Cagliari vs. JuventusMassimo Cellino was the latest target for a cold call from one Leeds United fan hosting an internet radio station called White Leeds Radio last night.

Following on from a phonecall with Ken Bates he broadcast live on air Saturday night, a user of the Leeds United messageboard WACCOE managed to get hold of Massimo Cellino’s phone number, recording a 22 minute conversation with the Italian in which the prospective Leeds United owner labelled David Haigh “the devil” and accused him of attempted blackmail, described the current Leeds United side as the worst football team he’s ever seen and criticised Brian McDermott for spending too much time moaning and not enough time coaching.

On David Haigh, Cellino said “he’s a son of a b***h, dangerous, a f***ing devil” adding claims that he’s working in cahoots with Ken Bates, who still maintains some control over Leeds United Football Club. 

Cellino didn’t seem impressed by Brian McDermott’s performance either, pointing out that Leeds won “five goals to one” after he’d “had the balls to” fire him before describing the team’s performances since then as the worst football he’s ever seen.

Other revelations included Noel Hunt’s £25,000 per week salary (edit: now believed to be an error, with Cellino confusing Hunt with another player, possibly Jimmy Kebe), while Luke Murphy was said to earn £22,000, figures Cellino explained contributed heavily to an £18m wage bill he considered ludicrous, insisting he could form a team of better players for £10m and that the current squad didn’t deserve half of that figure between them.

Cellino also said that Ross McCormack attempted to leave for Cardiff City during the chaos on transfer deadline day, but was told by the Italian he’s going nowhere and to concentrate on training.

Money was another topic touched upon by Cellino who shed some light on the season ticket renewal situation. For those who aren’t aware of the process, Leeds United generally send out early renewal forms before this date but haven’t done so this season. Cellino revealed this was a decision he made, explaining that fans shouldn’t be expected to pay for tickets so far in advance when they have no idea what the situation at the club will be next year, adding that they’ll go on sale after the season is finished if his takeover is cleared by an appeals hearing today.

Cellino said this caused some dispute between himself and current owners GFH Capital who told him they needed the money to pay the players’ wages, but when the Italian said he’d pay the wages instead, the current owners accepted his terms.

The only people Cellino had anything positive to say about was Leeds United’s fans who he considers to be the only asset the club has. Accepting that he can’t buy their love and must prove himself, this is a quote that will probably go down in Elland Road folklore;

“Fans are not for sale, they have feeling and you don’t buy feeling. You can buy a b***h for one night, but you don’t buy the love my friend.”

Despite the manner in which this “interview” was obtained, it’s probably helped Cellino’s cause – at least in the eyes of fans, with whom he shares a lot of the same frustrations. Promising the fans “Premier League football by 2016″ won’t hurt his cause either.

Whether the recording will have other implications is impossible to say. David Haigh won’t be happy to hear it, nor will the Leeds United manager and a few of his players.

Cellino’s appeal hearing is scheduled for this afternoon and will be decided on by an independent QC. The Italian says he’s confident The FL’s decision will be overturned, leaving him in the unfortunate situation of having to clear up the mess left behind by past owners.

The full recording is available to listen to below. Be warned, it contains a lot of foul language and should definitely be considered NSFW. For those of you questioning the legitimacy of the recording, I think the content speaks for itself, but I’ve also been in touch with the person who acquired Cellino’s number and have seen the evidence of how he obtained it, leaving no doubt in my mind this is legit.

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  1. Steve Lister

    Still not decieded if Cellino is good for Leeds or not, but if he gets the go ahead today from the QC it’s going to be an interesting ride MOT

    • TSS

      I’m the same. There’s been so many false starts at this club I’m going to judge based on the actions of whoever takes over, not expectations, promises and hope.

  2. frizbo

    How often does he broadcast is it every night? And where can we listen live??

  3. leedsthruandthru

    If we miss out on Cellino it will be the worst thing thats ever happened to Leeds. As suspected he is a football man, a man with passion, common sense and business nouse. I pray pray pray he gets in. That wasnt a man talking to the media trying to manipulate.. every word of that came from the heart. And I agree with everything he said. (I do feel a bit sorry for him that he was duped into saying all that publicly when he believed it was a private conversation. Thats not very fair)

  4. tim Campbell

    Man o man there’s more drama in this takeover than there is in any episode of Emmerdale. Today should be very very interesting especially if Cellino gets the decision. I feel the night of the long knives is not too far away and there will be many knowing they are on borrowed time. Our club needs a major major facelift and Cellini looks to have the balls and clout to do just that – on a side note read an article last night that more or less said that Shaun Harvey already knew this takeover would go through after appeal ….hmmmmm

  5. Gazza1981

    Noël hunt 25k Luke Murphy 22k Jesus Christ!!!! Cellino is the right man for leeds right now you get the idea he will clear out the trash that is desperatley needed so let’s hope for a positive appeal today and start by getting shut of players on 25k contracts that barely play for the development squad never mind the 1st team!!
    McDermott must be worried too his signings have been awful wooton has to be the worst centre half I’ve seen in a white shirt noël hunt well past his sell by date yet raking in that contract zaliskus in and out of the squad and not good enough jimmy kebe I don’t need to say anything on him really do I Cameron Stewart as soft as a bag of knackers afraid to tackle and can’t beat first man with his cross (although he did ok against donny) plus he has been signed on a 3year deal from next season!! Luke Murphy carrying a decent price tag for a club losing money has been ok last few week but defiantly not worth his wage he wants to play football but with Brian’s lump it upfront tactics a lot bypass him so the jury is still out on that one?

    • Drogheda White

      Cellino could be quoting wages in Euros though not pounds which would explain the figures

      • maxwatson

        Also he could have the names wrong. Kebe is still a Premiership player on PL wages. Try substituting Kebe for Hunt in the conversation. I remember seeing an interview with Snodgrass (before he left) a while back and he said something along the lines of Andros Townsend, then on loan, being the best paid player at Leeds.

      • Drogheda White

        I’m sure Kebe’s wages aren’t paid in full by Leeds….maybe 50%? just cant see how anyone could pay hunt that kind of money, he wasn’t on that at reading im sure!!

  6. henrymouni

    What makes me doubt its authenticity is:-
    Noel Hunt £25,000 per week. = £1.3 million per annum!
    Luke Murphy £22,000 per week =£1.144 million per annum!
    £2.444million per annum for those two?? NEVER!

    • Drogheda White

      Henry as I said above, im sure hes mixing up euros and pounds, 18 mill a year is about 15 mill sterling, so it makes sense

  7. Ev

    What concerns me (if it’s real) is the comment about Haigh working for Bates….. A lot of people hypothesised that when GFH took over it was a front for Bates. We’re they closer to the truth than we thought ?!?

    • TSS

      Considering some of the comments Bates has made about GFH? No. But him and Haigh seem to be very pally.

      PS. It IS real, there’s been confirmation from Simon Austin (who’s interviewed him a lot), Phil Hay and an Italian journalist.

      • Ev

        Well if its real then I agree with Bluesman, this shouldn’t have been published because I don’t think it will help the takeover……….

      • TSS

        Nothing it can change now, hearing starts in an hour and decision is made by a QC (not the FL)

      • Ev

        I really hope he gets in…… then we can see a big clear out and some Italian passion

    • Bluesman

      Contract is up in the summer! Not a bad pay out though in your final year. Wish we could get it!

  8. Bluesman

    I don’t like this type of journalism. I find it crude, dishonest snd very distasteful. For God sake, think what Cellino is already going through and the piling this on him is outrageous, sinful! The only thing that I will say is that it does portray him as a pn honest man, who loves and understands football, who respects the fans and who has bigger balls than all of GFH, ken Bates ans Harvey have collectively my friends. It really does not show Dsvid Haigh in a very good light. Leeds fan my arse! GFH out. Now we know they have no money, now that gives the fans leaversge. No season ticket renewal this season!

  9. VikingTor, Norway

    I really hope that you guys who have the chance to watch Leeds every week do turn up and give this Massimo guy, or whoever buys the club, a chance and your massive support. Clearly something must be done with the rot within the club, even mr Cellino must be a lot better than those in charge now. Not fit my fat ass. Funny thing is FL have probably seen fewer more suitable buyers than a man whose owned another club for twenty odd years and still got plenty of cash.

  10. Oxford White

    I want Cellino in (it seems we have few alternatives) but this radio interview worries me, in the long run spouting off rather than dealing with things behind closed doors does more harm than good, ie even if we agree with most if what he says, how can demotivating McCormack help Leeds? Besides long interviews with rambling verbal attacks remind me too much of Bates and his misplaced ego, and that’s not good. MOT Oxford White

    • Ev

      to be fair he was tricked Blues….. I don’t think he would have said a lot of that if he thought it was public

      • Oxford White

        Maybe but I would hope if that’s the case that he’d be a little harder to catch out and a little less ready to talk to a stranger…. That being said I still want him in, we need a shake up and he’s definitely the man for that.

        I’m now sick and tired of McD trotting out the poor me I’m doing the best I can crap…. It’s his squad, his team, his tactics, appalling

      • Ev

        Agree and on your concern that hes an Italian Bates, I share those concerns but lets think on this ; Hes inheriting a club with debt, no assets and a poor team…….like he said he would be taking on a massive job. I cant see how he would be coming into this club on the basis of screwing us like Bates. For him to make any money out of Leeds would mean we need to be in the Prem and even then, he comes across as too passionate to stop there…..
        So yes he could drop clangers, choose players himself and sack coaches like confetti but I have to be honest if that was the bad side then surely the good side would beat the Shxx out of our current existence ?

    • Thommohawk

      I disagree because at this point he (Cellino) is either in or he’s out depending on today’s appeal verdict (money corruption in football it probs case of greasing right palms the lot of them corrupt!) so yeah it doesn’t really matter. Either he’s in to make sweeping changes needed from top to playing staff. Or we won’t hear from him again because he *can’t* take over our club as much as we and he want him to.

      He does raise a point too the McDermott, after the sacking they won 5-1 and since his reinstating they’ve gone to pot completely. Blaming it on GFH when it was him all along, tut tut. Thing is though was it a freak result at a coincidental time OR were we on the right track all along back there ?

      I pray to god that Cellino is passed and is able to take over and run the club. It’s what LUFC needs to become good again – someone with deep pockets, football experience, football brain, and someone with balls.

  11. Grabar

    They say the truth hurts !
    I like this man, he is forthright and says what he likes and likes what he says – hell he could be a Yorkshireman

  12. alftupper

    Has the person who recorded that thought about the fact that it could lead to Cellino getting sued for slander? I think it is pretty irresponsible to have recorded it without being honest about how it was going to be used and even more so to make it available unedited. Does Cellino need any more hassle legally at the moment?

    I can see what the guy was aiming at and there are positives about it but there could well be some very nasty implications that the kid who made the phone call just hasn’t thought about at all.

    • Ev

      Would it be admissible evidence given it was taken without his knowledge ?? As far as I can see hes just expressed opinions and called some people names, it was made public without his knowledge so I cant see how he could get in trouble for it ???

      • maxwatson

        Caveat: I’m not a lawyer.

        To my understanding, it’s illegal to record a phone conversation and then publish it without the other party’s informed consent. If the phone conversation contains defamatory remarks, not sure what the position of the original party would be, but a website republishing/reposting those remarks would be liable.

        “I think it is pretty irresponsible to have recorded it without being honest about how it was going to be used …”

        It’s illegal. And the other party can also sue you for damages.

        As for the conversation itself, it may have endeared MC to fans but probably not to the Football League, the LMA and the PFA, and if today’s hearing was indeed a face-saving “on the nod” exercise rather than a technical legal one (I actually think it’s the latter), it may have killed it.

      • Ev

        max, as always intelligent response but your profile picture on here should be the grim reaper because as usual its depressing stuff……

      • TSS

        It was already in the public domain by the time I posted it and since we’re not hosting it (SoundCloud are) then it’s on them to take it down.

        Agree it’s the latter, which is why this can have no effect. The appeal is based on interpretation of his conviction in Italy, nothing else, and is heard and decided upon by a QC (not the FL).

      • maxwatson

        Your funeral but you might want to take some advice on that, or else to hedge on the side of caution. Defamation includes dissemination. Soundcloud might be able to fall back on “innocent dissemination” (they don’t know it’s there). Being in the “public domain” is not (to my knowledge*) a defence. And English defamation laws are notoriously tilted towards the plaintiff, and towards having money to prosecute a case.

        I have no idea whether dissemination is considered contributory in data communications law, I don’t think they were built with this in mind :-)

        * usual disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, or otherwise qualified to give legal advice.

      • TSS

        I’m sure if there really is some legal grounds to take this down, I – along with the other sites who’ve already posted it – would be contacted by someone’s lawyer.

        As far as I’m concerned, this is a discussion going on widely in the public domain and if we’re at fault, so too are the 1000s who’ve posted about it on Twitter, Facebook and other sites. The comments were made by Cellino and TNS, recorded by TNS and uploaded by TNS. I’m not responsible for any of that. As for dissemination, this recording was viral long before I touched it, nothing I’ve done was going to alter the spread of it.

  13. spellz

    I want Massino’s appeal to be overturned, judging by this call (if authentic) he sounds like the only thing left in our club speaking from the hierarchy that actually sounds real any more and he certainly matches the clubs reputation for passion, he also says Leeds United fans have paid too much of their own money that is spot on and he actually genuinely seems pissed off that so many bloodsuckers have come through the club.

    Alot of that interview was just blunt and realistic breath of fresh air and as for Bates still involved in the club nothing would surprise me any more.

    M.O.T AA.

  14. Ev

    its 09:52 and everyones excited…….”cmon Massimo get the club so we can be reborn”
    Then at 17:00 the inevitable is announced and the takeover blocked by Ken Bates buddies at the FL….The BBC reports thousands of cases of chronic depression as reality sets in

    • henrymouni

      I am not excited Ev.
      Seen it all before.
      I don’t know if I could cope with too much happiness!
      If Mr C gets the club, it will be another roller coaster ride.
      He may not be a man to throw money around, but unlike KB, he will want promotion!!
      The timing is right for a good clear out as the season draws to a close – thank goodness.

      I’m ready!

  15. oldschoolbaby

    Cellino cannot be naïve enough not to have realised what he said would become public. You have to assume he was telling us what he wants us to know. Nothing inherently wrong with that but we have to remember GFH told us what we wanted to hear and that`s not ending too well
    I don`t know enough about Cellino to make an informed decision. What you have to say though is that if this were a personal finance decision or a decision involving your family business you would be ultra cautious in dealing with him.
    I suppose that as there is no one else with extremely deep pockets willing to duel at dawn for the club and as consortium very obviously = quite skint we have to keep our fingers crossed today
    That said it is now beyond doubt that money is toxic in football. How I would love Leeds to be at the vanguard of a new footballing model and to have a hierarchy confident enough to tell Noel Hunt and his agent to fuck themselves at the mere mention of £25k a week

    • Ev

      so would I but unfortunately every time people suggest some sort of fan involvement in owning the club they get slammed so leeds fans are not ready for that yet………..perhaps it needs to get a lot lot worse before people see sense and sort it out. When you want a job done properly…do it yourselves

      • Ev

        also I think the appeal will fail and the discussion about fan ownership will be back again as the current owners and protagonists, bates, haigh, gfh all position themselves to take advantage or to come out of the mess on top

      • oldschoolbaby

        Whilst I wouldn`t dismiss it, I don`t see that the alternative has to be fan ownership. I merely want see a club run on the lines of philanthropic capitalism. A club that lives within its means. And a club that makes it abundantly clear that money will never take precedence over football, fanbase and community. Shrekalikes, who can`t grasp the concept, not welcome

      • Irving08

        Everton and Stoke City, for example. But these clubs and their have relatively modest expectations whereas we are ‘Champions Europe’.

      • Ev

        Lads arnt you sick of all this selfish wrangling from people coming into the club with money……we are heading in the same direction
        as Portsmouth, its a complete mess.
        Also even if Cellino gets in now, in a few years we could fall out of love with him and end up having to boycott the club like we did with Bates
        For me I would like the council to get involved and help the fans buy atleast a 51% stake in the club so we can protect the club and put it on a fundamentally stable footing for the LONG TERM.

      • Irving08

        Leeds City Council is to implement £200 million’s worth of cuts over the next year (or so). There is no way it is going to fund LUFC.

      • Ev

        Who said anything about them funding it ? I said get involved and help provide a focus for Leeds supporters to buy out

      • oldschoolbaby

        I don`t mean Everton 08, they are carrying £30,000,000 + of debt ( no idea what`s going on at Stoke ). Footballers aren`t generally MENSA candidates. It`s quite easy to predict where penis envy gets out of control. So it shouldn`t be that hard to devise a counter psychological strategy. Add that to a policy of looking to recruit better footballers who are open about having a social conscience. I would like to think you could have a good go at this without sacrificing ambition.
        Beyond that it is extremely easy to argue that the country`s recovery amounts to nothing more than a bubble and, of course the PL is riding a bubble. Bubbles always burst. Why can`t a football club manoeuvre itself to take full advantage of the fallout ?

      • Irving08

        If the debt is manageable due eg to judicious player sales and TV income, then I am not sure what is wrong with it.

      • henrymouni

        I don’t believe in ‘if’ anymore – ‘if’ is for children, ‘if’ is for children.
        If a picture paints a thousand words then why can’t I paint you?

      • oldschoolbaby

        There are a frightening number of people who thought they could differentiate between manageable and unmanageable debt and couldn`t,

      • Irving08

        Doesn’t it depend on the collateral ? The key thing for us is to buy back our ground and Thorpe Arch asap.

    • spellz

      I do not think Cellino would have sworn and cursed so much and said the brutally honest things he had said had he known it was going to go public, I believe that came from deep down it was pure heart with every response and you could feel the inner Yorkshire man just bursting to get out, passion.

      • oldschoolbaby

        I`ve no idea of the truth, mate. However, I`m struggling to believe a successful, jet setting, family man has time to take random phone calls from strangers.

      • spellz

        I know what you mean that is the only part that baffles me I suspect at first he did not want to speak to him, then it seemed as he entertained him for the first part, he would continue and actually let some steam of his chest and got carried away with it.

  16. richard

    celllino a true legend murphy on 22.000 a week that’s a bad and noel hunt too we need to now for the rest of the season bed in youth team players so they will be bedded in for next season with some experience better than the a lot of players that are playing now that don’t even care just want there money they should be fighting to wear the shirt with pride I love cellino for being so honest and letting us fans what as been going on there with our great club cellino a true legend already

  17. Richard

    We have no alternative. The board we have now have no loyalty to the club or fans. There is no one else. It’s Cellino or bust

  18. LUFC66

    Bates knew GFH were a company that flips business’s and he said he had the clubs interest at heart. Bates is still sniffing around but at least Cellino has passion and commitment.

  19. The italian job

    i’m 100% convinced GFH are simply a front for Bates and that Bates owns Elland Road and the training ground. Have been sure of this from the outset and what Cellino says just reinforces it. The only reason GFH were used was because Bates knew that there’d be a fans revolt if he wasn’t seen to be leaving.

    I had thought that Cellino was another of Bates’ cronies but after hearing this I’m much more optimistic that he’s not. Don’t know if he’ll be good for the club, but assuming he’s not connected to Bates it’s got to be better than where we are now. The 75% ownership still worries me though. If ‘GFH’ have no money and have no interest in Leeds then Cellino i going to struggle to get agreement or joint funding for the actions necessary to bring about success.

    Until I heard this interview I thought that the best thing that could happen to us would be to go in to administration again to rid us of the parasitic disease that is Bates, GFH and Haigh. Short term pain for longer term gain. Obviously we’d need the administration to not be hijacked by Bates, which might be very difficult to avoid, but at least it would offer us the potential for a fresh start and a takeover not influenced by our owners, who only have our worst interests at heart. Who knows, maybe this is that fresh start and we don’t need to go in to administration to get it.

    Sad that it’s got to this stage…. Bates and the GFH scum that provide a front for him have to be candidates for the worst owners of any football club worldwide.

    • henrymouni

      I understood that Mr C had an option to buy 100% of the club?
      GFH chucked Bates out from his Chairmans job, and highlighted his horrendous expenses.
      He in turn was/is suing them.
      I cannot think GFH has any connection to Bates.
      Otherwise Bates would still be Chairman, lurking like a vulture, eyeing up his prey.

      Sensibly run clubs will win very little/nothing.
      Clubs that have owners willing to make big losses, will always dominate.
      I don’t know of any club that is making money and being successful.
      Indeed I do not know any club that is making a profit in our league, and not many in the Prem’.
      Before Sky came along it might have been possible, but now you are paying big wages to players who cannot trap a bag of cement, or pass the ball 10 yards to a team mate.
      As to fans owning the club – board meetings would last a week!
      No agreement would ever be reached.

      • Ev

        “Sensibly run clubs will win very little/nothing.
        Clubs that have owners willing to make big losses, will always dominate.”
        Henry, great photo………. but I don’t necessarily think above statement is always true…… Admittedly Arsenal are a special case because they’ve been consistent for decades but Southampton is the route id prefer to follow……… Run the club with in its means but spend heavily on youth development. Leeds United has one of the biggest and most active catchments in the UK and for me we seriously don’t take advantage of it…… bridge the gap it needs to all be about youth development !! Id get rid of all the current coaches bar Naylor and try to be ambitious and get some footballing coaches in who believe in the beautiful game to teach our kids….perhaps from Spain or dig up an old AJAX coach and teach the sproglets “Total Football” rather than all the current bull ” hoof it up son” , “Dawsons not ready because hes too slight…” yeah tell that to Lionel effing Messi “Byram should play midfield because he can actually play this is England where Peltier is considered the ideal defender *A DONKEY”
        Rant over

      • tony23

        The same southampton who owe 27 million in transfer fees

      • Ev

        If you read up on it you will find they are due to be paid off next season and the club are confident they wont have to sell to pay them….its just media hype……P.S I live in Southampton

      • henrymouni

        Southampton lost £11.9 million & £6.6 million
        in the last two years.
        Even with Prem Revenue they still lost £6.6 million, in their most recent figures.

      • Ev

        So ? name a club that doesn’t >? They still have a better model than anyone else, a better youth system that will doubt make them millions when or if they finally cave into media pressure and sell one of their starlets
        The fact that they are resisting to sell the likes of Shaw (so far) is testament to their position
        Media (man united supporting no doubt) are trying to sell Southamptons players for them just like they have done to leeds in the past

      • henrymouni

        “So ? name a club that doesn’t >?”

        That is the whole point I am making Ev.
        You cannot run at a profit and be successful unless you are a mega club with a big income.
        Chelsea and Man City are losing £100’s of millions, which is obscene!
        But because of this you cannot compete with them.

      • The italian job

        The wrangles over expenses, position as chairman, bates suing etc were all smoke and mirrors designed to throw everyone off the scent. Remember, Bates is a snake who had already bought the club off himself once – he just did it again using a different front.

        Agree with Ev – regardless of whether we get some serious investment to boost us in to the PL immediately, what’s needed is a longer term strategy, serious investment in youth and utilisation of our assets. Unfortunately Henry is right that we most probably won’t win anything bar maybe a league / fa cup but I’d happily settle for that along with stability and a shot at europe, a la Everton.

  20. Bluesman

    The interview was even too dirty for me! BM is right, private conversation should remain private. Bang out of order and very juvenile! Cellino has not gone down in my estimation though. He was probably right about a lot of things that are wrong with Leeds at boardroom level. Cellino in and GFH out! And I hope the little turd who made the call gets his comeuppance he may have out the whole appeal at risk! It wouldn’t surprise me if he is tied up with GFH. We should all stop buying merchandise snd season tickets until GFH are out. Will never ever visit Er again if Bates is involved at any level.

  21. Just another fan

    Honestly I think what this so called “fan” is doing is disgraceful. Calling people during the night and recording them without them owning is not alright.

    This can only sow discord, nothing else.

  22. henrymouni

    Everton lost £9.1 million in season 2011/12.
    They made a profit of £1.6 million in 2012/2013 BUT
    This was because they made a profit of £15.6 million on player sales.
    With Leeds we need to spend a lot to get a squad who can compete.
    After that you can be more prudent adding the odd player to improve the squad.
    We are far behind clubs in our league, and light years behind the top of the Prem’.
    The only way is up!

    • Ev

      we need 20 million to build a team in 1 season. Id say there are 15 to 17 players who could or should leave in the summer and wed need to buy around 8 or 9 in………. Also as comparisons go Leeds could afford to spend more than a lot of clubs in the Premiership if we were there because we have a bigger fan base and merchandise sales than most UK clubs

  23. West Stand Rebel

    Can anyone explain the current mathematics at our club. If the wage bill is £18m and the rent of ER and TA roughly £4m and say running costs another £4m, how can we be losing £1m a month on a turnover according to Cellino of £28m per annum. Maybe there is VAT to pay on the gross figure but something doesn’t add up. I’ve not seen any accounts for some years but there is clearly a mismatch.

    • TSS

      Well, firstly your running costs figure is guesswork it seems? But what you’re missing is the mess Bates left behind and GFH have added to, of that £28m we paid so much to TicketUs for the East Stand cladding and there’s been other loans besides. There’ll be other stuff too like signing-on fees for players, but the real problem is, Leeds United in the Championship is just a very bad business to own (especially after Ken fucked it up so badly).

      • West Stand Rebel

        Yeah I agree I’ve no idea about the running costs, but surely the “cladding” was £7m to be paid off over 2 seasons from season ticket money. Maybe add another £3.5m to my figures, and a couple of million for transfers….but that’s still not £12m.

      • bg luke

        Transfers, agent fees, operating costs of the restaurants, shops, payments to suppliers, bank loans. Wages and loans are not the only liabilities the club forks out you fool

    • Made in Leeds

      Don’t forget the ridiculous interest rates that have to be paid by GFH who never have had any money and borrowed, borrowed, borrowed all the way.
      Furthermore don’t forget Mr Bates is still involved financially with our club through the devious double dealing Haigh.

  24. Ryan

    the idiot that made this phone call should be banned from Elland Road for life.

    • bb

      Totally agree, some childish numbskull he sounded completely out of his depth. This has done nothing to consolidate the club nor does the person who broadcast it have any love nor care for leeds united…..

      someone post his details so we can take things into our own hands instead pf making the club even more of a laughing stock

  25. PMH

    Very funny. Cellino may be right on many of these points, but you just cannot manage anyone or anything by saying every thought that comes into your head. Indiscrete doesn’t begin to describe it. If he had a boss he would have been fired, but he doesn’t have to answer to anyone … except the Football League.

  26. Made in Leeds

    Hardly Funny, and if so then lets have some more please Mr Cellino. Honest, frank and accurate combined with passion. This is whats needed after years of greed, deceit, and bad decisions. Anyone who believes Mr McD is a good manager needs their head testing and obviously hasn’t played or understands football. Who appointed this nobody? I have watched better football on Sunday mornings and its clear there has been “no coaching or vision at Thorpe Arch for years. Add to that the ridiculous purchases that have gone on for years, the greed and ego of owners and no wonder we have a mess. If I ran my business like this, I would soon lose it. Mr Cellino I wish you luck with your appeal as you are what we need.

  27. Downunder Al

    I can’t argue with anything Cellino said…. Massive wages for shit players, astonishing.


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