burnley-turf-moorIt would take an incredible degree of delusion to believe this Leeds United side can win tomorrow’s encounter at high-flying, in-form Burnley and if you’re looking for blind faith, you’re all out of luck here.

The fat lady has finished her swansong and The Whites have nothing left to play for. Had the first half of the season not resulted in enough points to rule out the likelihood of a relegation battle, we’d at least have something to play for, but as things are, Leeds United have eleven games to go through the motions as we wait for summer to come along and pray that this time, things will be different.

I’d argue that we can expect a response after the 4-2 home defeat on Tuesday, but that game was supposed to be a response to the 5-1 defeat at the weekend. This team lacks fight, passion and quality, our league position is more a reflection of their character and performance than it is the takeover attempt by Massimo Cellino.

2 wins in 15 games, one of which came after the sacking of our manager tells you everything you need to know about the Whites bounceback-ability, but if you’re inclined to throw good money away betting on three-legged rocking horses, the odds on Leeds winning will be astronomical and you can use this link to bet with a Unibet bonus code, which will at least negate the inevitable loss.

As team news goes, Leeds United’s is terrible, unworthy and should all be replaced by a random XI supporters drawn at random from the crowd. Jimmy Kebe is “too ill” to travel, which I think is code for “cowering in a corner” so that’s something, at least.

Burnley’s Kieran Trippier meanwhile is boasting about the squads great health after picking up huge amounts of points from a congested fixture schedule, in no small part thanks to the impressive goalscoring duo of Sam Vokes and Danny Ings.

So while Leeds have leaked nine goals in the last two fixtures, both on home soil, Burnley boast one of the Championship’s deadliest strikeforces. Anyone predicting a Whites clean-sheet should probably head to the nearest psychiatric hospital and commit themselves now.

If this was any other Leeds United side I’d fancy our chances as extreme underdogs, but there’s more fight in a frozen chicken than our current ensemble, which leaves no room for optimistic outlooks.

Can we end the season now, please? On and on…


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  1. Chareose

    I think the players might go out and play against Burnley but I certainly don’t think it will be down to the manager, more for personal pride and not being at Elland Road.
    One thing though, we need some new centre backs. I feel for Wooton who I think has completely lost his confidence but he needs time to rebuild himself, perhaps a loan to a lower league club to help get his confidence back. I would play Peltier with Pearce in the time being.
    Perhaps even Warnock but Zaluikas and Wooton are a mess at the moment.

  2. henrymouni

    You are not too optimistic then TSS?
    As Brian has said, and will say again:-
    “We have trained well, and have set up the team to get a result at Sheffield Wednesday/Rochdale etc”.
    To be fair to him, he did not say ‘a win’, just ‘a result’.
    I would play Michael Brown, Ross, Sam, Murph’, Wickham (not that cad from Pride & Prejudice) Jack Butland – how many is that = 6
    Now I am struggling oh Alex Mowett! Now we are 7 – magnificent!!
    Cannot think of anyone else??

    • mrbigwheels

      That’ll do Henry… just stand ‘em all in the goalmouth… Smith as sub!.

    • TSS

      Can’t find any justification for optimism, if they’re not going to come out fighting after a 5-1 humiliation, all hope is lost. They’re not fit to wear the shirt.

  3. bd

    We only have one quality player,Mccormack. While all teams in the top 6 have invested over the years. Look at Leicester.

    We are where we are thats our team.

    TSS ,GFH gave us false hope until we are owned by somebody with money nothing will change.

    We can change the manager all we want or even buy cheap players and freebies again, but the result will be the same mid/lower table, and in that position you go on a few draws and wins then boom get smashed by another team.

  4. Zomoniac

    “Had the first half of the season not resulted in enough points to rule out the likelihood of a relegation battle”

    And that right there is the most frustrating thing. Since then we’ve brought in new players and not really let anyone go, so if anything we should have more options, and more ability. The players have show they’re capable on a technical level earlier in the season. I’d be more sympathetic to their cause if I actually thought that really they just lacked footballing ability and would never be able to play, but evidently that’s not the case. They can play, they just won’t. And that makes me angry.

  5. Donal

    Looks like the scratching shed has finally given up on leeds!! Lord knows weve all been there….

    • TSS

      I haven’t given up on Leeds, I’ve just lost all faith in the bunch of overpaid misfits wearing our shirts. I’m sick and tired of their pitiful excuses, when they start showing some passion for the badge and enough effort to somewhat justify their salaries, I’ll go a little easier on them. Until then, they deserve every criticism and boo they receive, it’s their job to impress us, not vice versa.

  6. Dfooster

    Normally I’d agree with the article but this is the championship, so it’s pick a score out of a hat time

  7. Irving08

    I reckon we could play a decent game provided the Manager picks the right team (a big proviso). For me that would mean McCormack playing on the right, leaving the two big lads upfront. Macca looks off his best at the moment, but he can still cross a dangerous ball. Mowatt on the left, of course – with big responsibility to track Trippier, the Division’s best attacking right back. Defence ? – I’d think seriously about Peltier in the middle, with Pearce, of course; not playing Pugh would be an easy decision. Byram, of course, plays from the off. Austin and Murphy retained. No holes please Brian.

  8. Lufc79

    Lets just hope we don’t get bashed up again and dragged into a battle to stay up because that’s where we a heading at this rate……

  9. Helen LUFC

    McDermott has to take more responsibility and be more of a manager for the players than he has been in public. He’s very transient in his comments, one interview he’s saying we need to improve, the next he’s saying we’ve prepared hard. Shipping in nine goals at home isn’t preparing right, that’s treating fans like their idiots. The team are clearly not prepared for first team football, not motivated and not even competent when they’ve got the ball. All the players we have are not as bad as some may think, but McDermott clearly hasn’t got their respect as they are just going through the motions. My guess is that what’s going on behind the scenes is as serious as it was ten years ago, and the players are just collecting their wages whilst they are at the club. The passion has to start with McDermott and his insipid interviews are a disgrace. Any Leeds fans that think he’s brought stability must be as thick as the day’s long. I myself am highly intelligent, but won’t be applying for the managers position next month.

  10. Old Goat

    Wish I shared your confidence about being out of relegation trouble. Statistically we need another eight or nine points to be safe and on current form it’s not easy to see where these are going to come from. In normal circs our best chance should come from three of the next five games – home to Millwall, Doncaster and Charlton (who by then will probably be playing out of their skins for their new manager). Blow these games and the chance of picking up significant points from the rest look poor indeed.
    Meanwhile, off topic, the BBC website report on yesterday’s FL meeting suggests that the outstanding info they are wanting is from the Cellino side rather than from GFH.

  11. Decky

    Tomorrow could spell the end for McDermott. I think I speak for all Leeds fans when I say that I would not mind so much if we were to lose tomorrow as long as we saw some fight, hunger and had a real go at them because we certainly have nothing to lose anymore. If we go for it and end of losing 2 nil then so be it, least we can say we had a go. That has been the cancer in the club this season, a lack of fight. Even under Warnock at least we had that bit of fight, now it seems to be lost somewhere. The whole situation is perplexing to say the least.

    My 11 tomorrow would be, although it will never happen, :

    Byram Peltier Pearce Warnock
    Mowatt Murphy Dawson
    Walters Mccormack
    Smith (4-3-2-1)

    We have looked a much better side when playing some sort of a diamond, pack the central areas and look to boss the game. Playing 4-4-2 away from home just simply will not work when the wingers (Kebe, Stewart) just are not up for it, for whatever reason. Ever the optimist I will go for a shock 3-2 Leeds win tomorrow! Mowatt and Smith with the double! MOT

  12. PMH

    I like to be perverse so here goes. 1. The team is average, truly, not as bad as the collapses suggest. I expect they will get their defensive assignments in order and put up a good fight. 2. It is not about character, whatever that might mean, it is about football. The players didn’t suddenly lose their skills. There are technical problems with the middle defense, and they can be fixed. 3. As painful as it might be, Leeds need the rest of this season to assess personnel properly. I mean, right now we would like to dump the whole bunch, except Ross, but that is not on the cards. Not to mention that the value of the players is at an all time low (they all look like crap) and we don’t want to sell in a down market.

    • DECKY

      We already know is good enough and who is not. For me the players that MUST go are Norris, Diouf, Green, Varney, Pugh, Warnock, Wooton, Zalukias, Kenny, Ashdown, Austin and tell Kebe to p*ss off back to Palace.

      Austin has been poor for the majority of this season, simply has no passing ability at all. I loved him at the start, his tenacity and brute power were something we had missed for many years. But he has been off the pace far too much to warrant a place in the team, perhaps keep him for the bench but I think there are better out there.

      We need two new goalkeepers
      two new centre halves to compliment Lees, Pearce and Peltier
      new left back to compliment Aidy White, Charlie Taylor
      An experienced centre midfielder to compliment Murphy, Dawson, Mowatt, Lenighan
      2-3 Winger to compliment erm……..
      and a new striker to compliment Rosco, Smith and the new Irish lad McDaid.

      We need to start bringing more youth players through, look at Bryam and his breakthrough season, and Mowatt too this season. Both are revelations.


      • PMH

        It is totally unrealistic to think you can dump that many players, and get better replacements. Clearly some have to go, but starting from scratch is expensive and risky. I agree that Austin was McD’s huge mistake, as he is a midfielder who is unable to pass the ball accurately.

  13. Sandy

    It’s only a few weeks ago when McDermot , after getting Stewart and Kebe said he would be happy with one more on loan ! I rest my case – he is way out of his depth . He says the badge is too big for some of the players and I would include himself in that .

  14. Matthew

    I would love to see this squad reduced to about 10 deserving players at the end of the season. It’s clear we’re in dire need of the mother of all clearouts. Hopefully Cellino sees it that way too. If McDermott wants to argue a case to stay here, he should work overtime and rid the squad of stragglers at the end of the season, i.e find them a new club to go too. Hopefully Millwall are relegated and Morrison feels obligated to help them regain promotion.


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