Ross McCormack, Rodolph AustinIn the space of 10 days Leeds United has been dragged through a footballing hurricane and spat rather ungraciously back out the other side. Massimo Cellino’s controversial takeover and sacking – then reinstating – Brian McDermott has dominated the headlines, leaving us fans concerned once again over our future.

Yet among the trials and tribulations in the boardroom, and the uncertainty over our manager’s future, our on-pitch problems appear to have dried up.

And, when you consider what the average Leeds fan in the online betting world wants most, it’s the on-pitch antics that matter above all.

Recent victories against Huddersfield and Yeovil ended an eight-game winless run that ruined our Christmas festivities and made the New Year blues all the more unbearable.

Granted, we rode our luck in both games – Town could have netted five themselves while Ishmael Miller’s penalty miss on Saturday was a gift. But you can equally argue we should have got points at Forest and against Blackburn, so lets focus more on the performances.

Since the McDermott fiasco the squad has shown who it’s playing for. Whereas before they played for the ‘massive club with great history’ (the rhetoric used by all newcomers that is effectively an ego trip for themselves) they are now playing for McDermott, and that is a positive yet delicate and concerning relationship.

For if we lose, Cellino is likely to get rid of the manager and a new boss, most probably Italian with ideas of his own, could make mass changes similar to the extent witnessed at Watford under the Pozzo family.

So, as far as the players are concerned, McDermott’s sacking means they’re likely to go in the not too distant future too. They need to win games to stay in a job.

Of course, it is wrong to question the squad’s professionalism but they certainly played with greater enthusiasm against Huddersfield in defiance to Cellino and with determination on the south coast last weekend.

Let us hope the lads can keep this up as we look to sneak into the playoffs – a achievement certainly attainable so long as McDermott is in charge. Click here for the latest odds with bet365.

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  1. markman

    still not made up my mind on the new owner.the big thing in his favour
    is that he seems to have money and if he sells his Italian club then presumably he will have more.

    It does seem strange that it is not a complete takeover.why does he want to have the current owners as minority shareholders?.Maybe it will be a good thing and they will put a brake on some of his wilder ideas.

    • dodgy30

      Bring on the Italian,what’s the alternative? Farnan and his potless consortium? Well be treading water for the next ten years, he should fuck off and buy scunthorpe we need serious investment or were in big trouble , we’ve been crying out for somebody loaded for years, so what if hes hands on, its gotta be better than what we’ve got now

      • markman

        Agree.Lets hope he will also buy back ER.i read somewhere we are paying £2mill a year rent.

    • Tim

      Because they didn’t want to sell it all just now but he has an option to buy later. Lets make up our minds by the time the Bolton game comes round on 8th March. Personally I think it is the best news for years and exciting times ahead at last. Now wait for all the other clubs to start winging about not being a level playing field and they can’t compete with Leeds! Well stuff them all as we are Leeds and we don’t give a flying f..k

      • markman

        there is one potential fly in the ointment.
        Mr shaun Harvey,now of the football league.
        I cant recall the manner of his departure from ER but can he help decide if the Italian is fit and proper or is there a conflict of interest and he has no say in the matter.

      • Tim

        I really don’t think he would risk the outcry on this one as from what I believe there are no grounds for refusal. That leader of the Leeds Council who wrote the letter to the FL about Cellino should be ashamed of himself and resign. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  2. Aplanir

    same not sure about him but it’s only logical way forward if we don’t want to see administration again MOT

  3. spellz

    I don’t agree with the headline at all as I do not think the chaos of McD is good for the club so what if we have beaten Huddersfield and scraped through the game at yeovil due to the fortune of wind, we still look the same team to me I do not think they are playing for Brian atm in this day and age players play for wages and with the confusion of what is happening off the field no player can feel settled enough to put in stellar performances week in week out.
    The only player if any playing with the heart of Leeds United and for the sake of McD is Macca and by the way whilst we are on the subject of players, Kebe is atrocious and looks to have no desire when kicking the ball a shade of the player he was in his Reading promotion days, bench him please McD until he has some hunger to be on the pitch.

    As for a new italian boss as you state “with his own ideas” ….. there is my worry, given Cellino’s reputation getting involved with the selection of players at a club will any manager actually have his say including McD if he was kept on, a big if.

    I really hope McD remains at the club, I for one do not want to see Festa at the helm actually I do but uncle Festa that is.

    Keep Brians job Cellino and buy back E.R in the time frame promised and you would have won over a big portion of the fans hearts and we can all move forward as a unit.

    M.O.T AA.

    • @thelaughingllama

      I think to say Kebe is atrocious would be crazy talk. He’s scored one already and i’m sure he’s got himself a couple of assists too. Not bad for having only played 3 games and not being match fit.

      It doesn’t matter how we beat teams, this isn’t the Champions League or Wengers total football. Points are points, and however we kick, scrape and blow them into the net is all that matters.

      Typical moaning Yorkshire men!

      • spellz

        Every time I have seen him play he has looked lacklustre and does not seem like he wants to be on the pitch his first touch is poor his control and distribution is even worst every time the ball comes to him he seems to lose it , so what if he scored a goal Paul Robinson scored for us does not mean he was a prolific winger and he should have buried the chance he had against yeovil one on one really poor finish.

        At the end of the day I think stewart out of the two signings looks alot sharper and personally I would prefer Dom poleon playing in Kebes position until he is match fit then possibly start him but that is me, I said the same about Luke Murphy after a couple of games he also scored a goal on debut against Brighton I was right to be critical of him too as I have not seen a shred of class from our most expensive signing of the decade since, I can only recall one good performance from him really.

        Also I am a typically moany Londoner just for the record :)

  4. Helen LUFC

    Bit worrying that Brian McDermott keeps talking about the situation at the club to the media all the time. Not sure why he feels the need to do this. Cellino clearly isn’t talking to Brian at the moment. Festa seems like he will be part of the management structure soon, and I think Cellino will get McDermott on constructive dismissal changing the way the managers job is done at the club which I doubt will suit McDermott.

    • Ev

      Hes not, the quotes come from LUTV and McDermott is trying to keep the fans informed because that’s something we have moaned about in the past. He cant bloody win can he ?

  5. RContini

    I think McD will stay as long as we have a chance at the playoffs. Bringing in a foreigner who knows nothing about the championship would be foolish at this stage, they’d need a whole summer to prepare.
    Also another point, people keep going on about the 36 coaches in 22 years, its worth remembering that many of those coaches left of thier own accord and/or poached to go on to better things, as Cagliari are not a big club and hold little prestige (eg Allegri to Milan 3 years ago). Yes fair enough there have been a lot of sackings, but it is not as bad as it looks.

    Cagliari were building a decent side at that point which could have challenged for Europe the next season had the bigger clubs not lured away their coach and best players.

  6. Wayne Wellwood

    Reports suggest he’s in London today trying to secure the takeover with the football league before watching the brighton game tonight and heading to Leeds tomorrow to begin the process of buying back Elland Road and introducing himself as the new owner. Remember the Football league has no right by the rules they set out themselves to turn down the takeover if they did Cellino would have them in court, Thats not gonna happen and yes it’s £2 Million a year the rent on Elland Road and he is buying it back for around £16 Million…. He’s proper loaded, Loves football and the limelight… Premier League here we come! we really are gonna have some fun over the coming years, soon all the doubters will be silent and pretending they loved him form day one. :-D

    • PMH

      This is wishful thinking of the most deluded kind. You cannot buy a premiership place with the money Cellino is able and willing to pay. Leeds will not be the new Man City. A patient building process is required, with a sound manager. There is absolutely nothing in Cellino’s ownership record which suggests he has the patience and judgement required. He just got his fingers burnt but it will only take a couple of bad results and we are back in chaos. Best case is he waits until we miss the play-offs and then pounces.

      • Wayne Wellwood

        He will add some quality loan players to our squad and as we are well within sight of 6th Promotion is still a real possibility, Nobody mentioned Man City, When he buys the ground that will hopefully show you his ambition and i’d suggest you look into his ownership record at Cagliari again as you obviously don’t appreciate the job he did competing with a small club in the top division with some of Europe’s elite clubs. His Fiat and Ferrari comparison quote shows you his thinking, Big ground, big name club, huge fanbase and a chance of a spot in Europe’s finest league. If not this season then next season we will be celebrating hopefully. As for your last point if it’s about the manager then he will be treated like all managers. If the results are of what is required he will keep his job, if not he wont, Thats football and thats how football works.

      • PMH

        Rapid firing of managers is what losing football teams do. See MUFC and Arsenal for examples of sound practice.

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