent managers seem to go for……are utter shite!!!.
        Admittingly,both Warnock & McDermott haven’t had a pot of pennies to piss with,but do any of you out there generally feel,that if a good amount of funds had been made available to both of them…..would they have selected the right players for us ? I very much doubt it !!!
        Also, I really hope that now that Cellino has a 75% controlling stake in our club,that he honours the ruthless opinion he expressed in the recent ‘internet interview’….and gets rid COMPLETELY of ALL the shysters connected to GFH…..and that includes Nooruddin,Patel,Alrayes and…..most importantly…..Haigh,who’s nothing more than a self-serving parasite with an ulterior motive despite his well documented 1.5 mill gesture to the club!!!

      • Matthew

        I wish things were different with McDermott I do, but being a nice guy shouldn’t keep him in the job longer than he should be. I wanted him to do well. Anyway I wouldn’t worry about the other stuff I’m sure it’ll be taken care of.

  15. PMH

    OK. So Cellino is now the rightful owner. We can pay the players, fire the manager, and move smartly on to the next crisis. With Cellino, that may be a weekly occurrence. It won’t be boring though, and the bookies can start taking money on how many managers LUFC will get through in the next 12 months. I am going with three. I don’t think Cellino can cope with four losses in a row and it is bound to happen. For the punters among us we can also check the odds on the owner ending up in penitenziario before the next season is over.
    By the way, there is a really sympathetic piece in the Guardian today on our club.


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