ken-batesA fan-made radio station called Ken Bates live on air tonight, broadcasting a tirade of foul language and abuse aimed mostly at the chairman of Leeds United Supporters’ Trust, Gary Cooper.

The show, hosted by a WACCOE forum user who goes by the name of ToeNailSoup, peaked at around 300 listeners as Ken Bates’ phonecall was streamed live over the internet.

During the call, the former Leeds United chairman revealed he was supposed to be meeting David Haigh for dinner, but when the club’s Managing Director cancelled due to a previously scheduled Leeds United Supporters’ Club event he was due to attend, Bates called Haigh “ignorant” before continuing his rant at Gary Cooper, who he blames for scaring off potential investors (along with the North East Upper, somehow…)

A recording of the show is available to listen to here with the phonecall to Ken starting around the 22 minute mark. Be advised, it contains A LOT of foul language.

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  1. Irving08

    Damn good job no-one listened into the post-match conversations about McDermott
    today, his favoured first half players and the first 45 minutes performance. As for his self-serving programme notes, the less said the better.

    • henrymouni

      What does BM have to do to get the sack Irv???
      Have we ever had a manager this ‘unsuccessful’??
      It is astonishing, but GFH cannot afford to sack him.
      I know someone who can help:-

      • Stoopo

        Who’s gonna sack him? The club is rudderless and GFH are about to wash their grubby hands of us?

        Cellino in!

      • PMH

        Fire is better than the frying pan, then? NOT!!
        How is a swindler going to help stabilize LUFC?

      • Irving08

        Every team, to a greater or lesser extent, mirrors the character of its Manager. Ours is characterised by a passivity and lack of drive only equalled in my 57 years of supporting Leeds by Adamson’s post-Currie.
        Furthermore I do not recall a Manager who is so inept at utiising to the maximum the playing reosurces at his disposal (as we saw yesterday when Tongue and White showed the folly of starting with Austin and Murphy in midfield.) We do have some good players at Leeds; McDermott has signally failed both to sift the wheat from the chaff and to deploy the good ones effectively.

  2. Matthew

    Bates, Haigh, GFH, all are cunts. Some bigger than others but none the less. Cunts. I genuinely hope Cellino has a successful appeal on Monday, we’re sinking and fast. We need people with ACTUAL money not people that claim to have money but not say how much.

  3. jay

    this is like syphilis slaggin off AIDS and gonorrhea.. in an ideal world you wudnt want an encounter with any of them..

  4. ian

    GFH, Bates, Haigh and the Football League…..all members of the “WE HATE LEEDS” club. Over the years we’ve had to put up with total crap from other supporters and the FA/FL has gleefully taken every chance it can to stitch us up. We’ve had a few decent managers but not owners and one without the other ain’t a lot of good. Cellino must truly care about this club because he’s not stupid and must realise that it’s going to cost him tens of millions to rebuild the team alone. If there’s any justice Cellino will be swinging the axe monday evening and the Italian national team will be wearing white shirts by saturday!! MOT till I die

  5. Bluesman

    Would not listen to a word that abates has to say. Don’t like the man and never will. Wouldn’t trust him with anything. Waste of space. Please leave yjorkshire snd go back to tour tax haven!

  6. Tim

    Under Bates, we turned over a small profit, but under this lot, we lose £1m a month! Everyone wanted Bates out (including me), but now we even blame him for selling the club!

    • henrymouni

      No Tim.
      Don’t let Bates suck you in so easily.
      He was a liar, who hated us and the club.
      His small profit came from selling our best players every year after promising not to.
      He got us down to Div 1, and then the Championship.
      No further.
      He wasted club money on his building projects, which we are still trying to pay for.
      He left us in a mess, with his pockets full of money!
      If there was a nobel prize for ‘Selective Memory’ he would get it.
      He is happy today ’cause he has got the lime light on him!!
      He is a prat!!
      His mantra “You don’t need to spend millions to get promoted” is still ringing in my ears.
      His vilification of Leicester for investing in their squad is coming home to roost.
      His “You have to pay large season ticket prices to get the best players to ER” still makes me puke.
      I spoke out about GFH when everyone else, just about, thought they were our saviours!
      At least they have kept our good players, and made a small investment in the team.
      They could not anticipate how bad a team we have become under BM.
      They never had any real money!!
      Thank Bates for that too!!!

  7. Tim

    & don’t even get me started on Haigh! Tory prick who jumps in with whoever he thinks the next owner will be? What a slimy bastard he is. He needs to fuck off ASAP. As for Gary Cooper, he just likes feeling important. He has nothing useful to say, & he smacks of someone who just likes the attention. Get the lad who stands at the end if the m621 tunnel in to front a fans group. He’s passionate & he’s articulate. Not just some bloke who’d be at the opening of an envelope if it gave him the chance to tell his mates he’s going to be on the radio

  8. Ropey Wyla

    Hate to say it but Bates is right, cooper and Lust are takeover saboteurs and attention seekers with no real clout. It’s no surprise the amateur bunch of skint arabs and the fat tory have screwed us over, we should never have let these pretenders in the country or anywhere near our club.

  9. Ev

    omg I cant believe there are still fans that still don’t understand what Bates did to us…..where were you for 8 years ???
    Why do you think we are a club that cant support itself ?? Because Ken bates sold our ticket sales, he deserves far more abuse than GFH…sorry. Ken bates made and POCKETED a profit because he asset stripped the team that McAlister ad Grayson built. Bates is a complete scum bag and any leeds fan who thinks overwise is a deluded muppet with no hope…
    Bates is obviously prepping us up so that he can slither back into leeds united again. If that happens I wont be a Leeds United Supporter anymore… will be the final straw

    • Irving08

      The fact that Bates has things to answer for himself does not invalidate his comments on others. We need every angle we can get on what is happening to the club. What he said rang true to me.

      • Ev

        he deals in half truths, hes a snake in the grass and enjoys getting attention, I don’t want to know what he thinks

      • henrymouni

        Bates owned Leeds, so anything he put in was for his own benefit not ours.
        He got it all back and more.
        We got NOTHING but depression and pain.
        Not really fair.
        What he says usually rings true Irv.
        BUT usually it is proved to be bull.
        It is the standard dictator’s approach.
        Divide and conquer.
        Deflect the blame.
        HE brought GFH to Leeds.
        He knew they had no money to take the club on.
        I think the recent letter from the supporters club to the FL was a good move.

        BATES has got us talking about him again!!!

      • Irving08

        On this occasion, I think he intended to tell the truth Henri. Some will agree with what he said, other’s won’t. Whether he has a moral right to criticise anyone is an interesting and different question. For insulting our ambitions, loyalty and dreams, I am inclined to say he hasn’t.

      • Matthew

        The truth is a foreign concept to Bates. He needs to go away, he’s obsessed. His time at the club is over, he needs to move on. No one likes him or wants him around.

      • Irving08

        Bates is too artless for the truth to be ‘foreign to him’, Mathew. And when you get to his age, I hope you won’t feel like retiring either. Still as Old Schoolboy remarked Bates does seem to have a pathological need for friction and confrontation.

      • Matthew

        Eh? He’s a pathological liar. You’re welcome to believe the shit that comes from his mouth, but if you think he’s being honest you’re sadly mistaken.

      • Matthew

        Ken Bates is toxic. I wouldn’t trust anything he says.

    • Ev

      jesus………he doesn’t say much at all other than try to blame everything on Cooper and make out he put in 30 million ….what a load of rubbish, none of that can be corroborated…. I could say I did this and that, doesn’t make it true…….don’t be so nieve !

      • Ev

        And yes he may have put in money t some point but I ABSOLUTELY guarantee that he walked away from Leeds United with even more money !!

    • Matthew

      Bates is the reason why this team is so shit. We sold anyone and everyone of quality under his reign. And people wonder why some of our players joined prem sides. Be realistic under the Bates regime we never would have got promoted to the Premier League period.

      • Irving08

        You may well be right in your last assertion Mathew; Bates, post-administration, was obviously not prepared to go for it. And he only kept us more or less in the black through player sales, which diminished our status, and turned many fans against him. But he is not the reason why we have performed so badly this season. We began the season with enough decent and even good players on our books to be in or round the play-offs. There is a tendency at Leeds to dismiss players too easily. The old motto, ‘The best is the enemy of the good’ should be plastered across the East Stand (it would keep the ironists happy as well).

      • Matthew

        He’s the catalyst of the clubs downfall, plain and simple. We had multi million pound value players that we never replaced, the teams performance reflected this when we brought in people who weren’t at the same level. And he sold them to keep us in the black? How much of the clubs money do you think he wasted on the stadium and other things?
        You don’t sell talent and replace it with freebies.

      • Mark Richardson

        more importantly he decided it was a good idea to spend the money on ground improvements that we didn’t need, when the club was struggling financially and struggling to keep the first team at a reasonable standard

      • Matthew

        Had he invested the money in the team instead of the ground we would be in a much better position. I’m quite frankly baffled how anyone can defend him.

  10. Raymond Pettersen

    say what you want about bates. at-least he would have sacked that clueless twat McDermott by now.

    • Mark Richardson

      why is he useless? You know the majority of managers are ineffective before their second full season

      • henrymouni

        Managers who are ineffective in their first season don’t get a second one!

        “We were in the top six around Christmas and what has happened since is frightening,” he said. “Our first-half performance was embarrassing. It was just horrible to watch.”

        It WAS horrible to watch Brian.
        Sounds like a man who has no idea what to do.
        He has stopped saying “the lads gave me everything today”.
        He is at the crossroads.

      • Raymond Pettersen

        Shit signings, shit tactics, humiliating results even worse than NW. He is a one club wonderboy who has lost the plot.

      • David Wilson

        because the majority of managers play the signings they make- even in year one….Hunt, Wotten, Kebe, Stewart….heard enough?

  11. Robson

    Don’t get me wrong, bates was a collosal dick, but the way this “presenter” talks to him its no wonder why he goes bezerk, if a random man phoned me and persisted to know about money I’d be pissed off as well. The presenter was pretty rude to bates, giving abuse but still asking for answers? Same with haigh…. Complete and utter idiot.

  12. Andrew Grainger

    That is one weird interview. I can’t say I liked it or found it in any way helpful, other than I sense Bates may have some rightful points


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