ken-batesA fan-made radio station called Ken Bates live on air tonight, broadcasting a tirade of foul language and abuse aimed mostly at the chairman of Leeds United Supporters’ Trust, Gary Cooper.

The show, hosted by a WACCOE forum user who goes by the name of ToeNailSoup, peaked at around 300 listeners as Ken Bates’ phonecall was streamed live over the internet.

During the call, the former Leeds United chairman revealed he was supposed to be meeting David Haigh for dinner, but when the club’s Managing Director cancelled due to a previously scheduled Leeds United Supporters’ Club event he was due to attend, Bates called Haigh “ignorant” before continuing his rant at Gary Cooper, who he blames for scaring off potential investors (along with the North East Upper, somehow…)

A recording of the show is available to listen to here with the phonecall to Ken starting around the 22 minute mark. Be advised, it contains A LOT of foul language.