The chaos continues at Elland Road as Doncaster Rovers roll into town, hoping to tear the final shreds of meat from the club’s decapitated corpse (…too much?)

20th-placed Rovers have an eight point gap over the relegation zone, but with eight games still to play, they’ll be desperate for a win to help secure a place in next year’s Championship.

This being Doncaster’s cup final, they’ll no doubt raise their game for the trip to Leeds and they’re in pretty good form already, responding to a 5-0 hammering away to Bournemouth at the start of the month with three wins, three clean sheets, one draw and only one defeat (away to Burnley) in their last five outings.

Leeds meanwhile are just awful. In more than two decades of watching this club play, I can’t recall ever having seen such consistently poor football, which is quite remarkable when you consider the turmoil we’ve been through in that time and some of the dreadfully poor managers we’ve had.

The Whites do have a strong record against Donny, beating them 3-0 in the reverse fixture earlier this season to make it six consecutive wins in all competitions, but in current form and with so much chaos giving players the perfect excuse to put zero effort in, past encounters count for nothing.

The players had enough about them to defer wage payments this morning as a battle between Massimo Cellino and GFH Capital over who should be paying the bills rages on, but considering how abject their performances have been for the past three months, they probably feel as if they’re robbing the club by accepting their salary in the first place.

Despite Leeds’ dismal form, the bookies have The Whites as favourites for this clash with odds around the evens mark. Doncaster meanwhile are at 3/1 , which must make them one of the best betting tips for this weekend’s games. Not that I’m suggesting you bet against your own team, but y’know… we really are awful.

Brian McDermott had young striker Lewis Walters on the bench in midweek but thought better of giving him his début in a match where Leeds were being thoroughly outplayed from the start. With Connor Wickham back at Sunderland, he may be given another shot to make his début tomorrow.

Leeds have a few injury concerns after Rodolph Austin and Sam Byram picked up knocks in midweek. Stephen Warnock may also miss out again while Jimmy Kebe remains sidelined with a hamstring injury. Paddy Kenny meanwhile has fully recovered and may make his return to the starting line-up.

Doncaster will be without Gabriel Tamas who’s been out with a fractured cheekbone and may give a début to 36-year-old centre-back Lucas Neill who signed on loan from Watford midweek.

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  1. henrymouni

    I think the players agreed to the wage deferral because they had no choice.
    Either they defer or go on strike.
    The way they are playing they have been on a ‘Go Slow’ all season!
    They are killing this club, along with GFH and BATES!!

    Ken will live forever, and I know why:-

  2. C. Big Potatoes

    To coin (and slightly edit) a very apt phrase from Apocolypse Now.
    The club’s being run by a bunch of 4 Star clowns who are going to end up giving the whole circus away…

  3. henrymouni

    The players are getting 50% of their wages, thanks to Mr Cellino who has stumped up, once again!
    He has risen in my estimation, and has shown his commitment to the club.

    • Irving08

      But not fit to own the club ! What a farce. Let’s hear it tomorrow from Massimo .

  4. NottsWhite

    Christ! I thought our performances were poor when our players were being played now they have an excuse to deliver another abject performance. At least Brian doesn’t have to spend much time thinking up a post match excuse, perhaps he can spend the time developing and communicating some understandable tactics to the team as well as locating the substitute bench before 80 mins have passed in a game

  5. leeeeeeds

    Lets hope he gets in… and shouts from the terraces “F**k you GFH”

  6. bd

    All this because of a personal Yacht he owns. What’s that got to do with his business credentials?

    And why did FA allow GFH to buy Leeds if they can not pay wages??

    Something stinks at the FA, they are the ones who should be investigated. I wish somebody would set up a petition for that.

  7. West Stand Rebel

    It really is hard to imagine a less enlightened board of directors than those who “run” Leeds United on behalf of GFH. Their failure to foresee that the deal with Cellino was likely to hit the rocks on day one is breathtaking or simply stupid….call it what you will. I remember Googling Cellino’s name on the first day it was mentioned in connection with Leeds and my thoughts were oh no not another crook, this one even has convictions. As a Leeds fan and season ticket holder for nearly 50 years now I don’t care about premier league football anymore. All I want is a decent club run efficiently and economically with a reasonably good on field manager for the benefit of the fans. I plead, is that too much to ask?

    • henrymouni

      You must be happier than the rest of us if you don’t want premier league football.
      It must seem like a successful season to you.
      No relegation and no promotion.
      You cannot stay where you are for long.
      You have to go up or down.
      Without the rewards of the Prem’, and the traditions of Leeds as a top club in the UK, we will fade away.
      We are fading now!
      GFH chose Cellino because he was the only one to pay the price they wanted.
      They gambled.
      The ball is still travelling slowly around the roulette wheel.
      Where will it stop??

  8. mrbigwheels

    Blood?… no fear of that, GFH have bled the ‘decapitated corpse’ dry already.

    Where is the money going?… Some of it we know. I mentioned their management fees taken out of Leeds to you TSS, last week and you didn’t agree…. wait and see when the accounts come out. That is their job and I’m firm in my opinion.

    Bled this Club dry… and proud of it. They’ve never finished a project yet that they, GFH, have been involved with. As Bates said…. a bank with no money.

    • henrymouni

      Ken bates is a banking expert after all Mr B!

      This is from of Ireland:-

      “As depositors of the former Irish Trust Bank, which went bust in 1976, can testify, dealing with Bates can be a costly business.

      Last month, the 75-year old Bates pulled off what may yet turn out to be his greatest escape. In the face of fierce opposition from many of Leeds United’s creditors, who between them were owed £35m, he regained control of the club despite the UK Revenue & Customs, which was owed £7.7m, coming out strongly against Bates.

      To long-time Bates observers, his intricate corporate manoeuvres at Leeds would have come as no great surprise.

      In a business career which has spanned seven decades Bates has left behind more than his fair share of unpaid bills, liquidated companies and disillusioned partners.”

      Quite a man!
      He still got approval from the FL, if not the Revenue, to buy Leeds!!!
      The Banking scandel did not bother them either.
      They must have a problem with yachts???

  9. Irving08

    We’ll thrash them – Aidy White and Dawson to pass the length of the pitch to score the fourth goal.

    • mrbigwheels

      Sherry is good for the heart and soul Irving. I embrace your emotion.

      Not sure if Dawson can play tomorrow?.
      Red card in the academy match, mid week… I’m thinking. Apols for the negativity.

  10. PMH

    Another LUFC own goal! Don’t blame the FA. When you sign up with someone like Cellino you are just asking for this kind of nonsense. He has shown absolutely no ability to stay out of trouble so his latest conviction is entirely predictable. The problem is that Cellino can afford to pay his fines, but Leeds can’t afford to lose his cash. We should never have gone down that road because we couldn’t afford the risk. Administration and relegation are now on the cards. The football is also abysmal, but that hardly matters, sad to say. At this point I would accept going to League two if it meant a solid and predictable ownership situation because this is just torture.


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